Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (2013–2014): Season 1, Episode 7 - Bad Blood - full transcript

Alice learns her father is in Wonderland and they start healing their relationship; young Jafar is distressed by his mother's death.

Previously in Wonderland...
(Cyrus) Stay strong Alice, I'm coming for you.

All I have to do is follow
the sun West, and I'll find you.

(Red Queen) You're trapped
on a floating island.

Sometimes love
is not enough.

I'm afraid you're wrong.

I know your daughter,
and I know where she went.

- You've seen Alice?
- I can take you to her.

(wind whistling)

(sighs) Please don't
leave me, maaman.

Tell me what to do.
What herbs should...

There's nothing left
to do, Jafar.

Don't say that.

You're a healer.

You've cured many others.

I fear I am beyond help.

It's my time. I'm sorry.

What will I do?
Where will I go?

Worry not, nooreh cheshmam.

- You will be cared for.
- By who?

(gasps softly) Your father.

I... I don't understand.

Father died when I was...

Your father,
your real father,

he still lives, Jafar.

Go to him.

At the palace.

But only the Sultan lives there.

That's right, Jafar.

(gasps softly)

He's my father?

This... belonged to him.

Return it.

(groans) He will remember.

You are his blood.

He will not turn you away.

(wind whistling)


(wind continues whistling)




You must be worried sick
about Alice.

I know how protective fathers are

when it comes to their children.

Yes. Of course.

I remember when Alice
came to us at Bethlem.

I've seen so many patients
over the years, but...

she was special.

Obviously well cared for.

I knew she must have come
from a loving home.

That's very kind, doctor,

but can you tell me where
exactly it is she's gone to?

It's better if I just show you.


Ahh... Hello?

If you're just gonna show me off,

was the bag really necessary?

Is that... a white rabbit?

(sighs) They're
always in shock.

Yes, I'm a white rabbit.

Alice's father?

Hmm... I don't see
the resemblance.

Come with me.


Dear God!

- What's happening? Where are you taking me?
- (White Rabbit) Uh... Ahh!

Some people call it...

Once... in Wonderland S01E07
"Bad Blood"


Ohh! (grunts)

Hmm! The first landing
is always a rough one.

Thank you for service.
Now be off with you.

Are you sure you
don't want me to just stay and...



All right, well,
you know where to find me.


(inhales) Now...

I'm sure you have
many questions.

It's not possible.

I daresay it's a hallucination of some kind.

Or perchance a dream.

I assure you, it is quite real, sir.

As real as the bruises
you feel from that fall.

As real as your
daughter said it was.

Every bit as wondrous,

and even more dangerous.

It's truly no place
for a young girl.

There are dark forces
in Wonderland, sir.

Creatures. Villains.

I tried to convince Alice to leave,

but she associates me with
the hospital and won't listen.

That's why I came to fetch you.

What child doesn't want to be
rescued by their father?

I... I'm sorry, but...

I feel I might actually be
the last person

Alice would listen to.

- I don't understand.
- Alice and I...

we've always had
a difficult relationship.

And after the way
I treated her...

I never believed in her.

I don't see why she would
ever believe in me.

That's a shame.

I had hoped that there would
be a bond between you.

In fact, I was counting on it.

(Alice) Jafar's tower. It's so close.

I could be with Cyrus by nightfall.

But it's way up high
on a bloody mountain, isn't it?

- So we'll hike.
- I'm just saying,

we should probably
formulate some kind of plan.

There are gonna be guards up there...

Big hairy ones, I reckon.

And then if we do get inside,
we've got to find Cyrus.

And if we do find Cyrus,
we've got to get out alive.

Which, again,
with the big hairy guards...

Finding Cyrus
is 99% of the battle.

The rest will take care of itself.


(breathing nervously)

Oh, my!

You were saying?

We've searched the shore,
Your Majesty.

There are no signs of Cyrus.

Keep looking.

He can't have just vanished.

Actually, isn't vanishing
one of the things

that genies can do?

Shut up!

He dove a thousand feet
down into the water below.

Have you considered
the possibility that...

he didn't survive the fall?

Have you considered the possibility

that you are a lazy imbecile?

Is that a rhetorical question?

With Jafar out of Wonderland,

I have the opportunity
to gain the upper hand.

I already have the bottle.

I want the genie
in my possession before Jafar...

What is it?

Please continue, Majesty.

"Before Jafar" what?

Darling, there you are.

I have been worried sick.

- Have you?
- Yes.

You disappear without
so much as leaving a note.

I don't have time
for your games.

Just tell me where
I can find Alice.

I'd be quite happy to.

She's easy to find,
unlike that genie of hers.

What are you talking about?

While you were gone,
your fancy silver prison

developed a
Cyrus-shaped hole.

The genie escaped?

So it would appear.

Find him!
I want every man...

Jafar, my men answer to me.

They already have their orders.

The genie will be back in our hands

before the sun sets.

Do not forget...

Even if you hold the genie
and the bottle,

you can't live out
your twisted dreams

without someone
changing the laws of magic.

And I am the only one
who will have that power.

Of course you are, darling.

(water dripping)

(hammer clatters)


How did he do it?

Does it matter? He's gone.

It's only a matter of time

before he and the girl
find each other.

- And when they do...
- (screaming) Silence!

You are losing, Jafar.

I'm not the one in the cage.

Are you certain of that?

(footsteps departing)

(exhales softly)

Where am I?

(drawer closes)
I apologize

for the restraints, old chap,

but it will make
this part easier.

What part?



(blood rushes)

(groaning and gasping)

Dear God!

You're insane!

(blood dripping)

What... What are you doing?

Giving Alice what she's
always wanted.

(hissing and bubbling)


How are we supposed
to get up there then?

I'm sure we'll
figure out something.

(blade zings and stabs ground)

- What are you doing?
- Taking inventory.

Come on. Empty 'em.

Has to be something
in there that can help us.

Let's see.

Dice, a dollar bill,
keys to granny's...

She's gonna be
right pissed about that...

Lint, and a peanut.

(spits) Stale peanut.

(inhales sharply) Well,
I have a dagger,

a sword, and a handkerchief.

And my last two wishes.
We'll just have to be creative

and think.


I'm no wildlife expert,
but my rough guess is a bird.

(chirping continues)

I don't think so.

I think...

(chirping continues)

(chirping continues)

It's a birdbark tree!

Birdbark tree?

Yes. Their wood is amazing.



(chirping continues)

I know how we're gonna do it.

Oh, bloody hell.

You think we're gonna
fly up to your genie.

Something like that.

(chirping continues)

Are you right-handed
or left-handed?

I don't understand.

Why are you asking all these questions?

- Where's Alice?
- Right-handed or left? I couldn't tell.

Where's my daughter?!

Come now, Edwin.
I think it's obvious

that we don't have time for you
to win back Alice's love.

(restraints snap)


So I'm going to have to steal it.


Left-handed then.

Thank you.

- (Edwin gasping)
- Guards!

Find a cage for him.


(man) A young thief,
Your Majesty.

He stole a dagger
right off my belt.

You stole from a palace guard.

You thought this was
a good idea?

I knew it was not.

Yet you did it anyway.

You understand that
as punishment by law,

you are to lose the hand
with which you stole?

(breathes deeply)

If you deem it best.

Where did you get that, boy?

My mother.

What is her name?

Look at my face and tell me.


Ulima is your mother.

How is she?

She's dead.

I am sorry to hear that.

You knew what you were doing
when you stole from my guards,

didn't you?

I thought if you knew
who I was, that...

- I would take you in?
- My mother said...

I have a son...
My heir, Mirza, who is...

I don't need to be a prince, sir.

Just a son.

You will be neither.

But it takes courage
to do what you have done today.

And because of that,
you can stay here.


As a serving boy to my family.

Thank you, father.

You will not use that word.

I am not your father,

and you are not my son.

You are but a poor orphan

who is lucky to have
gained my favor.

- Is that clear?
- Yes.

I understand
the rules, sir.

See that you remember them.

(rock splashes)
Any chance you're gonna

tell me what you're
planning on doing?

Certainly. Have you ever
been in a hot-air balloon?

If I say no, do I get
to stay here on the ground?

We're going to build
a basket big enough to hold us,

then we're going to attach
pieces of the birdbark

that we found,
and we'll just...

float right up to Cyrus.

Nice plan. Count me out.

Do you have a fear of flying?

(Cyrus) No, I have
a fear of not flying,

of being in your basket
a mile up in the air,

and suddenly
no longer flying.

Well, if you're not
going to go up with me,

at least help me build it.

(Cyrus) Now that I can do.
Come on then.

Let's start gathering some wood.


(Edwin's voice in distance) Aah!
(wings flapping)

What was that?

Show yourself!

(blade zings)


Oh, my God.

- Father.
- Father?

Alice... It's you!

Oh, thank God!

You were right!

About everything.

This place.


Can you ever forgive me?


How did you get there?

After you escaped the asylum,

the way you just vanished...
It made no sense.

But then...

Then I remembered something else
that made no sense.

Your stories.

So I decided to do
what you asked...

and believed.

I did some research.

It led me on a path
to an antiquities dealer

who sold me
a full-length mirror

rumored to have
special properties.

The rumors were true.

I went through it.

I could feel sunshine
on the other side,

and a breeze.

It was curious.


That's how Anastasia and I
came here as well...

Through a looking glass.

As soon as I arrived,

I knew it was the Wonderland
that you spoke of.

- How did you find me here?
- I didn't.

You found me, remember?

I'd been wandering
around for days

until you stumbled upon me.

Either way...

Now what?

(sighs) I...

I just want to...

make it up to you for everything...

Make it up to me? Father...

you never treated me
like a daughter.

You treated me like
an obligation,

like a part of your life
you had no choice

but to tolerate.

Like that creaky stuff in the hall

that you never could fix.

You just walked by it every day,

wondering why it wouldn't
stop making the noise,

wishing it would just... go away.

How do you intend
to make that up to me?


Put yourself in my shoes.

The things you were saying, they...

they were impossible to believe.

Impossible for you to believe.

- I believe you now.
- (scoffs) Of course you do.

Now that you
can see it for yourself.

I needed you to believe me

because you believed in me.

You just left me there

in that madhouse, ignored me
like I didn't even exist.

How could a father
treat their child like that?

I said I didn't want
to see you.

But I wanted you to try.

This is me trying.

Well, it's too late.

My son Mirza
has heard tell of your fabrics.

We will send
the young prince

some fine robes,
Your Majesty.

Perhaps after
the supply blockade

with our northern neighbor
has been broken.

I am afraid we cannot
break the blockade for you.

Mirza, explain the
reason why to our friend.

It is against policy.

What policy is that?

We spoke of it last night.

- The water.
- Yes.

Foreign policy.

(men murmuring)

Your mills divert water
from their crops.

Agrabah can't interfere
in any action taken by them

to protect their harvest.

(murmuring continues)

In Agrabah,

even our servants are educated.

(men laugh)

Although... not discreet.

That will be enough, boy.
You are dismissed.

My apologies, fath...

My apologies.

(door opens)

You're very smart, serving boy.

- What's your name?
- Jafar.


The correct answer is,

"I am too lowly
for my name to abuse

the ears of the Prince."

Now what's your name?

It is too low...

Eyes down!

Apologies, father.

No apologies needed, son.

Give him another one.


If you are to be Sultan one day,

the people must fear you.

You are blood of my blood,

And my only heir, Mirza.

True power comes from fear.


I was a terrible father, wasn't I?

Not my place to say.


Cut up some branches, would you?

(driftwood clattering)

Can I ask what for?

Alice has a plan
to get into that castle

you might have noticed
floating up in the sky.

And what is there
that is so important?

Genie in a dungeon.

Ah. Cyrus.

Is that where she believes he is?


You and my daughter...
you're close.

Yep. We're mates.
(snapping twig)

Good mates.

So you understand her,
the way she thinks.

A bit.

Would you have any advice
on how to heal

the rift between us?

Sometimes these things
just take time.

In my experience, when a father
has treated a child poorly,

it takes a great deal
more than time

to make things right.

She'll come around.

Alice doesn't give up on people,

not even if they deserve it.

Like yourself?

If she sees someone hurting,

she can't help but get rid
of that pain.

(snaps twig)
It's in her nature.

I guess it is, isn't it?

Thank you.

Just so you know,

I ain't said none of this to help you.

Far as I can tell, you've been
nothing but a right bastard.

But I want Alice to be happy.

And I think having you
step up and be a decent father

would make her happy.

Now, if you want to take

the first step
with your daughter,

help her find her genie.

Because nothing...
and I mean nothing...

Means more to her
than getting to him.

(waves lapping, birds chirping)

What were you and my father
talking about?

What do you think? You.

What about me?

If you'd ever forgive him,
blah, blah, blah.

Do you think I should?
Forgive him?

Definitely not.

But I think you will.

Why is that?

Because it's the right thing
to do, Alice.

And you, unlike me,

will usually
do the right thing.


Vocare te...


Ego vocare te damnum.

Ego vocare te faciam scelus.

So... Question...

Have you thought about how
we're gonna get back down?

- What do you mean?
- The birdbark will get your basket up there,

but unless you've invented
a parachute-bark,

I think we might be
in trouble.

Actually, I've done
a calculation,

and with the additional weight
of Cyrus and the basket,

the three of us will counteract
the upwards trajectory

of the birdbark, causing
a slow and steady descent

down into the water.

You're just completely
making this up, aren't you?

It's physics, Knave.

Look up there.

You see how high it is?

If you're wrong, we're dead.

What's that?

What's what?

(inhales and exhales)

In the sky, coming towards us.

It looks like some...

(loud screeching)

What the bloody hell is that?!


(screeches and growls)

Alice, here.


(flame whooshing)




Come on, we need to move. Follow me.

Father, this way!

- (panting) Are you all right?
- (panting) Yes, fine.

- Do you think we've lost him?
- Not even close.


(dragon growling)


Father, run!

(roaring and screeching)

Father, quick!

(Edwin) Alice...

(blade zings)

- Alice, no!
- Stay away from him!


(shrieking continues)




Father! Are you all right?

Yes. I'm fine.

Alice... (panting)

Thank you.

Ahh! Oh, it's okay, father.

It's all right. (sighs)


(sniffles) I am so sorry.

But when your mother died,

everything just fell apart, and...

I understand.

I know what it's like
to lose someone you love.

The way I treated you...

You must think me to be
a horrible man.

I know what a horrible man is.

I've faced one here
in Wonderland.

And you are nothing like him.

You don't know how happy
that makes me to hear.


We should get that
cleaned up.

Oh... Of course. Yes.

As soon as it gets dark,
we're going to try again...

to rescue Cyrus.

Would you like to come with us?


I believe I would.

(gasping softly)

(water continues splashing)

Your Majesty.

I'm so sorry
for my carelessness.

It won't happen again.

I know. I'm glad that you now
understand the importance

of discretion.

Of course.

I am sorry about Mirza,

but sometimes
we have to do difficult things

to make sure our children
are raised properly.

Dry your face.


(muffled shouting)

(gasping and grunting)

(continues gasping and grunting)


(breathing heavily)



It's done.

Put him out
with the rest of the refuse.

(Edwin) Bless us, o Lord,
and these thy gifts

which we are about to receive
from thy bounty.



I hope your gods have
better hearing than mine.

My God hears every prayer...

even in a place like this.

Then why not pray
for freedom, my friend?


Or at least something
better to eat.

My prayers are all
for my daughter.

(sets bowl down)

She's in grave danger,

and it's my fault
she's here at all.

You cannot shoulder
all the blame.

I sent her away

when I should have
believed in her,

kept her safe.

That is my great sin.

Then you have sinned
very little, my friend.

There are far worse
reasons to be in a cage.

Believe me.

Please. I must find her.

If you know of any way
out of here...

Only one man ever
escaped from this prison,

and I expect to see
Cyrus returned in chains

- at any moment.
- Cyrus?

Alice's Cyrus?

You know of Alice?

She's my daughter!

Please, tell me what you know.

What does that man
want with her?

I know of only thing
that Jafar desires.

And it's the one thing
that he shall never have.


So tell me Edwin, have you ever eaten
something that's tried to kill you before?

No, Will,
I don't believe I have.

It's sort of a Wonderland
rite of passage.

Here you go, father.

Thank you.

(mouth full) That's not bad, actually.

(chewing continues)

Not exactly a home-cooked
meal, but... it will do.

So... Once you and Cyrus
are reunited, what then?

Do you have a way to get
out of Wonderland?

I do, actually,
but one step at a time.

Oh, Will, looks like
the tide's come in.

Could you help me move
the wood away from the water?

Excuse us.

(lowered voice) Alice,
I have to tell you...

I don't thinking bringing
your father along with us

is the best idea.

(lowered voice) I couldn't
agree with you more.


He's a problem.

- Because he'll get in the way?
- Because he's not who he seems.

Every meal I've
ever had with my father

could not begin
without saying grace.

He'd say it before eating
a piece of fruit

he picked from the garden.

But not tonight,

on a night he'd be
more grateful than ever.

(breathes unevenly)

I don't know
who that man is,

but he's not my father.

Come on. Follow me.


(clutches staff)


(wind howling)


(whooshing fades)




(cage rattling)

(lock clinks)



What are you doing with me?

Seeing to it you fulfill
the purpose

for which you were
brought here.

- What's that?
- To die.

I'm sorry, Will.

For what?

For having to run.

If I didn't want it
to be true so badly,

I wouldn't have let myself believe.

I let my guard down.

It won't happen again.

You've got nothing
to apologize for.

(carpet flapping)
(Edwin shouting)

(shouting and screaming)

(shuddering) Uhh... Aah!

Beg for your life, fool!

Your daughter is the only
one who can save it.

(Edwin) Ahh!


(whimpering and panting)

Is this where you threaten him
until I make a wish?

You need a new trick, Jafar.

I'll get a new trick when
this one stops working.

Don't do it!

Save your breath,
whoever you are.

I know you're not my father.

Alice, I don't know
what kind of deception

this man pulled before,
but it's me, sweetheart.

Oh, hell, I don't blame you
for not knowing the difference

between me and an imposter.

I never treated you
as a real father should.

Instead, I blamed you.

(breathing unevenly) I blamed
you for your mother's death.

I blamed you
for all my unhappiness.

And then, when you were
finally able to find joy,

I doubted you,

doubted your ability to distinguish

fantasy from reality.

Doubted your love.


The times I ran away,

I was just trying to find proof

so you would understand
where I'd been.

You shouldn't have had
to prove it to me.

- Oh...
- For all those reasons

and a thousand more,

I will not ask
for your forgiveness,

because I do not deserve it.

And I will not ask
for your mercy

or your compassion,

because it is better spent elsewhere.

I do not want to take another
thing away from you, dear Alice.

I only want to give you

the only thing I can,

and that's hope!

- Cyrus has escaped!
- That's enough!

- (Alice) Cyrus?
- (Edwin) Don't save me, save him!

- (Jafar) Stop!
- (Alice gasps)


I wish my father back home!


Two down, and one to go.

And now, Alice,

it's not a matter
of if I'll have your genie,

but when.


Alice, I'm sorry.

Really. Very sorry.

I'm not.

But you had to use
your second...

Yesterday I had
two holes in my life...

One that my father left,

and then Cyrus.

Today I know that
my father understands,

and I know that Cyrus
is out here... somewhere,

and we're going to find each other.

Wish or no wish,

I count that as a victory.

Okay. Yeah.

But you've used
a pretty big wish there,

and you've always said
those come with a cost.

Aren't you curious what that
cost is going to be?



(inhales sharply and sighs)

What's wrong?

I don't know. I thought...

I was with Alice

in that place she spoke of...

That Wonderland...

And... And...

I was about to die.

And then she saved me.

It sounds like
you must have dozed off

and had a very odd dream.

Yeah, I guess it was a dream.

That must have been.

Come up to bed, darling.

I'll be right there.


(creaking, chains clattering)

Let's have a chat, shall we?

I'm done speaking
through bars.

If you want to chat,
do it face to face.

Like a man.

(people screaming)

(screaming continues)



(screaming continues)

I have waited a long time
to see you again.

I don't even know
who you are.

Look at my face and tell me.


Is it possible?

My anger kept me alive, father.

I am not your father.

(breathes unevenly)

And you are not my son.

Mirza, stay a moment,
will you?

- Don't!
- Mirza!

You can save me.
Don't be frightened!

He's right.
Save your father, Mirza,

And fight me.

No magic, just you and me
and our bare hands.

You remember what that's like?

If you win, I will spare
our father's life.

What do you say?
Is he worth it to you?


Mirza! (panting)

You killed my son!

I am your son!

He wouldn't even fight for you!

But I would have died
for you, father.

But you could not say
the words.

What words? What words
do you want?!

Call me your son.

You are a bastard, boy.

Just say the words,

and I will spare you
unending pain.

I will never give you
what you want.

You will.


Why don't you just kill me, Jafar?

You know that I'm never
going to give you what you want.

Once I get Alice's third wish,

I'll be able to change
the laws of magic,

which means you won't
have to give me what I want.

I'll just take it.

What good is love
and respect

if it has to be stolen?

You honestly have

no regrets about
our relationship?

About anything you've
done to me?

My only regret, Jafar...

is that I didn't hold you
under the water longer.

But perhaps I can
make up for that now.

Are you going to try
to kill me again?

I know I cannot
take your life,

but I can take away something
that matters even more to you.

And what is that?


(wind howling)



Get back in your cage, father.

The real fun is about to begin.

I'd hate for you to miss it.


(inhales and exhales)