Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (2013–2014): Season 1, Episode 11 - Heart of the Matter - full transcript

Knave must choose between his friends and the Red Queen when Jafar threatens her life. Alice and Cyrus launch an attempt to rescue Jafar's prisoners. In the past, Anastasia makes a new friend-Cora, who Will confronts with a request.

Previously in Wonderland...

I give you... your Queen.
[crowd cheering]


You tossed me aside
like a piece of rubbish,

all for a little red crown.

[Alice] What's this?

My mother gave it to me.

It always pointed me towards her.

It's called a lost and found.

[gasps] Ooh!

Jafar has released the Jabberwocky.

He has Will, he has all three bottles.

Wonderland is doomed.

My mother... I'm afraid
she's long dead now.

Your mother lives.

[indistinct conversations, music plays]

Ah. Long time no see, Genie.

Actually, not genie. Not anymore.

Should I offer congratulations
or condolences?

I seek neither.

I'm here about the item
I traded you years ago...

the lost and found.

Do you still have it?

Ah, that depends.

On what?

On how much it's worth to you.

It's worth a great deal.

I, however, am worth very little.

I was hoping we could come
to... an alternative arrangement.

Ah. [chuckles]

How about I give you back
your little compass

in exchange for Alice
and the Knave of Hearts?

What's your interest in them?

They have an unpaid debt.

Deliver them here
and the compass is yours.

Bounty hunting
is not really my thing.

And charity isn't mine.

So I guess you'll be leaving

Not entirely.

And how's that?

You just bought me a drink.




That's my drink.

You'd better pay for it.

Put it on my tab.

How about I put you on your arse, huh?

Once... in Wonderland S01E11
"Heart of the Matter"


[words echoing] Tres
genies in utres.

Ego te coniungere.

Da mihi virtutem!



What is that?


I've never seen magic do that.

In the wrong hands, you'd be
surprised what magic can do.



I didn't see you there. I'm sorry.

Who are you, exactly?

We're your tweedles.

[laughs] My tweedles?

At your service.


What are your names?

W... We don't have names, Milady.

A servant is defined
only by his service.


Um, shall we prepare the tea
for her arrival?

For whose arrival?

[Cora] Hello, Anastasia.

Your Majesty.


Oh! Tomorrow's your wedding day.

You're to be Queen of this castle.

It's I who should defer to you.


Of course.

I was really honored that
you accepted our invitation.

And I was surprised to receive it.

The Red King and I
have never seen eye-to-eye

on... [chuckles] anything.

I didn't know that.

Well, men like him tend to find me...



The King believes
royals shouldn't have magic.

It separates us from our subjects.

[laughing] Oh!

I think a little separation's
a welcome thing.

We queens have so much to think about.

Why not use everything
at our disposal to help us rule?

I guess I hadn't thought of it
in that way.


Perhaps you can help steer the
Red King to my point of view.

You remind me of myself.

I had humble beginnings, too.

I see your potential.

My own daughter's
been a disappointment to me.

You're much more the kind
of daughter I'd choose to have,

if... [chuckle]
if one could choose such things.

And should you choose
to learn a touch of magic,

I could teach you.

And what the King doesn't know
won't hurt him.

I appreciate the offer...


but I hardly
think keeping secrets

is the best way to begin a marriage.

[laughs] But it's a wonderful
way to begin a friendship.

Perhaps another time.

Thank you.

Your Majesty.

Well, my door is always open.

Anything yet?


But if my mother is indeed alive,

this should lead us right to her.

Well, hopefully before the
caterpillar realizes it's gone.

The caterpillar
is the least of your problems.


What are you doing here?

The Red Queen. She sent me.

For what?

To warn you.

She was forced to make her wishes,

so now Jafar, he...

controls all three genies.

Her Majesty wanted you to know

so you could leave Wonderland
while you still can,

save yourselves.

Is there a way into the palace?

Didn't you hear me? It's over.

Jafar is going to do the spell...

Tweedle, is there a way into the palace?

T... There are secret tunnels
under the castle, but...

I can show you.

Guess this'll have to wait.

There's something else.


He's unleashed the Jabberwocky.

What does that mean?

That we may be too late.


[rumbling stops]

Magicae res tres.

Vult totam!



[rumbling stops]


What is it you hope to achieve
with this spell?

If you can read my mind,
then you already know.

I can't read your mind, Jafar...
Only your fear.

And right now, you're afraid
you're doing something wrong.

Listen, mate, would you mind
keeping it down a bit?

I'm trying to have a bit of a nap.

How are you doing it?

Well, I closed me eyes,
I tried counting sheep.

But you two... you're like that.

The spell!

You're resisting it.

I want to know how.

Why don't you let me... talk to him?


Isn't that why you have me here?

To apply... a woman's touch?


You think there's
something wrong with him.

Let me get inside...

Take a look around.

What are you doing?

- Listening.
- To what?

- You.
- Oh.

Your deepest fears.

I'll save you some time.

Water, hairy spiders,

being stabbed in the head,
and, uh, raisins.

Grapes are fine,
but raisins, no, thank you.


I don't understand.

Understand what?

I can't read him.

There's something...
different about this genie.

It's the Red Queen.

She must have put some sort
of protection spell on him.

Why would she do that?

She and this one...
They have history.


Perhaps... we're talking
to the wrong person.

Perhaps you're right.

Let's pay Anastasia a little visit.


Hello, Ana.

What are you doing here?

I don't know.

To see you...

look you in your eye
and ask you why you did it.

And what do you want me to say?

That it's a con.

That it was a play for the big prize.

Marry the old man,
get the keys to the kingdom,

and tomorrow,
we'll jump through that mirror

and count our riches on the other side.

Please, Ana. This isn't you.

Look, you really have to go!

If the guards catch you,

they will throw you in the dungeon.

So you're worried about me.
That means you care.

Of course I care!

But I'm trying to do
what's best for both of us!

Do you really believe that?

Have you forgotten
all the good times we've had?

Making wine from wildflowers,

naming the stars
to fall asleep at night.

You named them all "Anastasia."

It's the most beautiful name I know.

Come away with me.

We can forget any of this ever happened.


Intruder! Halt!

The wagon... dawn. Meet me there.

It's not too late to make things right.

Are you all right?

Yes, thank you.

Thank you for coming so quickly.

You must hate Jafar more than anyone

for keeping you locked up like this.

I believe he's as much
my captive as I am his.

We create our own prisons.

I suppose we do.

[door clatters]

What are you two doing here?!

I... I t... told you to run!

The genies... Where are they?

Jafar has the bottles.
He's begun already!

Then we'll stop him.

Thank you for coming back.

Ana, I...

I know you didn't come back
for me, but thank you.

My friend.

Alice, if you can save Will...
you can save Wonderland.

[door slams]


The Knave.

My new genie, your old flame.

What did you do to him?

I don't know what you mean.

You tricked me once
with a counterfeit bottle.

Now this one
is not responding to my spell.

I'm going to punish you severely

until you tell me what you've done.

I've done nothing.

And even if I had, I wouldn't tell you.



What... is wrong with him?


[Jabberwocky] Stand down, Jafar.

I've got your answer.

[gasps, panting]

I know why this Knave
isn't responding to the spell.

It's the same reason
why I couldn't read his fears.

He doesn't have a heart.

You should know better than to keep
secrets from me, Your Majesty.

It wasn't the Queen's fears
that gave it away.

Then whose?

We're not alone in this dungeon.

You have guests.

We found
a secret tunnel system, Sire.

They must have escaped.

Secret tunnels.

I suppose you had no idea
about those, either.

[Jabberwocky] She knew about the tunnels.

The King used them
to bring his companions

in and out of the palace.


Seems I'm not the only one

who grew tired
of his partnership with you.

All right, Your Majesty.

You're going to help me find
the Knave's heart.

I didn't know it was missing.

H... How could I
possibly know where it is?

I'm afraid
I'm of no value to you.


But you may still be valuable
to someone else.


It was you the Jabberwocky
was sensing in there, wasn't it?

It was like I could feel her...

picking me apart from the inside.

And now because of me, they know
about the Knave's heart.

[Sighs] And I'm sure
it's only a matter of time

before that thing
gets inside the Knave's head

and they'll find out where it is.

Well, there's only one thing
to do, then, isn't there?

We figure out a way
of finding it before they do.

Finding it isn't hard.
I already know where it is.

You do?

Yes. The Knave told me.

But getting there...
That's the challenging part.

Why's that?

Because it's not in Wonderland.

Your heart... Where is it?

That's funny... I don't remember.

And locking me down here
won't do you much good.

I've slept in worse places than this.

But have you ever slept
next to a corpse?





She's useless to me now.

She's made her wishes.

I have no reason to keep her alive.

But I think perhaps... you do.

Tell me exactly where your heart is,

or she dies.

Simple enough?

Don't do it, Will.

He'll kill you.

He'll kill me anyway.

Protect your heart.



Tell me where... or
tell her goodbye.

Okay, I'll do it.


[sobbing] Why?!

My heart's caused me enough suffering.

Nobody needs to die
because of it... Not even you.

[birds chirping]



Ana, you're early.

Will Scarlet, I presume?

Your Majesty.

I don't really know
what I'm supposed to do.

I don't really know how to... I don't...

[chuckles] That's not necessary.

I've come as a friend of Anastasia's.

I'm here on her behalf.

Is she not coming?

She's made her decision.

She has a new life now...
One that's hard enough

without old boyfriends distracting her

with flights of fancy.

Is that what you think love is?

I think love is weakness.

But that's just one opinion.

You don't look like someone

who does other people's dirty work.

As I said, I'm a friend.

Why would a friend keep her
from following her heart?

In my experience,

hearts are much more trouble
than they're worth.

I think you might be
right about that.

[breathing shakily]

Every day, I wake up thinking,
"maybe she changed her mind,"

"remembered how much she loved me."

"I bet she'll come home today."

But she don't come.

I go to sleep alone.

My heart's broken all over again.

And then the sun comes up,

and I... I think, "maybe today's the day."

But it never is the day, is it?


It's time you realize it never will be.

Otherwise, that pain in your heart

will never, ever go away.

[breathing shakily]

You served your purpose for her.

You brought her here to Wonderland.

You helped her realize
she was meant for more.

We all come into
each other's lives for a reason.

Sometimes, it's just for a different one

than you thought.

Then there's a reason you're in mine.

And what might that be?

I know what you do.

I know what you do to people's hearts.

And I want you
to do that to me.

Do you understand
what you're asking for?

- Really?
- Yeah.

A man without his heart...

is a man without heartache.

You won't be able to love again.

I'd rather feel nothing
than feel like this.

Do it.







Yes, thank you.

- [Cora Chuckles]
- Yeah.

So, what are you gonna do with that?

Oh, don't worry. I'll take care of it.

It won't cause you any more trouble.

And now I think it's best for everyone

if you'd be on your way.

Righto. I'll be on me way.

[grunts] So, let me
get this straight.

You got the Knave his heart back,

but you didn't put it back in?

Said he got used to the emptiness.

[gasps] Rabbit!

Who are they?

Former soldiers.

What are they doing here?

The Queen asked me
to find anyone willing

to throw in
for a stand against Jafar.

It's not going well.

Problem is,
they have nothing to believe in.

- Rabbit.
- They need a leader to inspire them...

Someone who knows
what's right and just.

Rabbit. We need to take a trip.


It's urgent.

If we don't find the Knave's heart,

it won't matter
how many soldiers we gather.

It won't be
enough to defeat Jafar.

[sighs] All right. Where to?

The very location where you found
the Knave in the first place.

Where's that?

A town called Storybrooke.

[explosion, rubber clattering]

Welcome to Storybrooke.

Curiouser and curiouser.
[vehicle approaching]


Look out!
[horn blares, tires screech]


[Cyrus] Of all the lands
I've traveled to,

I've never seen anything quite like it.


[dance music plays]

It's so...


Come on.

The Knave's place is this way.

You'll know it by the smell.

[door opens]

It's like a cave in here.

Press that white thing
over there on the wall.

- [Alice gasps]
- [Cyrus] Oh.

It's quite a step up
from the Knave's wagon.

So many nice things.

I... I have a feeling
most of it fell off a truck.

Well, how did it get in here, then?

No, it's a figure o...

Oh, never mind.


[ice cube clatters]

There's ice inside this box.

How'd the Knave acquire magic
such as this?

No, i... it's not magic.
It's called electricity.

An invisible energy

that makes the fridge cold,
the toaster hot...

it can even turn darkness into light.

And that's not magic?


How can we be sure that
this is even the Knave's home?

Oh, well, there's this.

Yes, I'm pretty sure this is his place.

You should have let him kill me.

Not much of a thank-you.

Even without your heart,

you chose to help me and not yourself.

I'd have done the same for anyone.

Don't want blood on me hands.
It gets messy.

No, you're no Knave.


you're a good man.

The same good man I fell in love
with all those years ago.

You didn't love me, Ana.

And you don't love me now.

How can you say that, Will?

You love the memory of me.

You love the times we had.

You loved how simple it was
before all of this,

but you didn't love me.

If you did,

you would have showed up
at the wagon that day.

Getting cold feet?


[chuckles] Your Majesty.

I was... I was having
the hardest time with my gown...

Don't lie to me.

You're about to make a terrible mistake.


No, I'm about to fix one.
I only hope I'm not too late.


Perhaps this is all my fault.

Is... Is it possible
that you're not running to him

but from me?

No. You've been wonderful.

N... No, it's not you at all.

Oh, good.

I thought maybe I'd scared you off

with all my talk of your potential

[chuckles] and how special
a young woman I think you are.


I'm sorry.

It's... It's not my place
to say such things.

I'm sure you've heard it
many times from your own mother.


Not really.


What I see in you...

is a desire to make a mark
in this world.


Someday, we'll all move on,

and when we do...

do you really want to be buried
behind some rickety wagon...

Not even a stone to mark your grave?

Or do you want thousands
to gather around,

celebrating the glorious life you led...

the life you were meant for?

How can you be sure
that that's the life for me?

Because you could have been a nobody,

but you chose to be a queen.

You chose power over weakness.

Don't be shaken by the ravings
of that lovesick man.

I'm sure he spoke well. They always do.

But they were lies.

Will is many things,
but he's not a liar.

He's waiting for me.

Is he?


I don't see him.

Do you?

You tossed him aside for a crown.

Men don't forget a betrayal like that.

He'll never trust you again,

and he will never love you again.

It's already too late.


It can't be.


Perhaps all he wanted
was to ruin this day for you.


To embarrass you
in front of all your friends.

This part of your story's over now...

but a new chapter is just beginning.

You can be a wonderful queen.

Will you show me how?

Oh, of course I will.


I'll teach you everything
you need to know.


[glass shatters]

Yet another part of Will's life
I've damaged.

You shouldn't blame yourself for that.

If it wasn't for me, the Knave
wouldn't be in trouble.

He'd be safe. He'd be happy.

The only bottles
he'd be worrying about

are the ones
that had run out of beer.


And if he was, where would you be?

You'd still be in that asylum,
and I'd still be in that cage.

So he should suffer so we can be happy?

No, but look around you.

Does this look like
someone who is happy to you?

He fetched you for a reason, Alice.

Clearly, he wasn't the only one
who left someone in Wonderland.


This is his fight, too. Always has been.

Now, you know Will
better than anyone, so think.

If you were him,
where would you keep your heart?


Maybe with the person that
broke it in the first place.

What are you doing?

[heart beating]

You chose to be heartless.


I never knew that.

You can't ask a man to feel like that

for the rest of his life.

You know, there's something
I've been dying to know.

Yeah? What's that?

You said you wanted Jafar
to change the laws of magic

so you could do the impossible,

go back and
change the past... our past.

That's right.

What part would you have changed?

Would you have left the old guy
at the altar?

Never said yes when he proposed?

Never even gone after the crown jewels?

Never come to Wonderland.

We should have stayed in Sherwood.

I wish we'd never set eyes
on that damn looking glass.

Getting involved with magic...

that was the start of all our trouble.

Anastasia and Will...

We already had
all the magic we needed, right?

That, they did.


Now it's your turn.

I'm sorry. I can't get it to light.

Just keep trying. It'll come eventually.

You make magic look so easy.

It starts with a respect
for the power itself...

and then the belief
that you deserve such power.

Can I ask you a question?

[chuckling] Of course.

The magic... What exactly
do you use it for?


To get whatever you want.



There are a few restrictions...
the laws of magic.

What are those?

Things not even the strongest
magic can accomplish.

You can't bring back the dead.

You can't make someone love you.

You can't change the past.

Can the laws be broken?

No. They cannot.

You say you want to learn,

but something's holding you back.

You're afraid.

What is it?

I don't know. I can...

I don't want the Red King
to see what we're doing.


Because I know he won't approve.


You don't need
anyone's approval.

Whoever it was
that made you feel this way,

that you are somehow flawed or unworthy,

you need to take that pain,

the fear that they were right,

and use it.

It's the root of your power.

Let it drive the magic
and prove them all wrong!

[flame whooshing]

It worked!
[fire crackling]

[fire crackling]

It worked!

[breathing heavily]

Feels good, doesn't it?



[laughs mischievously]


I can't understand
why the King's so against it.

Oh, I have a feeling you won't
have to worry about him

for too much longer.


[both panting]

We have the Knave's heart.
Now we just have to hide it.

If the Jabberwocky
can read our thoughts,

it has to be somewhere
none of us know.

That way, it remains hidden
no matter what they do to us.

Okay, but how
on earth do we do that?

What is it?

The lost and found.

Something's happening.

It's found something.

We should follow it and see...

- [White Rabbit gasps]
- [Alice] Rabbit, go!

- But... But I... I...
- Back to your family.


How helpful.

You saved me a trip to this Storybrooke.

The Knave told me all about it.


hand over the heart.

I won't do that... Not ever.

Have it your way.


It was lovely
doing business with you, Alice.

But now it's time
to say goodbye to you both.

For good.

Cyrus, no!


Put that down!

You shouldn't play with toys
that don't belong to you.

Stay back!



How did you do that?

I didn't do anything.

We failed.

Jafar has the heart.

There's no stopping him now.

I'm not so sure about that.

Tell me what you see.

The needle... It's following you.

Is it following me...



or is it following the staff?

I don't understand.
How is that possible?

When Jafar tried to kill me,
the staff... It fought back,

like it was resisting him.

And this...

My mother always said it would
one day lead me back to her.

And now...

She was always fascinated by serpents,

how they were able to...
change, to evolve.

Our house was filled
with renderings of them,

with pictures, carvings.

Cyrus... what are you saying?

Do you think that she's...?

Do you?

I know it's impossible, but...

if there's a chance I'm right...

Then we free her.

All right.

Only question is...


I'm sorry.

Don't go getting all mushy on me.

I'm sorry for resorting to magic
to try and win you back.

The laws of magic
are there for a reason.

They're not meant to be broken.

Neither was my heart.

I know you're never gonna love me again.

But do you think you might
possibly be able to forgive me?

You know as well as I do, Ana...

Anything's possible in Wonderland.

I really don't want Jafar to succeed...

but I do hope you get your heart back.

You deserve to feel something...
for someone...

even if it's not me.

[door opens]

This might sting a bit.

[squishing and screams]


Will! Will! Look at me!



No! No, no, no!

Let's make sure that heart of yours

is still working, shall we?


[blade zings]

No!! No!!

No, Ana! Ana, please!


I'll kill you.
I swear to you, I'll kill you.