One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - I'm Luffy! The Man Who Will Become the Pirate King! - full transcript

A group of pirates lead by the the freakishly large Alvida, attacked and raided a ship. One of the crew members found a wine barrel on board the ship and decided to have a drink while the captain is busy. But inside the barrel is a young man named Monkey D. Luffy, who was taking a nap inside the barrel while playing as a stole away. The crew members were angry that there was no wine and attacked Luffy for tricking them. But Luffy defends himself from the swords which scares the pirates and they ran away. Except for a cabin boy named Koby, who's amazed by Luffy's special defense move on the pirates. Koby is a beleaguered and reluctant boy who's been a slave to Alvida for 2 years. He wishes for his own freedom again, but is too afraid to escape the clutches of Alvida. Luffy offers him a chance to escape, but they'll have to face the rest of the crew and Alvida in order to be free.

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''
Three years have passed
since a single drop of rain fell

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''
in the kingdom of oases.

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''
Seeing hope beyond turmoil,
the people took up weapons.

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''
The burning land is now
enveloped by a sad bellowing

The burning land is now
enveloped by a sad bellowing

and a mighty swell.

Vivi tells that Koza, the
leader of the rebel army,

possesses a passionate heart and will
fight to the death for his friends.

Luffy's party continues its trek
through the desert toward Yuba,

where the rebel army is gathering.

''Showdown in a Heat Haze!
Ace vs. the Gallant Scorpion''

What is it, Popo?


Is that--?!

The tattoo on his back...
No question about it!

Fire Fist Ace! He finally showed up!

Portgas D. Ace! How I've
been longing for this day!

--This is all the breakfast we get?!
--Seconds! Seconds!

Don't act wasteful!
You've had enough calories!

Hey! Luffy! Why, you--!

--Keep your hands off others' food!
--C'mon! Gimme food!

--Don't sweat it!
--There isn't any more!

Why does this happen at every meal?

Don't make eye contact.

Look! Ace-san is cleaning his
fork and plate after his meal!

Yeah! He's completely different...

--Damn you! Give it back!

...from his incompetent little brother.

But you'd never guess from
Ace's well-mannered personality

that he has an immense
bounty on his head.

Ace-san has a bounty?!

I hear it's such a large amount
that bounty hunters around the world

drool at the thought of it.

Fire Fist Ace of the
Whitebeard Pirates...

Pirates the world over fear
the mere mention of that name.

Which means this Blackbeard pirate
Ace-san is seriously chasing

must really be something, too...

Blackbeard... The traitor who
killed his own crewmate...

It looks like Ace is going to keep
chasing him as long as it takes.

Fire Fist Ace!

I'll start off with a little gift from me!

No, I ain't gonna kill ya.

I'm just gonna blow up that
rock you're sitting on first!

I have my pride! So my aim
is to capture you alive!

Okay! Let's get going! Today--

--Dammit! Give it back!
--What's the big deal?

Knock it...!

--Here we go!

Now hurry and clean up!
We're leaving for Yuba!

W-Wow! Awesome!

--Oh no! They saw us!
--Hurry, big brother!

This meat can talk!

What? What're you talking about, Luffy?

Oh! The meat!

The meat's running away!

--Wait, meat!

Get back here, meat!

Which way?! This way?!

We did it, big brother!

Is it good, Chip? It's our first
food in 10 days! Eat it slowly!

I can't believe we got meat!
Here, big brother!

Yeah, we never even had
any in the Badlands!

Oh? You're from the Badlands?

From that rustic nowheresville?

--Who're you?!
--You can't have the food back!

M-Move and you're dead!

I'm generally not fond
of dangerous things, but...

B-Big brother!
Have you shot for reals before?!

Will it really shoot bullets?!

H-Hell if I know!
H-Hold on! I'm gonna--!


Wh-What happened?!

Play your dangerous games in moderation.

Good little boys should brush
their teeth before sleepy-bye.

H-He bounced it back with a rock!

I-I've never seen
anyone so strong before!

Who're they?

I have a favor to ask!

There's someone I want
you to find and catch!

If you catch him,
I'll pay you a million Berries!

A million Berries?!

I can't pay right away,
but I will pay it when I grow up!

Please! Find this man!

Scorpion-sama's ultimate weapon!

One hit from this will
demolish that entire rock!

Then, while Ace is buried under
the rubble, I'll capture him alive!

Okay! Light 'er up, Popo!

Darn it! It's meat, but it
ran away! I'll make it pay!


Why, you! Why did you do that?!

I'll strangle ya!


No! Hey, boy!


If that blows up, it'll take
half of Alabasta with it!


No! It'll blow the
Grand Line to the moon!

Hey! Boy?!


Wh-What happened to the bomb?!



You're funny, old guy!

Hey, boy! Quit laughing and help me up!


Where?! Where is he?! Where'd he go?!

I can't afford to be playing
around at a time like this!


We're heading out to where he was!

My brother and I've followed
him out here from the Badlands.

So, who is he?

Scorpion. A bounty hunter.

Bounty hunter?

Why are you guys
chasing a bounty hunter?

--I have business with him, too.

A man in Yuba defeated Blackbeard.
His name was Scorpion.

My reason for going
to Yuba is to meet him.

Eh?! He defeated Blackbeard?!

This guy did?!

So, where are we going, old guy?

You're a very lucky boy!

You get to witness me, the world's
greatest upcoming bounty hunter,

locked in battle!

You're a bounty hunter, old guy?!

Don't be scared when I say

that I've been on many
a heart-pounding adventure!

I've fought epic battles with
everyone from Double Barrel Danny

to Hellbattler Luther and they
always begged me for their lives!

Wow! For reals?!

No, but someday it will be!

Oh, someday, huh?!

In any case,
I'm gonna beat Fire Fist Ace!

Everyone else but him would be a cinch!

You wanna beat Ace up,
old guy?! That's funny!

Hey, now! Don't mock me, boy!

When I do something, I don't kid around!

Yes! Men live for big ambitions!
I have to show 'em that!

Huh? Show who?

Here comes Scorpion, the gallant man!

I dunno, Ace. Did this Scorpion
guy really beat Blackbeard?

I'm not sure. The only way
to find out is to meet him.

A-Ace? You don't mean the real...

...Fire Fist Ace?!

What is it, Ace?

Two people. And a bird?

What is it?

--They're coming!

There you are, Fire Fist Ace!

I'm Scorpion! The indomitable hero!

I've come from afar to challenge you!
Let's fight, fair and square!

That's Scorpion?

Heya! Are you all here?


Wh-What are you doing there?!

I-It's really him...

This is Fire Fist Ace?!

What's wrong, old guy?

Eh?! N-No, uh...

So sorry! Your luck's run out!

Your heroic saga that's
told on the sea ends today!

Don't be stupid! He's the real one!


This is so exciting!
Ace! It's a serious fight!

Don't pull any punches!

I wasn't planning to!

But there's something
I wanna ask him, too!

Move aside, Luffy!

What's wrong with me?!
Don't wimp out now!

This is nothing!
I'm invulnerable! I won't die!

Not as long as they're waiting for me!

Here I come, Fire Fist Ace!

Take this!


Oww! Hot! Hot!

H-He sent that metal net flying back!

It wouldn't be any fun if it were
that easy to stop Fire Fist Ace!

Oh? You seem to have some skill.

Our hellish battle is just getting started!

Popo! Compressed Extinguisher Gun!

A compressed air gun filled
with extinguisher foam!


I'm gonna use this to fill you full
of compressed extinguisher foam!

Sorry, but you never had a chance.

I expected as much. You lied about
beating Blackbeard, didn't you?

You figured using his name would
get me to show up. Am I right?

That's right. Not too
shabby of a plan, huh?

We've fought on even terms this far.
Now I'm gonna get serious!

No more!

That's enough, Dad!



Stop this!

D-Dip! Chip!


Stop! You don't stand a
chance against Fire Fist Ace!

Wh-What are you two doing here?!

When did you leave the Badlands?!

Dad! Look! Look how big this potato is!

Oh! That is big!

We're lucky we got to
eat another potato today...

Just once, I wanna eat until I'm full!

You idiot! Don't tell Dad that!

Dad gave up his dream of
bounty-hunting so he could support us!


There's an incredible hero across
the sea on a big adventure,

so I wonder if there's anything
that exciting for us, too...

Of course there isn't!

We're gonna live our lives
without anything interesting!

Even Dad threw away his dream for us!

We're going to spend our whole
lives in this withered land, too!

What kind of glum look is that?!
Quit complaining!


Just you watch! I'm gonna
go back to bounty-hunting!

I'm going to challenge
that hero! Fire Fist Ace!

Then I'm gonna fight the world's
greatest battle and come back here!

The world's greatest battle
is too much for you!

We came to get you, Dad!

Don't be silly. I'm the
world's greatest bounty hunter.

I've fought epic battles with
everyone from Double Barrel Danny

to Hellbattler Luther and they
all begged for their lives!

Or so you plan, right?

You found me out, huh?

That's right. I'm a terrible
liar and a terrible father.

But, there is one thing that's true!

Even the most insignificant person

can still challenge the world's
greatest hero if he tries hard enough!

That's what I wanted!

I wanted to show you two a grand dream!

Men need dreams burning
inside their hearts!

Even if it means struggling every day,
never give up! Stand tall!

Live every day with a laugh!

As long as you keep challenging the
impossible, life will be paradise!

But there's no way to show that
without putting my life on the line!

Yes! If you stand up,
the path will always open!


Now! Watch your father's
unconquerable spirit!

No, I won't lose!

Not as long as I have an enormous
dream burning inside my heart!

Popo! The bazooka!

Fire Fist Ace! This is the end!

Dad! That's enough! No more!

Dip! Chip!

We understand! We understand
what you're trying to say!

We stood up to hardship, too!

We'll live every day as hard as we can!

With you around,
we're filled with courage!

I'm sorry I complained!
I don't really care about food!

I'm happy just being with you, Dad!

--We love you, Dad!
--We love you!

Dip! Chip!


--I got this!

Fire Fist!

Dad! Dad!


You all right?


Dad protected us!

Hey, old guy. Did you die?

D-Don't be stupid...

As if I could really die and
leave my adorable sons behind...

Scorpion-sama is invulnerable!

Thank you for coming to get
this lowly father of yours...

Let's go home. To the Badlands!


Well, then...

Are you really leaving, Ace?


Seeing as Blackbeard isn't in Alabasta,
I have no reason to be here.

--Where will you go next?

Scorpion says there's a man
who saw him in the west.

Guess I'll check it out.


Always hang on to that.

Huh? It's just a scrap of paper.

That scrap of paper will bring you
and me together again sometime.


--You don't want it?
--No, I'll keep it.

It's natural for a big brother to
worry about his bungling kid brother.

He might be a bit much for you to
handle, but take good care of 'im.


Luffy. When we next meet,
we'll both be top pirates!


Come to the top!



Huh? Where's Ace?

Well, he's gone.

Fire Fist Ace, huh?

We'll see him again!

Yeah. I'm sure of it!