Odissea (1968–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

Be careful!

Strangers, what are you doing here?

Come, I want to see you better.
How many are you?

For so long I didn't see humans on this island.

We are men who want to find other people
on this island..

..and we saw signs of your power.

You who are so strong and mighty are certainly
close to the hearts of the gods.

Accept our friendship we offer you
in the name of Zeus hospitality.

In name of Zeus who protects
The weak and guests,..

..and who lead the steps of those astrayed
and defenses their rights.

Stranger, you must be a miserable idiot

or you have
really come from afar..

..so you know nothing when you
speak to me about gods.

I am Polifemus, ofspring of Cyclops

We are stronger than all the gods.

I don't have any intention to spare you
nor you nor your comrades

to avoid the wrath of Zeus if I don't want to.

Then, tell me, where is your ship?

Is it close? Near the shore?

Our shores are dangerous
because of the wind.

I know a safe
harbor in this part of the island.

Only that moment I understood that I couldn't make illusions

Polifemus was a wicked creature

He wanted to seize the boat, too.

His terrifying eye followed me
as if he already locked the prey.

He knew we couldn't escape from the cave
because the crack from where the light entered

was inaccessable for us.

So I decide to answer by deceit on deceit.

My boat is smashed by your father Poseidon,..

..on the clifs of this island.

We barely escaped death.

No, noooooo.

Who knows who will be next?
-No one for now.

Look at him, he will sleep soon.

Don't make yourself a hero.
You risk your life for nothing.

I can't just stand and watch.

Where is your famous
cunningness, Odysseus?

Even if your sword will pierce
his heart, we should be lost.

We won't ever be able to move the rock which block the
cave's entrance and keep us prisoners here.

You are right, but what I saw was so horrible
that eclipsed my mind.

More than a terror and horror,
I was thwarted by impossibility to fight.

My shipmates prayed.

I thought furiously that it had to be a way
to escape from the monster but which one?

The longest night of our lives begun.

Only the weakest among us succeeded to fall asleep.

But to me it was a torture.

I couldn't accept such an end.

..in the atrocious dark of a cave,
far away of the things which shine in the sun.

The the morning came and the monster went out
with his flock and blocked the cave entrance.

From the other crack, the daylight seemed a joke for us, prisoners.

But we had one more day of life ,
and I was making a desperate plan.

What horror to avoid war
just to die here,..

..where courage is useless,
and where you can't fight.

This is all your fault.
We shouldn't have listen to you!

- Don't grumble! You have a short memory.
- Let him talk.

For years we are roaming the seas.

And are we closer to home?
It's Odysseus guilt.

Odysseus, I don't want to end up being eaten!

Why didn't you leave us with the Lotuseaters? Why?


I'll save you, but you must listen to me one more time.

- Does someone refuse?
- I won't follow your orders anymore!

Encourage yourself. Even if we are few,
we'll deliver ourselves.

I got an idea.

Prepare timber. I want it
clean as the mast of a ship.

After we skinned,
we put the pinnacle in the fire.

Then we hide it.

Now,nothing remained for us..
..but to loose a day till Polifemus returns.

We knew he'll eat someone else.

We asked the fate who would take a risk..

..to get close to the monster.

Put my luck beside yours!

Fate has smiled at me choosing
exactly those four I would choose..

..because endevour needs boldness and
great steadiness:

..Heraclio, Filetor, Elpenor, Euriloch and me.

Polifemus forced us to see his
monsterous meal.

Moment came to offer him wine
to make him drunk,..

..wine for whom only premonition
forced me to carry it.

Wine which was given by the priest of Apollo.

..can drink it only if
watered down twenty times.

Cyclop, now you have eaten human flesh,
drink this!

That's wine I brought
confident in your hospitality.

How can I believe you?
What if it is deceit? You try it first!

It's good. Give me more.
I want more of that wine.

You earned the day which a guest deserves.

Therefore, you won't say I don't know
the law of hospitality,

that I don't respect the gods.

- What's your name? Tell me.
- You wanna know my name?

My name is famous. I'll tell you
in exchange for the gift you promised me.

Listen carefully!


My name is "Nobody". *or Noone.Gk.:Utis*

My father, my mother and my friends call me "Nobody"

Nobody? You'll be the last I'll eat..

..after I devour all of your friends.
That's my gift to you.

I want to avenge my friends, too, Odysseus.

Help me brother Cyclops, help me.
They wanna kill me.

It was useless.
Other Cyclops will arrive to help him.

They are arriving now.

- Our end is nearing.
- It's of no use blinding him.

At least we avenge our friends.

Help me brother Cyclops,help me!

*Cyclops:* What's up, Polifemus?
What troubles you so you scream so much?

Why are you awakening us?
Does somene stolen your flocks?

-Somebody wants to kill you?

"Nobody" wants to kill me, "Nobody".

Therefore,if nobody wants to kill you,
it means that affliction from Zeus comes to you.

We can't help you.
Call your father Poseidon.

The trick with the name deceived them.

All night screamed
and rolled out of pain.

In the morning the sheeps started bleating..

..and after a lot of time,
the giant get pity on them.

He found the rock and moves it
to let them out.

I supposed that he'll do everything
to prevent our leaving.

So I ordered my shipmates to tie
themselves beneath the bellies of a pair of sheeps..

Go on! I can't take you any
more to the tender grass.

You are now without a shepherd.

But those miserable Greeks will not escape me!

Tight! Tight hard!

Those traitors, they deceived and blinded me!

So my comrades escaped.

-And how did you escape?
-How did you tie yourself?

I was attached to the belly of his ram.

My dearest ram.
Why are you the last who leaves the cave?

You, who were always
the first to graze with the tender buds?

Why are you the last today? Are you sad
because they have blinded me?

One man blinded me after
he tamed me with wine!

His name is "Nobody"!

But I tell you,
he still didn't escape death.

If you could only know what I'm feeling,
If you could only speak,..

..you would tell me where he is hiding! Ah!

Go, go now.

And thus he himself
pushed me out of the cave.

Outside I told them: "Run to the boat!
Gather the shipmates!"

I was afraid that the other
Cyclops could see us.

All to the ship, run!


What else keeps me among those rocks?

Why did I hesitate to go
to my friends on the shore?

Wouldn't it be more prudent to escape in silence?

Hear me! As you could see,
"Nobody" wasn't a small man!

The man whom you want to eat all his friends!

Evil you have done,
crashed on your back..

..because you wasn't ashamed to devour
your guests!

I told you nicely that Zeus
is merciless to criminals like you.

Cyclop, if anyone among mortals ask you..

..what enemy blinded you..

..tell him it was Odysseus who
with cunningness overwhelmed you so mighty!

Odysseus, destroyer of cities,
son of Laertes and king of Ithaca!

Odysseus, I've known you will blind me!

It was prophesied to me, but I've imagine you
as big a hero like me!

Thus you deceived me.
Return to me Odysseus!

Now I know who you are,
I give you a good journey.

I'll beg my father Poseidon to follow you!

He, who is the god of the seas!

Ah father Poseidon!

You won't get a better eye even from your
father Poseidon,..

..rise up from the bottom of the Ocean to help you!

If I only can, I would rip out your heart!

Hear me Poseidon, overlord of the abyss,..

..if it's true that I'm your son,
don't ever let Odysseus return home!

Thus Polifemus spoke to his father,
the blue-haired god.

And that's why you see me alone,
begging you on my knees.

I depend on you,
and only you can help me.

Why are you saying that, Odysseus?

The forces you awaken,
are immensely more powerful than we are..

..and they can fall on us.

But according to you, on what side is justice?

Is on a side of blasphemous Cyclop
who devours his guests?

You know that we and Cyclops have the same father..

..and don't forget the prophecy also:
Poseidon will get angry at the Feacians..

..because of the stranger we'll escort
at sea.

The prophecy foretold a punishment:
the ship will be destroyed.

And our city will be covered by a mountain.

Prophecies are always a part of the truth
only a part..

..and shouldn't prevent us from being honest.

I know Alcinous and I want more from the Feacians,..

..and its true that I'm brought here
by the wrath of the god who persecuted me.

I would go alone, on raft, so no one get hurt.

Noble Feacians, let our guest speak..

so we can understand how
and why on his return he came to our land!

Continue, Odysseus.

You move the queens heart,
and that's not without reason.

We continued our sailing,
after we mourned the dead.

We sailed near the coast,
and the wind became calm..

..till we get to the stone wall.
There wasn't any road.

On the top I saw a building worth for a king.

..so I decided to talk to my crew to
calm them down..

..telling the truth and the non-truth.


I saw this islands before.

I recognize the shape of the mountains and the colors of the rocks..

..but I don't remember the castle above there

We got to go uphill.
Destiny and the needs of the sailors require that.

Why do you look at me like that?
Maybe you are afraid..

because of the memory of the disaster on the Cyclops island?

Take it easy. This time I will go alone,
without anyone.

Come stranger.
Who are you? What do you need?

Noble king, I'm Odysseus, king of Ithaca.

- Ah, you are the famous destroyer of Troy?
- Yes noble king.

So you are one who invented
the wooden horse?

Your glory is widespread.

I'm Eolus. Zeus gave me the power
over the winds.

Here beside me are my wife,
my children and all my pride.

3 males, and 3 females.

I managed that they marry among themselves
so they don't marry far away.

This way I can have them all near me.
And I won't be alone.

I prepare them for the eternal banquet,
an endless party..

..in which you'll partake as long as I wish that.

Odysseus, there are rumours that you
live incredible events.

Why don't you tell us
so we can keep ourselves awake?

Eat. My hospitality will be
long and sweet.

All right.

For one month he kept me beside him
in his court..

..forcing me to tell once again about
the tragic events of the Acheans..

..which were amusing to him, till,..

.. he can't hold me any more,
then I ask him to let me go.

He didn't say no.

I don't wish to hold you
here against your will..

..even my children don't want you to leave.

I thank thee.

You who personally stop your children
from leaving, must understand my wish to go home.

Not that I only understand you Odysseus,
but I will help you.

You know about my power over the winds.

I will order my servants to skin a calf!

The skin is bound as a double sheeted sack!

I closed in all the winds which blow over the sea.

I left you only one, Zephyrus.

It will sail to your homeland.

And when you get there,
then throw the sack into the sea.

Still, since I give you this,
you must tell me the truth.

If you lie to me, I'll turn against you.

Tell me, does some god prevents you
from returning?

Because in that case I am not allowed to make gifts
to a simple mortal.

No, excellent sovereign, no god persecute me.

..I always..piously offered sacrifices.
- Swear it Odysseus.

Swear that you never insult
Poseidon, my lord..

..and I'll seal the winds so you can
return to your fatherland.

I swear that I have never insulted

..nor with thoughts nor with deeds.

We finally sailed for days on a
calm sea.

I didn't even need to search for a route.

I only followed the wind.

As the wind changed direction,
so I steered the ship.

- Give me the rudder Odysseus, go to rest.
- I'll call you when I need you.

For days you didn't close your eyes.
What are you afraid of?

I swear that I won't sleep till I see Ithaca.

And despite the god of the sea,
we are almost there.

Go and watch.

At Polifemus he took us.
But at Eolo he went alone. It must be full of gold.

Ithaca! Ithaca!

That's Ithaca, our fatherland!

The battle was won, I could sleep at last.

You, on oar! You, fasten the sail
instead of staring!

Are you not impatient to get there?

What shall we say to our families?
Why did our return take so many years?

As beggars?

Isn't it better to say nothing?

Are you not you afraid to say what you think?

Just look, glorious warriors of Troy,
who departed in 12 ships!

Then return with only one and empty handed!

I wanna know do we have any gold,
and I wanna know that now!

Isn't it enough that you return to home alive?

No, since I suffered hunger,
thirst and danger, it isn't enough!

It's a shame for a warrior to return home without booty!

Their sons will never see them again
as true man!

Booty is lost on the other ships,
did you forgot that?

And the sack, what's inside?

Why did Odysseus never tell us
what's inside?

I wanna know now!
- No!

The stormy wind blew us
to the middle of the Ocean.

All winds blew simultaneously so
it was useless..

to try steering the boat,
and to anger between us.

But that lord of the winds, that...
Eolus, did you really meet him?

Polibius,what are you trying to say?

It's a strange story Odysseus,
it is hard to comprehend.

It's a special blessing from above,
that's for sure, but the opposing forces also.

Nevertheless, it seems that
you by yourself govern your roads:

..you alone wished to see Polifemus,
you alone went to the Eolos castle,..

..you alone slept on arriving at Ithaca..

..like you never really wish
to return.