Off the Map (2011): Season 1, Episode 6 - It's Good - full transcript

When a robbery deprives the clinic of all of their meds, the docs must scramble to keep treating patients. Tommy must save a frat brother whose hang-over turns out to be something much worse. Ryan must deal with a schoolgirl who's been bitten by an insect and gotten a serious problem that strikes too close to home. Meanwhile Otis must revisit his own demons in order to obtain some much needed pain relief for a man with burst appendix.

Keeton's with Ryan.

Hey, you sure you're okay?
Stop worrying about me.

I'm fine.

Hey, you sure you're okay?
Mateo, what are you doing here?

I've been shot.

The bullet we found
is from a police revolver.

I can't be here when the police come.

Okay, next time, I'm not gonna let you win.

Buenas noches.

Does that mean "good morning"?

Have you heard from Mateo?

I left him a message at the cantina.

Never heard a thing.

I'm just worried about him,
medically... of course.

Well, who gets shot
and then just disappears?

No wound check, no antibiotics.

I mean, he could be dying right now.

Or he's fine and just not into me?

Either or.


Es mi padre.
That's your dad?

Pasaste toda la noche con el Americano.

Is it a problem that I'm an a-American?

Um, is good.

Okay, I-I gotta go to work anyway, so...

Hasta la... vista.


Aah! Please, just make it stop.

por favor, por favor.
Soon as I get an I.V. in,

we'll get you some pain meds, hermano.

Nice of you to show up, doctors.

We've got a case of
acute appendicitis here.

I've never seen him like this.
He's usually Mr. Stoic.

Last year, he walked around
with a nail through his hand

for two days before seeing a doctor.

that was tourist season.
You needed me, remember?

Julio and I run the jungle lodge together.

I always need you,
preferably intact, mi amor.

Okay, so what are we doing about this?

Well, we're gonna have to operate

and remove your appendix.
You know what?

Take whatever you want.
Just make it stop.

We'll be right back.

I needed you here 20 minutes ago.

You get called into work,
you don't hit the snooze button.

You get your ass in gear!
Meone's not getting any.

Ah, apparently, you are, though.

Out all night, huh?

Yeah, playing checkers, okay?
It doesn't matter anyway.

Her dad hates me...
Brenner, prep him for surgery, all right?

And, Minard, 10 of morphine, 3 of unasyn,

and enough ketamine to keep him under.
Fuller, check the O.R....

What the...

It's broken glass.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Son of a bitch.

No pain meds.

No antibiotics.

They took the tongue blades?

Took everything.
We've been robbed, people.

E.R. had 4 liters of saline
and 2 minor surgery trays.

Hard to sew without sutures.

They didn't touch the O.R.,

so we still have vicryl and prolene.

Found a few syringes in the ward.

So much for surgery.

Copy that. Just keep me
updated on your progress.

Bus went off a ravine in Lipaulo.

Chopper's all tied up
with multiple victims.

It's gonna be hours.

So they're not gonna
be able to restock us till tonight.


You were on call.

Sleeping up front.
They came in through the ward.

Did you lock up last night?

The locks were cleaned off.
Don't start with me.

If we had police protection...
What does that mean?

He means they're not doing
their nightly drive-bys

because they suspect we hid a criminal.

Hope things are working out
with your new friend.

Hey, this isn't anyone's fault, okay?

She's right. It happens.

All right, well, now we're in it.

So open the doors.
Treat who you can. Good luck.

Well, they didn't touch the garden,

so I have whatever plants you might need

for fever, allergies, infections.
Just let me know.

Go on. Make your rounds.

What the hell is wrong with him?

Only other time I ever saw him
like that was...



Okay, well, we've worked with less.

How'd you get all that positive attitude?

I feel like crap.

I haven't slept in days.

Hey, um...

I miss you in my bed.

I have some herbs that can help you sleep.

I'll make you a tea.

That'd be good.

Hola, Dr. Cole.

I feel a little better.

The appendix is still inflamed,

but the carqueja plant
is helping with the pain.

A lot of moms here give it
to their kids for bellyaches.

Ask, and the jungle provides.

It has everything you need.
Well, except for paved roads.

We've called in for surgical supplies,

antibiotics, and anesthesia,
but it's gonna be a while,

coming from San Miguel.
So we can't operate now,

but we'll check the appendix while we wait.

Or not. Looks like this got
knocked over as well.

Well, if you have a Swiss army knife,

Julio will fix it. He can fix anything.

That's how we met.
First month I opened the jungle lodge,

water main bursts.
Fixed it in one minute.

Then he put the moves on me
knee-deep in sewage water.

Well, because...
I know how to pick a moment.

He's my fix-it guy...
Put my whole life back together.

I just wanna go to sleep.
Let me sleep it off.

You need a doctor, bro.
Just one more step,

all right?
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Steady.

Hey, Charlie. Little man!

I need a wheelchair.
Uh, how much did he have to drink?

Just a few beers, I swear.

Dumb jackass can't even walk this morning.

Must have snuck back out to the bars.

Yeah, we'll get some I.V. fluids in him.
He'll be good as new.

Zeta tau? You two are zates?

Juniors at 'Bama State.
We're on spring break.

Oh! Northwestern, class of 2000.
No way.

All the way to South America,
meet a fraternity brother.

That's nuts.
What's a fraternity?

It's a place where guys like to party,

live in a big ol' crappy house...
It's Latin for "brotherhood." Okay?

It's a collegiate male social club...

We help each other scam chicks.
I need help scamming chicks.

All right. We'll make you
an honorary member.

Yo, dudes, I'm not feeling so good.

Oh, God.

Let's see what Zee has for nausea.

Hey, I sent Lynn to get some air.

She's getting kinda nervous.
She's really ballsy.

She made the jungle her home.

You know, that could be us someday.

Mm, I'm out of here
soon as I finish my rotation.

I gotta try to get back into residency.

First rotation's over in a month.

You're leaving in a month?

Keeton gives you all the juicy cases,

Clark hates me,
and Cole thinks that I'm a freak,

so why would I stay?
I don't know.

Systolic's only 60 palp.

Heart racing. 140.
Rigid abdomen.

V tach.

Oh, my God.
What happened?

He's in cardiac arrest.
We're trying to restart his heart.

But he was fine.
He was feeling better.

Charge to 200.
His appendix must have burst.

That can alleviate the pain.
But the bacteria's still spreading.

It drops the blood pressure,

weakens the heart.
We're not charging.

Why the hell not?
Battery's gone.

Who steals a battery?
Please, do something! Help him!

Normal sinus. Strong radial pulse.

Thank God.
Okay, we gotta operate now,

with or without the supplies.

We wait any longer, he won't make it.

But without... without anesthesia...
He'll feel everything.

And a week's supply of ancef and zofran.

What the hell are you thinking?

it can't wait.
You get it on a truck today by noon.

The clinic gets robbed, and you

call in everyone but me?
You're off duty. Go rest.

I've been resting for days.
I'm bored out of my mind.

It's been a week
since the stupid diving thing.

The "stupid thing" was the bends
with pulmonary hemorrhage.

You know I swam a mile this morning?

You wanna arm wrestle?
I will take you down, Keeton.

I'm officially back on the clock.
Deal with it.

Stop with the light.

Leave me alone.
How is he still wasted?

He's not. There's no alcohol on his breath.

His pupils are equal and reactive.

Did he take any pills?

No, he's not a druggie kind of guy.
He likes his beer buzz.

Oh, crap. He's wigging out.

He's seizing. Hey!
I need 2 of ativan, I.V. push now.

Oh, we don't have any meds.
What, you don't have any medicine?

Isn't this a hospital?
Then what do we do?

Just hope that it stops.


Uh, how long has your eye
been swollen like that?

Can you fix it before school?
Last night she was normal.

Then this morning, un monstruo.

Do you sleep with mosquito netting?

We used to.
They fell apart.

Okay. Felicia, I'm gonna need
to run some tests.

We're late para la escuela.

Our madre will be very mad
if we miss school again.

We missed last week.
It's just a stupid mosquito bite.

It's not just a mosquito bite.

It's actually a different kind of bite,

and if I don't treat it right now,

it can get into your system...

Doctora, necesito ayuda, por favor.
Mi brazo.

Doctora, mi brazo, por favor.

You know what? Will you just...
just wait here for me, okay?

Don't go anywhere.

I will be right back.

B.P.'s up with a liter.

That's a good sign, Julio.

Oh, you see, amorcito?
You're gonna be just fine.

You have to fix him.
We'll do our best.

He fixed me.
You have to fix him.

We've only got 4 cce

for a spinal block.

That'll numb him for half an hour.

Surgery's gonna take at least 45.
Today it'll take 30.

You have to take out the appendix,

wash out the infection from

the entire abdominal cavity...
I'll do it in 30.

There's no way.
Look, the spinal will wear off

while you're manipulating his organs.

Hey, hey, so I could feel you
digging around in there?

I'll do it as quick as I can, Julio.

Hey, don't cry, Lynnie. I can take it.

I have to, okay?

He hasn't slept this much
since he had mono freshman year.

It's normal to be tired after a seizure.

Hey. Alma's father left you a message.

He wants to meet you at the cantina tonight.

He wants to know your intentions, hermano.

You kept his daughter out all night.
Nice, man.

We were just playing checkers.
Whatever you wanna call it.


Spinal fluid has a number of white cells...

But no bacteria.

It's viral meningitis.

Does that make him act drunk?

The inflammation causes the seizures.

So how do we fix him?

He needs I.V. acyclovir.
It's an anti-viral med...

Which we don't have.

Okay. Uh, I'm trying not to freak out here,

but Greg is...

Look, he's probably drunk
a lot of the time,

but deep down he's a decent guy.
He sends money to his mom.

He's awesome to his little sister.

He treats his girlfriend like gold.

Okay, no, he totally cheats on her,
but still.

The dude can't die in the middle
of the jungle, you know?

Don't worry.

I have a treatment plan.

What's the treatment plan?

Come up with a treatment plan.

He needs intravenous narcotics.

Well, thank you, Captain Obvious.

I'm saying... I can get some.

You can "get some"?

Won't be pharmaceutical grade,
but it's better than nothing.

You wanna buy... heroin.

You want that guy feeling your scalpel?

He won't feel a thing.
I'll be done in 30 minutes.

You know that's impossible.

I don't want you anywhere near that crap.
He's right.

It's not a good idea.
Ah, I think it's a great idea.

Feeling that level of pain,
he'll never recover psychologically.

How would we know it's safe?

Use clean syringes, monitor the dose.
It's his best shot.

Okay, fine, but you're not going.

You don't think I can handle it?
I don't wanna find out.

Minard, you take a couple
of orderlies for protection.

They'll never sell to her, man.
They know me.

I said no! I can handle it.
I've been clean for nine months now.

The last time you were sober a year.

I'll take Greenwich, and we will be back
with what you need

to treat the patient.

I guess I'm Greenwich.

Uh, there was a little girl
sitting here with a swollen eye.

Have you seen her?
She was right there.

I really need to find her today, okay?

It's important.
Has anyone seen her?


Hey, papa.

We knocked on your door, but you...

I figured you'd be back here picking herbs.

Do you not remember me?
I'm Dr. Fuller.

I helped treat that patient of yours.

First, you were all...

Get outta here.

Then you got to know me.

You were kinda like...
Hey, you are awesome.

What do you want?

Um... I need a consult.

You asking for my help?

Viral meningitis.
College kid on spring break,

so his immune system's
pretty worn down.

I've lived here for 60 years.
I know what spring break is.

I don't bother with those kids.

Well, wait, wait.

Papa, this...

This is my brother.

Oh, not my brother brother.

It's a collegiate male social club.

This kid is dying.

There's nothing I can do to help.

He's a member of your tribe?


We're here.

This is how you, uh...


Sure you remember where, uh...


Mulungu tree bark...
It will help you to relax.

Now we've given you enough Lidocaine
to last 30 minutes.

Is this sharp?

Un poco.

Okay, as soon as he's numb, we cut.
We can't waste a second.

We've gotta work fast.
What are you doing, Brenner?

I'm prepping the...
Well, you don't just prep the lower quadrant.

What if we want to convert to an ex-lap?

How much irrigation fluid do we have?
3 liters.

Well, he's gonna need at least 6.

Come on, people.
Let's get with the program here.

Can I talk to you?

Okay, this surgery is gonna be rough enough

without you biting our heads off,

so bite now and be done with it.

All right. I mean, this guy might die

from a simple appy...
not the surgery itself.

He'll probably just arrest from the pain,

and there's not a thing I can do about it,

not to mention, two of my doctors...

one a recovering addict...
are God knows where

right now buying street drugs.
You know, and I can't help

one a but think all of this
may have been avoided

if some people around here
prioritized this clinic

instead of their damn social lives!

Are you done?

Then let's operate.

This is...

Yeah, let's do this and
get the hell outta here.

Are you okay?

I'll do it. I'll go in.

No, this is... No, it's...

You don't have to.

I'll go in.

It's okay.

Hola. I'd like to buy...

Heroin. Please?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Well, I'm a friend of-...

No. No, no, I don't work
for the police. I'm a doctor.

I need it for medicinal purposes.

The equivalency to morphine
is o-one to three,

assuming 50% purity,

so I need 200 milligrams of your product.

I have money.


I don't know who sent you here,

but I'm not doing business with you.

Your friend is in trouble.
What are you talking about?

Open her eyelids.

Pinpoint pupils.

It's bad.
After I leave here, she'll stop breathing.

Then as her heart and her brain
are deprived of oxygen,

she'll jerk a few times, probably vomit,

and then her heart will eventually
stop beating,

and you'll have a dead body on your hands.

Yeah, that's not gonna do anything.
I'm a doctor.

If you let me stay, I can do something.

Or not.

No, wait!

Do it!

I charge for house calls up front.

So give me my damn drugs.

You sure it's gonna work?
Not if you keep asking me questions.

Oh. Hey, I think he's waking up.


What the... what's going on?

This is, uh, this is papa Ucumari.

He's a medicine man. He's gonna help you.

What kind of freak show circus hospital

did you bring me to, man?

Maybe this wasn't a good idea.

Hey, you touch me, grandpa,
my dad will sue your ass. Can...

I think I should be going.
No, no, no.

Get me outta here, bro.
Wait, wait. Just...

Okay, hey, hey, stop!

You have spinal meningitis.

Okay? There is a virus attackin
your brain. That's no joke.

If you leave, I can't promise you

you're not going home in a coffin.

I can't promise you I'm not gonna
have to call your parents

and tell them to come here
and pick up your body.

So... bad news... we're out of meds.
Good news...

The plants of the rain forest
have had 5 million years

to figure out how to fight
these viruses, and this guy...

He knows better than anyone
how to use them.

Look, I know you're scared.
I'm... scared, too.

I don't know how this stuff works.

But it's your best shot.

Just lie down.

One ruptured apendix coming out.

Another liter of irrigation.

How are we doing on time?
28 minutes.

Damn it. The lido's wearing off too soon.

He's gonna arrest from the pain.

If I don't flush him out,
he's gonna die of peritonitis.

It's loaded up and ready to go.

Pulse 30.
Okay, shoot him up.

Not you.

You're not watching this. Get out.

Oh, come on, man.
Out of O.R.

All right, he's under.
Les get back to work.

Come on!

Looks like you're having
the day I'm having.

A patient slipped through
the cracks this morning.

I'm trying to make a house call,
but this stupid bike...

Engine's flooded.

Hold the throttle all the way open,
then hit it.


You okay?

I need to get the hell outta here.
Come on.


I speak some English.

Um, I saw your daughter Felicia
at the clinic this morning.

Is she here?
She's at the market with her sister.

I don't have time, doctora.

Shh. Okay, mi vida. Okay.

There's no mosquito netting.
Get that baby out of here.

You have to get the baby out now.

Excuse me?
Just get the baby out now.

We need to check your house
for health reasons.

They like thatched roofs.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,
hey, hey, hey, hey.

You got 'em. All right?
They're... they're dead.

Steri-strips aren't holding.
Fluid's coming right back out.

We need to seal this before
he gets a secondary infection.

Why not?

You've only been waiting
five years to show me up.

I'm taking Brenner
so she can learn from the master.


The appendix is out.
He's not in pain.

We put in an irrigation catheter,

which is the best we can do
without antibiotics.

You must really wish
that you were in the States about now.

Mm. You ever have that feeling
in high school

where your skin just doesn't fit right?

Everyone feels that way. Goes away.

Not for me.

Me either.

All through college,
three jobs I sucked at,

two marriages I really sucked at.

Nothing ever fit there.

Didn't feel at home.

I came down here alone
on my 40th birthday,

'cause I didn't know where else to go.

It was either this or move back in
with my mother.

And it was like walking
through my own front door.

The people are incredible.

You can walk for five minutes
and find a spot

no one has ever been before
in the history of the planet.

And then there's Julio.

The missing piece of your puzzle.

Honey, he's the whole damn puzzle.

How long are you here for?

Uh, not too long. About a month or so.

I don't know that I've... found it yet.

That place.

Oh, you'll know when you do.

They're called assassin bugs.

They carry a parasite
that causes Chagas disease.

It is serious?

If I don't treat it right away,

the parasite will stay in her body.

In 20 years, it will destroy her heart.

I'd like to take your girls
to the hospital in San Miguel.

The sooner we get it treated,
the better our chance at a cure.

Xandra will need testing, too,

but it'll only take a week at the most.

Doesn't matter to you, doctora,
but I am a single mother.

I need my girls here with me.

I will take them to the clinic when I can.

Even with the best intentions,
things fall through the cracks.

Life happens.
My sister and I grew up in El Salvador.

When we were just kids,
she had the same bug bite.

My parents never got it treated.

It was this disease?

She was just 28
when she started showing symptoms.

She had a great career.

She was in love.

Her whole life was...
was just starting to come together.

Just like that, it was over.

All it would have taken
was a few pills 20 years earlier.

But it was too late.

I couldn't save my sister.

I can save your daughter if you'll let me.

So... how do we know if it worked?

Check his temperature in an hour.

It worked.

What did you use?

Clavillia, matico, and macela flowers.

When concocted in exact proportions,

its anti-viral properties
are unmatched in the rain forest.

What about the chanting?

Deep relaxation boosts the immune system.

And the feather?

Ah, that was just to screw with his head.

Any more questions, doctor?

Do you date?

No, I-I don't know how things work here,

and this girl that I'm seeing...
Her padre hates me.

And it kinda always happens,

but this... this guy doesn't
even know me.

He doesn't have to.
You're un turista.

Many Americans who come down here,

like these boys...
They don't respect where they are.

He wants to know
if you respect where you are.


Okay, bring me the jar.

Be careful. Their pinchers are very sharp.

They're as strong as surgical staples.

It's not personal... his anger.

He's pretty much blaming everybody
for the robbery,

especially me.

A top neurologist from Buenos Aires

did a consult on Abby, his wife.

He got the report this morning.

How is she?

No improvement
on her E.E.G. for six months.

So... he has some hard decisions to make.

You know, the clinic...
It was Abby's dream, too.

They came down here together
before the accident.

So the clinic... keeps her alive,

keeps her with him.


Sharp little bastards.

Sad about your sister.


Except I know you don't have a sister.

Shortness of breath, hemoptysis
after scuba diving...

It's all signs of heart failure.

I got bit when I was 8.


No one else needs to know.

Well, you need a cardiac echo, like, now.

I'll take all the tests.
I'm just not gonna be treated

like an invalid, especially not by Keeton.

We gotta get you on a transplant list.

You know, he has been
through this before, okay?

He doesn't need to go through it again.

Well, you could have
an arrhythmia at any time. Hey!

You could die from this.
No one needs to know.

Now push the claws
on either side of the wound

and watch what happens.

Wow! That's amazing.

That's unbelievable.

Shotgun. I'm next.

Unh-unh. This is my surgery.

Seriously? You're not gonna...

not gonna let me do one?
I dug around the mud for an hour.

I've got the bites to prove it,

so... let's get three
on either side, please.

That should hold it
till the Medevac gets here.

Here. You can finish.

And share with Minard, please.


I'm sorry...

About Mateo coming here and...

If I caused us any kind of trouble.

Have you heard from him?


No security system...

Open windows...

It was bound to happen.

It's nobody's fault.

Do you know this place...

It's just a building.


You're the clinic...

Not the building...

Anyone else.

It's you.

You're saving our lives, man!

Sorry it took so long!
We had 20 victims down a ravine!

No worries!

Good to see you, man!

Okay. Here.

So how long are they gonna keep
these hormigas in there?

Porque son horribles.

Baby, the ants are keeping
your guts inside.

I love those ants.

They'll take them out at the hospital

and replace them with sutures.

You ever need a weekend away,

stop by the lodge.

It's not a five-star resort,
but it has its charms.

Too bad you'll be gone.

Uh, actually, I'm thinking
about staying a little longer.

Take care.

Thank you.

Just a month or two.

It's got nothing to do with you.

Mm, I don't know.

I think I might be the wind
beneath your wings.

Please. I got to score smack

and stick ants in a guy's abdomen.

I can't do that in Greenwich.


No translating on this one.
I'm gonna do it by myself.


I'm gonna teach you some game.

Just... pay attention.

Okay, look.

That is not game. It's suicide.


I-I like...

Me gusta...

Su hee-jah.



Espere! Espere! Wait!

You have room for a few more?

We missed the last water taxi.

Well, this'll be quicker anyway.

No, no, no. Lo siento, doctora.
We're overloaded as it is.

Okay. Girls, I can't ride with you,

but I'm gonna meet you at the hospital

first thing tomorrow morning, okay?

And I know some of the nurses,
so I'm gonna call ahead

and make sure you get plenty
of ice cream, okay? Gracias.


All right. You guys are all tucked in.


Some tea to help you with your sleep.

Wanna talk about it?

Not really.

We can still be amigos.

Yeah, see, um...

I don't know how to do that.

Night, loca.

You know, you're bathing
on a main hiking trail.

So I've heard.

It's also our shower.

You just disappeared last week.

I heard the police were looking for me.

I didn't want you to get
in any more trouble.

Well, that ship has sailed.
You actually made it worse.

Now the police know
that I lied about treating you,

and they're not protecting
the clinic anymore,

so we got robbed last night.

I'm so sorry. I-I didn't mean to cause...

And here I am, leaving you
messages at the cantina,

like an idiot.
I got them.

I just came from there.
I was looking for you to apologize.

Why should I believe anything you say now?

Because I was there,

waiting for you...

Hoping you would...

That's all I got.

There's no redness.

No infection.

It's good.

I thought I lost the clinic today.

I know.

I couldn't think of anything worse.

And then I thought about losing you.

It's been six years.

She's not getting any better.

It's time to move on.


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