Off the Map (2011): Season 1, Episode 7 - Es Un Milagro - full transcript

After the medevac helicopter crashes in the jungle, the team must jump into action to save the lives of their patients and the pilots, while Ryan searches for a missing girl and Lily learns...

Previously on Off The Map:

Felicia Moran?

How long has your eye
been swollen like that?

It's just a mosquito bite.

They carry a parasite
that causes Chagas' disease.

I got bit when I was 8.
My parents never got it treated.

It was this disease?

- You could die from this.
- No one needs to know.

Especially not Keeton.

We got a case
of acute appendicitis here.

- You have to fix him.
- We'll do our best.

He fixed me. You have to fix him.

He needs intravenous narcotics.

- You wanna buy--?
- Heroin.

I don't want you anywhere
near that crap.

I've been clean for nine months now.

Yeah, and the time before that,
you were clean a year.

What was his name?

The kid you misdiagnosed
back in the States.


- Wait. Room for a few more?
- Come onboard.

- We're overloaded, as it is.
- Okay.

Thought I lost the clinic today.

And I couldn't think of anything worse.

And then I thought about losing you.


Hey, this is Ben Keeton,
Clinica Cruz del Sur, with a mayday call.

We have a down medevac.
I repeat, a rescue chopper is down

a few miles north, deep in the jungle.
We got six on board.

We have a male, 40s, post- surgical
with an open abdominal wound.

We have his wife, previously uninjured.
Two kids, 14 and 11, previously uninjured.

We have our longtime medevac pilot
and his medic, previously uninjured.

Send fire, rescue and body bags.
We do not know what we're gonna find.

Where the hell is Brenner?

So, what's next?
You wanna go get a drink?

We probably shouldn't be seen together.
For your safety.

I don't want the polic?a
to have any way to connect us.

I've caused you enough trouble already.

- I'm dating Batman, this is--
- I'm not the one with the Bat- phone.

Yeah, they just gave us these things,
and I keep on losing it.

Just our luck.

Bird had to go down
in the middle of the damn jungle.

You okay?

Yeah, I've pulled bodies from choppers
before. I just-- I know what I'm getting into.

You also just saw your dealer
a few hours ago.

- So?
- So that must have been pretty stressful.

Oh, come on, man.

Since your go- to stress move
used to be sticking a needle in your arm--

- What are you asking?
- If you're using.

Oh, my God. There it is.

Let's move.

- It's gonna be okay.
- How do you know that?

Because I put two little girls into that
twisted piece of metal. It has to be.

Cole, check around the other side
for an access point.

- No, no, no. You're staying here.
- No, I can help.

You're just a kid, okay.
This is way too dangerous.

- Please. Come on.
- Charlie, stay in the truck.

Got no access over here.

Okay, don't worry,
we'll do it from this side.

Yeah, we got survivors. Okay,
let's get them out quickly, but safely.

Fuller, Cole, you're up first.

- Slide it back.
- You got it?

- I got the head.
- You got it, Fuller?

- Yeah.
- Okay. All right.

- Sorry.
- Move.

- Where does it hurt?
- I'm fine.

- I guess the blood's Julio's.
- Careful, careful.

- Okay, I got you. Easy, easy, easy.
- I got you.

Hey, Xandra.

Oh, good. Thank God. I got you.

Keeton, I need a light.

Where's Felicia?
Where's your sister?

She was holding my hand and then
the door blew off and then she was gone.

Okay. I'm gonna find her, okay?
I promise you, I'm gonna find her.

I'm gonna get you out of here first.
Let's get you out of here.

Okay, can you walk?
Attagirl. Come here.

- Hey, where does it hurt?
- Oh, my wrist.

Guillermo, he hasn't said a word.

He's the only reason we're not all dead.

Damn rotor blew, he held it steady.
He's under there. He's under all that stuff.

Armando, calm down.
We got this, okay? Cole!

No, I'm not gonna leave him. I can help.

Collar's fractured, chest contusion.

Sorry, Armando,
you're coming with us, okay?

- Okay.
- All right.

Get up.

Place your leg right over here.
Come on. I got you.


Hey, Fuller.

Give me a hand to get this stuff off him,
will you?


Hey, Guillermo, you hear me? Mendez.

Yeah, I can hear you, Keeton.
Loud and clear.

I'm okay.

I'm just stuck. Must be my seatbelt.

That ain't your seatbelt, amigo.

- Doesn't even hurt.
- Well, you're full of adrenaline. It will.

- Can you pull it out?
- Not until we're in an OR.

We're gonna have to get
creative with this.

Hey, hey.
There's gas leaking from the engine.

Must've torn a fuel line
on the way down.

Gonna be fireworks.
Doesn't give us much time.

Go. Leave me here.

- That's not gonna happen.
- The chopper went down on my watch.

I don't need three dead doctors
on my conscience too.

- Go. Go.
- Hey, hey, hey, Mendez. Easy, Mendez.

- Sit down, Lynn.
- Don't worry about me, I'm fine.

You had a 200- pound gurney
fall on your ass, lady.

Yeah, and you have my husband's guts
in your hands, so shut it, Minard.

What have you been doing?

You must be Mateo.

Is anyone still inside?

Keeton, Fuller and Cole.

Getting out the pilot. Why?

BP is 130 over 75.
I'll need that second liter.

- Let's go.
- Thank you.

Come on.

It's pretty exciting, what you do.

This is nothing. Catch me on a day when
I'm treating tourists with swimmer's ear.

I should...

Right. You turn into a pumpkin
at the sound of police sirens.

Okay, v?monos. Back to the clinic.

- Any sign of her?
- No. She's not in the vicinity.

They're sending out a search party
to go deeper into the brush.

I'll see you back at the clinic.
I'm gonna go find your hermana.

- Look after her.
- Be careful, amiga.

Hey, they went down over five miles
of jungle, she could be anywhere.

- She wasn't wearing a helmet, Clark.
- I'm not coming back without her.

Listen, I know I didn't get a chance
to respond

when you said you were ready.

I'm glad you didn't blow up.

Oh, yeah, I'm pretty happy
about that myself.

Okay, well,

we'll talk later, then. I mean,
we got all the time in the world, right?

So hiking through dense, wet jungle
when you're sick.

That's a great idea.

That little girl is sick too.
And she's all alone out there.

What's wrong with your hand?

Yeah, I'm just coming down from all the
excitement. And you don't need any more.

- Something's not right.
- No, he's stable.

- They have to wash out his abdomen--
- Dr. Minard--

He's fine. He's gonna be fine.
He's awake.

Do you wanna see him? Come on.

I can't-- I can't feel my legs.


We've combed a five- mile circle.
There's no sign of her.

We should take a break.

I'm gonna keep going.

Why don't you come with me and
I'll put some ointment on your stitches?

No. You people will not take them
anywhere ever again.

Even the next room.

I'll bring the ointment in here, then.


Maybe it's just asleep.

- Julio out of surgery yet?
- No, not yet. Soon.


- Looks like a spinal cord injury.
- But I was fine. I was walking.

The cord was slowly compressed,
that's why you didn't feel it at first.

We're gonna have to operate to fix it.

I think I know you well enough by now
to know there's a "but" coming.

Advanced neurosurgery is not exactly
something that we specialize in here.

Hell, if I'm getting back in a medevac,
if that's what you're saying.

Even if we could get one,
it wouldn't get you out of here in time.

Fillet me like a fish. I trust you, Minard.



Saw your friend at the crash site.

- Nice of him to give you a ride.
- I know. I'm so sorry.

It won't happen again.

Use sterile dressing,
and then move him out.

- OR's gonna be a popular place today.
- Yeah.

What happened to you?

When the helicopter exploded, things went
flying and I got burned. It's no big deal.

- I told you to stay in the truck.
- That was so awesome.

You guys came running out of the flames
like in CHiPS

when the building went pow and
Poncho's all like, "Don't die on me, man."

Okay, hey, hey, stop.
It wasn't like CHiPS. Try Die Hard.

That never came out here.
CHiPS is on TV all the time.

- You didn't even listen to me.
- I knew you needed me.

No, I didn't need you, all right?
You're not a doctor, you're a little kid.

I let you hang around
because I'm being nice.

But one of these days, you're gonna get
seriously hurt and that's gonna be on me.

You shouldn't be here all the time, okay?
You should be at home.

- I work here.
- No.

Hey, excuse me, nurse?

Will you please dress his wound,
put him in a cab,

and make sure he gets home? Home.

No free fluids.

Looks like it didn't hit any major organs.

- Alrighty, let's get you out of this throne.
- Seat's holding the blade steady.

- I say we leave it.
- You wanna take the thing into surgery?

No. No surgery yet. I want to hold off.

- Hold off?
- I'm stable, no?

I'm not in much pain. If that missing girl
comes in and needs attention--

We don't know
when that girl's gonna show up.

- Or if.
- The OR's open now.

- We should really take advantage of--
- I said, I want to hold off.

He's as stubborn as they come.

I logged 20 years in the military
with the tonto, I should know.

Santiago earthquake in '92.
We dropped in on this school.

It was horroroso. Didn't know
which limb belonged to what child.

And Guillermo, he doesn't shed one tear.
He just does his job.

See, nothing stops him,
nothing fazes him.

You see what I have to deal with?

Mira, if the man wants to wait until that
little girl's accounted for, he's the pilot.

The rest of us are just along for the ride.

Besides, if you want the chair off his ass,
it's gonna take a couple of hours, anyway.

Copy that, captain.

Cole, my patient needs spinal surgery,

Afternoon, Minard. How are you?

If we don't decompress in the next
few hours, she's gonna be paralyzed.

So says this book
I found in Keeton's office.

You're gonna perform
a delicate spinal procedure from a book?

No, you are.

You were a Navy doc, I'm sure you saw
tons of spinal injuries in the field.

That was a long time ago.

She may never walk again.

All right. Prep her.

Please give me the foresight
to find this little girl.

And if I can't, if she's gone...

Okay, you know what?

I better find this girl,
and I better sure as hell find her alive

because you owe me big time.

It's not enough to hand down the
surprise death sentence, but Keeton?

What, now he's ready?

What kind of cruel horrible timing--?

All due respect,

there better be some kind of
master plan at work here,

because if not,
you got a real sick sense...

...of humor.

Who are you talking to?

Never mind.

We're good.

- Have we found ADSON bayonets?
- No.

- What about Kerrison rongeur?
- No.

- Any kind of rongeur?
- Nope, but we are good on forceps.

Yes, but I am not birthing babies, am I?

I'm doing spinal surgery for the first time.
I need the right instruments.

Where's Charlie?
He could be helping right now.

I sent him home where he belongs.

- Were you mean to him?
- No.

No, I don't have time to watch a kid
running around in the jungle, okay?

I'm not a babysitter.

Yes. He was mean to him.

Know how hard it is to practice medicine
with a kid stuck to you like Velcro, 24/7?

Well, maybe you're all he has,
you know?

Minard, they're moving Lynn into surgery.
You've got 20.

Fuller, while you're there,
look for a sharp thin blade.

I need you to remove the upholstery
on the pilot's chair. I need you in there.

- Sweet.
- And Brenner,

someone returned that to the front desk.
You want to try holding onto it this time.


"Thought you might need this. Batman."

- It's Mateo.
- That's pretty smooth.

Yeah, he's hot.

Yeah, he's smooth, he's hot.

He's also a wanted criminal.

Makes something as simple as
organizing a second date so complicated.

Getting involved with him in the first place
was a really bad idea,

so can we all pretend it never
happened, because I'm here now.

I'm focused, I'm a doctor
and this is a Kerrison rongeur.

- And now you can save your patient.
- Thank you.

Okay, here we go.

Torn vertebral artery.
Blood's putting pressure on the cord.

Seen these before in the field.
Frazier suction, 2- 0 Prolene.

An artery tears
when the vertebrae moves.

Or when a damn gurney falls on you.

Yes, but movement exacerbates it.

I should've caught it.
I should've immobilized her immediately.

Even if you had, the damage was done.

- I mean, she suffered severe trauma.
- I know, but I let her walk around.

There could be delayed presentations
of chest, brain, abdominal injuries and--

What are you doing?

Taking away your toys
till you get it together.

Can't clamp
if you don't give me exposure.

This is crazy,
she's gonna exsanguinate.

She's gonna crash one way or another
if you don't get on top of your biz, Minard.

It doesn't matter
what you didn't do last night,

what you didn't do with that boy back
in the States.

What matters is what you do right now.

And right now,
I need you to stop worrying

and hold your damn hand steady
so I can tie off this artery

- and save your patient.
- Heart rate is 120.

- Are you on top of your biz?
- Yes, I am on top of my biz.

Good. Then you clamp off the artery.

Hey, Cole's out of surgery,
the OR's free. How we doing?

Almost done. Pulling the last
of this cushioning out now.

- They find that girl yet?
- No, but we wait any longer

we risk serious infection.

Jefe, come on,
let them take that thing out of you.

Okay. I'm gonna grab a gurney
and prep you for surgery.

Dr. Keeton?

Charlie has a family, right?

His parents abandoned him
when he was 9.

- How'd he end up here?
- Well, he started doing odd jobs.

He was good, so put him on a salary,
got him a room at the hostel in town.

- He always seems so happy, though.
- He didn't used to be.

I didn't used to see him smile
all that much before you got here.

I'm serious.
You got some influence on that kid.

Are we lost?

No way. I know this jungle
like the back of my hand.

Hey, I hablo Espa?ol, smart ass.

Now, those other chuckleheads
who are supposed to be looking for you,

they might be lost.


What's wrong, doctora?

I need to put you down, mi vida.

- Okay.
- Okay?

- Okay.
- Put your weight on your good ankle.

What's happening to you?

My heart's working too hard.

When I was your age,
I was bit by the same bug you were.

It made my heart weak.

- What can I do?
- Okay.

Get my kit.

There's a pink box
of something called lidocaine.


Okay, I want you to take the needle
and the syringe and screw them together.

Perfect. Okay.


- I can do it.
- Okay.

Push it in.



Is this going to happen
to me someday?

I won't let it.

Once the blade's cut we move.

Four more migs of morphine.

What do you know,
trusted with morphine.

This guy and his buddy
kind of remind me of the two of you.

- Fuller.
- Just saying.

I bet the two of you
are gonna retire together,

practice geriatric medicine in some nice
rest home in Rio or something.

- All right. Ready?
- Yep.

- Roll him. Nice and easy.
- Yep.

Nice and easy.

- We got an arterial tear.
- Prep and drape him now.

All right, heart rate's up to 140.
BP's 60 palp.

Ten blade. He's bleeding out.

Last liter of O Neg is up.
We're losing him.

- Fuller, squeeze in two liters of saline.
- Got it.

I see the tear. Satinsky.

- All right. I got the proximal.
- I'm gonna take the distal.

Now, Cole, we gotta clamp and tie off
both sides of the vessel.

On my count, you're gonna pull that
rotor out as steady as you've ever been.

- All right?
- I can't do that.

- What?
- I can't do that.

All right, I've got a hand on his aorta.
I can't let go.

If he crashes, Fuller's gonna have to
push blood and fluids

the second this thing comes out.

We need another hand in here.
A steady one.

Go get Brenner or Minard. Hurry.

Are you high right now?



Try this one.

- Cari?o, your toe.
- It moved. It definitely moved.

Just try again. Just to be sure.

You fixed her.

Well, we're not out of the woods yet.

After multi- system trauma,
you have to monitor very closely.

I don't have to worry
about these anymore.

Look, I was trying to figure out
how to build ramps for the lodge.

A wheelchair in the jungle?

That would suck.

What are you thinking?

Something's wrong.

- Have you ever seen her like this?
- It's the pain medication, no?

- Crap.
- What?

She's not on pain medication.

What's going on?

- What's going--?
- She's blown a pupil.

- What's going on? What's happening?
- Pushing mannitol. Bagging.

Blood's building under her skull
from the trauma.

I'm sorry, Julio, but you can't watch this.

It's a delayed epidural, we're gonna
have to relieve the pressure on her brain.

She can't die, Brenner. She can't die.

Hurry, Brenner, she's crashing.

Dude, this is where you sleep?

- Tacking away from blood loss.
- Where the hell is Fuller?

Ten blade.

- I always wanted to say that.
- For the love of God.

We needed steady hands.
He's got the steadiest.

Ever seen him deal
from the bottom of the deck?

What? I don't do that.

Yeah, you do. He does.
He's that steady.

And everybody else is busy.

Okay, you pull slow and straight,
on my call. Your hand cannot move, okay?

Got it.

Vascular clamp.

BP is 80 palp. Still borderline.

Okay. Go. Do it.

- Proximal's holding steady.
- And I got the distal.

- Fuller, be ready to push fluids.
- All right, pressure's holding steady.

You just rocked your first surgery.

- Good news or bad?
- Bad.

Keeton and Cole are in surgery,
Zee's dealing with a caiman bite,

Clark's still out there
looking for the little girl.

- Good.
- I found this.

How is that good news?

We have to drill down to her brain
to relieve the pressure

and we have a skull drill.

Yes, from 1965.

Better than one
from the hardware store.


I couldn't have done a better job myself,

So she'll be okay?

We've drained the blood, could be
more swelling as the brain re- expands.

- She's not going to get better, is she?
- Of course, she is.


Take this.


People talk crap about medical miracles
all the time and I never...

I didn't believe in them.

- But things happen.
- How many do you get?

How many what?

When Lynnie and I first met,
we did not make sense.

We were from different cultures,
spoke different languages.

The only thing that brought us together
was a love for cheap hamburgers.

Ten years later, here we are.

Lynnie and I.

See, we fit the square peg
into the round hole.

So my miracle has already happened,

And she was it.

Oh, my God. Felicia.

- You're bleeding.
- It's just a puncture wound.

- Her ankle.
- Where did you find her?

Far from the crash site, down a ravine.

- The canopy broke her fall.
- Any injuries besides the ankle?

a few scrapes and bruises.

But I need to do a full exam.

- You're not touching her.
- What?

I let you put my girls on that helicopter
and they almost died.

She had a mosquito bite.

I'm sorry this happened,
but it's not just a mosquito bite--

It was a bug bite!

I let you put my little girls
in that piece of rusty tin

and they fell out of the sky. No.

You will stay away from my children.


I can't. I'm sorry.

Can you pull your toes
towards your forehead for me, please?

Great. And this foot?


What's wrong?

My guess, you bruised
your lumbar plexus,

the nerves that control your foot.

General motility should be okay. But...

But a pilot needs both feet to fly.

With intensive physical therapy
you could bounce back in a year or two.

Or maybe I don't.

Maybe you don't.

I've been flying for 32 years.

No, no, no.

- What?
- Lo siento, my friend,

- but you don't get to make that call.
- You heard the doctors.

After all that you've been through,

flown thousands of missions,
been there for thousands of people,

you don't get to give up now.

- I won't let you.
- You won't let me.

What are you going to do, jefe?

Take me to therapy every day for a year?
What if it's two?

I'll do it for ten, if that's how long
it takes to get you flying again.

You gotta do what I say now.
Because it's my turn.

It's my turn to be the pilot.

"My turn to be the pilot."

S?, s?, call me what you want.
I'm not going anywhere.

Get your own life.

You stupid, stupid, stupid...

You stupid, stupid friend.

Stupid, stupid friend.

Stupid friend.

I spun a crit. I did a urinalysis.
Felicia has no signs of internal injury.

Simple concussion
and second- degree ankle sprain.

Except it's not. Because that little girl
might need a new heart in 20 years.

And then she will get one.

Just like you will.

I don't know why you people bother
hiding anything from me.

Does Keeton know?

I was gonna tell him. He finally went
all commitment happy on me,

and I couldn't do it.

Not after everything he's been through.

Well, he's gonna find out eventually.

It's happening again, isn't it?

Once there's brainstem failure
there's no treatment. I'm...

I'm so sorry that I couldn't...

You did everything you could.

It was in my pocket.

All day.

Through the rescue and two surgeries.

I never touched it.

But I wanted to.

My hand was shaking like a damn leaf,
I wanted it so bad.

One day at a time, right?



Well, thank God
not every day is like today was.


Do you try to buy the worst flavors?

What's wrong with grape?

- What's not wrong with grape?
- Dude, it was on sale.

Yeah, because everyone but you
knows that grape is the worst flavor.

It turns your mouth purple. Come, on.

- Really?
- Well, chicks don't like purple.

- Chicks don't like purple.
- Women like orange. Orange is sexy.

- Orange, you look cool.
- Orange.

You ever seen me eating
anything but the orange candy?


- What do you want?
- This is albendazole.

It's the medicine that Felicia needs.
It just came in today.

Can I at least say goodbye?

So when I was a little girl your age,

I got to travel all over the world.

And each charm on this bracelet
represents somewhere that I got to go.

You went to all those places?

You're gonna go places too.

San Miguel, for some tests and
then wherever the doctors tell you to go.

And if you get scared,

I want you to wear this

and I want you to remember
what you did today.

You can handle anything now.


You too.

That's pretty good.

You need to evert the wound edges,

Look, little man,

when I was a kid,
I had this pet hamster.

Dude, it was the best.

You know, we'd play together.
He'd follow me all over the house.

Then one day, I came home from school
and he was gone.

I guess I left his cage unlatched.

And eventually, I found his body
underneath my bed.

- I'm not gonna die under your bed.
- That's not the point.

Charlie, I thought that you had a home.

And then I found you curled up
under a table in the lab.

- I got a place.
- Okay.

But I need to see it.

I need to know that it's not a
cardboard box in some alley somewhere.

It's gonna make you really mad.

- I can handle it.
- Okay.

- What the hell?
- I knew you'd be mad.

- How?
- Who ever uses their time- share?

So rich people just pay you
to condo- sit?

Just for the past six months, yeah.
Hey, it beats the hostel.

Look, I told you
I can take care of myself.

You're doing just fine.

But thanks for worrying so much.

Look, I need to see where you live.

Shut up.

You wanna play foosball?

Yeah, why not?

I haven't played foosball since college.


You burning the midnight oil?

Yeah, after last night,
I figured I owe you some overtime.

Hell, if I'm paying you for it.

Doesn't look like
you'll be missing any more pages.


I just wanted to let you know
that I didn't come here...

I came here to be a doctor.

You know, surviving in the jungle
is all about instincts.

Now, I needed you there last night

because yours are the best
that I've seen in a long time.

Yeah, well, they don't seem to be
so great right now.

Maybe your gut's telling you it's right.

And I'm betting it is.

Good night.

I need your help.

It's not the same.

It's not the same.

You are not the same.

How bad is it?

The ventricle's markedly enlarged.

It's poor ejection fraction.

You're in heart failure.

I love you too.

So this is the Batcave.

How did you find this place?

We drove through a chicken farm.

Chickens jumping out of the way,
feathers flying.

Lily, you shouldn't have come.

I know. I know. It doesn't make
any sense at all.

We can't even figure out
date number two.

But I like picnics.

And they're private and the police
don't usually bust them.

So if you're up for it,
maybe that could be our second date.

And we don't have to figure out
any more than that right now.

You know, just date number two.

What is that?

- What?
- Your crop. What is it?


- I know this plant.
- Lily.

What's this plant?