Odissea (1968–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

A refugee like you.
His name is Demodocus.

He lived in Troy,
the beautiful city which..

..the Acheans demolished after the siege.

He lost his sight in fire.

Nausica, you tell the stranger one untruth.

Troy didn't fall in just war,..

..but by deceit.
My guests know that well..

..but all others should hear, because that..

..event will stay in memory forever.

We were in the 10th year of war.

Like always, in front of us,
near the river Scamander..

..the swarms of ships like summer flies..

..gathered around a jar with milk.

First ships of the Foceans,than the Myceneans

..than the Atens, then on the edge of the shore Korintians.

We never succeeded to count them all till..

..one morning, not believing our eyes,
we saw the abandoned..

.. military camp, the ships all gone,
and we hoped..

..that Troy was saved.

Unfortunate us, not to see deceit!

One wooden horse stood there,
higher than our gates.

We thought they left that to appease the gods..

..for safe return.
How naive and pious we were.

Gods above, thank you!
Thank you for inspiring..

..those barbarians to retreat,
to put them back to reason and mercy into their soul.

So I promise you that this gift..
..will be honored as it deserves,..

..even it was made by our enemies.

Reason and mercy of the Acheans?

They are no more, and that's all that matters!

What use of that which is reason?

We shouldn't pay heed to this.

We should erase any trace of them,

I tell you, Priam and all of you!

I understand why you speak this way.

The Acheans landed on these shores

and they forced us over a long and unjust siege because the Helena..

..which they claimed, and which
we would never have kidnapped from Menelaus..

..and she is now with us against her will.

We have many deads, but also the Acheans
paid severely their madness

and this horse is a gift to the gods,
a gift of repentance.

You intend to forget all the sacrifices
we endured during all these years?

How can you honor a gift from your enemies?

- True Laoocon, but if this is a gift to the gods, as I think it is
shall we insult the gods?

That's a gift to their gods, not ours!

But we are the same human kin,
and our gods are the same!

Listen to me Priam, don't leave anything
of the Acheans undemolished!

Dismantle it to pieces!
Leave it there!

Let him rot here!

No. We should take it inside the city!

We are not to be afraid now we had won!

True, Priam is right!

They ran away!

Here was the tent of that bloody Agamemnon.
And here it was Odysseus.

Odysseus, Agamemnon, Menelaus!
You could do nothing to Troy!

And now even the sea can spoil your return!

The siege is over. We won!
They'll not come back. We won!

Burn it! Only then they wont return! Burn it!

Stop with the blasphemy and bring the horse in!

They'll bring us to the town.

So everyone agreed with Priam
that we must bring it inside the walls.

We placed him as a war trophy
near the Athena temple.

Woe to us, we celebrated that evening
thinking that the long siege has come to an end.

And that was exactly
what Odysseus wanted when he build the horse.

He and his companions went out of it, helped by the darkness.

They run to the gates to open them
to their troops who..

..with their ships returned to the beaches,..

..armed to the teeth. And the city was sleeping.

And I slept too. Then I saw that from every part
of the town arose big flames and fires.

Screams of living people mixed with the cracking sound of fire.

And above the flames I saw..

..on the highest tower, 2 Achean warriors..

..holding a small child to his feet.
It was Astinax, son of Hector

They raise him and throw him into
the abyss from the high tower..

And so in a sad lake of blood, Priamus offspring vanished.

And that was the last thing that I saw.

Who are you stranger when you mour the fate of Troy?

I'm the one who destroyed them.
I'm the one who deceived them.

- You are Odysseus?
- Yes.

[Narrator: Meanwhile, on Ithaca,
surrounded by sea, suitors..]

[..besieging the home of Odysseus,
ruled as in their houses.]

You come here. Leave it.
You set a fire..

- Look who's coming.
- Who?

I'm Antimedontes, coming from Argus,
*Argos on Peloponessus*..

..and I've heared that the queen of Ithaca
decided not to wait any more for her husband.

. So I've come to compete
for her wedding.

I've brought enough treasure,
so I can compete with anyone.

If being rich is the only thing you have,
then leave from Ithaca.

Penelope is virtuose, and can't be bribed....

[Narrator: The news that Telemachus had gone never
to return spread out.]

So Penelope was facing
alone the numerous enemies]

Whoever had anything from wealth or power..]

[..sooner or later will show up to ask for that throne..]
[..which no man of royal lineage protected anymore.]

[The gods wished that Telemachus
didn't have brothers..]

[like his father didn't have]

I want to speak with the queen!

- The Queen doesn't come here any more.
- Why?

Because her son went away.


[Narrator: But Penelope wouldn't resign herself
to the destiny of the Achean women,.]

[whom fathers and brothers gave her another
husband after the first one, who had her as virgin wife, died..]

[Narrator: Penelope remained alone with her maidens,..]

[..some of whom betrayed her already
and others had to support the attempts of suitors]

-This one is cheap.
-Mine is like that one, take her!

This one doesn't loves us. She lis faithful to Penelope!

[Narrator: Telemachus and Pisistrat, son of Nestor,..]

[..has arrived under the walls of Sparta where Menelaus rules.]

- Did you ever imagine this big city?
- I never saw the real city.

Now you'll see Helen!

[Narrator: Helena comes down from high walls.]

[Greatest princess contest for her hand.]

[Menelaus get her.]
*That was before the events with Paris*

[Helen, daughter of Leda and Tindareus,
offspring of Zeus, fatal woman]

Anything new in Pylos?

The memory of your father Nestor
is always dear to my heart.

I bring you a guest. He comes from Ithaca..

..He is the son of Odysseus.

Let me tell your name.

I know your name is Telemachus

I want to prove to you that I remember very well your father

and also all those who because of me left their fatherland:

warlords of Acheans
who go to walls of Troy,..

..far away and a lot of them killed.

It's my guilt that you didn't know your father yet.

Why are you speaking like that?
Is he dead?

I don't know..

..Very little I know of today.
I can tell you only about the past, Telemachus.

I can tell you where I saw
your father the last time.

My father consulted Telemachus asking
Menelaus about his father...

Recently he came back,
and he traveled a lot they say.

Yes, maybe he knows, come with me.

[Narrator: Menelaus made his
death mask,*of gold*..]

[..overcome with heavy thoughts.

[..He also travelled very much
on sea till he found the way home.]

8 years sucked out his youth,
because of the risky return.]

[Thus absence of Odysseus eclipsed all
fate of other..]

[..rulers of Achean cities.]

So, in my house has arrived the son of a dear friend,
the dearest one of all my friends.

Welcome boy.

Let me see you again.
The son of Odysseus!

Menelaus, he needs you. Nestor consulted him..

for asking you news about his father.

Old Nestor gave you a good advice.

Ah, how I wished to honor your father.
I would give him home here, bring him from Ithaca..

..so that we would always be together as neighbors
and to spend together the last years of our lives.

But fate decided differently.

Now it's useless to speak what would have been.

Telemachus home is under siege by people
who rob him and fraight.

I've heared what happens on Ithaca,
but you boy..

..why do you let that happen? Are the people against you?
Or your mother?

I attempted to raise the people.
Our island needs a king, not a boy.

Anyone can raise his hand
on the throne of Ithaca.

Only my mother prevents them.
No one can help us!

Only if Odysseus returned....

Ah that damn war!
How many damages he makes!

Hororible evil it brought to us!

Look, the weapon of Agamemnon, my brother, treacherously murdered on his doorstep after his return from Troy.

He didn't die in battle with an enemy worthy of him.

Nor sea devoured him, as a lot of ours..

He was killed by treason,
and I rule this city without joy..

That's the price I paid, for the war us, Atreidai wanted

What are you hiding sir?
Why don't you tell me, what do you know about my father?

The queen, you tell me please.

As soon as I've arrived,
I saw you knew the bitter truth..

Don't be mercy.

Please tell me if my father is dead.

We know something about your father,
but we don't know if you can endure.

Be brave and listen to me carefully.

Your father lives, but he is like dead.
Proteus tells me that.

He has seen Odysseus surrounded by sea,
without shipmates to return.

[Narrator: And Helen got an idea.]

[In the wine she pours a cure which softens
anger and pain that gives oblivion]

[ The daughter of Zeus knew some remedies.

Polidamna The egiptian woman gave her that drug.]

Drink this wine and listen.
I'll tell you things things passed..

..and thus you'll understand what happened..

I won't tell you all the adventures of Odysseus,..
..but only those that I know.

[Narrator: So Helen starts:]

It was the last year of the war.
I waited in Troy that arms..

..decide the victory and which would be my destiny.

I was in the temple of Apollo,
and Cassandra..

Oh Apollo!
You who are only among gods..

..who stay favored to this wretched town,
reveal me a secret!

*Cassandra was condemned to foretell a future but
no one believed her*

They are looking for me and I ran.
Let me rest a while.

-I won't harm you, just help me!
-Who are you? From where?

I'm a frigian soldier,
ally of the Trojans with whom..

..I fight Acheans for years to
defend a city.

Last night against my will, I was
drawn into a brawl and barely escaped. .

They won't
dare to search for me in a temple.

But you are all wounded!
Your face all smeared with blood. .

You scare me.
Or I just see blood everywhere?

That's blood, girl..

War doesn't spare not even the
ones as miserable as me.

If you could give me something..?

Poor soldier,I can give you anything!

Except one advice. Run!

Run if you can from this condemded city
which is already full of corpses.

Why do you speak like that?
Is prophecy speaking out of you?

You don't know me? Never heared of Cassandra, daughter of Priam?

The god Apollo speaks
through me but no one will listen.

I'll listen. But how can I believe?
You say the city will fall..

..but I see his high walls unconquered and defiant.

9 years the city stands the attacks of the Achean hordes..

..with so many heroes who conquered cities
like this one.

Only one will be enough to ruin it.

Maybe you know that the town is out of food?
Or water?

Or some illnes is among the defenders?

Oh listen Cassandra, at least her,
listen Cassandra inspired by Apollo.

Wait stranger. I wanna to see you also!

Your face is tainted with blood, truly,
but your wounds are strange.

They look as self-afflicted.
Why? That they don't recognize you?

But you can't deceive me like you did with Cassandra.

You are not Frigian, friend of Troy,
You are enemy!

You sneak into the city and mix with the wounded,..

..to commit some sabotage.
You look like the face from the past.

You who come out of the darkness with a bloody face,..

..you are Odysseus
I recognize you instantly..

..and shudder when I saw.
I follow thee..

..to see shall you dare to come
here in the temple,..

..near the house of Priam.
What for? Why?

I knew I'll find you there.
Why are you hiding here..

..near the altar, when the city will fall..

..and your husband will seek for you
to redeem his honor?

That will never happen!

Under the condition that the Trojans don't revenge on you
for all the years of misery you brought on them!

- You are a spy!

I've heared you! You deceive naive Cassandra..

..with news she didn't know about the war and the soldiers.

- I'll give you to them to kill you!
- No, you won't do that..

..because in your heart you are still Greek,

even if for ten years we suffer
all because of your guilt!

Go away! I don't want to listen any more!

I won't betray you, but I don't
want to see you in the temple.

Leave me to my destiny.
Leave me to my destiny whatever it is!

Tremble? Why are you afraid,
you, the daughter of Zeus?

Helen, if you would return to
Menelaus, all this would end.

No Odysseus.
If you only know..

..how much I cry because of the
guilt aloted by Afrodite.

Afrodita or your lust?

The gods arrange our lives,
so my lust doesn't count.

So what holds you here?

Only one person in this town think I am
worthy of pity..

The master of this house-Priam.

Because of me he lost
his best sons:

..Hector is dead, Paris is dead,
the most bravest Trojans dead..

..and others, many others,
well didn't you hear Cassandra?,..

..Many will perish. Blood, always
blood, and never reproach from Priam.

When I come here with Paris
he accept me as his own daughter.

And I remain to him like a daughter
and thus I'll remain to the end.

If you speak about the end of this city
you won't wait too long.

I didn't want this war, I'm forced into it,
and now I want only to finish it no matter what.

All I saw in the city, perfectly
fits into my plan.

What plan Odysseus? You are
very famous because of your cunningness.

Is that what you would like
that people remember you for?

The acts of people brought me to such choice.

And if I must carry that burden,
I'll carry it bravely.

Who knows how many times he remembered
his words,..

..maybe even now,
wherever he is.

[Narrator: Odysseus is in the throne room
of Alcinoo court.]

[His hosts leave him alone
and he didn't know why.]

[But when the time arrives
he discloses his true name..]

[..he was afraid that Feacians
will hesitate to give him a ship to return to his homeland.]

[It was a name of a man signed by a destiny
which even himself couldn't understand]

He didn't know that his return was already
secured by those who can everything.

Thus thinks Odysseus..]

[..He was asking himself if it was safe
to disclose also his past.]

Forgive us we leave you alone.

We assembled to discuss your unexpected arrival.

We never thought we'll have
such glorious man among us.

Don't appologise Alcinous,
you honored me already.

Now you can better understand my eagerness to return to my homeland.

Your help
will restore me to life.

Why so much haste Odysseus?
Don't you wish to rest for a while?

Tell us something about you.

..In 10 years you have had many adventures.

10 years is too much. Tell us about the adventures of a king
who left Troy with an army..

..but comes alone on raft.
About a man who was considered dead..

..and who wishes to be considered dead,
since he hid his name from us.

We bring down the walls of Troy.
I sailed with Menelaus and Nestor..

..but a sudden storm broke up the fleet.

With my ships I arrived
in the land of Kikonians.

My companions started to plunder the land.
The Kikonians defended themselves..

..and killed a lot of my man.
We left 72 unburied,..

..6 from every ship. Sailing against Big Dipper ,

..around cape Malia *south of Greece* a strong current
throw us on the shores of the savage Lestrygonians.

The company wants to anchor in the harbor.

, but I wanted to scout the place first
and find a promontory.

I was right to do it..

..because the rest of them, carelessly,
landed and hear the sound of war...

The other cries
immediately appeared.

There wasn't time to loose,
and I retreat, on the same way

..we saw the Lestrigonians throwing
huge rocks on our ships destroying them one by one.

My People tried to escape by swimming
but they have been hunted down with the tridents as they were fish.

- And how did you escape?
- They couldn't reach me..

..because I stayed out of the harbour.
- Only your ship remained?

In the end, yes.
We were the last comrades.

After the demise of the others,
I became even more dear to them,..

..because they grew up with me,
we were friends from childhood.

Today they are only names.
Euriloch, my cousin.

On deck he was the helmsman, and in combat guarded the left wing.

He was sensible and wise.

Filetor, on Ithaca we hunted together

Once a wild boar wound me..

..in the thight and I still have a scar.
Filetor grasps him..

..with both hands, overturns him
and stabbed him to death.

Heraclio, I knew his family and sons.

Politus, the most strongest of all.

Elpenor wasn't very strong
and not quite wise

but he was very dear to me,
more than the others, maybe because he was week.

And thus from the army which left Ithaca,
so few remain.

I realise how important were for me my comrades

the moment I saw how the dark forces
worked against our return..

Why are you talking about dark forces?

Because we never found the road who would lead us
the shortest way to Ithaca..

We get lost forever on vast sea, without way.

When we barely glimps our land,..

..storm would cast us away
to roam again..

..till the next storm enrages the sea,..

..and I'll remember that till the end of my life.
It was like..

.. some invisible giant hand,
throwing the ship to the bottom of the abyss.

You are the great king Odysseus,
but still you are only a man.

And according to what you are saying it seems you are a man
who tries to explain rationally the things that happened..

But seldom the men succeds alone.

Let's ask the gods for us and for you,

..maybe you will find your answer, and we will find our answer.

This night the sacrifices gave the answer.
-What answer?

Unfavorable. My people is scared.
They couldn't interpret..

Maybe you could.

- Not me. I know that the goddess Athena was always
near me during the fight in Troy,..

..thus with her beside me, I always knew
what to do.

But from the moment we were at sea
we couldn't hear anymore the voices of the gods.

Maybe because of this in my heart was growing the doubt
and I was so anxious to know more.

What did you hide about your voyage?

-Why are you asking about it?
-You have survived many things,and you have suffered a lot.

We realized that
as soon you have arrived..

..and we showed you our compassion.
But if it is god..

..who is your enemy, as the omens say,
tell us every secret.

I told you everything, everything
I could understand from my..

Did you have encounters which..
..don't belong to the world of men?

Yes. - When?

One day we entered into a
river seeking drinking water --

Please, Odysseus..

..I would like you to tell
us about that this evening.


We sail in a great river
with sharp clifs.

We searched to anchor,
to take some water.

By the stars I calculated
that this was the shore of Lybia,..

..but the most distant shore from us,
on the very edge of the ocean..

..where the Sun sunks into the abyss.

If this was correct,..

..then we were drawn away from home, not closer.

My men didn't know that,
anyhow they were restless and worried,..

.as if they guessed, and also
because we found things..

..which looked like someone left them.

I send three men to explore the place
in the morning, the moment we arrived..

I hoped they will find something to help me orientate.

After many hours, those men
didn't return and all became nervous.

We were afraid of a new danger, the one they felt,
and their disappearance confirmed that.

I didn't know what to do.

Three more people who won't see Ithaca again!

They must have fallen into a trap.
This land must be inhabited by savages!

Odysseus, we should take a distance from
the shores before the night falls.

If you are afraid,
I'll go search for your shipmates.

I didn't wish to impose my will,
I couldn't manage like in Troy,..

..where I had warriors beside me,
not people that are scared for their lives.

Only by own example I could
reestablish myself as a leader.

- And did they follow?
- Three friends we have lost,..

..and if we would abandoned them to their fate,
that would mean that we were united only in fear.

Fear for our own survival, fear which
has no friends, but only enemies.

Without a goal, without order, without hope.

They overcame their fear and they followed me.
All of them.

The more we got away from the river,
the more the sun became hotter.

The ground was scorched. We felt dry scent
in the air,..the scent of some flower.

And so we arrived into a village inhabited by people..
..who feed themselves with those flowers bitten in mills.

I was prepared to see my men killed or in danger,.

but instead
they were there, among black people..

..behaving strangely and dressed as natives,
as if they were there since always, as they were their brothers.

Why didn't you return to the ship?
Because of this?

Odysseus, why did tou frifhtened them?

They offered us their hospitality even
they don't know the laws of Zeus.

Nature teaches them that,
The lotus flower grows..

..and they make sweet powder from it.
Taste, taste it!

It makes you forget everything
like we never need to go from Ithaca.

Who waits for us there anyway?

Who remembers us, a bunch of vagabonds,
after so many years?

Your father Egyptius, remembers you.

Your bride that you have left one month before
marriage remembers you. She maybe raised you a son.

My father is old or dead,
my brides sleep with another,

And my son hadn't have brothers and he wouldn't recognize me!
What kind of father am I?

We wil find new troubles,
so why then taking risk again?

Even at home suffering awaits us, this is sure.

Eat this lotus. We'll stay in peace forever.

Truly, some divinity brought us into this land.

Until I live,I won't let someone
forget his home.

Don't listen to him...

Take them to a ship!
I order you to take them!

Tie them!

Don't listen to them.
They are out of their mind!

We found people like us.

As I understand, all what happened..

..is that there is a flower which removes memory
or wish for it and the past.

Still, seeing those friends,
I dreamt about returning..

..and because of the stretching of the ship I have
the feeling..

..that winds, currents and forces beyond us..

..already have drawn us away from known
sea routes.

We sailed for another 18 days..

..and then came in a great archipelago..
..whose islands are near eachother.

- Why don't you sleep Euriloch?
- Why are you not sleeping? What..

..troubles you Odysseus?
-Nothing,go to sleep like others.

Tomorow we go to hunt on island.

Why you need me if you are hidding your thoughts?

Why you don't tell me what troubles you?

Sky have no stars..

..since we left Lotuseaters.

Sky is clear, but no constellation visible.
Very strange.

And a sailor cannot navigate if he hasn't
guiding stars.


..we are lost.

A good sailor is never lost,
and danger exist only in our minds.

Go to sleep.

I also observed strange things:

..we didn't find any human traces,on these islands

although people often cross the sea.
Is it possible that they never get here?

Do they avoid these lands
or something hid them?

- But we did manage to get here.
- Yes, but why?

Many unexplainable things happened since we left Troy in flames:.

quarrel among the heroes, the dispersion of the fleet..

unnatural tides and hostile winds.

..which pushed us away, each time further
from any known seas.

I don't know Euriloch, where we are heading.

..I say that to you in confidence but I beg you not to tell the others.

You must keep us unite, Odysseus.
So few of us remained!

Think about us Odysseus, about our ship,
and bring us home!

This land seems very fruitful!

It's excellent for farming.

But noone lives on it!
It seems the realm of the wild goats!

-Look there! - Where?
-There, that's smoke.

Let's gather and let's go!
Why?Without knowing who is living here?

You yourself wanted to find someone.

But now I am scared. Furthermore
who can live on such a neglected island?

Some lonely savage.
Please Odysseus, now we have provisions.

Why did you loose the arrow?
What are you thinking?

- About that man.
- Why worrying about him?

Maybe he knows something we don't, but...
you think that he is a savage,..

..maybe, but even a savage deserves
to be known.

He is also a man. We want to walk
beside him without to find something about him

and without exchange of gifts, as the thieves should do..

What's this?

This isn't a human footprint!

- Some giant.- Or god.
- Or monster, Odysseus.

Let's go or we'll regret.

Yes, maybe we'll be guests
to some god.

I proceeded with the 12 most bravest men.

I thought that we were strong enough to resist any challenge.

The rest I left to protect the ship
and make him ready.

We followed the footprints.

I brought some vessels and full
sacks of wine.

And that wasn't ordinary wine,
but a gift from Maron,..

..the priest of Apollo.
It was enormously strong.

Every cup must have been watered down with
20 cups of water.

Footprints ended before the cave
which looks modest from the outside,..

..almost like a hollow in rock,
but inside it was huge..

..and our steps echoed how
we progressed inside.


And you claim that here live a monster?

Look at the ropes. They are twisted wisely.

Look at the knots.

Taste some cheese. - It's good!
- Make as only shepherds know.

Euriloch, look!
Our host's bed.

There is a room for all our crew.

And just look at pillow, incredible!

Lets measure!
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8.

8 steps?
It's impossible that a human could have such measures!

Yes. His axe is so big that it can
be used as an anchor.

Think about the strenght of who can hold this.

Sweet, fresh and perfumed!

Let's take the cheese-all that we can take --

And fled away? - Yes.

We aren't thieves. And its too late anyway.

Our host has returned.