Off the Map (2011): Season 1, Episode 12 - Hold on Tight - full transcript

A paragliding accident leaves a vacationing couple in peril, while Mina is forced to take control of Ryan's care, and Charlie is reunited with his absent mother who is in need of help from the clinic and from Tommy.

Previously on Off the Map:

Why can't I date him?

- Because he's just not right for you.
- Who is, then?

I don't want her dating this guy.
I want her dating me, I think.

Quite the matchmaker, your madre.

Take your time and enjoy.

She's just never really been
a subtle woman.

She likes to give a hint.

Dr. Keeton, Charlie has a family, right?

Parents abandoned him
when he was 9.

What I'm doing with Abby,
it's not fair on you.

She'd want me to let her go.

But I can't.

- What time is it?
- It's time to go to work.

- This early?
- Yeah.

Well, good doctors go to work early.

Yeah, good doctors
should know how to call in sick.

See, where I'm from,
we have this concept.

It's called the walk of shame.

And I would really like to do it
before your madre wakes up

and sees that I'm a dirty, dirty prostituta.

Now your Spanish
is definitely improving.

Lucky for me, she makes house calls.

If you're going to sneak out of here, cari?o,
you have to do it a little bit earlier.

- I thought we're starting next week.
- Rain is coming, starting now.

- Starting what?
- The harvest.

There's gonna be coca flying
around here, so you might want to--

Join us for the harvest dinner tonight.

Mama, I told you
that makes her uncomfortable.

Are you uncomfortable, doctora?

Not so much uncomfortable,

as not quite ready to participate
in the making of the cocaine.


You go and celebrate,
because this, you know--

Congrats on the harvest, it's--

She'll get over it. She's just sensitive.

- Your fly's open.
- No.

It's never gonna go away, is it?
The coca thing.

It's always gonna be that one thing.

I'll see you in a week.

At least the harvest
only happens once a year, right?

Six times a year.

It's a very resilient leaf.

Welcome back.

How's Abby?

Double pneumonia.

Doctors in San Miguel
left her untreated for almost a week.

If I didn't blast her with two antibiotics,

steroids, round- the- clock Albuterol,
she'd be dead.

That's a pretty aggressive course
of treatment.

Her doctor called it extreme.
I called him "out of a job."

You're okay? You look a little pale.

Just not getting enough sleep.

Never mind the heart condition.
It's this desk job that's killing me.

No, really, I have staple scratches,
I have paper cuts.

You ever sit on a thumbtack?
Because I have.

Maybe we should take a look at that.
I missed you.

I hear whistling.
You know what that means.

Otis Cole is getting some.

Yeah, and that's the good news.

- Does Zee thinks so?
- Believe me, she is not complaining.

But, look, today is not about me
and my shiny, happy life.

Look, I know you had a suck week.
I think I got the thing to cheer you up.

Guy in the ward
needs his hands sewn back on.

Both of them? Brilliant.

Grab an ortho tray and a plastics tray
and meet me in the O.R.

- And what is this?
- Did you see his eyes light up?

I think maybe I saw drool.

Oh, you're so funny.

Why don't you both
shove it up your ass?

Best I can offer is a couple of paragliders
stuck up in a tree.

I already paged Brenner to the scene,
probably won't even be that much to do.

Come on, it'll still be fun.

Ocean views, trees to climb.
It's road time.

There better be something
to sew back on.

My shirt's missing a few buttons.
You can get busy with that later.

I'm Dr. Keeton. This is Dr. Cole.

We're gonna check you out
before the rescue team gets you down.

Hello. Humiliated to meet you.

Now, that's the haircut I want.

It's so funny.
I've been trying to describe it to her.

Nothing about this is funny, Charlene.

Okay, come on, it's a little funny.

We're fine, no harm done.

Fran's got some superficial lacerations
on her pretibial region bilaterally.

- Look at you with the lingo.
- I'm a doc too, big- animal vet.

A scrape's a scrape,
whether you're sewing an elephant leg

or my wife's, right?

Thank you for comparing me
to an elephant.

Equal and reactive.
No pain anywhere?

Just a bruised ego.
I got 50 flights under my belt.

First time I convince this one to go up
with me, I aim us straight for a tree.

Yeah, this ridge
is notorious for rogue thermals.

That means scary winds, honey.

Yeah, would have been good to know

when I agreed to this
instead of a massage.

- You guys on vacation?
- Kind of a second- honeymoon thing.

We're having a great time,
right, Franny?

Great. Yes, just great.

Keeton. Cole.

You need me up there?

No, we got it, just minor injuries.

Wow, something smells--

Well, Dinner laid eggs.

- When did she start doing that?
- Since I talked her into it.

Key is to think like a rooster.

How would he talk her into it?

Wow, look at you, poultry whisperer.

You hungry?
Think she's sitting on a few more.

When's he leaving?

He woke me up at dawn.
I heard him sobbing.

He saw a double rainbow.

- He was very moved.
- You cannot seriously be into this guy.

I mean, what do you even talk about?

So it's just sex.

Omelets are good too.

Jackpot. Wish I wasn't vegan.

Hey, Fuller, what's your poison, man?

Nothing, I'm good.


Hey, pretty bad cut you got there.

It's okay. I'm waiting for someone.

Okay, well, maybe while we wait,
we'll go into the clinic.

- Let me take a look at it.
- I'm waiting for Palomito.

I don't know who Palomito is,

but we wanna clean that
before it gets infected.

I'm waiting for Palomito.
He told me to come here.

- See, he sent me a letter.
- Okay.

Is everything okay?

Does someone named Palomito
work here?

I am.

Minard, you got a second?
I think I'm spiking a fever.

You want me to call Zee? Or even Charlie
could probably man up at this point.

I know you'll be straight with me.

- Well, you've looked better.
- There it is.

See your pulse.

What are those?

Oh, just stupid paper cuts.

Been treating the infection
with topicals.

I thought they were getting better.

- How long have you had that?
- A week to ten days.

Looks a lot nastier than it did last night.

You know,
if that's the source of my fever--

- It could be in your bloodstream.
- Or worse.

There's only one way to find out.

Okay, over here.

Charlene, you're holding on too tight.

Oh, God, it hurts, just let go.

I can't. I can't.

Okay, we're here. It's okay, we got you.

When we hit the rocks,
I had my arms around her.

I felt her skin rip.

- Let's get oxygen and a large bore I.V.
- She's bleeding out.

I tried to stop it.

I put my hand on top of the tear
and squeezed.

- It's not on top of the tear.
- You're holding the bleeder.

- Santa Maria, almost a doctor.
- Yeah, almost there.

And to think you used to be afraid
of the dark, hijo.

When he was little he used to lie
on my lap and I would sing:

Teresa, this is a pretty bad gash.

I'm gonna put
a couple of more sutures in it.

I couldn't afford bus fare,
so I hopped a train in Los Azuelas.

Or most of me did.

That's a thousand miles from here.
Been bleeding that whole time?

I haven't seen Palomito in five years.

I got his letter
and I couldn't wait one more day.

will you get another pack of sutures?


Five years is a long time
not to see your son.

I know how it must look.

My health has never been good.
I'm always so tired, I forget things.

I lost a lot of jobs.

Every job.

Is that why you left?

I borrowed money from some people
and I couldn't pay them back.

They started threatening me
and my family.

I thought he's better off without me.

So, what did you tell him?

That I was going into town
to buy some coffee.

- It's a long trip for coffee.
- I didn't know what else to say.

How do you tell your son that--?

He's doing just fine.

4- 0 nylon on PS- 3, Dr. Fuller.

Thank you, doctor.

So according
to my Spanish- English diccionario,

palomito means "little dove."

- My name is Charlie.
- I can see why.

So your mother, has she--?

She's always been like that.
What's wrong with her?

Given her symptoms,

fatigue, loss of memory and headaches,
it could be any number of things.

Thyroid, anemia, vasculitis.

I told her I was working
with one of the best doctors around.

- If anyone could fix her, he could.
- We should have Keeton look at this.

I wasn't talking about Keeton.

- I'll see what I can do.
- Why, is Cole busy?

Too easy, man. Just too easy.

- Mean little dove.
- Shut up, whatever.

Mean little dove.
I'm never letting that go.

Okay, I talked to Clark,
she's prepping the O.R. For an ex- lap.

- Can you locate the bleed?
- Could be splenic artery.

Could be mesenteric.
I can't see a thing.

But the bleeding's under control now.

- Nice work, Charlene.
- My wrist is really starting to hurt in here.

It's because you fractured both bones.
Can't get in there to set it.

Sub in a vascular clamp
for her hand.

Charlene could have
intra- abdominal injuries.

I can't check her out.
But if she lets go--

If she lets go
and we can't locate the artery,

we're flying blind here,
we don't have suction.

Charlene, Charlene, look at me.

Look at me. Now,
I know it hurts, your wrist is badly broken,

but if you let go, she's gonna bleed out,
you understand?

Bleed out? So we have to stay like this?

You have to stay like this.

It's endocarditis. The bacterial
infection has spread to your heart.

That why it feels like a herd
of elephants sitting on my chest?

I'm gonna blast you with IV antibiotics.

Won't do crap and you know it.
My heart's too weak.

I bungee jumped. More than once.

You're a doctor.
Don't ever tell anybody that.

Sky diving, body- boarding,

only to be brought down
by a damn paper cut.

Hey, leave that off the tombstone,
will you?

- You know, I'm gonna page Keeton.
- No, he's in the field.

I think he might wanna
come back for this.

He called in two patients,
one of them is critical.

He's not gonna be able to focus
if he's worried about me.

That's crazy, he's gonna wanna know.

- He can't handle it, Minard.
- Yep, well, neither can I--

Hey, I'm the patient,
I make the decisions, okay?

I said no.

Right now, I really don't think
that I can talk about it anymore.

- Why not?
- Because I think I'm losing my pulse.

Heart rate is 29.
Get me atropine and pacing pads.

He kept coming home

saying he kicked the ball so far
he couldn't find it.

- So I kept buying more balls.
- He was selling them?

To the same store
that we were buying them from.

- I bought the same ball 50 times.
- Kid was a born scammer.

I don't know,
your memory seems fine to me.

I cheat. I keep it all here.

Everything in my life, where I've gone.

I'm gonna give it to him someday.

So you're back?

Palomito wants to show me his condo.

That's great, but...

What about the people that are after you?
Are they still--?

- Who told you about them?
- You did.

Look, are you in trouble?
Maybe I can help.

No, you don't know them. They're very--

They know how to follow you.

Okay, but if there's anything
that I can do, just let me know.

Can you bring me more paper, doctor?

Yeah, I think it's better
if you rest for a little bit.

People in that bed,
they keep laughing, keeping me awake.

Okay, well, I'll ask them to be quiet.

Excuse me,
there's a lady over here who--

She's schizophrenic.
She has all the classic symptoms.

Paranoid delusions,
auditory hallucinations,

she's socially withdrawn.

I ran her blood work.
There's nothing physically wrong with her.

So, what do we do?

The nearest psychiatric hospital
is in Chimbote.

It's 300 kilometers away,
but it's a good one.

He hasn't seen his mother in five years.

The day she shows up,
we'll ship her off again?

Severe mental illness
isn't something that we can treat here.

We don't even have the medication.

She's gonna need long trials
of different antipsychotics.

Zee, I told Charlie that I could fix her.

And he thinks I can.

The tape
should help keep your hand steady.

Now, we're gonna have to get you up
the same way you came down.


I think we're kind of done
with that sport, right, Fran?

They're gonna hoist you up
by this harness.

You've got to keep your hand still.

- Fran?
- Her pressure's down.

- She's losing consciousness.
- What's happening to her?

Open the fluids up wide,
give her more oxygen.

What did I do? I'm holding on.
It hurts like hell, but I'm holding on.

You're doing great. She's just not
getting enough blood to her brain.

The only thing we can do now
is get her into surgery as soon as we can.

Oh, my God, baby, I'm so sorry.
This is all my fault, this is all my fault.

- She's gotta keep that hand steady.
- Oh, my God.

- Hey, Charlene, calm down.
- I made her come down here.

She didn't wanna do it. I called Fran
ten times a day just to hear her voice.

I dragged her with me everywhere,
to the gym, to the gas station.

I smothered her for 17 years.
I killed our marriage.

- And now it's gonna kill her too.
- No, no, no.

The way I see it,
it's what's gonna keep her alive right now.

- Being a clingy, insecure mess?
- Believe it or not.

You just hold on tight
till we get you to the clinic

and we'll take it from there, all right?


- Let's go, take it away.
- Okay.

If you're curious,

receiving pulses of electric current
through your chest every second

feels exactly like you'd think it would.

It blows.

It's the only way
to maintain your heartbeat right now.

- I'm sorry.
- The airlift's been called in.

- Minard.
- You just said Keeton.

You didn't say a word
about anyone else.

Okay, well, then you better stop looking
like someone just shot a puppy.

Please. I hate puppies.

They poop
and then they sit on your lap.

Her pressure's down.

She's too critical for an airlift.
We have to stabilize her here first.

- Keeton's on his way back?
- Nope, she doesn't want him to know.

- He's a great doctor.
- Not when it comes to people he loves.

Yeah, we have to do something
about the pads. They're burning her skin.

We have to insert a real pacemaker.

There's an external pacing box
in the supply room.

- It's an old one.
- It will work?

It has to.

Hey, where you going with that?

- I'm just borrowing them for the condo.
- Look, you can't take her home.

- I'll bring her back tomorrow.
- Charlie, she's sick.

I know, that's why she's here.
So you can figure out what she has.

This isn't like a cold, okay?
It's schizophrenia, it's psychiatric.

So how do you fix it?

You don't.

But we found a hospital that we think
is gonna help her a lot.

She doesn't need a hospital,
she just gets tired and scared sometimes.

Charlie, that's what you remember
from when you were 9 years old, okay?

You haven't seen her in a long time.
Just trust me, you cannot fix this one.

Don't tell me what I can't do.
I'm practically a doctor now.

Okay, you wanna be a doctor?

Let's talk like doctors.

We have a patient who is mentally ill.

She is potentially dangerous
to herself and others.

We don't have the resources
or the abilities to help her here.

- So, what do we do?
- You said it could just be her thyroid.

I know I did, but I was wrong. I'm sorry.

What do we do?

Fuller, we're gonna need
an extra hand here.

We're not done here.

What happened?

It's here somewhere. I know it.

It was sent in a donation box years ago.

Wow, you weren't kidding
about it being old.

Oh, my God, it needs a battery.
A nine- volt.

So all we need now
is an electric guitar or a smoke detector.

You check the office, I'll check the lab.

Mommy, I'm hungry.

Baby needs potty.

- What a pretty doll.
- I love Mommy.

- What is dolly's name?
- Sandy.

Sandy. Hi, Sandy.

I'm Dr. Minard. How are you feeling?

Oh, no.
Sandy's got a pulmonary embolism.

Gonna have to operate.

Okay, she's gonna make it. Thank you.

- Holy--
- Yeah, it's about as comfy as it looks.

- Minard, we could use you in the O.R.
- Yeah, kind of busy.

- Where's Clark?
- She was tired, so I sent her home.

That one usually doesn't know
when to quit. Nice work, Minard.


Charlene, we gotta scrub you down.

Guess I'm kind of contaminating
the field, huh?

You pretty much are the field.

Once we clamp off the artery,
you're gonna let go.

But not a second before, okay?

Oh, she's coming to.

We're gonna have to put her under. You
wanna say something, now's the time.

Hey, Fran.

You were right,
we should've got that couples' massage.

- Charlene?
- Yeah, baby, I'm right here.

Why are you still here?

It's the anesthesia.
She doesn't know what she's saying.

Okay, she's under. We gotta move.

Okay, I'm tying the pacing wire
into your heart now.

Shouldn't we be doing this
under fluoroscopy?

And with a licensed cardiologist,
but beggars can't be choosers.

- I've done it blind before.
- How do you know when it's in?

Her heart rate will improve
on the monitor.

Okay, okay, come on, get in there.

Her heart rate is dropping.
What's going on?

It's not capturing.

Keep trying, amiga, you got this.

Retracting the wound.

- Holy moly.
- Opening the peritoneum.

Oh, that's Fran's blood.

- That's Fran's guts.
- Don't look.

That's my hand
all up in Fran's blood and guts.

- Don't watch it.
- I can smell it.

I've done a hundred surgeries
on animals.

I've delivered hippo babies,
but this is too much. I can't, I can't.

- Charlene, not yet.
- Calm down.

- Oh, damn it.
- BP's bottoming out, she's crashing.

So is she.

It's-- Something's wrong.

It's not floating into the ventricle.

- Let me do it.
- You don't have any experience.

Well, yours is not doing us
any favors, so.

Zee, give the damn thing to Minard.

- No pulse.
- Start compressions.

- There's fluid everywhere.
- We got bleeding around the liver.

It's blunt trauma from the crash.
I couldn't access it in the field.

You're gonna have to open her up.

- Where, the bathroom?
- No, here.

Lady wanted a couple massage,

she's gonna have to settle
for couples' surgery.

- She's not getting oxygen.
- I'm at 25 centimeters.

The wire
should be in the ventricle by now.

- We need help.
- Resume CPR.

- I'll start over.
- I'm getting Keeton.

- Don't you dare think about leaving me.
- We're gonna lose her.

We're gonna lose her if you leave.

Hold the compressions.

I can do this.

Oh, I got it.

I got it.

Grade- three liver laceration.

She's gonna need more blood.
Hang the O- neg.

One down, one to go.
Brenner, you get her out of here.

I'm gonna rescrub for Charlene.

- Emergency call for Plastics.
- Plastics is busy right now.

Oh, man, I got you. It's Charlie, go.

Hey, hey. What happened?

- Where's Charlie?
- He's-- He's trying to kill us.

- Where is Charlie?
- He works for them.

He's-- He tried to poison our food.

He tried to--

Teresa, Teresa, I'm gonna have
to give you a sedative, okay?

What did you do with him?
Where's my son?

What--? He--

- You took my son.
- No.

He was only 5 years old,
that's not my son.

It's not my son.

- What did you do to...?
- Okay.

He's not my son.

Has anyone seen a little kid? He's 14.

Charlie. Charlie.

Keep your panties on, Fuller.

I'm right here.

What happened?

I tried to stop her from freaking out.

Rock star.


Bad- ass.

Just shut up.

Okay, the airlift is on its way
to take you to San Miguel.

Get you a real pacemaker.

And then after that...

- What's that?
- My lucky subway card.

You know the trains in New York
are pretty much rolling urinals.

I hate them.

One day I was getting on the four train,

and I got a call
that my grandmother died.

And she left me a boatload of money.

And I've been taking cabs ever since.

That's uplifting,
not so much for Grandma.

Anyway, after all this, you should be
bumped to the top of the transplant list.

So you should have Keeton call your
heart guy in New York right away.

- I know, you should.
- What?

We don't allow loved ones in the O.R.
For a reason.

I don't want my boyfriend
making my medical decisions.

- Clark.
- Or my best friend.

You saw her.
I mean, she couldn't take it.

I need someone
who doesn't like me very much.

I like you.

The hair is a little bit much,
and all the God stuff.


If something happened to me,
you could take it.

- She's gonna get dizzy.
- Yeah, someone should stop her.

Yeah, someone should.

Oh, whatever's wrong,
I'm in no position to give advice.

I've chosen a seasonal boyfriend,
determined by the cocaine calendar, so.

I had to tell Charlie that his mother
was schizophrenic.

He thought she was just tired.
He was gonna take her home.

I killed Clark today
and then I brought her back to life.

And now she wants me to be
her primary- care physician.

And Keeton doesn't know about it.
Any of it.

- You win.
- I don't know what that means.

There you are.

I know I'm not supposed
to bother you at work,

but you're not gonna believe
what I found.

Kid sister for Dinner.

You okay, Mina Minard?

We can call her "Appetizer."

It's not just sex and eggs, is it?

I was kind of hoping that it might be,
but it's not.

I'm sorry, Fuller.

Your wound is gonna heal really nicely.

- How is Charlene?
- She's still in surgery.

There were complications.

They're doing everything they can,

You know what she said when we met?

"You blow beautifully.
Can I buy you a drink?"

I'm first- chair oboist
with the Boston Pops.

We were playing Peter and the Wolf
at the zoo where Char works.

Oh, the oboe plays the duck.

High school orchestra, all four years.

When this gorgeous woman
came up to me and asked me out,

I was blown away.

She was so direct.

So sexy, and now,
all I can see is her sneeze.

- Excuse me?
- She sneezes.

I don't know if it's allergies or what,
but she does it all the time.

She eats so fast, like she's afraid
someone's gonna take it away from her.

And in 17 years, she's never once
broken down a box for recycling.

But the biggest thing, the clinging.

She's always just gripping
on to me so tight.

Yeah, well, she did today.
With two broken wrist bones.

- And it saved your life.
- Yeah.

Thing is, when you focus so much
on the things you don't love,

you start to forget the things you do.

That list is so much longer.

It's not a bad facility.

I called them and they can pick you up
in the morning,

but you need to agree to go,
I can't make you.

He can visit.

You can't take him away from me.

As long as you don't know what's real,

and as long as you might hurt him,
I gotta try.

I know what's real.

I read your journal.

The one
that you were gonna give Charlie.

You steal my journal,
you call me paranoid?

My Spanish is still a work in progress,

so I had to have one
of the nurses translate.

"No plastic chair tops.

We're playing oceans,
but, Jesus, even so, in yellow knee,

the father and the children."

I know what's real.

"His mouth he thinks is blood,
but not the desert, a tunnel inside it,

you know your parking but sleeps fire,
16 angels assassinate in radio football.

My cat.

My cat, my cat."

I know what's real.

Hey, Minard.

You messed up bigtime today.

You gave up a hell of a day in the O.R.
Double surgery, double win.

That's great.
That's great, congratulations.

I'm gonna leave you to cover things here.
I'm gonna run home, check on Clark.

You don't have to leave to do that.

She was running a fever,
and her blood pressure was down,

so I ran an echo
and I found endocarditis.

- Why didn't you tell me?
- Floated in a pacing wire--

Why didn't you tell me?

And it was touch- and- go for a while,
but it worked.

- You lied to my face.
- I didn't lie.

I was respecting doctor- patient

What the hell are you talking about?

Durable power of attorney?

I make her medical decisions now.

Hell you do. Where's her chart?

Penicillin? She should be on Vanco.
Dopamine, were you trying to kill her?

- Brought her blood pressure up.
- Mix up a levophed drip.

She needs chronotropic support
for her heart block.

Listen, you work for me.

I appreciate your feedback,

but Clark is my patient, and this is
the course of treatment that I'm taking.

My feedback?

Until she wakes up
and can talk to you personally,

you need to stand down.


You talk to Keeton yet?

El jefe's not in a talking mood.

Is he ever?

Look, he'll come around.

She's alive because of you.

I froze. I couldn't--


She's alive because of Minard.

Don't let me go.

Now that I got you back?

Not a chance.

It's a really sweet pad.
It's even got foosball.

You ever play?

I'm pretty good.

I can't wait to see it, maybe tomorrow.

I just have to go into town first
to buy some coffee.

You were right,
your friend is a very good doctor.

Yeah, yeah.

You don't have to sing, okay?

I'm not a kid anymore.

Don't-- Don't sing.

Don't sing, don't sing, don't sing.

Don't sing.

Don't sing.

Don't sing.

Thought you'd be sick
of cuddling by now.

Nurse told me
it was against clinic policy.

Told her to go screw herself.

I'll overlook it this one time.

You'll have to. Chick won't let go.

Need a picture of the back of that haircut.
For reference.

You know, as a doctor, I have to advise
against talking with your mouth full

because it's a major choking hazard.

So just keep chewing.

I know it's harvest time, or whatever,

and I wasn't gonna come back
until it was over,

but screw it, everyone here already knows
me as the dirty prostituta.

So instead of obsessing
about one little major thing,

I'm just gonna focus
on what I like about you.

And how long you can go
without breathing, because...

- Do you need the Heimlich?
- No.

- I'm good.
- Me too.

- What's going on?
- She felt a drop, a storm's coming.

- Well, we can just go inside and eat.
- It's the crop, it can't get rained on.

- We're in a rainforest.
- We can't pick it wet.

The picked leaves ferment,
and it's ripe now.

We have to get it into the barn tonight,
or else we lose the whole harvest.

Wait, Mateo.

Tell me what to do.

Come on.

Just pick from the root and twist, okay?

- Hey.
- Hey.

Leave you alone for one minute.

You want to tell me what this means?

- It gives Minard the power to make my--
- No, I know what it is.

What are you thinking?

I don't want to end up like her.

If something goes wrong, I don't wanna
end up hooked up to machines.

- I didn't wanna put you in that position.
- You can't compare yourself to Abby.

Well, let's face it, Ben.

You do kind of have a type.

What are you saying, I got a thing
for helpless women on life support?

If the jungle boot fits.

I love you.

But you hold on too tight.

The airlift's here.

Let's get you on it, huh?

Is it cool if I come in?

That smelly,
toeless guy basically moved in.

- So I kind of had to get out of there.
- Look, I don't need a babysitter, okay?

Did I say that you did?

I guess you could crash here
if you want.

That'd be cool.

Thanks, Little Dove.

Hey, Minard, you ever lose someone?


Someone you love ever die?

Yeah, my grandmother.


Yeah, that's sad.

My wife was shot and there wasn't
a damn thing I could do about it.

So you're out of your mind if you think
I'm gonna let that happen again.

You're fired.

- What?
- Hold on, Keeton.

Doesn't change anything.
I'm still her doctor.

Where you gonna practice?

I was the only one willing to give you a job
after you killed that kid back in the States.

Get out of my clinic.