Off the Map (2011): Season 1, Episode 5 - I'm Here - full transcript

When a scuba diving trip goes wrong, Ryan, Ben, Tommy and Mina race to save their patient underwater, while a flame from Zee's past returns to the clinic for an unconventional treatment.

Previously on "Off the Map"

What are we doing?

We're friends... who are having sex.

You're a doctor?



Un placer.
My parents told me to be a man.

"Be someone that...
a son that we can be proud of,"

and I tell them
to get out of my life.

gonna be on dental duty.

I don't hold hands.

I say we call it.

What? It's not a fight we
can win, plastics, okay?

We've been at this for hours.
So we just give up?

These are kids that we're talking
about. What if we penetrate the overlap?

That's a long shot.
Yeah, but it's a shot,

and we're not the kind of crew
that doesn't take a shot.

All right. Work hard, work fast,
stay focused,

and you start using
your head, okay? Yeah.


You're going down, amigo.

Kick it! Kick it!

Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo!

Come on.

There you go,
Minard. There you go.

You okay? You okay?

Get out of here,
get out of here.



Use your head, Brenner!

Your head!

That's what
I'm talking about.

Can you tell these are broken?


So I was thinking maybe we
could hit the cantina tonight,

celebrate our narrow loss.

Mm. You just want to
see your mystery dude.

"Hello. My name is Mateo,

and I'm a very sexy farmer."

He's not a farmer.
His parents are.

My parents are gonna love this.
Look at this.

My arm is around a child,

and I'm not even wearing
a Hazmat suit.

My parents would just think
I'm on some tropical vacation

with all my illegitimate children.
They don't know you're here?

I haven't told 'em.
Did you see Cole hug me?


People don't hug me. I'm not
a person that invites hugs.

Or any overture
of affection.

He's clearly uncomfortable
about the whole dentist thing.

Huh? They held hands
during his tooth extraction.

No, it was nothing,

but now he's acting like
it was this big thing and that

we're best friends now,
and it's weird.

What happened
to your glasses?

Uh, it just...

Hey, Alma's here.
She wants to thank you.

For what, all
the amazing sex she's having

with her stupid boyfriend because I
fixed his penis? What should I tell her?

"You're welcome."



I got this celibacy thing
going on now, which is great,

'cause I'm... I'm way more
focused and s-stuff.


Fuller, Minard!
Grab your med bags!

Come with me!

Everyone else, go back
to the clinic! Come on!

Two Americans were
scuba diving in a sea cave

when there was
an underwater rock slide!

Fisherman here found
one of 'em on the surface...

A 40-year-old male.
What about the other?

His daughter, 17 years old!

Coast guard's still
searching for her!

They want doctors on the scene
when they find her!

Get your
hands off me. I'm an American citizen.

Get your hands off me!
I am not leaving here

without my daughter. comprende? Habla
English? He got scraped up by the coral.

Maybe a broken wrist.
Nothing too serious.

I will call my lawyer. Do
you understand me?! Hey, hey.

Have you located
the daughter?

It's a little more serious.

She's trapped.

Sync by flapinha, corrections by GeirDM

How much do you make being a
doctor? A lot less than you make

being a bookie,
I'll tell you that much.

Any news on the girl?
She's still down there.

The coast guard called for
a winch to move the rocks,

but they're at least three hours away.
She have enough air to last that long?

They have backup tanks.
Um... you said you'd stop by last night.

Ay, lindo,
I was busy with patients,

and by the time I left,
I was tan cansada.

"Santiago de Los caballeros."



Oh, my God. It's been so long.

Who is that?
Angus Sinclair.

He's a cultural linguist
or some pompous crap.

Shows up once a year to try
and get in Zee's pants.

You cut your hair.
New tribe, new customs.

Okay, what did you bring me?

Manaca! Named after the most beautiful
girl in the Tupí Indian tribe.

I thought it was appropriate. And
what did Santa Claus bring me?

Ooh, I'm sure
I could scare up a lollipop.

You still suck, right?
Yeah, tell me, uh,

what will we have the honor of
removing from your butt today?

I think last year's tapeworm was our longest
on record. Oh, just a little skin rash.

Oh, so syphilis then? Okay.
You both have huevos gigantes.

Now can I please get
back to work?

Sure thing, loca.

Let's go look at that rash.

Okay, we're gonna
start taking the coral out

piece by piece. It's gonna
be painful.

It's potentially toxic,
so if you feel nauseous

or short of breath, let us know.
It could be coral poisoning.

Three hours for a simple winch.

Why can't they just lift
the damn rock off her?

Well, they don't want to risk
another rock slide.

It's better to use
controlled force.

Okay. On one, two...


Three. Good.


Good. So where are you from?
Um, D.C.

I have an accounting firm there.
Shannon's from Boston.

Her mother and I divorced
when she was 4.

You must be close then.

What makes you say that?

Last time I vacationed
with my parents, I was 12.

We're not close. Not at all.


Do it. Get it over with.

Good, good, good.


Cole? You picked Cole?

This isn't a rash.
It's an infection.

I'm gonna have to drain
the abscesses.

Of all the yohos to choose for a
boyfriend... he's not my boyfriend.

Oh, so what it's just sex?
No intimacy, no connection?

Sums up Cole perfectly.
Leave him alone.

Besides, it's early.
It could grow into something.

Oh, okay.

So it wouldn't hurt to see
if the ground's fertile, right?

Why don't you ask him
something personal about you,

something a man
who cares should know?

I guarantee you,
he won't have a clue.

Stop acting like mi madre.


Stop being such a baby.

Thank you.


What the hell is that?

It's a larva.

They're botflies.

They're maturing
inside your skin.

How did they get there?

They land on mammals
and lay their eggs.

Typically you see it
in cattle and horses.

And apparently Scottish
linguists. Apparently.

Ohh. You know,
that one was on the surface,

but these look like they're
gonna be deep.

I'm going to have to put you
under, so I can cut them out.

I've gotta get back
to my fieldwork tonight.

I can't have surgery.
Is there another way?

I could try to draw them out.

Sounds like a plan, doctora.

I haven't told you
how I'm going to do it.

So you keep
the wound dry, okay, with this.

Uh, la herida...

Cásese... con esto.


I think you mean
"séquese con esto."

Dry with the gauze?

Yeah. You told him
to marry the gauze.

Uh, what he said.


Mateo, what are you doing here?


It's a little embarrassing.

I know we've only just met,


I've been shot.

How is she? How's Shannon?

She has a rib fracture
and a torn Bronchus.

Now her chest is filling with air.
It's collapsed her right lung.

We need to get her to the clinic right
now. So as soon as the winch gets here

and we can free up her leg... no, we
don't have time to wait for the winch.

The winch is still two hours
away. Now her oxygen levels

are dropping. She won't make it that long.
So how are you gonna get the rock off of her?

We need to amputate.

What? I'm sorry, sir.
We don't have a choice.

Oh, God. No. I'm sorry.
I can't let you cut her leg off.

I won't let you do that.
Sir, it's her leg or her life.

Who shot you?

You think I was crazy if I said.

I shot myself so I could come
see you again? Sí.

Well, the truth is
a little more humiliating.

Try me.

There's this animal,

the Capybara.


They eat all my family's crops,

so we set rifle traps
all over the farm.

Me, I've been
a city boy for long,

I walked right into it,
tripped the wire.

Stupido idiota.

There's no exit wound.

What does that mean? Well,
we're gonna have to operate,

see what kind of damage
the bullet did.

Just try to relax, okay?

You're gonna be fine.

How will you see
what you're doing

with all the blood down there?

We'll use tourniquets and clamps to
control the bleeding. Will she be in pain?

We're gonna block the nerve.

She won't feel a thing.

But she'll be awake.
She'll know what's happening?



Wait, you could
write her a note,

you know, let her know that you're
thinking of her. What would I say?

I don't know.
Your feelings or some...

I don't know. I'm no good
at this stuff either.

I should call my client
at Walter Reed.

He could recommend
a good prosthetic specialist.

You know, they say sometimes
the fake ones are even better.

Remember, uh,
that double amputee

who was disqualified
from the Olympics

because they said his fake legs
gave him an unfair advantage?

I think he was South African.

Wonder if I could arrange
a meeting.

You believe this guy?

People show concern

in different ways, Fuller.

I'm gonna
bring back your daughter.

Wait. Uh...

"I'm here. Dad."
That's fine.

That's... super.

Okay. Right.

Be ready with an I.V.

And pressure dressings
when she surfaces.

There's gonna be
a lot of blood loss.

So these botflies are
big breakfast fans then?

The bacon starves the larva
of oxygen, and it creates

a more attractive host
for it to migrate towards.

Old field doctor's trick. How
long do I have to lie here?

Mm. A few hours should do
the trick.

Hey, uh,
we got a gunshot wound,

and we need you for an ex-lap...
is that my bacon?!

It's okay. You can have it
back when we're done.

Liver's repaired.

Small bowel looks good.

Stomach, colon, all intact.

Now my bacon,

which I ordered from San Miguel

and spent a small fortune on...

not intact.
Very much compromised.

Is that right?

That's right.

What's my middle name?

Wait, you're asking me?

I think you should know.

Well, give me a clue.

It's not "loca."

Any sign of the bullet?


Pickups and suction.

How do you know this kid?

Oh, we met at the cantina
the other night.

Just started talking and...

I can remember
what that's like...

meeting someone, staying up
all night asking questions,

wanting to know everything
about each other.

Staying up
all night asking questions.

Sounds like a hell of a boring date.

This kid shot himself
setting a hunting trap?

That's what he said, yep.
Then he lied.

Farmers use hunting rifles,

and this bullet is
from a.40-caliber glock.


The kind cops here use
to shoot criminals.

Maybe you should've asked
a few more questions.

Bag it. Call the police.

It's clinic policy.
All suspicious gunshot wounds.

Well, how do we know
it's suspicious?

He was shot by a cop, brenner.


I know he's your friend,
but come on.

Yeah, it's ok. It's...

it's policy. I get it.

Good hemostasis.

Let's close the deep fascia.

- They're coming.
- How do you know?

You've got the leg!

Minard! You're gonna tape up
the chest wound!

I'm on it!

Put him right there.
Oh, my God.

Shannon. Her leg.
Oh, God. Ohh.

Ohh. Dude!

It's coral poisoning. Or
he's the worst father ever.

All right.

You okay?


You all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.


We have patients
to worry about. I'm fine.

Okay, let's move! We gotta get
to the clinic! Let's go! Go!


Tell Cole
that's twice the protein.

This feels familiar,
doesn't it...

me lying in this bed,

you extracting creatures
from my flesh?

It's like we're
old dance partners.

Look at you.
So many scars.

So many dances.

Dances? Surucucu bite.

If I didn't have eclipta alba in
my garden, you would have died.

You were wearing yellow that
day. Necrotizing fasciitis.

I had to carve a section
out of your calf.

You had your hair short
then. It was cute.

I like it long better.

Buruli ulcer.

Six years ago,
the day we first met.

Your read my name off
that little clipboard of yours.

That's it. I was slayed.

You need
to leave the jungle.

It's eating you alive. I'd quit for
you, come live in this Metropolis.

You would be miserable.

So come with me.

I wish I could give you
what you want.

Who cares what I want
or what he wants?

What do you want,

Zitajalehrena Toledo Alvarez?

Ohh. I'm not dead.

Well, you lost a lot of blood,
but we got the bullet out.

You're gonna be all right. In
your hands, I knew I would be.

I just called the police.

The bullet we found
in your abdomen

wasn't from a hunting trap.

It was from a police revolver,

and it's clinic policy
to report it.

Ohh. Ahh.

What a you doing? I can't
be here when the police come.

They're looking for me.

You just had
major abdominal surgery.

You can't just leave
like that.

Mateo, stop. Stop it.

Look, tell me what happened,
and maybe I can help you.

You can't help me.

If you do, they'll hold it
against the clinic, against you.

I won't have that. Listen to
me. You're weak from blood loss.

If you go now,
you could die, okay?

I won't bother you anymore.

Lo siento, Lily.


So that's it? Just...

No explanations,
just good-bye?


That's good-bye.

Okay. I'm bleeding again.

Shannon, I'm gonna buy you

the best prosthetic, money can buy!

You won't even know
the difference!

All right,
Shannon, we've got a tube re-expanding your lung.

Should make it
a little easier to breathe.

Doctor Fuller's gonna finish
taking care of your leg now.

That wasn't easy down there.

You did good.

All yours, Fuller.

So I freed up a flap of skin,

and I sealed it over the bone.

You wanna look?

Why would I wanna do that?

I know it sounds weird,

but I worked with a lot
of amputees in residency,

and the theory is that,

the sooner you look at it
and accept it as normal,

the better.

I lost my leg

because Nick made me go
on this stupid trip.

It's not normal,

and it's never gonna be.

Wait, she said he was
her "friend"?

That's the word she used,

but I'm guessing
it's more than that.

Oh, the police
are on their way.

Hey, you sure you're okay?

You've been short of breath
ever since...

will you stop worrying
about me? I'm fine.

Whoa. Could it be the bends? She
must've been underwater too long.

Let's get her on oxygen.
I'll set up the chamber.

Keeton wants to talk to you.

Mm. Well, that's great,

but I don't have time
for that right now.

My patient, who is
most likely a serial killer,

just busted his stitches.

No, no, no. Not awesome.

He just kissed me.

The Serial Killer?

Wait, wait. While he
was bleeding?

That's smooth.

You're both so unhelpful
rit now.

When did your life become
a Spanish soap opera?

Celibacy, yo. All this...
Could've been avoided.

It's true.

I'm giving you a transfusion.

You're not tolerating
the blood loss...

And jumping out of bed to go
on the lam didn't exactly help.

You're angry. Yeah, I just like
to know the person I'm kissing.

Guess I'm old-fashioned
like that.

A few weeks ago I wasn't a guy
with a bullet in his gut.

I was just a law student.

So what happened?

They knocked
on my family's door...

them and 30 other people
who worked that land...

said they were evicting them
from the property.

No reason,
no legal foot to stand on.

Just "move in a week,
or we'll move you."

Why do the police want land?

No, it's not the police.
They're corrupt.

It's... it's the people
lining their pockets.

So I left school, came home to help
my family. And the gunshot wound?

A cop was threatening
my sister.

I got angry

and threw a punch.

Maybe not the best move.

I'd do it again.

They can put a million holes in
my body. I'm not going anywhere.

This is my family,
and I'll fight if I have to.

Good radial pulse.

How do you feel?


So the doctors said
the surgery went well.

Talked to a friend of mine
at Walter Reed.

He's, uh, on the board there,

He gave me
a list of specialists.

You didn't write that
note, did you? What note?

On the slate.
It wasn't your handwriting.

Shannon, I know
it's difficult to grow up

without a father... you left when I
was 4! I barely even remember you,

and then one day

an expensive pair of boots
shows up on my birthday,

and suddenly I have a dad again? I was
just trying to have a relationship with you.

You just want to stop
feeling guilty!

That's what all these
big gestures are about...

the gifts and this trip.

So now I'm stuck in the middle
of the jungle without a leg,

trying to make a stranger
feel better about himself.

You want me to look
at my stump?


I looked at my stupid stump!

Just don't make me look at him.

Get him out of here!

Get him out!

How's Clark?

she's off-gassing her nitro,

but she should be fine in
a f hours.

How are you doing?

Loca's giving me the "how well
do you know my soul?" Quiz.

Ow. And how are you scoring
so far? I'm not taking it.

Bold. Yeah, well,
am I supposed to play games

just because Scottish McAssface
shows up? What am I, 15?

No, no, no. You're
very mature. Damn right.

Hey, uh, I take it
that's her "friend"?

That's him.

The hives have all cleared up.

You okay?

When we first saw the coral,

before the rock slide,

Shannon's eyes lit up
like a Christmas tree.

She had this smile.

I know that smile.

Like when she was 4 years old.

She just needs time.
It'll be... it'll be okay.

It's not okay! She's...

For that poor girl to grow up
with me as a father,

it is not okay! It is not okay!
It is not okay!

This was my chance to
fix things, and I blew it.


It's okay. Her mother's coming,
and she'll fix everything.

She'll take care of her. I'm not
equipped. I'm an accountant.

Are you Dr. Brenner?


Officer Reyes. I'm here about
the gunshot wound you reported.


You said that
the bullet you found

came from the pistola of a
Policía. I did... say that.

Where is your patient?

Uh, it turns out
I was wrong.

The man I treated was,
uh, was just a farmer.

Yeah, he was setting, um,

a hunting trap,

and he shot himself
in the hand,

so I just released him
a few hours ago.

So were you lying then,
or are you lying now, Doctora?

She's not lying.

she made a mistake.

Dr. Brenner's still working
on her Spanish.

She misunderstood the patient.

So the patient you treated
was not this man?


Bueno, because he attacked
an officer today.

He's a wanted man. Maybe I'll
just take a look around,

in case he slipped through the
cracks. All due respect, Officer,

I'd rather you didn't disturb
our patients.

I'll be rápido. Don't worry.


Your middle name's...


I looked at your file.

Also saw that you make
50 bucks more than me.

Remind me to talk to Keeton
about that.

Lindo, I'm done.

What are you talking about?

I'm done.

What, 'cause I don't know
your middle name?

I mean, uh,
it's a city in Spain.

It's a city in Ohio,
where my father is from...

my American father,
who had his fun with mi madre,

then left.

"Toledo" was her way
of reminding me

not to make the same mistake
that she did.

She had a dark sense of humor.

I'm from Poughkeepsie.

And I'm just a fling.


If McBaconthief hadn't
shown up today...

we'd still be having
this conversation.

we have a nursing mother

in the last bed.

I'll let her know we're coming,
so she can cover up.

Where is your nursing mother?

She must've been discharged.

Thank you for your time.

I think I've seen enough.

Your dressing is dry.
That's good.


Your dressing is dry.

You were
wrong about your dad.

It's not just guilt.

He's an idiot.


He's an accountant.

He thinks in terms of money.
That's why he buys you stuff.

It's his way
of telling you he cares.

Normal people say they care
by saying they care.

Well, sometimes
they can't say it.

Sometimes it's been so long,

it's easier to just...

Buy some boots or book a trip

or go off the grid
and be a doctor

in the middle of the jungle.

I haven't spoken
to my parents in over a year.

Now I'm down here
in the middle of nowhere,

trying to prove something.
I don't even know what it is,

but I know that I'm trying
to prove it to them.

It's all for them.

So maybe all that stuff,

booking this trip...

maybe he's trying to prove
something to you.

Why can't you talk
to your parents?

They're a million miles away.

Nick's just down the hall.

Thank you...
For protecting him.

He's not a bad guy.
He just...

everybody's got a story
down here

that'll make 'em
sound like a hero.

I wasn't protecting him,

Just be careful.

You wanna tuck me in?

I checked the dive tables,

and at 30 feet, you should've
been good down there

for another three hours.

I came up too fast then.

No, Pulmonary Embolism manifests
immediately, and you know that.

Now yours started
hours after we surfaced,

and you were short of breath at the soccer
game, too. You're being paranoid.

I wanna run an E.K.G.
And a chest X-ray.

Ben, it's late.

You wanna sing me
a lullaby, you can stay.

If not...

Buenas noches.

If you wanna stay the night,
we can find you a bed.

Oh, no. My ex-wife's coming,
and Shannon... you know,

I- I think
she'd rather be alone.

I'll just crash at the hotel.

I'll call you a taxi.

Thank you.

Hey, Nick.

How you feeling?

You wanna see it?

♪ whenever I ♪

♪ seem too cold ♪

♪ even I ♪

♪ seem too old ♪

Oh, Shannon, I'm so sorry.

♪ just wanna hold you ♪

It's not your fault.

♪ just wanna hold you ♪

♪ but I can't see ♪

It's really gone, huh?

♪ but I can't see ♪

♪ no, my mind ♪

You know,
he could've gone to her.

She is the person with one leg.

You don't know
how hard that is for him,

just sitting there
holding her hand.

That's huge.

Until next year then.

Please come back

with something less repugnante.

I'll do my best.

♪ Wanna hold you ♪

Okay, if you're gonna grab me

and beg me not to go,

now would be a good time.

Go back to the jungle,
where you belong.

We don't even know

if we'd have any chemistry


♪ No, my mind seems to fall ♪

I think we'd do just fine.

I have something to say.


Uh... it's actually easier
if you keep it on your face.

In med school, they called me
the ice queen.

They'd go, "oh, look, one
of the cadavers got loose."

It was kinda mean.

Anyway, uh...

The hand-holding and hugging

wouldn't mean anything
to most people,

but... I don't do that,

not with patients or boyfriends

or even when I was little,

crossing the street
with my mother.

I just wanted you to know
that I...

It wasn't nothing... to me.

It was... it was something.






You're just in time
for a toast.

To what?

Celibacy, because living
in a Spanish soap opera

is overrated and a little bit
humiliating, actually.


Don't even get me started
on humiliation.

I just had a conversation
with a hat.


I don't wanna talk about it.




Hi. Um... how is your novio?

Muy bien. Gracias.

Good. Good.

Well, you know, if anyone else
needs help with their penis,

just send 'em to me.

Yeah, you don't want me
to say that.

Terminé con mi novio.

She just broke up
with her boyfriend.

Oh, really? I, um,
I'm sorry. Are you okay?

Sí. Estoy bien.

Te quiere invitar a una copa...
She wants to buy you a drink.

Para darte Las gracias por ayudarlo?
To thank you for helping him.


Dude, I just think
she wants to buy you a drink.

You know, I would...
I would love to do that...

También gustaría eso.

But I'm just trying to focus
on my medicine right now, so...

Pero en esto momento,

estáintentando enfocarse
en la medicina.


What are you thinking? Come
on, man. You gotta hit that.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. We just did
the celibacy toast. Who cares?


Go, go, go! Go.
Okay, okay.


I, uh...





sync by flapinha, corrections by GeirDM