Odissea (1968–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

I can see that you changed Penelope,
you have become more seducing...

- What arouse your beauty?
- You are lying.

He praised your beauty, queen.

So he is sincere, as all the rest of us when we admire you.

My beauty doesn't exist anymore since my husband went away.

Why then, are we here?

Not for me.

[Narrator: Even more handsome,
the goddess makes her,..]

Silence, comrades!


Penelope wishes to say us something.

[..whiter than ivory.]

It was always custom, that when
the nobleman wanted to marry,..

..that he bring with him wedding gifts,
and not to plunder the woman.

Is this some childish trick?
Another way to gain time?

No, I want to believe you:
You'll see soon our intentions.

If you want wedding gifts,
you'll get them this evening,..

..but don't even think we shall abandon this
house before you have made your choice.

[Narrator: The goddess made her even more handsome
and more attractive,..]

Friends, tomorrow we'll know
who'll be king of Ithaca.

[..more whiter than ivory,..]

Let us continue enjoying
the queen's hospitality.

[..but she didn't let her
see her desired husband.]

[He just crossed the doorstep
and watched everything.]

[His soul was tormented
between joy and pain.]

I'll stand here.
It's better they don't see us together.

The princes know my loyalty,
so they enjoy humiliating me.

And they'll humiliate you even more because of me.


[Narrator: The name of that dog is Argos
Odysseus himself raised him..]

[.. but he dadn't have the occasion to go hunting with it.]

You recognize me...after twenty years.

[Narrator: Odysseus erased
his tears secretly, and Argos..]

[..died after seeing his master
after twenty years.]

What do you want here beggar? Who are you?
Do you wish for food without work?

[Narrator: Then Odysseus entered
as a beggar..]

[..old and miserable..]
*Chorus:*..leaning on a crutch.

..his wretched body
was dressed in rags.

Give him this bread..

..and tell him not to be shy, but to ask.

- Telemachus gives you this.
- Let Zeus protect you....

[Narrator: The pretenders
murmur in the court room..]

[..and Athena comes to encourage
Odysseus and pushed him..]

*Chorus*: to pickup the remains of the pretenders..

..to see who among them
is just and who is not.

[Narrator: But even so they wouldn't escape the punishment]

- Give me something, sir. -
Who's this?

- Please, give me mercy.
- Who are you, beggar?

[Narrator: They were all young to Odysseus.]

[He watched them one by one while they were drinking
remembering their imfamies.]

[..and asked himself who'll
avoid his wrath.]

- A little bit for the old man.
- Go away!

Telemachus are we deficient with beggars?
And are all of them strangers?

And you even complain that
we eat everything from you!

I'm grateful to you
Eurimachus to worry for me,..

..but don't do it.Give him what he wants, I allow you to do so!


Mercy I ask.
Thank you, let Zeus reward you.

You give me also, friend,
you who have posture of a great gentleman...

Who is more rich, let him give more.
That's the rule in my land of Crete..

..island of Minos, you know it?
I was also powerful once and I offered..

I've had servants, estates,
herds, houses, but Zeus crumbled me to this state.

Misfortune suddenly came:

..I've have nine pretty ships,
and went to Egypt for grain,..

..but my friends started to devastate
the fields, ruin everything..

..raping women, killing men,
and I paid for all.

He paid for all...
and we'll pay for him!

- You are Antino?s? One of the princes..

..who never gives nothing to anyone,
not even a grain of salt,..

..nor a piece of bread
which isn't yours anyway.

[Narrator: In Telemachus' heart the sorrow arose
because of the humiliation of his father,..]

[but still he didn't shed a tear.]

[He watched in silence,
in his heart devising a plot.]

It's one thing to be wounded in battle,

a different thing to be beaten because you are hungry.

If there is a god
for poor men, you'll pay for this.

Shut up and get out,
or I'll throw you away.

A stranger came.

Last night I dreamed a strange dream:
Twenty geese ate some grain..

..in this house. Not too long from
the great mountain eagle descending....

That's the beggar,
he came from afar.

..and break necks to those geese.
What's the meaning of that?

Why didn't you listen stranger
who has come?

Here is Ir, we'll have some fun.
Two dogs around the same bone!

[Narrator: He was known beggar,..]

[..always ready to drink and eat.
Arnos is his name.]

*Chorus*: That's name given to him
at birth, but all call him..

..Ir.. [because he
brings news. *Ir=messanger*]

Who is this? He took my place!

Get lost now, if you don't want me to grasp
you with my hands, you miserable!

Irus! Bravely!
Shake him out of his skin. Go on!

Hear them? Run till you can.
Don't make me break your bones.

What I have done wrong to you, friend?

You are like me, so do what
I do. Take what they give you,..

..there is a room for everyone.
- What are you saying you idiot?

There is place only for me.

Now you'll spit your teeths.

Don't challenge me.

Wait gentlemen, now there'll be a show.

C'mon, amuse us punks.
Here is your reward:

..he who wins take this,
he that looses, gets out.

I'll fight because I'm hungry,
but promise you'll want to beat me in the back?

Enough talking.
Get out and fight!

Start fighting fools!

[Narrator: Then Odysseus,
covered intimate places..]

[..but reveal his mighty arms,
hights and muscles..]

*Chorus*: show himself with
his broad shoulders..

..and Athena strenghten his arms..

[Odysseus struck below the ear..]

*Chorus*: Odysseus struck below the ear..

[..and broke his bone inside.]

*Chorus*:..and broke his bone inside.

[From the mouth the crimson blood emerged..]

*Chorus*: From the mouth the crimson blood emerged..

[Narratorand Chorus:
..and with a scream he fell to dust..]

[..gnawing teeth, he struck the ground.]

[Narrator: Odysseus then said with pity to Irus:..]

[..sit there and forsake the dogs and
the pigs from the doorstep..]

[..instead to believe that you
are a king of beggars:..]

[..the miserable always remain miserable.]

This is yours.

And now friends, let everyone go to
his home.

The queen asks for wedding gifts.

This night let everyone send his
own gifts, so not to loose time..

..Because she looks impatient to make
her choice.

- You fought well old man.
- Thank you. You are Amfinomus,..

..son of Nisus, right?
I met your father in battle.

Listen me for a moment: There is
nothing more misfortuned than a man:

..till it's good, he believes that it
all the time will be like that..

..but he doesn't understand that today or
tomorrow, everything can change. *Od.18.130*

..Your friends behave as if
punishment will never come.

What are you talking about?
The beggar who becomes a prophet!

Go far away from this house
and don't come back!

-Stranger, my mistress send me.
She want to speak with you. - Now?

Yes now, its a queen
who is interested in you.

No, not now, after dusk.


..quickly..finish it..

Even at night you are here to bother.
Now you'll see if you don't go!

- Sit, I want to speak with you.
- To sit? No, queen,..

..I'm only a poor beggar.
-Guests and the poor are the same to me.Please.

-Let me on the place
for beggars.

Who are you? How did you get here?

Why are you so shy?
Maybe you feel ashamed?

Why? Everyone can see that you
have suffered a lot.

Exactly because of that, you'll be
respected in this house. I know the pain.

[Narrator: Thus she said, and he wished to cry.]

[Like the wish of a shipwreck sailor,
whom Poseidon..]

[..smashed his ship on the sea, overwhelmed by winds..]

So few sailors
escape from the boat in the white sea..]

[..swimming to a shore, with the skin
scorched by salt..]

[..and with the urge for solid ground,
for salvation from death,..]

[..so he wished to look at his wife.]

- So speak. I ask you who are you.

If I tell you my story,
you'll think I'm liar...

And it's not I that interests you,
but your husband. And I saw him...

I saw Odysseus. He went to Troy
so many years ago.

Give me some proof that you saw him.
What do you remember?

Twenty years have past. A lot of time
But I remember,..

..he had a red cloak,
with a golden button,..

..on which is depicted
a dog grasping deer.

And the deer tries to escape.
I sewed that cloak.

Stranger, how do you know all that?
Who are you?

Well, I...I am...
I am Eton.

The city in which I grew up
was Knossos *capital of Crete*.

But you are...Odysseus.

My father is Deucalion,
offspring of Minos, son of the great Zeus.

My brother is Idomeneus.

He went to Troy and he is one of few to return.

If it's you Odysseus,
why are you lying me so?

Your fame, queen, is
that you are a very strong woman.


You'll sleep here tonight.
I'll order to prepare you a bed.

Euriclea, take care for the guest.
He isn't a beggar,..

..but Eton from Crete.
He use to be a king.

He has the same age as your master.
The mortals quickly grow old when they are misfortuned.

You know whom you look like? The master.
You have the same posture, the same voice.

I know, I think the same.

Master, honored by your old nurse,
who knows where you are?

You live in some house like this,
and are begging for a crust of bread.

Humiliated, forsaken,
the servents mistreat him

as they mistreated you

[Narrator: She washed the legs
of her master..]

[..and she saw the scar which a boar
inflicted him when he was young.]

Odysseus! Odysseus, my child!
I didn't recognize you...

You were all time in front of me --

Be silent, don't betray me,
or I won't spare you even if you were my nurse!

You seem so prudent and clever, stranger.
Give me some advice.


You know that my house is invaded
for years by the pretenders.

And my son grows impatient
to get rid of me. What should I do?

Wait. Odysseus will return
and will do justice.

No. I wish tomorrow to propose
a competition to the pretenders:

..the first who succeeds to string a
bow which Odysseus left me..

..and loose the arrow thru 12 hollows
of axes,..

..will become my husband.

[Narrator: And thus father and son concealed
the beautiful weapons..]

[..and when a miraculous light showed them the way..]

[..before Telemachus could talk, Odysseus said:]

[.."Say nothing. That's all usual for
the gods of heaven."]

[The night went on very slowly..]

[..and Penelope looked
at her wedding bed tormenting herself.]

Artemis, daugther of Zeus, *goddess of hunt*
shoot me with your arrow..

..or let the storm carry me within the mist.

Or better, let me die.

[Narrator: Thus she spoke inside
and Odysseus heard her.]

[He began to doubt.

[..It seemed to him, that, since Penelope recognized him,
now he would be beside her.]

He is still awake,
he is the most misfortuned among all mortals.

..because he is in his house, ,
and with his wife in his house,..

..and still he is a stranger.

[Narrator: Suddenly the dawn came on
her golden throne.]

To fulfill what the goddess who brought me home expects from me,..

..please, Zeus, that you inspire someone in the house,
and give a clear omen.

At the mill, only one woman remained,
the others have gone.

This one is the oldest one
and didn't finished to mill her wheat.

Now she'll speak, listen!

You thundered, and there is no cloud,..

..meaning you want to give someone an omen.

Father Zeus

Listen to me, to, which I am
only a servant:

May the pretenders eat for the last time
in Odysseus' house..

..this flower which break my back.

Quick, quick.
You with sponges, clear the tables.

The princes are almost here.

Faster, the more they eat
the better it is.As if it would be a party.

Euriclea, how do you serve our guest?
- Not good..

..but it's not my fault,
he didn't want the bed..

..but he fell asleep on rags
and covered with ox hide.

[Narrator: From the fields came Eumeus.
He also, like Euriclea..]

[..and Telemachus, couldn't call
Odysseus by name.]

- Who is the shepherd?
- Filoteus, son of Dolius.

- You bought him as a kid, don't you remember him?
- The Kid did grow up!

[Narrator:His agitated mind was thinking that he was alone]

*Chorus*: His agitated mind was thinking that he was alone

*Chorus*: Why with weapons
thrown on the pretenders..

[Narrator and Chorus: ..with only one young man
and a swineherd,it was a risky endeavour..]

But he felt Athena's presence and her reproach]

You fool,..

..someone else would be content with
the help of even weaker frends than these..

..and they are even oblivious of the future.
And you don't trust me even if I'm a goddess..

..who helped you always, even in all dangers.

Nice animal.

Greetings to you old man.
You don't live very well, I see.

Filoteus, the stranger isn't a beggar,..

Once he was a glorious warrior.

the same can be said of our master:

..maybe he also
travels in rags around world..

..if he isn't already dead.
- Did you know your master?

Yes, but I don't remember.

..Of course, he was only a child when I appointed him
to guard the flocks, I just told you..

..and Odysseus couldn't find anyone better than him.

No one could watch for cattle like him.
Like his own.

Good, I see you are a loyal servant.
Thus I shall reveal you a secret:

..your master Odysseus is returning.

- Returning? When?
- Don't yell.

Just tell me only one thing. If he returned,
what would you do? - What would I do?

- Yes. - I believe these arms would be of good use to him.
You will see what I shall do.

[Narrator: The pretenders arrived,..]
[..just like every morning to Odysseus house..]

[..where the big sheep was prepared for them,..]

[..fat goats, porks and calfs from the herd.]

[The inwards were prepared first.]

[Than the meat was fried and parted,
than the bread partaken..]

[..and the cups of wine, all the food
settled and served..]

[..and the meal began.]

[An abundant and sweet meal, and even many
animals were slaugtered,..]

[..no meal shall be more bitter than the one..]

[..that the goddess
and the powerful hero soon would give..]

[Narrator and Chor: Stand up now,
and boast with the wine Telemachus gave you,..]

[..because Athena wants to provoke
the pretenders..]

[..so they insult you ,
and so, your rage and hatred would go down into your chest..]

[In fact, one of them is already put in a game,
a proud prince named Ctesipus of Samos.]

As you can see, the beggar has got
his part just as us.

How nicely that fits with
the guests of Telemachus!

And I want to give him something nice,
a gift of hospitality..

..to feed him for today and tomorrow.

[Thus he said and threw a beef thigh.]

[Odysseus duck to avoid being hit
but in his heart he bitterly smiled.]

[All at once became quiet.]

[Nothing of those which breath or walks on the ground..]
[..is meaner than the man.]

[This was uncontrollable laughter..]

[..because Athena messed with their minds.]

[They are laughing and also eating the bloodied meat .]

[They are laughing and their eyes are full of tears.]

[The whole court sadly echoed
because of their laughter.]

[Even the prophet Teoclimenus heared.]

[He came to hear and to
declare the divine omen.]

Wretched fools!
You should weep!

Don't you see the utter destruction
howling above your heads?

Your eyes are covered with darkness!

I see the walls sprinkled with blood!
I see the court room full of shadows!

Shadows which go into
the kingdom of darkness, forewer.

The sun is obliterated. The dark night
of death covers all.

Another lunatic!

We grow tired of these people.
They annoy us.

Just look what guests Telemachus has:
a lunatic and a beggar!

Listen Telemachus,I'll give you an advice:

..why don't we board them on a ship
and sell them to the Sicilians?

I'm assured someone will buy
them at a good price!

I don't need your advice Eurimachus.
The only person here..

..who can give me that is my mother.
I won't tolearate your insults anymore.

You would kill me,
but luckily that didn't happen yet.

Till then, don't insult my guests at the table!

I'm no longer a child, remember that!

Telemachus speaks sharply to
scare us. Unfortunately..

..Zeus didn't wish to help us,
or he wouldn't talk anymore.

Neither loud, nor slow .
Don't observe his insolence!

[Narrator: You warned them Teoclimenus.]

[You give them a chance to save themselves.
They didn't listened to you.]

[Thus, they concluded
this excellent and copious meal..]

[.made from many slaughtered animals.]

[Yet, there was another
meal preparing to begin,..]

[..which soon goddess and hero..]

[..with pretty much different
table shall be prepared to them.]

[The evening falls.]

[Athena incited Penelope's heart..]

[..to begin the competition with the bow.]

[That bow was given to Odysseus
twenty years ago, from one guest..]

[..and when he was young
he could easily string it.]

[Penelope remembered that..]

[..and how lonely he was, in the midst of enemies.]

The queen!

[She suddenly appeared in the door..]
[..and not through the one which leads to her chambers.]

[They look at her and the giant bow.

[.Instantly they thought that she'll finally tell them something very important.]


I propose to you a competition.

Those among you who string the bow..

..and loose the arrow through 12 axes,..

..that man I'll marry.

He can lead me from this house..

..and he'll become king of Ithaca.


Swineherd, give me that bow!

C'mon princes!
Your reward is in front of you:

..The best lady in the whole Ahaya.
But you know that already!

Must I glorify my own mother exactly to you?

Zeus really made me foolish!

My mother says she'll marry with another.

And I laugh,
I laugh and I amuse myself like a full!

I also want to compete with you.

So if I succeed to string the bow, my mother shouldn't, with all my grief,

leave this house with another one,
but she'll stay with me, as the winner of the tournament.

[Telemachus grasped the bow from Antino?s
afraid that he would win,]

[afraid of his father's age and afraid of the danger.]

[And now he alone tested,..]

[..naively thinking to pierce the arrow.]

You take it, you who are so strong!

[Odysseus in the mean time, put axes..]

[..of whom everyone have a round hole
near the cutting edge.]

[He aligned the axes in a straight line,
so through all of them a single line would enter.]