Off the Map (2011): Season 1, Episode 3 - A Doctor Time Out - full transcript

A live wire electrocutes a man and causes a blackout; a mudslide endangers a pregnant couple.

This line. All the good candy
is gonna be gone. Come on.

Taking candy from babies now, eh?

Hey, hey, I'm eight months clean.
If that's what it takes...

- What's this festival about anyway?
- Drinking.

I thought it was
to honor the patron saint of...


Thought they'd cancel it this year
with all the rain.

- Can you believe that storm last night?
- I slept right through it.

Ryan sleep through it?

I wouldn't know.

How about Zee? How did she do?

Maybe the patron saint
of mind- your- own- business.

- Sounds about right.
- Yeah.

Hey, no cutting in line.

I gotta go get supplies.
You're on your own, mate.

Pata de vaca, cow's hoof.
Lowers blood sugar in diabetics.

Without the risk of what, doctores?

Hypoglycemia, a side effect
of all Western diabetes medications.

- Very good, Dr. Brenner.
- Why hasn't it caught on?

What American is gonna walk
into a pharmacy

and ask for a 30- day prescription
of cow's foot?

Muira puama, potency wood.
A very potent male aphrodisiac.

Dr. Clark.

What's up?

Used to treat erectile dysfunction.

I don't need that.

Can you ask your boyfriend
where all the sick people are?

- Because I'm dying here.
- He is not my--

I already asked him and he said the clinic
would be pretty dead during the festival.

Well, how long does the festival last?

- Three days.
- Ladies.

Amor seco, natural antihistamine.

Didn't you use that on the farmer
having an allergy attack?

You read my book, Dr. Brenner.

Twice, actually.

I don't know how you read it once.
It was boring as hell.

Are you kidding?

The part about using army ants
to close a wound? That was--

I taught you the ant trick.
Funny you didn't put that in your little book.

Car crash, way up in the mountains.

- Oh, thank you, God!
- Probably the roads are flooded.

- They say how many are injured?
- Didn't say.

Fuller, Brenner, let's pack up.

I'll go get Ryan.

Don't worry about me. I'm fine.
Look, breathe it out, mi amor.

- How far apart are the contractions?
- Sweet mother of--

- Not far.
- This cannot be happening.

We were on our way to the airport.

Were gonna fly sooner, but we're in the
Peace Corps. Had to finish rotation.

Supposed to be having the baby
with my family in New York.

I'm afraid that's not gonna happen.

Even minor accidents can jump- start labor
and you're well on your way.

We gotta get you to the clinic.

Okay, change of birth plan.
I can roll with it. You?


- It hurts.
- Oh, wait, your iPod, it's in the truck.

No, Roberto, leave it. It's fine.

But it's got all your birthing music.
Worked my ass off making that mix.

Wait, Roberto! Wait, wait, stop!



- I'm okay!
- Robbie!

- I'm okay!
- Robbie?

I need you to wiggle your toes for me.

Distal neuro- circ intact.

Can you breathe?

Femur is broken.

That's a massive tree. There's no way
we're gonna move that without a pulley.

She's in active labor,
three minutes apart.

We can't wait.
We gotta get her back now.

Please, don't worry about me.
Just take care of Syd and the baby.

Push four of morphine, a liter of saline.

I'm gonna send a rescue team
as soon as we're back.

No! I'm not leaving without him!

Look, I'll be right behind you, baby.
Just remember what the baby books said.

I never read the baby books.

Okay, okay. Forget them.
Look, you can do this, Syd.

- Look, don't worry, okay?
- Okay? We'll get him back to you.

You can do this.


Look, it's our first kid, she's nervous and
she apparently didn't read the baby books.

So if you like your colleagues,
you'll get me out of here fast.

What are you doing?

You guys don't have a filing system,
so I'm setting one up.

You know most hospital error is caused
by inaccessible medical records?

We had a system. It was my system.

So then why is Ruiz before Pe?a?

Because there are over a hundred
patients here by the name of Pe?a.

It's not alphabetical, it's by village.

Oh, yeah, smart.

Why don't you just go take the night off?

Hit the festival,
connect with the community.

That's half of what practicing
medicine here is anyway.

Partying isn't gonna make me
a better doctor.

No, but it just might get that stick
out of your ass.

Oh, my God. Is that still a contraction?


I was gonna read the books.

I was. I just figured that since
I thought Roberto would be here with me,

that he could give me,
like, a CliffsNotes version of them.

It's just what we do.

I impulsively get things,
like babies and electronics,

and he reads the instructions.

It's just that he's the prepared one.

He set up this whole amazing
birth plan with--

Baby looks good. Normal cephalic lie.

-- Music and aromatherapy--

Americans and their birth plans.

The plan around here is to squat in a bush
and get back to work.

Baby's heart rate is dropping, 90.

Late decels. Let's get her on her side.
Five liters of oxygen.

- What's going on?
- The baby's heart rate

is decelerating after you contract.
He's not tolerating labor.

Means that we're gonna have to do
an emergency C- section, okay?

Oh, God.

I'll tell him. Thanks, Lily.

Good news.
Your rescue team is on its way.

And they're battling muddy roads,
but they'll be here.

Wait, how's Sydney?

The baby's heart rate is dropping,
so, Sydney is gonna need a C- section.

Oh, God, she must be freaking out.

- You gotta get this thing off me.
- No, hey, look.

The rescue team are gonna have
this big pulley system.

- They're gonna get this thing--
- Screw that.

Let's rescue ourselves.

What, did you just cut a tree down
with a machete?

What tree? It's a lever. Help me out.

- All right, let's do this.
- Okay.

Okay, let me get that.

All right. Lever time.

You have to take off your shirt

to move a tree?

It's really hot here.

You push down on the lever,
I'll get Roberto.

- Okay. Okay, ready?
- Hey. All right. Easy, easy.

- On three, ready?
- Ready.

One, two, three.

Got him.

- Splint the femur.
- All right.

- There you go.
- All right.

We're gonna make it out, s??

Well, I didn't wanna say anything,

but missing your wife give birth
is like years of free back rubs.

Pulmonary hemorrhage. Get suction.

Looks like you took a blow to the chest
on your way down the hill.

That why it hurts when I breathe?

Yeah, it's called a pulmonary contusion.

The trauma you took to your chest
is causing bleeding in your lungs.

We need to get you back to the clinic
and put you on oxygen.

- I'm gonna go call the rescue team.
- Yeah.

- You like her.
- What?

I-- I like a lot of girls.

You must be cleaning up down here.

This place is kind of awesome.

There's hot doctor chicks, hot tourists
coming in almost every single day.

- It's kind of great.
- An all- you- can- eat international buffet.


I used to be like you, hermano.

I was a lawyer in Mexico City.

Made some money, came down here.

All I did for a year was surf and screw.

Sounds awesome.

See, I was free,

but I was aimless.

I used to be terrified of being tied down.

What I got in return?

So much better.

It's amazing.

Finding that person
you wanna give your whole life to.

Sydney? Sydney saved me.

Gave me purpose.

And I never even saw her coming.

You were at the buffet, she was
on the special ? la carte menu, you know?

- Hey, that's my wife you're talking about.
- Sorry.


Okay, English is not my first language,
but I'm sure that was a statement.

Which one of your weird- ass plants

will make a sorority chick's hangover
even worse tomorrow?

Festival casualty.

You know, I was thinking
that maybe we could stop by later.

Or tomorrow, if you want.

Like a real date?
You getting serious on me now?

Call it whatever you want.
I just like to dance.

Yeah, see,

parties full of debauchery and drinking
aren't exactly the best environment for me.

But you go and rumba your little ass off
with all the lobos you can find.

I'm not the jealous type.

No more questions. I've got surgery.

Have we heard from the rescue team yet?
I feel like Roberto should be here by now.

Well, the roads are still flooded,
mi vida.

It's slowgoing.
It'll take them a while to get back.

I just can't believe he's missing this.

You know he even prepared
for a C- section?

He said that it wouldn't happen,
but if it did,

that he would talk me through it
every step of the way.

You know what?

Fear of surgery
is a lot like fear of flying.

If you know what the pilot is doing,
that the turbulence is normal,

then it's much easier to sit back
and order a cocktail, right?

I'm gonna tell you everything we're doing,
okay? Every step of the way.

Brenner, this is not a football game,

running commentary
while the patient is on the table.

Well, I really think it would help her.

Your patient, your call.

Hey, blondie. What's up?

- You're sounding like Tommy now.
- Yeah? Cool.

It's not a compliment.

- Want some cuy?
- No.

- It's a delicacy.
- No, it's full of parasites. No.

I really thought Americans loved to travel
and eat weird stuff.

No, this American likes to work,
but I've been placed on a time out.

- A doctor time out.
- Yeah.

Whoa, watch it.

You must be the life of the party
back home.

No, I don't really go to parties.

Pork sandwiches.

Oh, I hope they're using
a meat thermometer.

- I just had one.
- Well, you just had a brain cyst on a bun.

Okay, I need a time out.

Time in.

- Suction.
- Noisy electric Band- Aid.

- What's going on now?
- The grid must have blown.

- Zee, tamponade. Brenner, here.
- Where are you going?

Open wound here.
Apply pressure to the incision.

- I can barely see anything. I--
- Get in there and squeeze!

Come on, come on.

- You piece of--!
- Cole!

- Cole, I need your help!
- Lord, grant me the serenity.

- He's saying he lost something.
- Probably his wallet.

He's got bigger things to worry about.

He got hit by a high- powered DC current
entering the leg and exiting the chest.

- Explains the power outage.
- Exit wound caused his shirt to set on fire.

Got third- degree burns,
increasing respiratory distress.

What's that smell? Is that the burn?

No, that's the taco meat.

Hey, you said get a stretcher.
It was the best I could do.

Festival blew the grid, fried our generator,
but it should be going again soon.

Fetal heart rate is 140.
We're good to continue.

Any news on Roberto?

The rescue team radioed in
while I was out there.

Unfortunately, they never made it.

- The truck got stuck a couple of miles out.
- So he's still out there?

He's got two excellent,
capable doctors with him.

He'll be fine.
They just might take a while.

It's cold and it's dark and he's hurt.

And he's just laying out there
on the side of the road.

Oh, my God. This is crazy.

BP is way up, 150 over 95.

Sydney, it's not safe to operate
if you don't calm down.

- Please. I don't even know if he's okay.
- Sydney, Sydney.

What if we tried to get him on the radio?
You could at least hear his voice.

It could calm her down.


Then we gotta move.

We gotta get this baby out.

It's okay. It's okay.

- He's barely breathing.
- The burns have scarred his skin.

His chest can't rise.
He needs an escharotomy.

- What's that?
- We cut through the burned skin

- to relieve the pressure.
- Betadine, cutdown tray, two scalpels.

Get out of here.
You don't wanna see this.

Yeah, I do.

All right, fine,
but face the wall and don't peek.

Now listen, you're gonna go
lateral and inferior. Ready?

- Will it hurt?
- No, he won't feel a thing.

He's burned off all of his nerve endings.
Did I say turn around, Charlie?

He took a jolt big enough
to blow the town generator.

I can't believe it didn't kill him.
It's crazy it didn't kill him.

Instead of wondering why it didn't kill him,
let's make sure it doesn't, okay?

He's still saying he lost something.

Pulse ox is 78.

He's drowning on his own secretions.
Where the hell is the rescue truck?

- It's not coming.
- They're coming.

They went off the road.
It's gonna be a while.

- He'll pass out soon. We have to bag him.
- I know.

- Is the truck here?
- No.

I'm gonna tell you what's gonna happen.
It's gonna get a little harder to breathe.

And then you're gonna pass out,
but that's okay,

because we're gonna breathe for you.

And when you wake up, you're gonna be
at the clinic with your wife and your son.


His name is gonna be Max.

That's a great name.

No, it's not.

I wanted Diego.

That's a great name.

But since I'm missing the whole thing,

I guess the woman should
probably get her way.

- There it is.
- All right.

All right, I'm in.


- Yeah.
- Clark.

How's the patient?
His wife wants to talk to him.

That's not gonna happen.

He's in respiratory failure
from pulmonary contusions.

- We took his airway.
- Great.

It's all we could do, Ben. Look, until
the rescue team gets here with the truck...

It doesn't look good.

Hey, listen, did he say anything?
Something that I can pass on to Sydney?

Max. He said Sydney
could name the baby Max. Why?

Did you reach them?

He did wanna talk to you,
but we lost the signal.

- Is Roberto okay?
- He's not the happiest camper right now.

You know, it's pretty chilly out there
and he's got one broken leg.

But he did say
you could name the baby Max.

He did?

He's been fighting me on that one
for nine months.

What do you say
we get this show on the road, then?

- So your husband can meet Max.
- Yeah, thank you.

So everything is...?

Fine, yeah.

Everything is fine. Let's do this.

Say good day to Max.

Hi, baby. Hi, Max.

You have a beautiful baby boy, Sydney.

What's wrong with his skin?

Bilirubin has got to be over 30.
I'm starting an umbilical line.

- What's wrong with him?
- He's severely jaundiced.

He may need a transfusion, Sydney.
Can you take over?

Your baby is gonna be okay, Sydney.
We just--

Sydney? She's losing consciousness.

God, she's bleeding out.

Okay, massage the uterus.
Use 20 of PIT.

We don't have suction
without electricity.

- Well, we'll use lap pads then.
- Will that be enough?

It has to be. We don't have a choice.

Pulse ox is up to 94.

Kid is exhausted, but he's getting air.

There's gotta be something going on
with this guy.

Anybody else would be a fried chicken
right now.

I'm gonna run a differential and then--

You didn't shock him
so you could come back to work, did you?

Hey, had to ask.

All right.

He wants to go back to the festival.

I lost--

The love of my life.

Okay, sir, you're very sick.
Just try and relax.

I have seen her every year
at the festival.

She's linda.


Always wearing blue.

He says he's like Peter Parker
with no spider powers?

I think he's delirious.

Yup. He's running a fever.

- And he's got a crazy low heart rate.
- Have you talked to her?

Last year, he finally got up the courage
to talk to her.

They talked for hours
about comic books.

They fell in love.

But when he went to go buy her a drink,
he lost her in the crowd.

What's her name?

I never ask.

Well, that was dumb.

I'm more concerned about your fever
and your low heart rate.

So I'm gonna run an EKG, okay?

Okay. That one doesn't have a single
romantic bone in her body.

B- Lynch sutures in place.

- It looks dry.
- Yeah, I think we got it all.

- How's the baby?
- Not good.

He's headed for brain injury or death
without an exchange transfusion.

- He's B positive. So is Sydney?
- Yeah, but she lost half her blood volume.

- She needs a transfusion herself.
- Have any B pos?

Not enough. We need a live donor.

The father. If Sydney and Max are both
B positive, then he should be compatible.

S?, and since he's a relative,

the baby is less likely
to have a transfusion reaction.

Sounds like our best shot.

It's our only shot.

- Absent doll's eye sign.
- Try a corneal.

Pulse ox is 55. He's brain- dead.

This was all we could do.

Time of death, 23:30.

- Yeah?
- Clark.

- How is he?
- We called it.

Damn it.

- How long ago?
- Less than a minute.

Does he still have a pulse?

- What?
- Pulse! Does he still have a pulse?


- Yeah, yes.
- Okay, start bagging him again.

Bring him back. Keep his heart beating.
Don't wait for the truck.

- Carry him.
- We're miles away. That will take all night.

- Just get him back here.
- Why?

His wife and kid, they need his blood.

- Bag him. Bag him.
- What?

He's dead?

Yeah, respiratory failure
a few hours ago.

He never had a chance.

But his heart's pumping,
so the blood should be usable.

A few hours ago?

You mean before surgery?

You said he was fine,

that he just had a broken leg,
that he would be here to meet his baby.

Told her what she needed to hear
to get through surgery.

Oh, well, what do we tell her now?

"I'm sorry, but your husband is dead

and you and your baby
both need his blood to survive"?

That sounds about right.

Oh, my God.

Poor Sydney.

Look, if it had to happen,
it's good that it happened like this, okay?

How is it good?

Look, the guy is brain- dead, all right?
There's no gray area here.

There's no hooking him up to a machine
and hoping he recovers.

She can move on with her life,

put it away.

Now I'm gonna go see if she's up.

- Are you coming?
- I can't believe you. I thought I...

- Fine, I'll go tell her myself.
- No. No--

I'm gonna tell her.

- My patient, my call.
- Hey--

Are you sure this is the right road?
I can't see a damn thing.

It's almost dawn and we've only got
about 10 more miles to go.

I didn't need to know that.

- Hey.
- Hey!

Hey. Hey!

- Stop!
- I don't think they're gonna stop.

Hey! I don't think they're gonna--



They stopped.

I feel you, hermano.

There's this girl,
smart, beautiful, nice to everyone.

I don't even think she knows my name.

Trust me, you have to tell her.

Splenomegaly. Enlarged spleen.

Write that down.

- What's going on?
- Heart rate is 49. BP is only 60 palp.

Push atropine.

Man, his pupils are normal.
What the hell is going on with this guy?

Enlarged spleen, fever, bradycardia.

What causes that?
Mosquitoes, sandflies, parasites...

He says he sometimes sits by the river,

watching the water taxis go by,
looking for the girl.

Enough with the romance novel.
I'm trying to save his life.

Aren't there more mosquitoes
by the river?

Don't they spread diseases?

- Hold this.
- What are you doing?

I told you, saving his life.

What happened?

How's the baby?

Max is sick, Sydney.

He needs a blood transfusion.

And so do you.
You've lost a lot of blood.

Where's Roberto? Is he here?

Roberto suffered chest trauma.

- His lungs filled with fluid.
- What?

They did everything they could.

His brain couldn't get enough oxygen
and last night he had a stroke.

And the thing is,
they kept his heart beating,

because his blood is a match
for you and Max

and you both need it very badly.

I'm sorry, I don't...

What are you telling me? Are--?

Is my husband dead?


And you wanna put his blood
inside me?


Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

I know I promised you
that I would tell you everything.

And I didn't, but now I am.

You and your baby,
you both will die without this transfusion.

Save the baby, then.

Let me die.

- I can't do it.
- I won't let you.

- Get out.
- Sydney--

I said get out.

- Please--
- Get out! Get out, go.

Get the hell out of here! Get out!

Get out!

Great news, Jorge.
I looked at your blood work.

You've got malaria.

- I don't think he gets it.
- He gets it.

I get it, but how is that great?

Because it's a unique strain
called vivax.

A small percentage of people who get it
develop a low heart rate.

So low, in fact, that the electric current
that hit you hit between heartbeats

and it didn't stop your heart.

Now, it also causes
an enlarged spleen,

which could've exploded
and could've killed you.

So as I see it, you were meant
to die twice over and didn't.

You lucky man!

Forget the blue dress.
This is your money story.

He's not lucky.

- What?
- He's 22 years old.

He's had three broken arms,
four broken toes.

he missed finding the love of his life,

because he got electrocuted,
and today he has malaria?

He is not lucky.

Sorry. Perhaps "lucky"
was the wrong choice of words.

But I'm gonna fix you.

Just promise me that at the next party,
you're gonna get the chick's name.

How is she?

Well, we gave her iron
to bring up her counts,

but she still won't consent
to the transfusion.


I'm Dr. Fuller.
I was in the field with your husband.

I remember.

You said that you'd bring him
back to me.

I've been trying
and she's just not ready, okay?

So you should go.

I did.


I did bring your husband back to you.

All he wanted was to come back to you
and now he's here.

- And it doesn't have to be for nothing.
- Stop.

No, look, that guy loved you so much
that it was crazy.

The way he talked about you,

I don't even know what it's like
to feel that way about a person.

And the last thing he would want right now
is for you to give up,

because that would mean
you're giving up on him.

I'm so sorry that
I could not save Roberto.

I am so sorry that he's never gonna get
to meet his son,

because he was so psyched
to be a dad.

But what he's doing right now for Max,
that is being a dad.

He told me that you saved him.

Let him save you.

I don't know how to do it.

I don't know how to live without him.

I know.

It's not easy.

But you just...

- Hi.
- Hi.

You know my name, right?

Yeah, Charlie.

- I'm just checking.
- Okay.


Vivax malaria.

Finally found your infectious disease.

Yeah, I guess I did.

But you acted like an addict doing it.

- What?
- You had a few hours yesterday

with nothing to do,
and you couldn't handle it.

Your mind starts spinning,
your palms get sweaty,

your skin starts itching. Am I close?

No. No, actually I just like to work.

It's not work. It's penance.

What was his name?

The kid you misdiagnosed
back in the States.

We all got one.


PFC Marcus O'Grady.

I was a medic
when I started using and...

The work doesn't help.

Doesn't make you forget.

So, what does?

- Come on.
- Why? Where are we going?

To that stupid party.

Even the damned deserve a night off.

See you.

I thought you weren't coming.

Come on, loca. Show me what you got.

Wait, wait, wait.
So then this guy stopped!

- Oh, God!
- Right in front of her face.

She's a superhero, this chick.

Yeah, well, I have my kryptonite.

Whatever. This is officially
the festival of Ryan's giant balls.


Don't worry.
No one else is gonna drop dead.

The pork is cooked.

Lots of girls wear blue, blondie.

Se?orita. Se?orita?

Yeah, okay, ask her if she knows Jorge.

No, wait. If he didn't know her name,
then she doesn't know his.

Ask her if she's waiting for her
Peter Parker.

Yeah, I know. Just do it.

He's waiting for you. Here, la cl?nica.

Tell her that he's a real superhero.

He escaped death twice.

See? I mean, I listen to some stuff.

Oh, come on. Please, give me a break.
I'm trying to be good here and--

Oh, you work here.

I'm sorry, I thought you were trying
to hit on me, and I'm just--

No ingl?s.

Oh, well, no espa?ol.

Except hola.

It was a rough one today.


How was Keeton?
With the patient, was he okay?

Well, he was...

...not who I thought he was.

He lost his wife and kid
a few years back.

The accident last night hit pretty
close to home, so...

Go easy.