Odissea (1968–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

The wind stops and some divinity calms the waves.

My shipmates, rowing hard whitened the sea of foam.

Then, I cut small bits
of wax and press them.

One shipmate after the other, I seal their ears.

I knew we were near the island of the Sirens.

If he blocks our ears, how
shall we hear his commands?

I don't know for sure Odysseus,
if there are any Sirens,..

I hope you'll hear
their song..

..and throw youself into the sea.

Your shipmates don't believe in you anymore.
They think you are out of your mind.

My mind is sane
and I'll prove that to you in a short time:

What you mustn't hear, I'll hear and I'll stay alive!

That is the place.

Follow me, as we don't have much time.

"Hear what I say to you,
I, Circe, and remember that.."

"..even I won't tell or show you everything."

"I'm not saying which one of the two ways is correct."

"You must decide that by your own wisdom."

Tie here, strong, with that rope,
and very tightand stay near me.

And remember: however much I beg you,
or give you signs with my eyes to untie me

don't listen, but on the contrary,
tie me harder.

Not even you may hear them

*Sirens:* Odysseus, Odysseus,
glory of all Ahaya,..

..stop your ship, hear our voice.

*Sirens:* Your place is here.

Come to us who give glory to the people.

Avoid the dangers of the sea and the declining of the body.


Come, and you'll know the things
of the past and the future..

..you'll know all the glory of man,
and cities gone and more to come.

Leave your friends and that
pointless voyage,..

..and all the years of sufferings!

Leave your friends and that
pointless voyage,..

..come to us, grasp the power,
all you have desired for years.

Don't be a coward!

- Untie me!
- Be powerful!

- Come on, untie me!

- Don't be a coward. Untie me,

Help me!

I've come to my end.
My destiny is fulfilled here.

I've suffered, I've suffered too much!
I wish to die, I'm sick

I wish to die, my mind is fading.

The horrible sound gone as a breath and stopped
tearing apart my mind.

I come to myself fatique and wounded.

I believed I was a victim of a nightmare..

..with plenty of bones of other victims
which whiten on the rocks of the Sirens island.

And the shipmates saw the bones
and pressed hard on the oars..

..to escape the awful sight.

*By Homer, after Sirens island,
Odysseus chose between two ways:*

*..through Planktes (Wandering or floating)
rocks or near Scilla and Charibdes.*

The sky became again serene and clear..

..and the song we heard came from the birds,
and from the rustling waves.

I was happy again.

We should be far by now.
You still hear them?

No, I don't.

Circe was wrong.
I heard the Sirens and I survived.

Even the man can overcome the divine forces.

Euriloch, we still can be saved.

We'll avoid the rocks,
taking the longer path.

We only must have strenght and toughness
We musn't ever stop, understood?

We won't stop until we'll arrive to Ithaca,
no matter the reason.

We'll be safe if we avoid
the island of Sun *Helios*.

Anounce to the comrades.
Go, tell them!

But they didn't obey.
They didn't tell me a word, not even Euriloch.

For them I was crazy.

We arrived at the island.
They disembarked and I couldn't stop them.

I just prayed this isn't the island of Sun.

It was our last stop.
If we just had avoided it!

* "You'll come
to the island of Thrinacia" *Sicily*

"There is a pasture of cattle whose
horns are like crescent Moon,

and which Sun Hyperion trusted to two nymphs,
They are his daughters.

They are beget by Nera and send them
to guard the herd of their father."

"You won't see the nymphs, but don't insult them.."

..but leave the black herd untouched
and think about your return only."

"But you and your shipmates will get hungry
and fall into temptation."

"This is your last temptation Odysseus.
Do not fail."

- Lets go out of here.
- Wait for the winds to blow.

We are tired of rowing.

Hear me.

If you still admit to my authority,
you must swear to me.

What's in the ship, eat and drink.

I decided to disclose you a secret
which haunts me:

..Look at these cows.
That's the Sun cattle.

Don't touch them,
don't even think to touch them.

I say to you that this is last test
we must pass.

But if we fail, the prophecy of Tiresias from
Hades will fulfill.

No one will see his home again.

It doesn't matter if you don't believe me.

You must swear it.

On your knees, all of you!

*Kirka*: "Ah,misfortuned, you always
think about combat and fight."

The whole month the absence of
the wind prevented our sailing..

..and my shipmates, as long as there was food
on the boat, kept their oath.

They avoid the herd.

And then the hunger started to torment them.
They searched for food but in vain.

And the Sun cattle stood there,
inert and tempting.

"You'll get hungry and you'll
loose all your hope. You'll be tempted..

..by insubordination, and you'll fail
the last temptation."

*Kirka:* "You'll get hungry and you'll
loose all your hope. You'll be tempted..

...by insubordination,and you'll fail
the last temptation."

I went far and I began to pray:

Father Zeus and you the blessed
immortal gods,..

..restore to me the trust of my friends.
I don't want to see them dying..

..nor loose my mind and all
what is dear to me.

Better, take my life.

Should we drop dead by hunger
because of some oath to Odysseus?

He everywhere sees magic since
his aledged return from Hades!

Look at these cows.
What can be diwine with them?

Well, Odysseus says so,
but should we trust him?

All deaths are gruesome,
but none as death by famine.

Wait a minute. If Odysseus is sensible
may be the cattle is divine?

If they really belong to the Sun,
what should happen to us?

I don't care.

I'll rather loose my life among the waves
than on this island, from starvation!

Eurilochus is right.
Eat once and for ever!

"I don't tell you everything."

"You'll must decide by yourself."

I came to late..

..and it was better, because they wouldn't have obeyed.

I didn't even scolded them.

They feast all night.

In the morning we sailed at sea,
and I looked at my friend with pity..

..and I heared again the voice of Tiresias:
"You'll loose them all."

Sun said: I'll descent into the house of Hades
and give my light to the dead.

Sun was blotted out suddenly.
Odysseus, what's happening?

In a moment, the darkness enveloped
the concaved ship..

..and the sea took the colours of the night.

Drop the sail!
Filetor, quick!

All was true!
In vain Odysseus,..

..this is the vengeance from the god,
we are finished!

We are not finished
as long as we alive!

What are you doing? Row! Quick!

Don't give up!

Struck by the last wave,
the ship inclined.

I felt the stench of sulphur *from lightning*.
We all fall into the sea.

I watched my friend driven by the waves.

Nine days I fought with the currents,
on the 10th Calypso saved me..

..and hold me for seven years.

Then she give me a raft..
..and thus I come here.

This man wasn't saved
neither by his own tenacity.

..nor by his great cleverness,
nor by his urge to return,..

..but by a will which we can't fathom..

..and not even you, Odysseus.

Not even he will understand
why his destiny was to return alone.

Thus noble Feaciams, we'll give him a ship
even if, helping him

we are risking Poseidon's wrath.

The ship will be prepared for you Odysseus
by the morning.

Don't forget that I also saved your life.

Once in Delos, in the Apollo sanctuary
I saw a young palm.

I was delighted by her appearance,
just as I'm now with yours.

Are you sure that your wife still waits for you?
For how long?

Maybe there is some other king on Ithaca?

Maybe others got use to what was yours.

Be happy at your home,
beside your family, and don't forget me.

[Narrator: the ship arrived at the coast of Ithaca,..]

[..where two sharp cliffs push back
the waves send by the winds.]

[Thus, Odysseus landed in his homeland.]

[He can already see the tops of his palace.]

[But everything looks so different.
He was absent for too long.]

[Suddenly, like fear attacked him,
he decide not to go into the town..]

[..but to go on the fields.]

Friend,you are the first one I found here.
Please, tell me where am I?

Is this the island or the main land?

From where do you come that you don't know?
This is a small country but a famous one.

Rugged, lovely, rocky,
but rich in olives and wine.

Unknown, yet her name reached to Troy.

It's Ithaca, stranger.
- Ithaca...

Ah yes. I've heard that name in Egypt and in Creta, too..

I came from Egypt, the land of the Pharaos,
where I lead twenty big ships..

..but they catch me... and...
took me prisonner for seven years..

..and my companions were killed by the soldiers.

Shameless. Insolent. Liar!
Don't you change even at your home?

In front of your cunning
even a god should be aware.

I know you deceiver. You are Odysseus,
The greatest bluffer!

You don't know me?
It's me Athena.

I will help you as always.That's the reason I am here.

To recognize you?

Who can recognize you, goddess,
when you appearance is always different?

I know you protect me in Troy
during combat.

But you were more the observer than the protector!

And you blame me for defending myself
with lies, after so many years of danger?

You are always the same, and that's why I like you.

Someone else would overcome his pain,
and would jump into his wife's and his son's bosom..

..but not you. You know that no one know for you..

..and that's why I want to help you.

I'll transform you into an old beggar, and no one will
recognize you if you don't wish that.

[Narrator: and thus Athena went,..]

[..rucked his skin and made
him look old,..]

[..and giving him an old smoked rag.]

*Athena:* First go to Eumeus,
the faithful swineherd..

..who is dear to your son and Penelope.

[Narrator: He try to recall where Eumeus is,..]

[..the cabin where he from birth
guarded his herd.]

You are lucky stranger. They could bite you.
Come, go inside.

[Narrator: Odysseus watched amazed
the big and beautiful fence .]

[..it was built with rocks from afar and surrounded by bushes..

[It didn't exist earlier
then Eumeus built it in the absence of his master..

[..so that he would guard better
the animals entrusted to him.]

[He was a loyal servant
and Odysseus was pleased to see that.]

Come, take some bread and wine.

Then will tell me who you
are and what do you want.

Let Zeus protect you,
you who guard your guests.

Let Zeus save you,
Zeus who send me a guest!

[Narrator: Odysseus rejoiced again.
Even his appearance..]

[..was so poor that he would
convince everyone of his misery..]

[..Eumeus accepted him kindly and with respect.]

Tonight we'll talk more,
but now you must refresh.

I only have some cheese.
It was different with my master.

Then I could offer you more...

..but he left with the others to Troy
and didn't return.

Take it. He was a great king.

[Narrator: Telemachus, son of Odysseus,
left Sparta..]

[..and found his boat on the shores of Pylos.]

[His voyage was useless.
No one has news about his father.]

[He only got the advice to return
home asap.]

My friend, I beg you,
for your life's sake..

..and your friends, take me with
your boat, in the name of Zeus!

Don't abandon me!

I killed a man in self defence,
so I can't dwell in the city anymore.

Friends and family of the dead,
searched for me to kill me.

- Who are you?
- Teoclimen is my name.

I'm a fortune teller. I know you are
Telemachus and you have enemyes at home.

When you return, don't go between
the strait of Same and Ithaca.

They lurk for you to throw
you on the bay rocks..

..if you don't go around.

You will land on the oposite side of Ithaca,
and go through the villages!

- Come, get on deck.
- Thank you. May Zeus bless you.

I'm feeding these porks,
to preserve something for my master.

They say he's dead,
but if he shows up I would tell him:

.."I knew always you'll return"..

.."and proof is these porks
that the enemy didn't devour".

-Enemy? What enemy?
-From where do you fall?

You don't know how we live here?
Or are you with those bullies?

But that can't be. You are miserable
like me and we can't trick even ourselves.

If you don't know,
I'll tell you what's going on here on Ithaca,..

..so you'll know something
and I'll take out.

I don't ever talk with anybody.

[Narrator: Thus the night falls.
And after that they eat some meat..]

[..from the pig Eumeus prepared,
then they went to sleep.]

If your master returns,
wouls they recognize him in Ithaca?

-Yes, I think, unfortunately.
-Unfortunately? He is a king returning to his people

The people should be happy to have again his king!

The people would welcome him, but
I told you what is happening at his court.

If Odysseus returns, according to me,
its better to have him disguise himself as a beggar.

I see.
But at the court there is still a queen.

And his son.

No, Telemachus went to search for his father,
and no one knows where.

And regarding the queen,
I don't know about her.

I didn't see her for a long time.

So my master lives only
in my memory and that gives me strenght.

My master liked me, and he would
gave me a wife to marry as reward for my work.

Soon came the dawn with the rose-colored fingers

[In his cabin, Eumeus was already

[He lit the fire and made breakfast.]

[Other shepherds came and joined.]

- Do you want some olives?
- No, thanks.

Today you pasture the flock.
I stay with the stranger.

-Good, we are going.
-Good work. - Thanks.

You know the prun tree, even you don't have
the hands of a peasant.

You are right. I'm not peasant.
I commanded an army and a fleet.

The moment arrived when I must
go to Troy..

..and leave my homeland which
was like this land.

Twenty years ago.

Do you want me to understand something?
That this is the land from which you have left?

No. Did you see that wineyard?

I think the master planted
it there deliberately..

..knowing that the winds from the sea
don't blow there.

Correct. It was Odysseus.

Continue to talk. You don't know
what joy your word gives me.

- Did you finish pruning?
- What? No, not yet.

You are right, it's
no time for talking. Let's continue working.

You know there are many other ways
to prun a tree...

Like these!

[Narrator: The same evening Telemachus
returns to Ithaca..]

[..and he told to Teoclimen, the magician to go at the palace and to wait for him there.

You go on until the harbour, and I'm going to Eumeus.

[Narrator: He awoke at night and saw Eumeus outside.]

[He heard steps and the dogs moving without barking..]

[ like they saw someone
familiar and who was approaching secretly.]

Telemachus, Telemachus, you've returned,
you've returned my son.

Come, let me look at you.
We were so worried about you.

Did your mother see you?

I've come here first,
before I go to the court.

What happened during my absence?
Did my mother choose a new husband?

No, nothing happened. Come!

- Who's that?
- I don't know. He said he is seaman.

- I trust him with your hospitality.
- Me? In my own home I can't..

..defend myself from insults.

Now I can't even protect myself.

Do you know who I am?

It's better for me to disappear at sea
now that I'm scared to go to my own home.

I'm afraid Eumeus, that's why I'm here..

..and I think its better that my mother resigns
and remarry.

Then standing in the middle of the cabin

Athena appeared only to Odysseus, and she told him:]

[..Oh son of Laertes,
now you see your son,..]

[..don't hide from him anymore.]

Young prince, let me tell you something:

..not about your mother, you wouldn't let me,
but about you.

I've heard what is happening in your house.
Why do you stand them?

Have they the people on their side
or your brothers don't help you as they shoud do?

Ah, if I were young and strong like you,
young and strong as Odysseus's son..

..I should hope for his return.
Or have you lost the last hope to see your father?

Guest, it's true..it's not the folk
that is against me, in fact:

..Ithacians love me, but I don't have brothers,
I'm the only son..

..like he was the only son of Laertes.

And if my enemies manage to eliminate me,..

..our line will disappear.

Eumeus, who's this stranger who is allowed to speak
with me like he is my father--

1000 times it's better for me to
die in my own home defending it..

..than to suffer the tyrany of usurpers!

- For heaven's sake,who are you?
- Odysseus, your father.

Master, I didn't recognize you immediately
and give you due honour.

You recognized me and you knew
to honor me in silence.

My son, I know what's now in your heart.

I look so differently than you
imagined me,..

..but I don't think it's
easier for me to hug you.

I also have never seen you..
and I tried so hard to imagine you.

Let me look at you.

No, Eumeus, stay with us.

[Narrator: And thus Telemachus finally

[..and hugged his father.]

[From the bottom of their hearts
they both wished to cry.]

They cried, and their moaning were sharper than the moaning
of the white-tailed eagle

[..or the bend clawed hawk,
whom peasants steal their sons before they could fly.]

[Then, they prepared to return to the court
and Odysseus repeated:..]

[..Tell me, will be enough that
Athena help us..]

[..or shall I search for more allies
among us and the pretenders..]

[..which will execute wrath with their swords.]

You alone will return to Ithaca.

..If you you call the
assembly they'll ask you about

all those who had gone with
you twenty years ago.

I know, but I won't call it.

Assembly is always with the strongest ones.
Who are those pretenders?

The most dangerous are Antionous and Eurimach.
- But they are only kids!

- Yes, they were 20 years earlier. -You are right.

And the rest?
Melantius, Amfinomus --

- Ctesipus. - and Amfimedont,
son of Melanus.

- I see. How much in total?
- Only from Samos, a dozen.

- Too much Odysseus, too much.
- None of them must know that I returned.

- And my mother? - No, not even her.

[Narrator: In the meantime, arrived at Ithaca the ship sent by the pretenders to assault the boat of Telemach.

They couldn't meet him.

He went on another route.

He must have been informed.He was lucky.

Yes. Get rid of him before
he summons another assembly.

Let's go to the village and kill him there.
Just to plunder his wealth iti isn't enough anymore!

[Narrator: Penelope heard that
the pretenders are on their way to the court]

[So she wanted to precede them
into the court room..]

and to sit on her place
near the king's throne..]

[..to speak with them..]

- What did you do to my son?
- Your son?

- His ship is in the harbour. Didn't he arrive?
- I ask you where he is?

I don't know. I'm not his tutor.

- I know your intentions, Antinoo.
- Then you are misinformed.

Your father fell on his knees in this very room,
and crying was begging Odysseus for protection!

Odysseus saved his life and
now you are plotting against his son!

Coward, you are like your father!

Nobody is plotting agains the sacred life of your son, Penelope!

In fact, as long as he lives,
I guarantee for his protection.

Telemachus has arrived!

[Narrator: She ran towars him and hugged her beloved son.]

[She kissed him on the head and both
his dark eyes:]

[..you've come Telemachus, my sunshine.

Then the prophet Teoclimen enters..]

[..whom Telemachus took from Pylos,
to be washed and annoited.]

You've come back changed.

More determined and quiet.
You give me a lot of joy

I am happy.

I wish I could give you a greater joy.

When your father went to war,
do you know what he told me?

"If I don't return, I will trust you with everything:
the house, the servants, the parents

..and my son. As soon as the first
beard appears, you will give him the command."

That means mother, that he didn't tell you:
"Marry again."?

- You know this stranger? - You tell me that
his name is Teoclimen.

He's from Argos. In Pylos he asked
me for protection. He killed a man.

Why you bring me a murderer into my house?

He's foretelling the future. He advised
me to change the course.

Maybe I owe him my life.

You bring strangers in the house,..

you speak about the future,
but you don't tell me anything about your father.

You went so far away.
Were you safe?

Did you have any news of your father?

Tell me.

In Pylos Nestor welcomed
me warmly,

but he didn't have any news of Ulise.

In Sparta I met Helen and Menelaus.

I told them, also, what is happening here,
in Ithaca,.

and both of them told me that your fidelity shall be rewarded,

but they also didn't know anything about my father.

Faithful lady of Odysseus,
what Menelaus and your son know?

Why don't you ask me
when I am a fortuneteller?

I don't see people,
but heavenly signs.

And I tell you that you must endure
and trick the pretenders a little bit more!

Your husband you know, wouldn't do
any different and you know that.

How was he? -

When you married him, how was he, my father?

Odysseus...how was he?

He was the last man who
came to ask me as his wife.

My father didn't like him. He wasn't
the richest nor the boldest.

When my father said 'no',
he looked to the ground

..he went outside,
leaving without turning around.

Then... I followed him,..

he saw me...
he was already mounting on his cart.

He didn't say anything.

And sat next to him and we went.

Then my father stood before the horse,
he wanted to stop it

He said:"I order you to get off."..

..but I took my veil and covered
my face.

Odysseus whipped the horse..

And we went away.

[Narrator: in the meantime Odysseus
and Eumeus came to the city.]

[The swineherd gave to his master
a stick and a also a torn bag ]

[..making him look even more like a despicable beggar.]

[And the people who met them said:

How truthful it is that a man stay
stays near the one who ressembles to him..]

Look at the swineherd leading the beggar."]