Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (2013–2014): Season 1, Episode 10 - Dirty Little Secrets - full transcript

Cyrus remembers the events that led to the binding price he and his brothers have to pay; the Red Queen and the Knave are faced with the Jabberwocky.

Previously in Wonderland...

Mistress mine, my will is thine.

I think these are for you. I'm
pretty sure I'm a genie, Lizard.

The wish you gave to the Knave...
he used it to end your suffering,

and as a result,
he granted me my freedom.

Beers for everyone in the village!

Don't you know who I am?

We know who you used to be,

before Jafar threw you out
of your palace.

- Where did you find it?
- The Lizard. She had it.

Oh, thank God it's you.

Actually, Will, it's me.
I'm your master.

It took Wonderland's
most powerful magic

to imprison the Jabberwocky.

I am the Jabberwocky.

We need to get out of Wonderland
before Jafar gets us.

When he gets you, he's
gonna have all three genies.

Those other genies...

they're my brothers.




- What are you doing?
- Upping the ante.

- With a compass? - It's a golden
compass with magical properties.

It'll point you to anything you've lost
in your life and you wish to find again.

In your case, it might be some soap.

What do you say, gentlemen? In or out?

That's enough, brother.

Better to quit while we're ahead.

Quitting while you're ahead
is still quitting.

You worry too much, Taj. Trust me.




You cheating bastard!

Well, it would be difficult
to prove I cheated,

seeing as you've just ruined the game.

Better luck next time.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

Hey! Enough! Enough!

Leave! Now!

- You'll pay for this.
- Not as much as you did.

Well, now that that's settled...

Mahia! For everyone!

I still can't believe your luck.

Only you could have that many
good hands in a row, Cyrus.

Not even me.

He cheated.

Come, come. It's only considered
cheating if I get caught.

Otherwise, it's considered luck.

One day, your luck will run out, Cyrus.

You have to learn to play
the hand you're dealt.

What are they doing at our home?

- I don't know.
- Rafi, give me your knife.

Hyah! Hyah! Hyah!


Mother's inside.



Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 1x10
- Dirty Little Secrets -
Original air date March 13, 2014

The whole time Jafar had me captive,

he had my brothers right there.

How could I not have noticed?

Cyrus, don't punish yourself.

Even Jafar didn't know
about your relations.

If he had, he would have
definitely used it against you.

Either way, we're going to do
whatever it takes to free them.

And me? That's my house
he's holding now,

and, frankly, I hate it.
There's not a lot of elbow room.

- And you know what else there isn't?
- Please don't tell us.

- A toilet!
- Anyway...

The first thing we need to do is
determine where the bottles are.

If Jafar's moved into your palace,

do you think he would have moved
the bottles with him?

- Absolutely.
- Well, in that case,

we just need to break into
the palace and take them.

Oh, yeah, 'cause it's
really that simple.

The four of us are no match
for Jafar's magic.

The only thing that's gonna
protect us is an army...

my army.

In case you haven't noticed,
your army has deserted you.

Your former subjects are willing

to let you get eaten alive
by mome raths.

Yes, I'm quite aware
of people's feelings about me.

I'm just gonna have to prove them wrong.

Why fight Jafar
if we can simply disarm him?

My brothers and I weren't
born genies. We were cursed.

- So if I can break that curse...
- We can free them.

I'm particularly fond about the bit where
you get the genies out of the bottles.

That's good.

Well, if I can get back to the
place where the curse was made,

perhaps I can find a way to undo it.

Well, who was it that cursed you?

The guardian of the Well
of Wonders in Agrabah.

Oh, Agrabah? How the bloody hell
are we gonna get back there?

If it's the Well of Wonders you need,

Wonderland has one of its own.

Magical waters flow
underneath all of the lands.

If you seek the guardian of waters,

all you have to do is summon her.

All right, then.

Let's go.

Have you ever considered
what happens if you fail?

Every moment wasted
is another chance for Jafar

to get his hands on the last genie.

The only thing that is gonna
save Will is an army.

We free my brothers,
Jafar doesn't need Will.

Shall we split up?


- We split up.
- We split up.

Did I wake you?

Going somewhere?

Not so fast.

Tell me about the genie.

Or would you rather talk
about your two children,

who are being bathed
by their mother in the river

as we speak?

"How quickly can she get there?",
you're wondering.

"How will she kill them?"

"Will she have mercy on the baby?"

The answers are...

very fast, very slow,

and no.

I don't care much for babies.

- Please.
- Shh.

Jabber, jabber, jabber.

All you people do is jabber.

The genie... where is he?

He was here, but I don't know
where he went.

Who was he with?

She lives there.

Please... please don't kill me.

You misunderstand.

I don't have to kill you

because you're already scared to death.




What exactly have you brought me?

A parting glance.

Those belong to the genie's
previous master...

a pretty girl in a pretty dress.

And you couldn't just ask her
where the bottle was?

She died before I had the opportunity.

I assumed a sorcerer like yourself

would find a way to make...

those useful.

I must admit,

I like a girl who thinks on her feet.

De visu intueri.

Visione revelare.

She has the genie.

Is that good news...

or bad?

Bring me the Queen.

So, you think this
Well of Wonders can save maman?

I haven't seen it myself,
but I've heard stories.

The water inside is said
to contain magical properties.

Magical properties?

Legend has it it can make
a cowardly man brave,

a greedy man generous,
and a sick man healthy.

It might be the only way to save maman.

- Is it close? - A day's journey,
maybe less if we move fast.

You heard the healer.
She may not last another day.

So you'd rather just watch our
mother die than fight to save her?

No, of course not.

But what if the legends are false?

What if while we're gone,
she dies alone?

- We have to do something!
- This is not your fault, Cyrus.

- You could never have known they were gonna
come... - The road to the well is dangerous.

Three men will stand
a better chance than one,

but if you're unwilling
to risk it, I will go alone.

I'm her firstborn son.

If anyone has a duty, it is me.

Then we share this burden
together, brothers.

We move fast,

and we let nothing stand in our way.

Are you looking forward
to seeing your brothers again?

Of course.

How did you get cursed into
the bottles in the first place?

You never told me.

Didn't I?

I don't think so.

It's probably because
there's not much to tell.

We were just in the wrong place
at the wrong time.

You didn't do anything?

Not even something
that might have been mistaken...

It was so long ago,
I barely even remember.

Besides, there's no point
in dwelling on it now.

It's all in the past.

Come on, if we pick up the pace,

we can make it to the Well
of Wonders within the hour.

Nobody's home!

Now, Rabbit, don't be that way.

No rabbit here!

Just a happy family enjoying
some quality time together...


This won't take more than a minute.

Time is a precious commodity, Knave.

1 minute is 60 seconds,
which is 60,000 milliseconds.

Do you know how much I can
accomplish in 60,000 milliseconds?

You wouldn't be enjoying
any milliseconds

if I hadn't had have found
your bloody family.

Now, open the door.

What is it you want?

It's not about what I want.
It's about what she wants.


Please, Rabbit, don't be afraid.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

You've already taken my wife,

my children, my honor.

What more could you possibly
want from me?

Your forgiveness.

What I took from you,
I can never give back,

and there's nothing that I can offer you

to make up for what you've already lost,

but what I can say is,
I'm sorry, Rabbit.

Terribly sorry.

What's done is done.

Why do you care if I forgive you?

Because I need your help.

With what?

Becoming the Queen
that everyone deserves.

I want to defeat Jafar,

reclaim Wonderland, but not
for me... for the people,

and I need you to tell them
that they can trust me.

Has she completely lost her mind?

She wants to change.

Whether or not she's capable
of it, only time will tell.

Unfortunately, defeating Jafar

has become the least of your problems.

Why is that?

Jafar has released the Jabberwocky.

How? Uh...

- What's a Jabberwocky?
- Who told him?

I don't know how or why.

- I just know she's out.
- Is that bad?

I suppose now you'll want me
to take you out of Wonderland

before she finds you.

That sounds like an excellent...

- No! We are not leaving.
- Not going.

I said that I was gonna save
Wonderland, and I meant it.

If the Jabberwocky has been released,

all the more reason to stay and fight.

Now, Rabbit, I'm not gonna
force you to do anything,

but if you care about Wonderland,

what it once was
and what it can be again,

then I'm gonna need you to help me.

Portal to every corner of the
realm and tell the people

that the battle to save
Wonderland is about to begin.

Quickly, Will.

We have to find Alice
and Cyrus and warn them.

About this Jabber person...

Yeah, if the Jabberwocky
has been released,

it's not safe for any of us
to be out in the open.

I can't help but notice we're
still actually out in the open.

- Don't be so scared, okay?
- Well, stop scaring me, then.

Will, I'm being serious.

The Jabberwocky feeds off fear.
She can smell it.

Remind me again why we didn't take the
Rabbit's offer to leave Wonderland?

- Because Jafar's gonna destroy
Wonderland... - The real reason.

The Rabbit might have bought that performance,
but he doesn't know you like I do.

You don't do anything that's not about

making life more comfortable for you.

So what's your angle?

There is no angle, Will.

I... I made a mistake.

I tried to rewrite the past
and fix things between us,

and instead, I just ended up
destroying the future.

It's not about making life
more comfortable for myself,

because I'll never be
comfortable again...

not without you in my life.

But I... I can make everyone else's
life more comfortable,

and the only way I can do that
is by getting rid of Jafar.

You really think you can do that?

What is it?

You hear something?

I hear nothing.

Get back in your bottle, Will.

- What? I don't bloody think so.
- No, I'm not asking you! I'm telling you!

Get back in your bottle, genie!

You can thank me later.

Come on, then! Show your face!

Where are you?!

Good afternoon, Your Majesty.

You'll have to do better than that.

What's the matter?! You afraid, Jabber?!

I'm not the one trembling.

I can feel your nightmares.


I can taste your dread.

Your fear.

You fear I'm going to find the bottle.

But I know something you don't know.

I've already found it.



There's only one blade
that can do me harm.

And that wasn't it.

Come now, genie.

The fun's just beginning.

According to this map,

the Well of Wonders should
just be straight ahead.

What in the world?

Excuse me, sir. We need...

Two doors appear along a stony path,

and travelers always wonder

which door will lead them to the well

and which will drag them under.

Choose poorly and meet certain doom.

There is no room for blunder.

It's some kind of a riddle.

Sir Knight...

we have somewhere very important to be.

If you could just tell us which door
to use, we'd greatly appreciate it.

It's not polite to ignore people.

You should respond
when someone talks to you.

He's not responding.

We don't have time for games.
Let's just walk around.

It's all right.

- We just need to figure out
which door to use. - How?

Could you please give us a hint?

Answer us!

I don't think yelling
at him is going to...

I'm tired of my fate
being decided by others,

people telling me
what I can and cannot do.

I thought when I got out
of the bottle that things...

I'm sorry, Alice. It's just that
this can't be the only way.

I wish there was another way.

But sometimes you just have to
play the hand you've been dealt.

This must be the place.

How much should we take?

As much as we can.

I am Nyx, guardian
of the Well of Wonders.

Who disturbs my slumber?

I'm Cyrus.

These are my brothers.

We come on behalf of our mother.

Your mother...

she is badly burned.


She's in pain.

Which is why we've come.

We've been told your water
contains magic.

Magic that could heal her.

My water can heal only those

whose destinies have yet to be written.

Your mother's fate
has already been sealed.

She will die.

No. You must be mistaken.

I'm sorry for your suffering,

but this water is not meant for you.

Why must she die
for a mistake that I made?

Answer me.

Return the water...

or pay the price.

Where are you going?


With the water? You heard what she said.

I heard a warning.

It is one thing
to cheat at cards, Cyrus.

It is another thing to cheat the fates.

We have no choice.

There's only fighting or laying down.

Courage or cowardice.
I know which I choose.

The question is, do you?

I cannot... will not let her die
for a mistake that I made.

That's not fate.
That's fault... my fault.

And this, what we have in our hand,

is the only way I have
to atone for that mistake.

Would you take that from me, brothers?

So, do you ask us
to steal this water for you...

or for maman?

For maman, of course.


For maman.

For maman.

Two doors.

One leads us to the Well of Wonders,

and the other drags us under.

Under what?

So, you're not going
to answer any of my questions?


You will?


But you just did.

You can only answer yes or no.


- Did you just say no?
- No.

This is ridiculous.

There has to be another way, Alice.

Is there another way?


Good. Ask him what it is.

Wait. You already tried to go
around, and it didn't work.

He's lying.


That's the riddle.

You're a liar, aren't you?

- No.
- That means yes.

Does this door lead me
to the Well of Wonders?


Thank you very much.

You did it.

I'm good at riddles.

You're good at everything.

What's wrong, my love?

There's something. I felt it all day.

- I can't...
- Of course you can.

You can tell me anything, Cyrus.

All right.

I don't want you to come any further.

I need to do this alone.


This is my burden, my curse to break.

But I... I... I thought that...

Why must you be so stubborn, Alice?

I'm sorry.

It's fine.

Just go.


Good. You're awake.

Anastasia and Will, reunited at last.

Tell me, is it everything you imagined?

You can dispense with the
insufferable small talk, Jafar.

Or is that your idea of torture?

Unfortunately for you,
I have something else in mind.

We've been down this road before.

We both know how it's going to end.

I'm the master of the genie.
I have three wishes.

In order for your little spell to work,

I have to make those wishes so the
genie goes back in the bottle.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Well, you've got nothing
to threaten me with.

Can't kill me. Can't kill Will.

Right again.

I'd say you're out of moves, Jafar.

Why don't you untie me?

We can come to
some sort of an agreement.

Did our partnership mean nothing to you?

I had a partner...
once, a long time ago.

Her name was Amara...

Lovely woman, much like yourself.

And also like you,

she believed firmly in cooperation.

Unfortunately, we did not see eye-to-eye

on the best way
to achieve our goals, so...

I found another use for her.


I always get what I want.

One way or another,
you will make those wishes.

What happens next,
it can either be painful

or severely painful.

Choose wisely.

As Amara now knows...

there are fates far worse than death.

You heard him. Make your wish.

- I can't.
- Yes, you can.

Just wish him out of Wonderland now.


Jafar, I wish you out of...

It would never have worked out
between us, darling,

but don't feel bad.

I moved on.

I found someone else,

someone promising.

And I believe you've already met.

We need her wishes.

Don't stop until she's broken.

You again.

Have you come to steal more water?

- I don't want your water.
- Then what is it you want?

I want your mercy.

You should know better than anyone.

I do not dispense mercy
to those who do not deserve it.

Please. I beg you.

All things happen for a reason.

Only with time

will you understand what that reason is.

You made it.

That's it, maman.

That's it.

Your water... she needs more.

Perhaps this was her fate all along.

Deep breaths now.

That's it.


It's a miracle.

Come on, come.

You're alive, Amara.

Your sons... they saved you.

A wish released me from the bottle,

released me from your curse.

Now that I'm free, I beg for your mercy.

Not for myself, but for my brothers.

They are innocent.

They took from me, as did you.

They did only as I asked of them...

what I demanded of them.

It was my fault.
I was foolish. I was arrogant.

But I understand now.

After spending lifetimes

granting the wishes
of other arrogant fools,

I understand there are no shortcuts.

That sometimes life is...

...as it should be.

I have learned my lesson.

Don't punish my brothers
for my arrogance.


I beg you.

Release them from their curse.

Only when the water is returned
can the curse be lifted.

I can't return the water.

I gave it to my mother
over 100 years ago.

I'm afraid she's long dead now.


Your mother lives.

That's not possible.

Return the water,
and the curse shall be lifted.

Tell me where I can find her.

No, wait! Please, no!

Tell me where she is! Wait, please!

Come back! Where is she?

Come back!

You're back.

We thought you were lost to us forever.

How do you feel?


Like I've slept for 100 years.

What do you need?

Is there anything we can do?

Only one thing.

Come here.

Let me look at you.

My three brave, beautiful sons.

And they moved heaven and earth
to bring you back.

Bring me back? From where? Where was I?

You were badly burned.

We didn't think you'd make it.

But I did.

And yet I don't understand how.

It was magic that saved you.


From where?

The Well of Wonders.

We didn't have a choice.

Tell me exactly what you did.

We stole it, the water.

Cyrus, no.

The guardian said that you
couldn't be saved, but look.

You're healed!

Did all three of you take the water?

Then you need to leave...
all of you, right now.

Leave? Wait. Why?

Hurry. There isn't much time.

It's the only way you'll be safe.

Safe from what?

She's coming for you.

Whatever you do, don't stop
until you're out of Agrabah.

If we're lucky, you'll be gone
before she realizes.

We can't have her find you.

I'm begging you. Have mercy.
They're my children.

You let your desires override the fates.

Now it will be your fate
to serve the desires of others.



No! My boys!


I'm sorry, maman. Forgive me.



Isn't it?

On the outside, it's nothing special...

nothing out of the ordinary.

But inside...

a prize more valuable than...


Just like that head of yours...

nothing particularly interesting
on the outside,

but inside...

If I were to dig deep enough,

there's no telling what
treasures you've been hiding.


let's find out, shall we?

Little pig, little pig,

let me come in.

Hold fast, Ana.
You know she can't hurt you.

I don't want to hurt you.

I want to help you.

You've suffered so much.

You've already lived a life
of fear, haven't you?

You believe that
if the Prince had chosen you

instead of your stepsister, then...

your mother would have loved you.

And now you fear that love
is forever out of reach,

and that deep, dark hole in your heart

will remain empty...

a hollow reminder...

of the life you could have had.

Can you feel me inside
that head of yours,

drifting from room to room?

I can see...


There's a darkness in you.

It's like a disease.

It's rotting you from the inside.

You ran away from the only love
you've ever had,

and now you fear...

...you'll never get it back.


You and I have something in common now.

We both know exactly

who you are.

And you're terrified
that it's only a matter of time

before he knows, too.

You can't ever get his love back.

But that's not really what you want.

Is it?

Or you never would have donned
that crown all those years ago.

You made the right choice.

Do it again.

Wish for your precious...



Go on.

Wish for your crown,

and all your suffering goes away.

Don't do it, Ana.

Aah! Ah!


Wish for your crown,

and all his suffering goes away.

My crown...

Go on.

I wish for my crown!


Now, wish for...

your jewels.

Go on.

I wish for my jewels.

Doesn't she look pretty?


wish for me to stop.


Go on.

I wish for you to stop.

Wish granted.

As I said...

...I always get what I want.

Your Majesty.

I apologize.

I wanted to come sooner,
but I've been in hiding...

you know, keeping to the tunnels.

I mean, if Jafar knew that
I was still in the castle...

Uh, I brought you something.

I know it's not much,
but that's all I could manage,

given the circumstances.

Now that you're here, we can
leave this place together.

And there must be a way
that I can open your...

Why are you doing this?

You're my Queen, Your Majesty.

Not anymore.

You have to warn Alice and Cyrus.

Go to the outlands, tell them it's over.

Jafar has released the Jabberwocky.

He has Will, he has all three bottles.

Wonderland is doomed,
and I let that happen.

Tell them they must get out of
Wonderland as fast as they can

and to not look back.

And what about you?

Forget about me.


I thought you'd need some help.

You followed me.

How much did you see?

Why didn't you tell me?


...I was afraid I'd lose you.

Everything that's happened
here, it's my fault...

the curse, the bottles, Jafar,
all of your suffering.

It's all punishment
for mistakes that I've made.

Everybody has things
they wish they could take back.

Everybody makes mistakes.

Not you.

I gave up on us.

Before Will and the Rabbit
brought me to Wonderland,

before they told me you were alive,

I was in an asylum,
and I agreed to something...

this procedure that would
erase my memory of this place...

and of you...


I wanted to forget all about you...

about all our adventures.

I just had too much to remember.

You fell in love with a genie, Alice.

What if it's the bottle
that made me a better man?

And now that I'm out...

Then I'll be your bottle.

Cyrus, if we live our lives
looking to the past,

we'll never be able to move forward

to our future together.

What is it?

Someone once told me that
all things happen for a reason.

I think I'm finally
starting to believe it.

Come on.

If your mother is indeed alive,
we need to find her.

I think it's high time we met.

You thought
I couldn't do this alone, Amara.

How wrong you were.

Was she?

I seem to remember you calling upon me

for some much-needed reinforcement.

And I seem to remember

removing that vorpal blade
from your gut...

an action I can just as easily reverse.

Soon, I'll have
everything I ever wanted,

and there's not a person
in this world...

or any other...
that'll be able to stop me.


...let's begin.