One Day at a Time (1975–1984): Season 2, Episode 2 - The Runaways: Part 2 - full transcript

Julie and Chuck are on the run while Ann is racked with guilt.

♪ This is it ♪ This is it

♪ This is life, the one you get

♪ So go and have
a ball ♪ This is it

♪ This is it

♪ Straight ahead
and rest assured

♪ You can't be sure at all

♪ So while you're
here enjoy the view

♪ Keep on doin' what you do

♪ Hold on tight,
we'll muddle through

♪ One day at a time
♪ One day at a time

♪ So up on your
feet ♪ Up on your feet

♪ Somewhere
there's music playin'

♪ Don't you worry none

♪ We'll just take
it like it comes

♪ One day at a time
♪ One day at a time

♪ One day at a time
♪ One day at a time

♪ One day at a time
♪ One day at a time

♪ One day at a time

- David, David wake up.

Wake up.

Julie's run away with Chuck.

David, are you awake?

I said Julie has run away.

Yeah, yeah, I'm all right.

No, I'm not all right.

Hey, come down quick, okay?


- I checked her stuff, Ma.

She didn't take very much;

some jeans, sweater, toothbrush,

and her pet rock.


- Her pet rock, of
course her pet rock.

Chuck gave it to her.

- Oh mama, she really run away?

- She certainly didn't step
out for an egg mcmuffin.


- Don't be mad at me.

Julie would still be here

if you hadn't thrown
Chuck out last night.

Uh, I'm sorry.

Where will they
go, what'll they do?

- Knowing Chuck
they're out in the woods

burying nuts for the winter.


- They might have
headed for Pete's.

- Who's Pete?

- Chuck's best friend,
they're always over there.

I'll give him a call.

- I gotta find 'em,
I gotta find 'em.

I don't care if it means
embarrassing them

in front of their friends.

- Oh Pete wouldn't care,
he's living with Charlene.


And Betsy.


Well Betsy can cook.



- Oh I hope that's David.

- Hi, what happened?

- She left a note.

Ah here, read it.

- Dear mom.

- Oh David, they
have no money, no job,

it's all just crazy.

- Have you called Ed?

- First thing.

Typical father, he got
all excited and fell apart.

Wanted to drive right down here.

Now what good would being
here someone like that doing?


- There's no answer.

Maybe we should call the police.

- No, ah, no not yet.

I'll, I'll call Chuck's folks.

Maybe they know something.

- It's Butterfield.

- Oh God, I can't even
think of the name of the kid

my daughter ran away with.

- Julie Butterfield.

Has a nice ring to it.


- Hello, Mrs. Butterfield.

Anne Romano.

Anne Romano, Julie's mother.

Ah, do you happen to
know where Chuck is?

In bed.

Uh huh.

Well, is anybody with him?


What I mean is, see I hope
my daughter is with him.


Ah, I don't mean that.

Mrs. Butter, Mrs.
Butter, Mrs. Butterfield.

- No doubt dashing
to the bedroom.


- Lord they don't even know yet.


Yeah, I know Mrs.
Butterfield, I got a note too.

Listen do you happen to
know where Chuck hangs out?

This is Julie's house.


Yes, I'm sure you're
a good mother.

Ah, look, the minute
I hear anything,

I'll let you know, okay.


- Okay, what do we do now?

- Well I just can't stay here.

I want to go out
and do something.

I mean let's just get
in the car and drive.

- Am I the first one?


- First one what?

- For the kidnap breakfast.


- The what?

- Kidnap breakfast, you
know, where a bunch of kids

grab some friends out of bed

and they all go
and have breakfast.

It's all very moral
Julie invited me.

- Julie?

- Yeah, I gave them a hand

getting their van
started this morning.

What are we going
to have, flapjacks?

- Wait a minute, wait a minute.

You saw Julie leave?

- Well I was wondering
what they were doing

down there at 4:00
a.m. and they told me

they were going to kidnap
some friends out of bed

and they were going to go
and bring them back here

and have breakfast.

Well it's a good thing
I went down there.

Their battery was dead.


I gave it a jump.

- Schneider, Julie ran away.

- She what?

- With Chuck.


- Oh Schneider, you idiot.

- Finally it's unanimous.



- I helped them run away.

I lent them my jumper cables.

I gave distilled
water for their battery.


- You didn't know.

You were just trying to help.

- I lent 'em five dollars.

Gave them a fuse
for their headlights.

I gave 'em a map of the Midwest.


Well I didn't know, I
mean it was 4:00 a.m.,

I was half asleep, what the
hell have you done to help out.

- Nothing, which is
a hell of a lot better,

then what you've
done, you moron.

- Stop it! Stop it.

Both of you.

Can't you see what
you're doing to mom?

- Ah Ms. Romano, don't
worry, they'll be right back

as soon as they get tired
of playing slap and tickle.


Come on, everybody
runs away at least once.

I mean when I was
16, for goodness sakes,

my parents ran away.


Cops brought them
back the next day.

Have you called the cops?

- I don't wanna do that yet.

- Well I understand that.

I understand that.

But look, look now
don't worry, okay.

'Cause we're going to find them.

We'll find them.

We'll make a project out of it.

Believe me, huh,
when I start thinking

the light bulbs go off.


- I'll fix us some breakfast.

(ringing telephone)

- Julie!


Hi, uh, no honey she's not here.

I don't think you ought
to count on her for that.

Uh hm, bye.

What is Julie
doing with her life!

I mean she is
missing everything.

I mean her group was
going to toilet paper

the principal's house tonight.


That's what kids are
supposed to be doing.

Not running off with some
dropout in a leopard spotted van.

Money, they are
going to need money.

Now she's got $80 in her bank

but the banks don't
open until 10:00.

So, we can beat them
there and catch them.

Oh yeah, but if they
see our car they'll hide.

So what we have to do
is drive around the corner,

see, and then when they
get there, we'll drive out,

block their van.

- Ann, you sound like the
commander of a SWAT team.


- She didn't take her bank book.

- All right, hold this chubby.


Face, uh, face magnetic north.


- Schneider, what are you doing?

- Hey, you wanna get your
daughter back, don't you?

- Well of course.

- Well I'm gonna do
something about it while

Malmoo here stands
around and effectualizes.


Breaker one nine, breaker
one nine, this is Super Stud,

Super Stud calling Beer Belly.


- Schneider, what are you doing?

- Look, college boy,
I have entrusted you

with a very important job.

Now take that antenna
and hang it out the window.

Mrs. Romano, there's a lot of.


Mrs. Romano, there's a
lot of real citizens out there

driving trucks.

Now if they can spot Smokey
the Bear at three miles,

they sure as hell can zero
in on a leopard spotted van.

- Smokey the Bear?

- Highway patrol.


Breaker one nine,
breaker one nine,

this is Super Stud
calling Beer Belly.

- [Beer Belly] Oh hey good
buddy, this is Beer Belly.

- Hey Belly, how are you.

Say your 20 Belly.

- [Belly] I'm reading
you weak, Stud.


- Belly's reading me weak.

Hold up the tip.


Alright Belly, uh, say
your 20 now please.

- [Belly] North bound
and on 70 to Cocomo.

Hey Super Stud, that tip on
the ball buster you gave me

bombed out.

She was married.


- Yeah well, no body's perfect.

Listen Belly, I've got a
friend here with a runaway kid.

They took off with
a mister hot pants

in a leopard spotted van.

- [Belly] Well mercy sakes.

- But Belly, do me
a favor would you.

Spread the word.

- [Belly] Is it a poor devil.

- No, no, they ain't
married and we want to

keep it that ways,
so spread the word

we trying to get a fix on 'em.

- [Belly] That's a big
ten four good buddy.

- He's a great American.

Breaker one nine,
breaker one nine,

this is Super Stud
calling Baby Booties.


- Super Stud, Dwayne.

- If you want your daughter back

you got to find her first, mama.

Not First Mama, Super
Stud is not calling First Mama!



- Alright Schneider, that's it.

I'm not standing out there

holding this
idiotic thing all day.

- Look, Kane, I have
just begun to broadcast.

We're going to
blanket the state.

Now hold it out the window.

- You want to know
where you can hold it?


- Schneider, I really
appreciate what your doing, huh.

- All right, all right.

I guess it does get kind of
hot up here in the front lines.

But remember
this, they also stand

who only serve and wait.


- Ten four, Super Stud.

- Ten four, Jelly Bean.



- Now let's call the
police and report Julie

as a missing person.

- Can't we just report Chuck?

- You know I don't
think this whole thing

would have happened if it
hadn't been for the divorce.

I mean I'm the one
who's always talking about

finding myself,
leading my own life.

I mean why in the hell
should Julie act any differently.

I'm gonna call the police
and have them drag her back.


- Ann, Ann, calling the
police now won't do any good.

They get hundreds
of runaway kids

and it's standard
procedure to wait 48 hours

in case they come
home by themselves.

- Oh mom, I just
set a place for Julie.

Can't you do something.

- Honey, I would do anything

but I don't know what else to do

but just stay here and wait.

Oh, God.

I feel so helpless.

I feel so helpless.


- Happy?

- Hmm, perfection.

A double cheese burger,
a side order of onion rings,

and thou.


- I wonder if I should
go to confession

for having a
hamburger for breakfast.

- What's wrong with that?

We're free and
that's where it's at.

And if you wanna
do it, you do it.

- Right.

I did it.

- Julie, Julie I want
you to think big, okay.

- Okay.

- What would you like to
do most in the whole world?

- Hm, take a shower.


- A shower.

- How much was the food.

- About $3.58.

Hey, don't worry about money.

We got 70 bucks and
when that runs out,

I'll get work.

- Hey, I don't have to worry.

You've got that job
when we get to Aspen.

- Oh, yeah, about that.

Look I talked to
my friend last night.

It seems he doesn't have
as much pull as he used to.

He got himself fired so he
could collect unemployment.


- Well, so we don't
have to go to Aspen.

We could go to Mexico.


- Ah yeah.

- Hey, how are you
at diving off cliffs?

- I don't think so senorita.

- Too bad senior.


God, I hope mom's
not too worried.

Maybe I should phone.

- Hey Julie, come on.

I hurt my folks too.

They'll get over it.

We made the break,
Sunshine, this is it.

It's our life now.

- Yeah I know.

We are right.

Mom was getting impossible.

She wouldn't even listen to me.

- My dad doesn't
even listen to himself.

He's always moaning and groaning

about how much he hates his work

but when I tell him I
don't want to be a lawyer

or engineer, he say's
go for the money, son.

Their generation is
so hung up on money.

- Yeah, well we
broke away from that.

- Right on.

- Let's go to a movie tonight.

- A movie?


That'll cost us 5 bucks.

- Bowling?

- 6 bucks.

- Well, this is free.

(door bell ringing)

- I'll get it.

- Mrs. Romano.

- Yes.

- I'm Al Butterfield,
Chuck's father.

- I'm his mother.

- Come on in, please.

This is my daughter Barbara.

- Mr. Butterfield,
Mrs. Butterfield

- Please, sit down.

- Oh, thank you.

- We thought we could
put our heads together.

- We just don't know
which way to turn.

- Uh, I know how you feel.

- Listen, would any
body like some coffee?

I'd be glad to get it for you.

- Oh, thank you.

What a nice girl.

- Sisters can be so different.


Oh Alice, let's face it.

That woman's daughter
lured our boy into running off,

Lord knows where, or for what.

- Well, I think
we know for what.

- Look, um, I'm under
the impression here

that this whole thing
was Chuck's idea

and we don't know for what.

- Chuck didn't even know
what as what until he met her.


- My daughter is a lovely.

Do you mean to tell me
that they are out there

all alone and you haven't
even taught him what's what?



- Now look here, don't
you criticize the way

that we've raised our son.

Now we are a close,
God loving family.

Romano, that's
Catholic, isn't it?


- What has that got
to do with anything?

- Well if you people
would allow divorce

people wouldn't have to
run off and live together.

- Look, I want you to
know that my family

is as moral and
upstanding as anybodies.

Hello sweetheart.


- Mr. Romano,
I'm Chuck's father.

- I'm his mother.

- Hi, hi, I'm David Kane.


I'm not her husband.

I'm her friend.

- Ahh.

I see.

- No, you don't see.

David is a very good
friend and my lawyer.

- You called your lawyer?

Yeah but Chuck
wouldn't, I mean he.

I thought we were
here to cooperate.

- Oh they're both nice kids.

We don't want to
stir up any trouble.

- No believe me,
we're very fond of Jodie.

- Julie, darling.

- Julie.

- Say do you folks have any
idea where they might have gone?

- No.

But Chuck wouldn't
cross any state lines.


- Well, I gave the kids'
description to all of my buddies,

Beer Belly, Rubber
Duck, Honey Wagon.


Great guys in great
rigs cruising across

the breadth of America.

Now is there any chance that
they might have changed wheels?

One of my cowboys
thought he might have

spotted them heading south
in a pregnant roller skate.


- In a what?

- In a Volkswagen.

- Oh, thank goodness.


- Are you the father?

- Of whom, what?

- Dwayne is a very good friend.

- Another friend.

- Look I think we better get
this all out in the open here.

You see, I'm not married.


I'm divorced.

- Not even a good Catholic.


- Who the hell are these people?


- Chuck's parents,
the Butterfields.

- Oh, your future in-laws, huh.

Well let's get a look here.

- Schneider, I think
that Beer Belly may be

trying to reach you.

- Listen, Butterfield,
is that Jewish?


- Mrs. Romano.

- Ms.

- I'm sorry if I
was a little brusk.

See, I just don't know
how to handle this.

Chuck never even gave us a hint.

And we were so close.

Little league, Indian guides.

- I know, I know.

Julie was a Girl Scout.

- The months I spent
squatting on the teepee floor.

All those feathers on my head.


- I must have bought
a million cookies.

- I was Chief Long Bear.


- I think I'll have a vasectomy.



- Every Mother's Day
I used to get a card

saying that I was the best
mom in the whole world.

What happened to our boy?

- He met her girl.

- Hold it Long Bear.

Now this is not
all Julie's fault.

- True.

If you hadn't bought
all the cookies,

she would have learned
a little responsibility.

- Wait a second.

I mean don't blame my mom.

I mean we have a
very good mom here.

- With a runaway daughter.

- What about your runaway son?

- Even the nice girl isn't nice.


(animated chatter)

- Folks, folks, I thought
we were here to cooperate.

Right, now let's be
practical for a moment.

Does Chuck have any money?

- It's tied up in a
trust and he can't

touch it until he's married.

- By a minister.

- I meant with him.

- Oh.


- Well we don't have any
idea what he took with him.

- He took my daughter with him.

- Now look here.

- Oh come on Alice,
let's get out of here.

I told you it wasn't any
use to come over here.

If you hear anything,
we'd appreciate it

if you would take the
trouble to let us know.

- Well I would
appreciate it if you would

do the same for me.

- Of course.


- Oh, this has been
a day and a half.

Next time I'm gonna run away.

Ah David, where is Julie?

- Ann, Ann, most runaway kids
come home all by themselves

in a couple of days.

You know they did this
on an impulse out of anger.

How long can Julie stay angry?

- My sister?


- Look, come on, I mean
Chuck's van is not exactly

what Julie is used to living in.

You know, no tv, no
refrigerator, no telephone.

Must be a kind of teenage hell.

- David, maybe you're right.

- Of course I am. Of course.

Look, you just give
Julie a couple of days

to swallow her pride,
the odds are that she'll

(telephone ringing)

- Hello, Julie.

Where are you?

Are you okay?

- Honey let me have
the phone quick.

- Ah Julie, here's mom.

We love you.

- Hello, Julie.

- Mom, hi.

I just wanted to let
you know we're all right.

- We're glad.

We're worried about you.

- I know.

I love you mama.

- You know I
love you too, Julie.

We all do.

Hey, honey, you
got enough money?

- Oh yeah, we uh,
met another couple

and they're paying us $3
a night to share the van.

- Julie, I don't think
that's a very good idea.

- We're not as
irresponsible as you think.

We took a look at our resources

and Chuck's got a line on a job.

So don't worry, everything
is going to be okay.

- Worry, Julie
your home is here.

You belong here.

- Mom I'm sorry.

We've made our decision
and we're off to a good start.

We've already made new friends.

Bye mom.

Give Barbie my love.

- They're not coming home.

Julie is not coming home.

- Oh mom.

- [Narrator] To be
continued next week.


(theme song music)