Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (2013–2014): Season 1, Episode 6 - Who's Alice? - full transcript

The Knave is awakened by magic with the help of an unlikely ally and he goes in search of Alice only to find her in terrible danger, and Cyrus does his best to evade the Red Queen.

No one believed Alice when she spoke of
her adventures in Wonderland,

of how she fell in love
with a genie named Cyrus,

- and how the Red Queen tore them apart.
- No!

She was locked away in an asylum.

Alice. She needs help.

So the Knave of Hearts and I
brought her back to Wonderland

to search for her true love.

He's here. I can feel it.

There are those who will
try to stop her.

What we want can't be accomplished

until the girl's made all her wishes.

But Alice's greatest adventure

has just begun.

(Explosion, debris clatters)
Previously, in Wonderland...

(Pounding on door)
Father, it's me!

You're never going to believe
where I've been!


You get me the dust,

and I'll help you find your genie.


Today's the day we get out of here.

(Gasps and grunts)

I'd like to take a trip now.

- Where to?
- You know where.


(Birds chirping)


(Explosion, debris clattering)

I'm looking for Bethlem Royal Hospital.

Is it near?

What is...


Who are...

Bethlem. The asylum.

Where is it?

East of here,

just past Westminster Bridge.


That wasn't so difficult, was it?

And I must compliment you.

That is a very nice suit.

(Whooshing and rumbling)

(Knock on door)

Hello? Can I help you?
(Sets down glass)

I certainly hope so.

My name is Dr. Sheffield.

I've just arrived in London,

and I was hoping to pick your brain.

About a former patient?

Yes, of course. Always happy
to help a colleague.

Come in. Have a seat.

You'll have to excuse the mess.

I wasn't expecting anyone.

That's quite all right.

I imagine you don't get
many visitors here.


Most people tend to avoid asylums.

They worry there might be something...

contagious in the air.


So, uh, which patient were you after?

Blonde hair, blue eyes.

I'm sure you remember her.

Name of Alice.

(Breathing heavily)

I don't recall

any Alice, I'm afraid.

We have so many patients.

Well, of course you do.

But how many of them escape

in the company of a talking rabbit?

(Inhales sharply)
I have no idea what you mean.

Really? Even after you saw it
with your own two eyes?

A talking rabbit?

That's madness.

Sometimes the maddest stories...

are the truest ones.

(Breathes unevenly)

Put it away.


I've tried so hard to forget.

Yes, well...
(Latches click)

what I need you to do now is remember.

Your speciality is getting inside heads.

Now... I want to get inside hers.

I need to know everything about Alice.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 1x06
- Who's Alice -
Original air date November 21, 2013

(Wind whistling)



I don't think he's here, Your Majesty.

I don't think anyone's here, darling.

Not Jafar, not the guards,
and more importantly, the genie.

Now this has got me quite curious.

If only someone could tell me
where they went.

I may be Jafar's prisoner,

but I'm not yours.

You will get no answers from me.

Oh, now, no need to be rude.

We don't even know one another.


Yes, now we do.

I can continue doing that
until you're dead... (Grunting)

or you can talk.

Jafar is gone.

I don't know where he went.

But he brought Cyrus with him.



Darling, the cage has been cut open.

If Jafar wanted to take him,
he'd have used the key!

(Panting) It doesn't matter.
You will never catch him.

Why is that?

Because he carries with him
the greatest power of all.


True love.

(Rocks clattering)

(Horn blowing in distance)

(Men shouting indistinctly in distance)

(Man in distance) Where is he?!

(Men continue shouting in distance)

Alice, where are you?

(Wind whistling)

(High-pitched ringing)


All I have to do is follow the sun west,

and I'll find you.

(Whispering) Stay strong, Alice.

I'm coming for you.

(Various creatures making noises
in distance)

Hold on there. Where do you
think you're headed?

I'm heading west.

I need to find someone,
and you're blocking my way.

If you keep heading west,

you'll end up in the Black Forest, luv.

You won't find anyone there.

They say it's so dark,

you can't even find your own nose.

I'll take my chances. Thank you.

That seems awful dangerous, don't it?

A little girl traveling alone.

She might not know the rules.

See, this here's a toll road.
You needs to pay the toll.

Now be a good girl...

and give us that necklace.

You even touch this necklace, and
you'll lose your hand. (Blade zings)


Careful who you threaten, luv.

No bauble's worth losing your life.

This one is.





(Grunting continues)


(Blade zings)
Be careful who you threaten... luv.

Thanks for the light.


(Blade zings)


I already lost you once before.

I'm not gonna lose you again.


(Birds chirping)










(Continues sobbing)

(Rapid footsteps approaching)

Are you okay?

Yes, I'm fine.

I'm just...

just a little lost.

I'm trying to find my way home.

Do you live near here?

I used to.

A long time ago.

(Man) - Millie, where are you?
(Woman) - Millie!

My parents... I'm sure they can help you.

Over here!

(Woman) - Oh!
(Man) - Oh, Millie.

What have we told you about running off?

But I'm only trying to help.

She can't find her way home.




Oh, my God. You're alive.

Oh, father. He's gone.

Who's gone?

Cyrus. She killed him.

I... I... I don't understand. Alice...

where have you been all these years?

Who's Cyrus?

(Breathes unevenly)
The man I was going to marry.

But the Red Queen... she killed him.

(Sobbing) - She killed him.
- Hush.

(Continues sobbing)
Hush. You're home now.

We can talk about all this later.

Father, who is this girl?

This is Alice.

She's your sister.

Your half-sister.

You never told me I had a sister.


Alice, so much has changed
since you left.

I'd like to introduce you to Millie.

And this...

this is your new mother... Sarah.

This... this is your family now.

(Flame whooshes,
various creature making noises)

"Abandon all hope ye who enter."

I'm not going to abandon
anything, certainly not hope.

Seems like an awful waste of wood,

when one sign would do.

(Owl hooting in distance)

I mean, is it really that bad?

(Wind whooshes)

(Rustling, low rumbling)

(Squishing sound)


Okay, Alice...

a little bit of darkness
won't hurt anybody.


(Breathing heavily)

(Cart clattering)
Bloody hell, my head.

Please, mate, can I get
a sip of that water?

Are you okay? You don't look too good.

You ever been stoned?

Feels like death
when you come out of it.

Maybe you've been messing
with the wrong stuff.

No, I mean "stoned"
as in turned to stone.

Sure. Sure.



Take the whole thing.


Knave of Hearts.

(Sighs and burps)

We've got a message for that she-devil

you've been traveling with.

Alice? You've seen her?

She's mad, that one.

Attacked us for no reason
while we were sleeping.

- Ah.
- You tell her

if we meet again, we won't go easy.

Of course.

If you lads could point me
in the right direction.

Look, she just saved my life.
I have to find her.

Well, good luck with that.

She's headed to the Black Forest.

- The Black Forest?
- Mm-hmm.

Bloody hell.

Yeah. Like we said,

good luck.



(Creature growling)

Keep walking in a straight line.

Keep... walking... west.

(Creature howling in distance)

(Distant roaring and growling)

(Distant barking and howling)

(Growling continues,
creatures chittering)

(Distant screeching, faint growling)

(Gasps) Oh, no.

(Growling and snarling)

(Breath quavers)
Please stay alight. Please.

No, no, no. No!

(Squeaking and chirping)


I made it through.

I knew I was close.





That feels so wonderful.

Beautiful, isn't it?
(Blade zings)

Makes you feel quite... mimsy.

Who are you?

I'm the carpenter.

Who are you?

I'm not sure I want to give you my name.

Do you know where we are?

I've been trying to find my bearings.

We are in the Boro Grove,

the most beautiful place in the world.

Why don't you put down your sword

and stay a while?

I couldn't possibly.

I've got quite important things to do.

What could be more important
than basking in the sun?

S... s... saving... someone's life.

I... I've been, uh, following the sun,

and, uh, I mean...

I'm trying to find, uh...

There's... uh, there's this genie,

and he's, uh...

he's in trouble, and, uh...

Uh, uh... at least I thought he was.

Uh, s... suddenly I can't quite remember.

Then you must stay.


It is quite beautiful here.


Maybe I will stay a while.

(Sarah, lowered voice)
How long is she planning to stay?

(Edwin, lowered voice) I don't know yet.

Aren't you concerned about her...

Let me talk to her. Please.

(Gasps softly)

(Door opens)

I wish we had a proper bedroom...

or a change of clothes.

We can get you new things, of course.

What I would like to know...

how long are you planning
on staying this time?


There's nothing left for me
in Wonderland.


there's something you must understand.

I have a new family now,

and they will love you as I do.

But Millie...

is quite young and impressionable.

If you truly want to stay,

there can be no more mention
of Wonderland...

or this... genie.

He had a name. Cyrus.


wherever you really were...


whatever really happened,

these things are best forgotten.

So I should just
sweep him under the rug,

like you did with mother...

and with me?

I spent a long time clinging

to painful memories.

And then one day I realized
I had to stop clinging...

to be happy.

I don't think I can be happy again...

and not without him.
(Gasps softly)

You will be...

if you want to live in this house.

Can you do that?

Can you try to fit in,

to be happy in our home?

I have nowhere else to go.

I'll try.

And you will forget about Wonderland?

And this Cyrus?


Are you glad... I'm back, father?

Do you really want me here?


Of course I do, Alice.

Of course.

(Various creatures making noises)

Cyrus ran this way.

Jafar's filthy guards...
they all ran after him.

Good. Then they'll have him
apprehended in no time.

That, my little dimwit,

is precisely what we do not want.

I don't understand.

Of course you don't.
You tweedles never do...

each one dumber than the next.

But Your Majesty can't go
after him alone, and...

that outfit is not befitting a queen.

Do not tell me

what I can and can't do!

Everyone keeps underestimating me.

I was not always queen.

I know how to get my hands dirty.

Of course.

If I alone capture the genie,

I will have him and his bottle.

I will have everything.

Jafar will have nothing, and I win...

the game.

(Mist hissing)


Alice, are you... ohh! Ugh.

What the hell?

Is this a bloody perfume bottle?



You're here!

Found ya.

And you're in one piece.

I guess we're both okay.
You had me worried for a bit.

Don't worry about anything.

Everything is wonderful here.


You've got to see this!

Slow down.

Come on!

What the hell is that?

I made it. Isn't it pretty?

What the bloody hell is going on here?

Who's that?

Oh. That's just the carpenter.
Don't worry about him.

Right. Don't worry about the man

with the saw and the scary grin.




how long have you been here, Alice?

I don't remember.

A while.

And you took the necklace off
and just stopped everything

to pick flowers?

With Cyrus still a prisoner?


Why would you do that?

Because it makes me happy.

I really am so happy to be back.


Thank you for my new dress.

I really love the smell
of those daisies.

They're dahlias, dear.

Dahlias. Of course.
I must remember that.

I think you look beautiful
in that dress, Alice.

Of course she does,

which is why I think we should talk

about her social obligations...

now that she's back from the dead.

- Social obligations? - Well,
I don't want to put a fine point on it,

but you're not a little girl anymore.

No, of course not.

And a young woman should
think about her future.

Sarah... please.
She's only just returned.

All the more reason we have to help.

Help? With what, exactly?

Meeting a suitable young man, of course.

Moving on with your life.

I've been speaking
with Mrs. Darcy down the road.

Her son is unmarried, employed,
and not awful to look at.

We've arranged for a tea.

(Breathes unevenly)
I just... I just couldn't.

I'm afraid you must.

I've already made the arrangements.

It's just tea, Alice.

Surely you can manage that much.

The Darcy boy will carry on
both halves of the conversation.

All you have to do is smile.
(Voice echoes)

This could be good for you, Alice...

a way to, you know...

forget your troubles.


What on earth?

(Whispers) Oh, God.
(Gasps) I'm so sorry.

I'm simply not ready for meeting
any young men right now.


I think some troubles
take a bit longer to forget.

(Men shouting indistinctly in distance)

(Man) Well, he went this way!

(Men continue shouting
indistinctly in distance)

(Shouting continues in distance)

This way.

- He's in the river. You two that way.
- Yes, sir.

You lot with me. And when you find him,

remember, that bastard
killed one of ours.

So make him bleed.

Yes, sir. Come with me.

(Knave) Come on, Alice.
We've got to find Cyrus.

Maybe in a little while.

Have you felt the bark
on this tree? It's lovely.

I don't want to feel the bloody bark.

I want you to snap out of it.

Snap out of what?

- Alice, what's wrong with you?
- Nothing.

For the first time
in my life, nothing's wrong.

I'm happy. He's happy.

Why aren't you?

(Footsteps depart)

What have you done to Alice?

I said, what did you do to her?

Listen, I'm more of a lover, generally.

But if you don't talk, I will
knock an answer out of you.

Mate, you got something.

(Leaves rustle)


Bloody hell!

Oh, God.

This is not good.

It makes you want to stay.


Alice! Alice!

Alice, Alice, we have to get out
of here right bloody now.



Who's Alice?


No. (Pants)

(Alice's voice echoes) Cyrus!



(Girl's voice echoes) Alice?

- Alice!
(Gasps) - Oh!


What are you doing in here?

I heard you screaming.


(Breathing heavily)

It's just a bad dream,
that's all. Go back to bed.

Father says you should never
be afraid of your bad dreams.

Because they're not real.

That certainly sounds like father.

Are your bad dreams real, though?

Is that why you broke
that glass at dinner?

That's enough. Off to bed.

At least tell me who Cyrus is.

What did you say?

Cyrus. You kept yelling his name.

Who is he?

He's someone very special.

Someone impossible to forget,

no matter how hard I might try.

I hope I meet someone like that someday.

I'm sure you will.

And when you meet them,

you won't wish for anything
else in the whole world.

(Door creaks open)

Millie. Get to bed this instant.

(Whispers) Yes.

- I'm sorry.
- We don't need you to be sorry, Alice.

We need you to be better.

And if you won't stop
believing this foolishness,

at least have the decency
to keep it to yourself.

I want to be.

I want to be happy.

I am trying.

Not nearly hard enough.

We really thought you could
forget this nonsense, Alice.

It appears we were wrong.

(Door closes)

All right, that's enough.

You don't remember Cyrus.
You don't remember yourself.

Well, no more arguments. We're going.

- Go where?
- The hell out of here. Look, Alice!

You see all these trees?
They all used to be people.

That's what's gonna happen
to you if you stay.

So I'm guessing you're out.


I don't want to go!
(Blade clanks)

I'm not leaving! Stay away from me!
(Blade whooshing)

Easy. Easy!

I won't go! You can't make me go!


Just leave me alone! Let me stay!

I don't wanna hurt you, Alice,
but you're not yourself.

I'm better! I'm the person
I've always wanted to be!

This place is making you happy!

It's not real happiness!

Believe me. I know
the difference when I see it.

And why is that?!

Listen. There's something
I never told you before.

When my heart was ripped from me...

I mean, literally taken from my chest...

I thought that hole
could never be filled.

And then you got it back for me.

Since then, I didn't really
use it properly.

I always felt guilty about that.

Like you gave me
something more than I deserved.

Like I still owe you something.

Maybe that's why
I can't let this happen.


Give me the sword, Alice!



Alice, I can't make you go.


No, I mean it. I can't make you.

I can't take you. I can't force you.

Because this place...

the only way out is wanting to go.

So please, Alice, just come with me.

Oh, bloody hell, Alice. Look at ya!

Please just come with me.


I'm not going anywhere.

I finally found a home.

Now if I were
a frightened little genie...

which way I would run?



But not clever enough.

(Footsteps approach)

Ah. There she is.

Looks like she started
breakfast without us.

Alice. This is the boy
I was telling you about...

Mrs. Darcy's son.

(Edwin) He just stopped by.

We thought he could join us
for breakfast...

if you were feeling better.

Good morning, Alice. Nice to meet you.

You brought him here?

And you thought what?

That it would make things better?

Help me forget?

You really don't know me at all.

(Door opens)

(Door slams)

Where are you going?

Anywhere else.

But you have nowhere else to go.

Isn't that what you said?


Go back in and apologize.

I won't.

Just because you married
someone you don't love

doesn't mean I have to.

What are you talking about?

She doesn't make you truly happy.

Of course she does.

Not like mother.

We can't... spend our whole life

in mourning, Alice.

You must find a way to move forward...

as I did.

It took you years to get over mother.

You were sad my entire childhood.

Why do you think I can forget Cyrus

in just a few days?

Because unlike him,
your mother was bloody real!

Cyrus was real.

No, he's not!

You need to find a way to give up

this imaginary love story, Alice,

and move on with your life.

What if it's not possible?

What if a person
can't forget their love,

no matter how much easier it would be?

You must.

I can't.

Then you can no longer
live under our roof

with our family.

Is that you talking, or her?

There's one other... good option.

A doctor in London... Lydgate.

He runs a psychiatric hospital.

A madhouse?

It's not like it is in the books.

This place is very nice, very modern.

But I'm not mad!
Why can't you just believe...

And what part do you want me to believe?

The genie or the talking rabbit?


You should believe in me!

I'm sorry.

We can't go on like this.

I have to think of Millie.

You'll just send me to a madhouse.

Not send you.

Offer you a choice.

You can let Sarah find you a husband,

or you can live in a hospital.

But you can't sit here

pining for a make-believe life, Alice.

The choice, Alice... is entirely yours.

Running out of time, Alice.

You have to make a choice.

Don't come any closer.

This place can only make you
stay if you want to.

So I'm gonna help you remember,

even if it kills me.

You know who gave you this?
His name was Cyrus.

(Whoosh) And you've been fighting
like hell to get to him.


Stop it. I'm happy here.

You can kill me.

Become a bloody tree.

Stay here forever.

But you'll never be truly happy
until you're with him.

The Alice I know

would never give up on that.

Please stop it.








What are these?

Get off me! Let me go!

(Zing, crack)

Yes, that's it. Bloody brilliant, Alice!

I... I... I need to find him.


Careful now. Watch your step.


Yes. Me.

Look familiar?

(Wind blowing)

(Horse hooves clopping,
carriage approaching)

It's going to be all right, Edwin.

Are you certain?

We both know she couldn't stay here.

She's going to be much happier.

So you think she made
the right decision?

I know she did.

I was actually surprised at her wisdom.

It's going to be fine.

She can't be a little girl
forever, Edwin,

and he'll take excellent care of her.

I certainly hope so.

(Horse whinnies)

She doesn't even want me
to visit the hospital, you know.

She's still young and impetuous,

which is why this is best.

It's time for her to grow up.

(Horse whinnies)


(Carriage wheels clanking,
hooves clopping)


(Breathing heavily)

Thank you.

Just trying to get square for once.

That's one less I owe ya.

I've never felt anything like that.

(Continues breathing heavily)

All my troubles just... just lifted away.

Now it's all just coming back
all at once.

There's this pain in my heart.
(Continues breathing heavily)

Do you feel it, too?

Nothing like that.


But you're gonna be fine.

I mean, I felt like hell
when I got out of that statue,

but look at me now. Good as new.

Thank you for that.

For what?

For turning me back.

That wasn't me.

Wasn't you? Then who was it?

Anastasia had a bit of magic dust.

Bloody hell.


You want to remain a statue?

I want nothing to do with her.

Perhaps she's still
in love with you, Will.

Well, not only don't I love her back...

I can't.

I made sure of that a long time ago.

What does that mean?

It's about your heart, isn't it?

You said there was something
you didn't tell me.

Will? You owe me an explanation.


I know you went to a lot of trouble

to get my heart back, but...

but that place back there
can't possibly affect it.

Because you never put it back in.

What were you thinking?

Anastasia broke my heart.

I knew the minute
I put it back in me chest,

I'd feel all that again.

You didn't want to feel?

Not that. So I thought,

why not put off the misery
until tomorrow?

Then the next tomorrow. Then the next.

And after a while, I...
I kinda got used to it...

the emptiness.

So if you didn't put your heart back in,

where did you put it?

I'll tell you later, because
look at that bloody thing.

It was a wonderful fantasy you had...

escaping back to Alice.

It's much more than a fantasy.

I will see her again.

You're trapped on a floating island

with nowhere to escape.

Darling, the harsh reality is

sometimes love is not enough.

I'm afraid you're wrong.

(Birds chirping)

(Door creaks)

Can I help you?

Actually, I believe I can help you.

I'm sorry. Do we know one another?

No. But I know your daughter,

and I know where she went

after she escaped from that asylum.


You've seen Alice?


And I can take you to her.