Odysseus (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

Move aside!


- Let me by.
- No one can...

I'm the prince!

King's orders.

Don't leave me!

Come back!

You should try to sleep.

I know you look at me at night.

You watch me.

You study my every reaction.

I'm worried about you,
I want to help you.

Help me how?

To trust again.

Trust you?

In my absence,
you received Eukaristos.

I never betrayed you.

Trust my son who challenges me?

- He loves her.
- He'd betray his father.

Why speak of betrayal?

You loved me at his age, right?

You were my friend,

my ally.

- I still am.
- No.

You fear me.

I no longer know you.

I'm the same.

You have changed.

We've all changed.

We had the misfortune to keep on
living during your absence.

Where are you going?

I can't share my bed
with a man who suspects me.

I love you, Ulysses.

I want you to find peace again.

I love her.

I love Clea.

- You'll forget her.
- No.

When Ulysses left,
you didn't forget.

You can't let him do this.

Your father is king.

No one can do anything.

I too disapprove of her death.

I too want to be done
with vengeance.

I'll talk to Ulysses.

But he has changed.

I don't know if he will listen.

I don't know if he listens
to anyone but himself.

He's my father,

and your husband,

but I hate him.

I hate him.

Save me!


I'll talk to Ulysses.

He won't listen.
He wants only our death.

- Come on, I tell you.
- No!

Clea! No!

She's just a kid, Ulysses.

She may have found this ring.
She doesn't deserve to die.

The Trojan women served
the suitors.

Slaves aren't free to choose.

You defend them, like my son.

The poison they put
in your blood makes you forgive?


We want the bloodshed to stop.

If my men had heard the sirens,

They would've followed them
to hell.

I'll separate you
from these women...


Spare her, please.

Trojan women are dangerous.

I know them.

Your girl caused Ulysses' anger.

Now he'll take it out on us all.

He didn't need Clea to hate us.

Let him take her,

but may he let our children live.

If we start fighting,

Ulysses will have triumphed
over the last Trojans.

Troy is dead.

As long as we are worthy,

we maintain our honor.

Troy is still alive.

Our fathers' blood
flows in our veins.

We must be worthy of it.

No one enters the palace
with weapons.

- I didn't know.
- Now you know.

Leave it at the door.

Know that you're welcome here.

Burn this, and your husband
will get his strength back.

Thank you.

I know you.
You're the foreigner who won.

Go home.
I don't like what will happen.

You know what will happen?

Flies are messengers of Hermes.

It's not a kind god
who sends you to us.

I can read you.

If you want to know your future,
it's very cheap.

You want me to go against
the king's order.

I ask only for justice.

Is justice really guiding you?

It's a matter of life and death.

The law applies to all.
The assembly must meet.

So you're opposing your father?

Who taught me
the right to justice?

Who raised me to respect life?

Who taught me to hate tyranny?

You raised me
to become the man I am.

Only the assembly of free men
can go against the king.

We will meet.

Thank you for letting me
stay here, sire.

Call me Ulysses.

Ithaca isn't safe at night.

There are wolves.
In the palace too.

And the wolves are watching.

Why didn't she give me
a son like you?

You seem never to be afraid.

You give me respect
and friendship.

Would you betray your father
for a woman?

I'd never betray my father.

- Your father must be proud of you.
- I hope so.

Continue to be faithful
and honor him.

Before I left, the king
was respected and ruled alone.

There was no assembly
to contest his orders.

You were gone a long time.

The assembly of free men

decided to meet
over any death sentence.

This is a slave.

Clea is no longer a slave.

The law is clear.

It defends free men and women.

I admire your wisdom,

but now that I'm here, we can return

to our fathers' law.
- Ignore the assembly?

Ulysses, my son,

It honors kings
to listen to their people.

The assembly of free men
is just trying to help you.

- How can it help me?
- You sentenced a free woman.

Alone, you don't have the right.

Go get her.

What is her crime?

She was found
with Leocritus's ring,

a sign of her betrayal.
She deserves death.

She's innocent.

She's lying to save her life.

Ithaca held games
to bring peace.

Are we going to break the vow
we made before the gods

to shed no more needless blood?

Betrayal must be punished!

You can't order death
without proof.

Tell me, my son,

why are you interested in her?

Are you defending justice
or a personal cause?

The law must be the same for all.

She's just a Trojan!

Daughter of our enemies!

No one will miss her!

We'd lose the arms
that spin wool,

that clean our houses.

Ithaca needs slaves to survive.

These Trojans you defend
will end up killing you.

Don't sow fear
in the assembly, Ulysses.

Hear what she has to say.

Then decide.

Very well.

I've heard your demand.

Free her. Come, Orion.

- Well?
- I pardoned her.

She owes her life to Telemachus.

He managed to convince the assembly.

You followed your heart.

Your son isn't a warrior,
but he can use his tongue.

He's like you.

You too have a way with words.

Words betrayed me.


tell them one of my adventures,
in your words.

He alone understands me.

But you, my dear friend,

you no longer do.

You don't have war scars.

My wife and son waited for me,

but now they don't understand me.

Go on, Homer, begin.

"And the poet sang
of the ravaged city.

"Bursting from the horse,

"the Greeks leave
the site of the ambush

"and each pillages
part of the city.

"The Trojan woman weeps,

"throws herself on her husband,
prince Cleitos.

"When he falls before the walls
and his people,

"she sees him dying,
already convulsing.

"She seizes him shouting.

"She pleads to spare her city
and her children

"on the day with no mercy.

"And now behind her,
enemy spears

"kill Cleitos and her son.

- "Here..."
- Skip this part.

Choose another.

Very well, sire.

You killed my husband and son.

You're Cleitos's wife?

What have you done?

It's a deep wound,
but Athena protects you.

Where is she?

Hiding in the temple.

You see what Trojan women can do?

They rot my kingdom
from the inside.

- May they be damned!
- Don't move.

Athena watches over you,
but she can't treat you.

I want her to suffer
before dying.

No one enters the throne room armed.

Your weapon almost killed me.

Forgive me, Ulysses.

Leave us.


I'm here, father.

Call the assembly of free men.

All right.

Have the guards
arrest the Trojan women.

Not a single one can live.

He ordered all Trojans to die.

There are no slaves here.

After what happened,
there won't be any anywhere.

This way.

Why do they arrest us?

Your mother tried to kill Ulysses.

- Where is she?
- She's locked up.



Here's the one we were looking for.

Her mother's the bitch
who tried to kill the king.

Thank you, prince.

Orion, open up.

You should return to Sparta.

Ithaca brings only misfortune.

Here or there doesn't matter.
I have nowhere to go.

Don't worry,

misfortune is a good friend.

Whatever burns in you,
I'm like you.

The same anger.

What do you know?
You don't know me.

For 20 years,
I waited for my father.

Today, I want a brother.

Why do you still want me?

You don't have to endure
what I am.

You need to rest.

Tell me I'm not the man
you waited for.

Tell me.

You're not the man I waited for.

I see only poison in you.

I pray every day
for you to heal.

- No one can see her.
- King's orders.

Make it quick.

- I couldn't help it.
- I know.

Watch over Clea.

I promise.

I loved you.

I really loved you.

You taught me to love.

That's precious.

I won't leave you at his mercy.

Free me.

Our gods are satisfied.

Why did you kill her?

She tried to flee.

I wanted to make an example of her.

- Death isn't an example?
- I wanted to see her die.

Double the guards
for the others.

She tried to kill me.

She stood by me for 10 years.

No one was closer to me.

It couldn't be helped.

You killed her son?

That night everyone went mad.

The smell of blood

and the city on fire.

The women's shrieks.

Cleitos was shielding his son.

I didn't see him behind him.

I was carried away
by Zeus' fury.

My sword went through
Cleitos and his son.

You weren't at Troy.

You'll never know what it was like.

The king has sentenced
all Trojans to death.

Bring your slaves to the palace.

They'll be hanged by noon.

He wants us to give up our goods?
Who will do the work?

Ulysses showed clemency
to satisfy the gods.

But this is murder.

They tried to kill the king.

I'll bring my slave and her son


They must pay.

Will the king compensate us?

The king almost died

and you talk of money?

Ulysses, how do you feel?

Are you like my son?

- You think I'm bloodthirsty?
- No.

You do what you must.

Help me.

You're a warrior.

We're the same.

Leave us.

Wash me.

Surely you washed your father.

No. I didn't have the chance.


He died too soon.

The war.


The gods.

They gave me
a taste for blood like poison.

They incite my vengeance always.

Even here, in my palace,

The Trojan women,

the suitors,

they tried to steal my wife
and my kingdom.

I had no choice.

We had no pity.

You say "we."

You weren't alone?

Mentor was at my side.

Telemachus too.

That's when I saw

he had the taste for blood.


He was valiant, pitiless.

May the suitors' souls

rot forever.

My king.

Why do you stop?

Keep going.

You must confront Ulysses.

Don't try to drag us into a war.

We've chosen peace.

No. You've chosen dishonor.

Ulysses let us honor
our fathers.

That's all we asked for.

He gave you some arid land
and a ship without a sail.

With that you hope
to build your future?

OK, what do you want?

You could get so much more.

With Sparta's help,
you could be masters of Ithaca.

We don't need Sparta.
And we don't need you.

Now let us mourn.

- It's betraying your father.
- I must save Clea.

Wouldn't you do it
for her mother?

- What's he doing here?
- I want to help Telemachus.

Let her out.
The guards trust you.

I'll wait for you outside.

All right, come.

Get down.

King's orders.
I'm taking this one.

Your dress.

Put it on.
Come on, quick.

Come with me.
Telemachus will meet us.

He wants to kill me.

- I thought you were my brother.
- I'm not your brother.

I am Orion, son of Antinoos.

You'll pay
for my father's death.

But 1st I'll kill Ulysses.

There's a hut by the hill.
Wait for me there.

The son of Antinoos

at my table.

I treated him like...

Like your son.

Yes, like my son.

Blind to your bravery
and loyalty.

I killed the woman you loved.

But I will reward your loyalty.

When you become king,

I want Ithaca
to recover its glory.

You'll be one of the most powerful
kings in Greece.

I'll help you find allies
to resist Sparta.


You'll marry Nausicaa,

princess of Pheacia.

Help me.

Come on.


You're leaving

without making Ulysses pay?

- We promised peace.
- And your fathers' memory?

Orion, son of Antinoos.

He is a warrior.

A son worthy of his father.

Aristes, son of Dolios.

We made peace with Ulysses.

- And you sold your honor.
- You came to insult us?

I came for the blood
of Ulysses and his family.

We must avenge our fathers.

Sparta offers to help.

Together, we can take Ithaca

and achieve what our fathers wanted.

Subtitles: Eclair Group