Odysseus (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - De l'autre côté de la mer - full transcript

Greece, Island of Ithaca,
8th Century, BC

The Trojan War ended
10 years ago.

Ulysses, king of Ithaca,
has not yet returned.

He may be lost at sea.

Come on.

Hurry up!

Let me go!

Get together, hurry.

Prince Telemachus,
the people are hungry.

There's not enough boats
to resupply us.

The queen sent messengers
to all the kings in Greece.

Stay here!

Did you see what Mycenae sent?

The slaves are as savage
as goats.

Let's go!

I recognize all the waves
from watching the sea.

But I don't know if
I'd recognize Ulysses.

If he returns,
you'll remember everything.

You're the queen.
Your memories give you hope.

Not mine.

I already told you, Eurynome.
It's better to forget your past.

Leave me alone.

A ship came from Mycenae.
The first in a month.

It brought slaves,
but no food.

I'll open the palace reserves.

People are complaining.

What will you give them
when nothing's left?

I'll find a solution.

Send the ships to Egypt.

They won't trade without a king.

Ulysses will return.
He promised.

What if he never comes?

You're starting too?
Like everyone else?

No. I'm on your side.

Aren't you ashamed
to raid the kitchens?

Aren't you ashamed
to let your people starve?

Keep your promise. Marry.
We'll have food.

Get up, go.

Get up.


Filthy Trojan! Since when
do slaves give orders?


We missed you last night.
We were short on women.

Out of my palace!

Don't even try.

Enough, Amphinome!

Come on.

Let's leave them alone.

Move, Trojan whore.

You're the first man
to touch Penelope since...

Did you see her face?

You dared touch her
without my permission!

I drank too much.

I didn't think.

I'm not asking you to think.
I'm asking you to obey.

You don't touch Ulysses' family.


I hope this time
everyone understands.

Even you, Antinous.

We left home 10 years ago.

Our wives, our families.
And you want us to wait?

Nothing's keeping you here.


In Troy, they won by surprise,

not force.

So we need a little more patience.

While waiting, let's respect
our pledge to the gods

to protect the queen.

What are you waiting for?

Show your teeth.


To the workshop.

We need spinners.

To the kitchen. Go.


What can you do?

Will you remember to speak
if I send you to the guards?

Slaves don't last long
with them.

- We need girls at the palace.
- I decide that.

I served at the palace in Mycenae.
No one complained.



By the gods...

It's impossible.

I thought you were dead.

They said the ships
never got to Ithaca.

Just one. Ulysses'.

I was in the first ship.

I've dreamed of you
for 10 years.

For 10 years I've wondered
where you were, how you were.

You're a woman now.

I was with the king and his sons.

They treated me well,
if that's what you want to know.

You can live with me if you want.


Did you think you were
going to sleep at the palace?

In Mycenae,
we had real rooms.

And no bracelets.

You were still a slave.

Like me.
Like all of us here.

Leave them.
They're blowing off steam.

That's all they do,
drink and screw.

- All they do is blow off steam.
- They're like you.

They want Ulysses' kingdom,
and Penelope's hand.

They can keep Penelope.
I want the throne... and you.

But you already have me.

Anyway, what do you think?

They'll let you be king?
They want their piece of the pie.

They'll have it.

I want to govern
for the people.

For the warriors,
the free men of Ithaca.

So they can finally have
prosperity and happiness.

You've already written a speech?

I promised the gods one thing -
to bring a king to Ithaca.

I'm tired of your gods.

Liodes, don't insult the gods.

I'm on your side.
Don't be afraid.

Of men or gods.

Oh, Artemis,

watch over queen Penelope
and our island of Ithaca.

Bring it the prosperity and
stability it once had.

You aren't praying for Ulysses?

I've prayed every day
for 10 years.

If he hasn't returned,
the goddess can't hear me.

Maybe she'll hear today.
Try again.

Faith pleases the gods,

but it's starting to
irritate the people.

The gods made me queen.

So it's the gods I obey.

watch over Ulysses' travels.

Help him find
his way home.

Keep his family
safe from harm.

So what do you see?

I can read rabbit better.
But you ate them all.

Just use the fish.

- And?
- What? You didn't ask a question.

Will I be king one day?
Will I be a good king?

Will Ulysses be rich again?

That's a lot of questions.

It's not clear.

The gills are black.

Poseidon is angry,
he won't help.

There's no blood in the eyes...

The gills are open...

Artemis opens the eye.
Perhaps she's not opposed.

Only a legitimate king
can end the chaos in Ithaca.

What king? Me?


When I had potions,
my visions were clearer.

I can't see any more
with just a dead fish.

I wonder if your visions
are conveniently fuzzy.

A piece of gold might help.
You haven't paid me in a long time.

All you talk about is gold.

Don't worry, I'll pay.

Watch out!

Is that funny?

I need this
to see the future.

Yours will be dark
if you mess with a prince.

- The prince?
- Still planning on escape?

Apologize, idiot.

Are you new here?

- I'm from Mycenae.
- I can tell.

You haven't learned
to lower your eyes.

Go, back to the palace.

Even as slaves,
Trojan women are dangerous.

- Don't trust them.
- That stinks!

Maybe, but I can see
the will of the gods in it.

Your future isn't just
in the roses, my prince.


- Did you see Thyoscos?
- Yes.

I didn't give him everything.
I kept the hearts for us.

I'll never eat that.

It's the only meat.
You'll eat what we have.

I saw the prince.


In Mycenae, we say two times
is a sign of the gods.

A sign to avoid him.
He's Greek.

Greeks only bring

- No, not him.
- Telemachus is Ulysses' son.

He burned Troy.

You have nothing to do with him
or any other Greek.

They're all murderers.

So why do you
serve the queen?

She has no blood
on her hands.

Don't tell me about Troy,
I don't remember.

Greeks killed your father
and brother, and made us slaves.

You're from there, Clea.
Don't forget the dead.

Take this drink to the queen.

Thyoscos is never wrong.

A legitimate king brings peace.

- Ulysses will bring order.
- Not only him.

- If I'm king...
- You will wait for his return.

It's what I'll tell the assembly.

If they convened an assembly,
they doubt he'll return.

Not the gods.

They'll force you
to find a king.

I'd rather die.

The king will be chosen
from battle.

Let them fight it out.

They were all at Troy.

Without experience
with deadly weapons,

if you provoke them,
they'll kill you.

I won't wait forever.

You're so young!

I don't want him to fight.

He's 20.
Like my cousin Hector

when he fought at Patroclus.

Yes, 20...

Like Hector
when Achilles killed him.

The queen.

Free men convened this assembly
to ask the queen

how she plans on ending
her people's misery.

I'm sending a boat to Delos.

A ship from Sparta
is bringing metal.

My cousin Menelaus promised
to help.

We don't want Menelaus' help!

There are no more ships.

Soon no kingdom will want
to trade with the queen.

Leocritus is right.
We need a king.

- You have Ulysses.
- He is dead.

Ulysses is alive.

- The gods told me.
- We can't wait any more.

The people of Ithaca want
happiness and prosperity again.

You need a king.

I can't.

Enough! Only the Moirai know
if my son is alive.

If he is in this world,

I implore them to let me live,

and see him return to the throne.

If they chose
to send him to Hell,

I beg of them
to cut my destiny short,

so I can rejoin him.

But I want the people of Ithaca
to have a king,

before donning the shroud
that will send me to the dead.

I will pray to Artemis and the Moirai

that they keep you alive
as long as possible.

I will weave your shroud
under their protection.

You didn't answer, Penelope.

When will you choose a king?

I declare before the gods,

I will choose when I finish
weaving Laerte's shroud.

Under protection of Artemis,

I will weave each day.

I know how slow you are, Penelope.

You've made us wait 10 years,
we won't wait 10 more.

I demand a deadline.

I demand the queen show us
the shroud every day.

You "demand"?

You demand...

You have nothing to demand.

Ulysses is our king,

and Penelope our queen.

Ulysses is dead,
everyone knows, even her.

She is insane, but not that bad.

May the pledge of the shroud
be our law.

When the queen finishes the shroud,
we will declare Ulysses dead,

and I shall join him.

Only then

will another king

be named.

Is anyone opposed?




Greece's greatest warrior.

Just look at
the island's biggest animal.

I've become
a boar hunter.

We fight where we can.

You're a great fighter, Mentor.
You've protected us for 20 years.

Ulysses asked me to be
an excellent caretaker.

I'm fortunate that you are here.

I could have never lasted
without you.

You can't marry
one of those pigs.

I made a promise.
I had no choice.

- Telemachus can be king.
- Certainly not.

Why not? Ulysses was his age
when he was king.

- He can't fight.
- You can't stop him from growing up.

- I can stop him from dying.
- I fight for him.

- There are too many of them.
- So?

Even if there were 100...

I need you.
I forbid you from dying.

Glorious death, short life.

Think of the women
who would cry for you.

Choose me as king.


I'm your oldest friend's wife.

He asked you to watch over me,

not take his place.

Turn around.

You called me.

The shroud idea is absurd.
Did you decide to forget Ulysses?


I kept my word,
but I bought some time.

You gave in.

They think they're powerful.

The goddesses protect me.
They are on my side.

They'll decide
how fast I weave.

- And Ithaca?
- Let the gods decide.

The gods...
Think about the men.

They're angry, they're hungry.

You're demanding.

I give them a lot.
I'm their queen.

You can't hold on forever.

Just until Ulysses returns.

Waiting has made you
deaf and blind.

The reserves are empty.

The queen won't listen,

We can't go on
like this.

There's the prince.
Ignoring us.

Hey, you!

Hey, Trojan!
I called you.

I haven't seen you yet.

Troy left us
a few tasty morsels.

What are you doing?

Serving myself.

This is the palace's slave.
She's mine.

You want her for yourself?

I won't deny the prince
his pleasure.

He needs something
after suckling his mother.

See you later.

Thank you for saving me, my prince.

Leave me.

Go back to the kitchen.

I can work for you.

If I belong to the palace,
I belong to you.

I don't need slaves.

Come on!

You fought hard.

That's it.

We're wasting our time.

Why don't we just kill
Penelope and her son?

How many times have I said it?

We don't touch Ulysses' family!

Is that clear?

He was my brother in arms,

He was with me when the Trojans
butchered my arm.

You want blood?

It would be easy to shed
Penelope's and Telemachus' blood.

Just like yours,
right here, right now.

I made a pledge!

And a king respects
the laws and the gods.

Penelope promised
to marry one of us.

How will she choose?

Let's decide on a name.

Penelope will marry
the man we choose.

Maybe you?

I'm the most legitimate
of us, Antinous.

I'm of noble birth.
I'm the richest.

But don't worry.

I only want prosperity
for Ithaca.

I'll share Ulysses' land

and slaves with you.

Why are you burning bones?

You want to know?

I always do.

Put that down.

The gods like the smell.

They'll give us favors.

What favors?

They give the bones' ashes
a particular shape,

I can read the future,

wealth, death.


I can't read love.

Silliness doesn't interest me.
Ask Artemis.

Can she see it?

Among other things.

I forgot the most important thing.

What do I do?

Go to the temple tonight.

Hide. Slaves are put to death
for going.

Burn the hair and branch
before the statue of Artemis.

Look at the smoke.

If it's white, he'll marry you.


he'll kill you.

Hurry, go!

Very good.

En garde.

I'll never be a warrior.

Stay back!

Men have no right
to enter this temple.

Don't worry,
I'll stay away from you.

Tell me,

my dear Penelope,

it seems Artemis
inspires everything but speed.

I just started.

Don't insult the goddess.

She'll seek revenge.

I'm insulting no one.

I'm just noticing

that Penelope weaves
slower than an old woman.

The Moirai watch over the shroud,
they decide.

You're shoving me in the grave,

asking Penelope to work faster.

No, Laertes.

I only want happiness
and prosperity in Ithaca.

And for that, we need a king.

Let me live a little more.
Do you want that, Leocritus?

Just let her work.

Let's go.

Leave me alone!

Won't you drink, Penelope?

Don't you like our company?

You come over
every night.

Don't ask me to smile.

To the queen!

And her future husband.

To the queen!

And to Leocritus!

What's wrong, Penelope?

Smile a little.

I'll protect you.

Liodes is the best warrior
in Greece. He's never lost.

He'll watch over you like a son
and your son like a brother.

Or a jealous lover.

That depends on him.

Aren't you hungry either?

Amphinome is a brave warrior,
but he has no social skills.

He's my cousin.

He likes war,
gold, and women.

You know me.

And wine!

"And wine."

You're not with them?

This is better company.

You shouldn't leave Penelope
alone with those pigs.

One of those pigs
will be her husband.

I've got nothing there.

What are you doing?

Let me do it.

You're full of blood.

Between the boar and you
I'm not sure who smells worse.

I'm Greek.

You should hate me.

You have no Trojan blood
on your hands.

You don't know me.

If I were at Troy
with Ulysses...

But you weren't.


Go, I said!

Sit down, boy.
Don't stand.

No one has the right
to sit on Ulysses' throne.

You drank too much wine.

Don't drink any more.

Weapons are banned here.

Give it back.

Stop them!

He took the king's sword.

It's a sacred duel.

- Only the gods can stop him.
- Or me.

Stay there.

He's still a child!

Still a child?

If you want to be king,

respect the prince of Ithaca.

Enough, Antinous!
Leave him.

Sorry, little prince.

I slipped.

Stop that!

Amphinome, that's enough!

Give him a drink.

Drink this.


Let me do it.

Subtitles: Eclair Group