Odysseus (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

You're afraid.

That's good.

A warrior should feel fear,

but not go to sleep with it.

Always clean your weapon.

Blood eats away at the blade.

The blood won't go away.

Rub harder. Like this.

There must not be
a single trace.

There was blood?

It's over now.


Everything's clean.

How is she?

She's very agitated.

Leave. She's afraid of you.

And are you afraid of me?


So why do you avoid me?

You won't look at me?

Yes, I killed the suitors.

They would've killed my family.

I know.

What do you hide
in your Trojan heart?

Nothing, sire.

What a stench. It smells
like the mouth of hell.


Penelope wants you.


My king.

My king.

- You can't come in.
- Why?

The temple is off-limits to men.

Even to the king?

You're a man

and must obey the gods,
like all.

I pray for mercy.

Tell me your prayer.

Queen Penelope is sick.

She pays for your cruelty
and pride.

The gods require
respect for the dead.

How to appease them?

Allow the families
to honor their dead

and make an offering
so the gods forgive you.

Forgive me for what?

Ulysses, since you returned,
you've soaked your kingdom in blood.

Her fever won't let up.

She's lost in nightmares.

When did it start?

This morning.

She fainted,
and the fever took her.

Give her cold baths
several times a day.

Hibiscus should open her chest
and help her breathe.

It'll cure her?

It'll soothe her.

I can't cure souls.

Have her drink.

Drink, my queen.


Will she recover?

I can't predict the fate
the gods have chosen for her.

I'm not one of your customers.

Tell me the truth.

Her fever is lower, but...
her mind still wanders.

You too think I must give
burnt offerings to the gods?

An olive branch won't be enough
to wash all this blood.

You're very bold
to speak thus to your king.

Are you ready to hear the truth
to save her?

Tell me.

Make peace with yourself,

and her mind
will be at peace again.

Glory to you, Ulysses!

It's time that Ithaca

find peace and abundance again.

The time for vengeance is over.

That's why I declare
to the suitors' families

that they may claim the remains
of their dead

and give them their rightful honors.

Your mercy honors you, Ulysses.

To thank the gods
for letting me return,

I've decided to offer them
sacred games.

All may participate,

except slaves,


the impious, and women.

May valiant men
come from all of Greece,

to test their strength
under the auspices of Apollo.

May the residents of Ithaca
welcome them warmly.

The exploits of each hero

will be written down
to survive in memory.

You seem happy.

Soon you'll be my wife.

You really think so?

My father holds sacred games.

He can refuse nothing
to the winners.

Win for me.

Your name?

Nikos. Of Messenia.

Your hand.

You. Come.

- Your name?
- Philo. Of Athens.

Your hand.

Let me go.

Hey! That's enough.

It hasn't started yet.

Come on, if you're so impatient.

What's your name?


I'm from Sparta.

Your hand.


You're scared?

Spartans don't fight like women.

Uphold the name.

- You.
- Your name?


Thanks for coming all the way here.

It's an honor to be chosen
by you, Ulysses.

Stand up.

He was at Troy, in Ajax's army.

Best wrestler in Greece.

There's no better coach
to win the games.

Telemachus can fight,
but he lacks experience.

He hasn't known war.

I killed Leodes.

Because I helped you.

Teach him to win, Kiros.



What're you doing?

- Looking for something valuable.
- From a slave?

- That's all you have from Troy?
- Yes. They took all.

I want to buy fabric
for my wedding.

You think you'll marry?



- Where's it from?
- I won't tell.

You'll give it to me?

Thank you.

- The games start soon.
- Yeah.

Look at this.

Take it, touch it.
It's the best quality.

- I have this too.
- I'm not sure.

- It's all there.
- I'm checking.

Take your time.

It's from Mycenae?

What do you know about Mycenae?

I grew up there.

You've got gold?
You must pay in gold.

A Greek warrior's ring?

I didn't steal it.

It was given to me.

Help yourself.

It's from Mycenae.

Take it.

You're here?
Not busy with the games?

Ulysses asked a war buddy
to train Telemachus.

He's ungrateful to you.

No. I understand.

Kiros won the sacred games of Hermes
10 times.

He separates you from Telemachus,
yet you defend him.

Control your hatred, Eurynome.

He's my king, and I love him.

Whatever he does.

Let's go. Again.

Keep going.

Raise your arms.


Use your legs.


There you go.


- Keep going.
- He's worked hard.

It will never be enough.

Keep going.

Come on. Again.

You want to win?

Come on.

Keep going.

Come on. Once again.

O Artemis, watch over...

You have no right.

Maia, come quick.

The king's offering to his gods.

Artemis is in the temple.

She'll be glad. Her brother Apollo
can bless the sacred games.

You said I was impious

and to sacrifice to the gods.

To please them,
I organized the games.

I want at least to choose

the god I offer to.

Kiros did this?

He's teaching me.

The gods will help me.

They'll give me strength.

You, and the gods.

Hello, my queen.

Hello, my queen.

The palace seems
back to its old self.

The city was like this 20 years ago.

Happiness has returned.

Slowly, my queen,
you're still weak.

It's gold.

Thanks for the prediction.

You won't be disappointed.


My queen.

Thank you for your care.

You should thank the gods.

They stayed by your side
until you got well.

And they brought peace.

Will it last?

You really
want me to ask the gods?

Do you want worry for tomorrow?

You're right.
I should enjoy the moment.

Apollo and Artemis,
receive these offerings,

pray for the athletes.

One will be chosen
by you as the winner.

He will leave with glory
and honor

for posterity.

There will be 3 tests:

the javelin,

the armed race, and wrestling.

Prince Telemachus
wins the 1st test.

Stop the games immediately.

Who are these youths?

The sons of the suitors.

Vengeance has returned
to Ithaca.

Don't worry.
Let's hear what they have to say.

Sons of the suitors,

why disturb
the peace of the sacred games?

We don't want peace.
You spilled our fathers' blood.

You'll pay for your crimes.

Your fathers deserved punishment.

I let you
give them funerary honors.

You should thank me.

No. Not yet.

I'll give you
the islands of Kastos

and Kalamos,

with the slaves living there.

I'll add 2 royal ships.

And the 1st harvest of oil
will be yours.

We accept your offer.

The winner of the 2nd test
is Orion.

Is he from Ithaca?

This is the first I've seen him.

Nothing must keep you
from victory.

Win at any cost.

Prince Telemachus and Orion of Sparta
will wrestle.

The victor will win
the sacred games.

Courage, prince.

Orion of Sparta

is winner of the sacred games.

Your strength and skill
made you win.

Honor to men of Sparta.

Orion, you're welcome in Ithaca.

Be my guest at the palace
as long as you like.

Welcome to my palace.

Drink with us, Orion.

Aren't there any poets here?

Homer, can you speak
as well as you write?

Tell us
what you inscribe on your tablets.

Perhaps one of your journeys?

Which do you suggest?

The one with the Cyclops' cave.

You came up with a plan
to free your companions.


Wait, Homer...

give your seat to Orion.

I want next to me
the worthy victor

of the games.

This shouldn't prevent
your enjoyment.

Tell your Cyclops story.

The Cyclops...

have no councils,

no law.

Isolated on high mountain peaks,

they live in deep caves,

unaware of their neighbors.

Their fields, with no cultivation,

are covered with barley, wheat

and various other grains.

- Not at the banquet?
- I wanted to be alone.

Because of him?

Who, "him"?


How do you find him?

He's the same man you knew?

The same size.

His eyes still shine.

I was 15 when he left.

I barely knew him.

Tell me he's the same.

He's the one I waited for?

We were nursed together.

Ulysses is more than my brother.

Give him time
to come back to us.

Penelope... For 20 years,

I saw your son grow up,
was with you at every moment,

never asking for a favor,
hoping for nothing.

You gave your word.

I want my life back.

Give me Eurynome.

- To leave?
- Ulysses is here.

He's in his place.

You'd leave me alone with him?

What do you see?

An olive branch.

"A branch"?


There's a field.

A field of olive trees,

with a house,

a stable, and sheep.

Are you drunk?

You'll come live with me.

I belong to the palace.

will never let me leave.

She gave permission.

You leave with me.

It'll be our house, Eurynome.

You'll be free.




They groveled like cowards

before Ulysses,
for land and ships.

But I,

I vow
to avenge your death with blood.

Ulysses will pay for his crime.


Orion, son of Antinoos,

I swear to kill Ulysses
by any means.


Why are you here?

Your father was my friend, Orion.

I regret his death.

I came to pay my respects.

Dressed as a shepherd?

Warriors rarely leave
their armor.

No one knows I'm in Ithaca.

You're not alone
seeking revenge.

I can help you, and Sparta.

I don't need anyone.

I'll kill him with my own hands.

They'd tied me to the mast.

I had closed the men's ears
with wax.

The sirens sang all night long.

Their voices reminded me
of Penelope.

I ordered my men to free me,
but they kept on rowing.

The sirens lure sailors
so they can devour them.

Appearances can be deceiving.

Right, Orion?

I recognized your breathing.

It's fast

and impatient,

like Telemachus's.

How did you know it wasn't him?

He's not as good at hiding as you.

Remember what I'm telling you.

To live, become like your enemy.

Get inside him like a poison.

Have the gods been generous?

I can't complain today.

I know this ring.

It's Leocritus's.

I was with him enough to know.

Where'd you get it?

Not from Leocritus.
A merchant gave it to me.

He got it from a woman
buying fabric.

"For her wedding," she said.

What're you doing?

This is yours?


- Come on.
- Let me go.


- Telemachus!
- Be quiet!

Why is Clea in prison?

You were raised far from reality.

You trust anyone.

You recognize this ring?

It's Leocritus's.

She had it.

And this?

What does this mean?

Your slave bought this fabric
with the ring.

A reward for her betrayal.

It's impossible.

She used you to plot
with those who wanted my throne.

No. Not her.

She deceived you!

There must be an explanation.

There's nothing I can do, son.

According to the law,

she must die tomorrow.

Subtitles: Eclair Group