Odysseus (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Télémaque affronte Ulysse - 2ème partie - full transcript


Don't struggle, it hurts you.

- You came to free me?
- I can't.

You lie.

You always lie.

- You're sorry I came back.
- Not true.

Then free me.

Free me!

Help your queen free the king!

I'll pray to Athena
to give you back your mind,

to bring you back...
- Free me!


Free your king!

Free me!

There are 50 ships,
they're all over the island.

Now you must lead your people.

Go on.

Menelaus promised peace.

And he brings war.

He wants to take Ithaca

and make us slaves.

We won't stand for it.

What have you decided?

- The Spartans will massacre us.
- You're scared?

We all know it.

They are many, and trained,
but we...

- Why imprison Ulysses?
- He's lost his head.

You can't do it alone.

I asked the Pheacians for help.

We must manage till they come.

How? For how long?

Were you born here?

Yes, like my father
and his father.

- And you love your country?
- Like everyone here.

If I weren't here,

I'd go fight Menelaus.

You must free your king.

You're no longer my king.


A king would defend his kingdom
instead of attacking his son.

A city can't live without a king.

Telemachus will fight the war.

He defends us, but you fight
a war that's 10 years old.

Ulysses in prison?

- I don't believe you.
- Telemachus ordered it.

He's helping me destroy him.

Get up.

Announce to all

that I've come to help Ulysses.

I, Menelaus, king of Sparta,

have come to save
my brother in arms.

My comrade from Troy.

All right, go!


You'll still need to fight Alcinoos.

The Pheacians are on their way.

Trust me.

We'll control the island
before they get here.

They flee like cowards.

- I won't give up.
- What'll you do?

What I should've done before:

fight Menelaus in single combat.

And get killed?

It'll avoid war.

Don't abandon me.

I couldn't have imagined
a better wife.

I respect you infinitely, Nausicaa.

I'm sorry
for what I've put you through.

But if I must die
to save Ithaca,

I won't hesitate.

I wish I were a man
to fight alongside you.

Help him, goddess.

Give him confidence
and strength to lead.

You came to pray for Ithaca?

For Telemachus.

He needs your prayers.

Pray for him, Maia.

Ask the gods to give him
the victory he deserves.

I want him to live.

Let her through.

- Telemachus couldn't come?
- He doesn't know I'm here.

I want to talk to you.

- Make peace with Ithaca.
- Make peace?

Peace is very nice.

But what do you offer me
in exchange?

Would you follow me to Sparta

if I end the war?

I'd do anything to save Ithaca.

To save Telemachus.

You love him that much?

More than my life.

I should've had a wife like you.

If you made her happy,
Helen wouldn't have betrayed you.

You're like her.

You say you bring peace,

and you offer your body
like a whore.

Women could bring you the life
that you lose in war.

Women don't understand war

or power.

What good is power

if you're all alone?

For you're alone.

Without love.

And hated by your family.

What do you know
of my heart, Nausicaa?

- What's going on?
- Nausicaa has disappeared.

For how long?

- She's not here.
- Look again.



- Come!
- Quick, come see.

Come see.

Why such silence?

Has death invaded my palace?

It's touched your own.


Menelaus killed Nausicaa.

Forgive me.

I couldn't defend you.

O gods of Olympus,

receive innocence.

Take Nausicaa
to the isle of the blessed.

May she live eternally
in kindness

that failed her on earth.

Nausicaa wasn't born here.

But she died for Ithaca.

She died for you.

Let's fight those who killed her.

Don't let Menelaus kill
those you love.

I'm with you.

I won't give up
my land or freedom,

even if I must die.

I don't want to die.

I'm leaving.

I have no land or family,

no country and no king.
But I, Homer,

I link my life to yours.
I'll defend Ithaca by your side.

I'm Trojan,

and I'll fight for Ithaca.

The odds may be
4 against a thousand,

but in 10,000 years
people will remember us,

not those who fled the fight.

I'm with you.

Xeno, come.

Count on me.


I'm with you.

Athena of the indomitable heart,

protector of cities at war,

listen to my prayer.

Give me the strength
to guide my people

and protect my country
against Menelaus.

Take my blood

and spare theirs.

Clear-eyed goddess

of famous wisdom,

accept my blood.

Protect Ithaca and spare my son.

I never saw you pray to Athena.

She protected your father

and saved him from Poseidon's anger.

Ask her to protect Ulysses
from his son's anger.

I'm not angry at him.

If he could help me in this war,

I'd free him.

Then help him to be free
of himself.

And forgive him.

Untie me.


When I recover my throne,
I'll kill you.

Come here.

You attack me now.

Pray that you
always have a man next to you.

We're ready.

Let's go.


I'll help him.

Come on.

Come on.

- Thyoscos, where are you?
- I'm here.

Take care of him.
Come with me.

I can't see anything.

Will I die?

The gods will decide.

I'm not afraid, my queen.

I'll die on the battlefield,
like the heroes.

It's thanks to Telemachus.

He believed in me.

And I believe in him.

Be calm.

You should sleep.


A Spartan patrol.

Open up.

I'm here to talk to Telemachus.

Menelaus wants to talk to you.

- Why should I follow you?
- Want us to kill your people?

- I'm not your enemy.
- Were you Nausicaa's enemy?

War has its laws,
and they're cruel.

Nausicaa is an example.

- Example of your barbarism.
- No, of my strength.

Killing a woman is cowardly.

You must harden yourself
to make your people conquerors.

The most important thing
is their happiness.

- And you'll let them get soft?
- Why not?

When the Persians
take your lands,

do you think these sheep
will resist?

"Persians"? You, a Greek king,
attack other Greeks.

You don't help us,
but seek glory.

You won't avoid war with speeches.

Give me your kingdom,
or I'll kill you all.

I'll never betray my country.

You can leave Ithaca
with your family.

Give me your throne...

save your life.

Menelaus will attack
in a few hours.

There's no more time.

What did he want?

To let us live,
my mother and me.

Leave us, Telemachus.
Save yourselves.

If we must die,
we'll die together.

Treat those who can fight.


Show yourself!

There are no cowards
in Ithaca's army.

You're outnumbered.

You're surrounded.

You have no chance.

You'll go to hell, first!

Leave us!

And now?

What trick will you find?

A donkey full of soldiers this time?

Hand-to-hand combat?

That's all you can do?


I'll kill you.

I'll kill your family

and all your men.

And even the children of Ithaca
won't survive you.

By killing you,

I will free Greece!

Death will come from your own blood.

You'll be a great king.

I couldn't have had
a better son...

or a greater love.

No! No!


Go back home

and live in peace.

Long live the king!

Long live Telemachus.

Long live Telemachus.

Long live Telemachus.


my father, will be buried
in the palace's foundation.

He will rest in the depth
of this land he loved

and for which he died.

Let's honor the memory
of this valiant warrior

who proved his worth

from the walls of Troy

to the shores of Ithaca.

May his memory last forever.

- Where're you going?
- Leaving.

- No, stay here.
- You don't need to keep me here.

He keeps his queen.

I, Telemachus,

king of Ithaca,

promise before the gods

to be guardian
of the kingdom's peace.

I declare that vengeance
is complete

and the blood of Ithaca's men
must flow no more.

Let's return to an era of peace.

Forget our disputes

for peace with old enemies.

Let's mix our lineage

for a prosperous kingdom.

You, Clea,

princess of Troy,

daughter of Cleitos and Eurynome,

I declare to the people

that I take you
for my legal wife

and make you queen of Ithaca.

"Stop, people of Ithaca,
this terrible war.

"Enough blood.

"Separate immediately,"

Athena said.

"All were frozen in fear.

"In their fright,

"they dropped their weapons,
which fell to the ground,

"the goddess's voice
had such strength.

"Ulysses' enemies
turned their backs.


"They fled to the city,
with only one desire,

"to live."

The goddess was there?
You heard her?

No, Ulysses heard her.

Everything I tell you
came from him


"And the goddess said to Ulysses:

"Live happy finally
with your wife Penelope,"

"who loves you with eternal love."

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