Odysseus (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Le duel - full transcript

Hey, little prince!

Come join the fun.

No hard feelings.

Come on.


Leave some room.

The little prince wants his own.

Come on, leave him alone.



You'll see. She's a real...

Sorry to intrude, Penelope.

I'm informing you

your son killed my cousin
before witnesses.

The best of us,

a faithful, loyal warrior.

By law,
I ask for justice.

I challenge him to fight.

Against you?

He doesn't stand a chance.

What did you do?

They stole everything.

They insult us.
They rape our slaves.

They spit on Ulysses' name.

They piss on me,
what do you want?

Should I just stand there?

You acted out of rage,

and you awakened
the rage of the gods.

By killing Amphinome,
you've brought chaos.

- And be humiliated?
- I didn't say that.

Think with your head!

Then with your hands.

That's what I taught
your father.

And what my father
taught me.

You spoke of Ulysses?
Be worthy of him.

And me!

I'm ready.

You know the law?
You want your father's place?

Show them you're the strongest,
that you kill challengers.

That's what Ulysses did

before you, and I did before him.

Sons may leave this world
before their fathers. It's unjust,

but if you must die

I want to be proud.

I don't want to die.

My queen.

The queen is here.

She wasted no time.

My dear Penelope.

We have no throne to give you,

but we'll find
a place for you to sit.

Right, Antinous?

I'll stand.

Liodes told me of
Amphinome's death.

His murder, Penelope.

Not his death, his murder.

By your son Telemachus.

It's a terrible loss,

for his family,

for his cousin,

and for all of us.

I know he wants justice.

The law says
they duel.

The law also provides
other reparations.

How much does he want instead?

I can give two cows,
five slaves, and gold.

Don't insult Liodes, Penelope.

Do you really think you can buy
Amphinome's life with that?

He'll kill my son.
No one wants to fight him.

What do you want?

You tell me,

my very dear future wife.

Before the gods, I said
I would finish the shroud

before choosing a husband.

I won't make false promises.

You should have finished the shroud,

If you want Liodes
to spare your son,

you'll finish it, marry me,
and make me king.

It's not difficult.

My queen.

Go to Sparta, with Menelaus.

He will help us.

One of his ships is coming tomorrow.
Hide there and go.

- Ithaca is dangerous.
- I'm staying.

You can't fight him.

- I'll fight.
- Not him!

Ulysses never backed down.

Ulysses never lost a fight
going in, but you...

you're a child.

I'll fight for my honor.


Wipe that word from your mouth.

That word is why women cry
over sons.

Let me get dressed.

Who is the sacrifice for?

That brute, Amphinome,
like he's a hero.

What a joke!

For once, Telemachus
acted like a man.

- Telemachus killed him?
- Yes.

He's going to face Liodes

in a duel.

If only all the Greeks
would kill each other.

He'll lose.


Will Penelope forbid it?

She's bound by law.

Blood for blood.

Don't make that face.
Back to work.

- We can't let it happen.
- What do you want to do?

Let the Greeks
fight it out.

Oh, Amphinome!

Your family,

your beloved cousin Liodes,

and all of us here

have come to mourn.

Your life was taken
by the caprices of one man.

You are victim of his cruelty

and injustice.

But your crime will not go
unpunished, Amphinome.

Oh, no!

It won't be,

I'm promising you here.

Now, go.

You can leave in peace
and join the dead,

you lived,

and died a hero,

not a coward.

Let's stop mourning,

Have you considered?

Very well.

Let us mourn Ulysses,
and celebrate

the marriage here,
before Amphinome's pyre.

The gods appreciate promises.

I promise them Ulysses lives.

Before them,

I reject your blackmail.

You won't announce
your husband's death? Fine.

You'll announce your son's.

I, Telemachus,

prince of Ithaca,

son of king Ulysses,

accept the law
for the murder I committed.

I accept a fight against you,

for the death of your cousin,

You can't do that.

- Teach him everything.
- I already started.

Teach him
to hurt, to kill...

- Everything you know.
- I promise.

Protect him, Mentor.
Do it for me.

Count on me.

You who illuminate
the crossroads of life.

Help my son, Telemachus.

Give him his father's strength.

Oh, goddess!

Don't make a son pay
for his mother's sins.



Dead again.

Go, attack.

Go on, attack.

You say you can fight,

but you've never been to war.

How can I be sure the goddess
will spare my son?

Get the swords.

He'll be ready.


And, and...
it's better than fish.

Ask again.

Will I win the fight
against Liodes?

Athena gives courage.

And? Keep going.

I like you, prince of Ithaca.

You shouldn't fight.

Save the advice.

Tell me my destiny.

"Destiny". It's the path you choose
for yourself.

Pick another path,
and don't fight.

What did you see?

Your death.

You can pay now.
Tomorrow is too late.

Come with me.

Leave me alone.

Leave me alone!

Achilles was never alone
before a fight.

A ship from Menelaus arrived.

- It's docked on the beach.
- I saw.

The Spartans are hovering
like flies.

They brought food.

We've learned not to trust
gifts from the Greeks.

Take them this message.

I don't need to read.
I know what you're thinking.

I'd rather he be far away
than dead.

Telemachus can't beat Liodes.

- The gods will guide his arm.
- No, Mentor, and you know it.

A ship from Menelaus
is docked on the beach.

Take Telemachus to Sparta,
and stay there.

No, he won't go.

Do what you want,
but he must go.


I promised Ulysses
to make his son a warrior.

I'm your queen,
and I'm telling you.

Nothing would have been spared.

Oh, dark goddess,
of such terrible powers,

thank you for having given me
such a long life.

But today,
I'm asking you to take me.

Cut the thread

that ties me
to the world of the living,

and spare Telemachus, who is
at the very dawn of his life.

I'm begging you,

somber goddess,
let him live.

Aries, god of war, give me

the strength to win.

I'm begging you,
don't let me die.

Aries, god of war,
give me the strength to win.

Give me the strength to win.

Give me the strength to win.


How do you sleep
so peacefully?

I have nothing to worry about.

And neither do you.


everything will be fine,
trust me.

I had that same nightmare,

with the two headed eagle.
I don't like it.

Did you catch it this time?

Don't mock me, Liodes.

They're signs.

The only sign I see
is killing Telemachus.


You gave her the choice,

she refused to marry you.

She just had to say one word
to save her son,

and she didn't do it.

Her mistake.

I'll be worthy of Ulysses.
You'll be proud of me.

I love you.
Never forget it.


Let's go!

En garde.


Artemis, who hears lost souls
and understands slaves,

why are you sending him
to die?

Don't let him die.

Give him to me.

What did you do to me?

The ship is going to Sparta.

- To save your life.
- Depriving me of fighting?

- No, to save your hide.
- I don't want that.

Heroes know
they may die in combat.

- I want to fight.
- Your mother doesn't want you to.

She asked you
to do this?

If I go,
I'll never return to Ithaca.

You'll see new places,
new people.

It's hard to leave
those we love.

I want to see Clea
before I go.

- You like that slave?
- She's not like other slaves.

let me go find her.

- No, I'll send her to Sparta.
- I'd rather get her myself.


I give you my word.

- Thank you.
- Go.


likes sacrifices.

Blood is protection.

Stop with your
old wives' tales!

Let Liodes kill Telemachus.


- Let us fight.
- The duel is tonight.

- Why wait?
- What? Let's go, now.


I want to kill him
at the Agora.

- You're afraid.
- "Afraid"? Of you?

If the prince wants to die
right now,

you can't refuse him
one last favor.

What will the gods say?

They agree.

Don't let Telemachus die.

- What are you talking about?
- Do something.

I have rabbit bones.

Use your magic
to stop the fight.

It's for the gods to decide,
not me.

- Can't you do something?
- Telemachus chose his destiny.

Penelope tried,
but he came back.

Take it up with him.

Accept the gods' will,
that's what your prince chose.

The gods aren't answering.

They don't answer slaves.

Try anyway.

Why reign without Ulysses
or Telemachus?

End my suffering.

May Liodes and Telemachus
fight now.

Only the gods will decide
who will join Amphinome

in the kingdom of darkness.

What are you doing here?

No, stop!

Don't do this.

Come back!

The queen lied.

Liodes! Stop!


You betrayed your word
to the gods and men of Ithaca.

You made a mockery of us.
You lied!


Is that how you speak
to the queen of Ithaca?

Every night our queen
undoes her weaving.

Bring the slave.

Do you confirm

that you saw our queen

undoing the work
she did during the day

on the shroud?

I can't hear you!


Enough betrayal,
enough lies,

free men of Ithaca,

to appease the gods,

I propose the following:

that the queen Penelope

engage to marry me

making me your new king,

so that

prosperity finally reigns
in Ithaca.

How could you?

That slave betrayed me.

You lied to people of Ithaca,
to the gods.

You lied to me.

I tried to hold on.

You forced Mentor to betray me.

You wanted to make me a coward.

I did it all for you.

Everything I do
is to protect you.

You're the most important one to me.

You have to marry Leocritus.

They'll burn what's left
of Ulysses.

It's your fault.

No. That slave ruined everything.
It's her fault.

She must die.

- It's Eurynome's daughter.
- I don't care.

She dies.

Without her,
I'd be dead.

You want to kill
the woman who saved me?

Leave her.

Please, speak to Penelope.

Help me.
Don't let her kill my daughter.

She won't listen.

I let Telemachus go.
It's a disaster.

She won't forgive me.

- She's a criminal.
- Don't say that.

She'll never love you.

Don't touch me!

You can do what you want with me,
and then kill me if you want,

but save my daughter.

You betrayed me.

You dishonored Ulysses,

and brought my downfall.

But my son
and Mentor want mercy.

I can't refuse them.


My queen!
A strange sail is coming.

A blue sail. Blue and red,
like Ulysses.

Subtitles: Eclair Group