October Road (2007–2008): Season 2, Episode 9 - We Lived Like Giants - full transcript

Nick reveals to Owen that Aubrey's dad is "a marked man". The conversation turns to Fate and Owen says that one can mould one's fate like he does by trying to find the woman who saved his life. Which proves more difficult than he thought. Janet invites Pizza Girl to a girl's night out with her and Hannah. Hannah's baby sitter has become unavailable so Eddie and Phil have to substitute. The Commander has an appointment with an oncologist, which gives him the urge to join his sons, Owen, Aubrey and her dad on their trip. Hannah is having problems with decisions concerning the wedding.

Are You Okay?


I'D Like You To See A Friend
Of Mine--An Oncologist.

That'S Cancer.

I'M Not Afid Anymore.

We Should Just Move Forward.
I Wanna Make Peace.

Get Me An Audience
With My Daughter.
He Shows Up

Full Of Promises.
Let'S Give This A Shot.

You'Re Not Saying You Just
Came Back Into Aubrey'S Life

Just To Leave It Again.

(Man) * Down On The Corner
Back In My Hometown *

* Me And The Fellas
Used To Gather 'Round *

* We Sang A Song
With A Happy Beat *
(Bell Tolling)

* I Can Still Hear
That Harmony... *

(Owen) "A Marked Man"?

Aubrey'S Dad
Is A Marked Man.

What Does That Mean,
"A Marked Man"?

It Means
He Either Pays Back

Some Crazy, Vast Sum
Of Gambling Debts,

Or He Has To Flee
The Country

Or He Gets Beaten
Beyond Recognition,

And The Worst Part Is That

I'M The One Who
Reunited Him With Aubrey.

(Chuckles) I Don'T Think
That'S The Worstart.

I Mean, "The Beaten
Beyond Recognition"

Is Pretty Bad,
In Fairness.

All Right, Well,
Nobody Said Anything

"Beyond Recognition."

I Actually Added That Part
For Dramatic Effect,

But The Point Is,
He Gets Beaten Badly.

I'M Such An Idiot.
Why Are You An Idiot?

Aubrey Was Fine Without
Her Father In Her Life,

And Then I, Weakened By
The Very Scoundrel Charm

That She Warned Me About,

Insisted On Bringing Them
Back Together.

And Now It'S Aubrey'S Te
To Be Heartbroken Forever.

Mm, Fate Is Not Something
You Accept, My Friend.

It'S Something You Shape.

Take Me Going To Sully'S
To Find The Amazing Woman

Who Saved My Life.

To Mold My Fate,

I-I-I-I Could Let Her
Disappear Forever,

But I'M Not Going To.

(Giggles) What Are The Odds
Of Publicly Tripping

Three Different Times In Three
Dierent Locations On One Day?

Hey, Sorry I'M Late.
No, You'Re Right On Time.

I Was Just Telling Gabe
About Me

Getting My Clumson
Last Week.
Oh, Yeah.????

Your Daughter--She'S Like
A Regular Jerry Lewis Movie.

Yeah, A Very Lovely
Jerry Lewis Movie.


Six Weeks? She Only Comes Here
Once Every Six Weeks?

That'S How Often We Get
Delivery From Paul Revere Beer.

Aw, Man.

Next Time, Fall For
The White Zinfandel Guy.

He'S Here Once A Week
Like Clockwork.

Rooster, Refills?

Can I Get One More
For Nick, Please?

What'S Up, Owen?

(Sighs) I Got A Fate
That Refuses To Be Molded.

You'Re Glowering At Me.

(Lowers Voice) You Lied.

A Little, All Right?
I Needed Something Done.

You Were The Conduit.
I Don'T Want
To Be The Conduit.

You'Re Not The Conduit Now,
All Right? You Were The Conduit.
I Don'T Want To Have

I Appreciate How Much
You Care For Aubrey, Nick.

I'M In The Middle Of A Real--
(Raising Voice)
Hey, Hey, You Have To...

(Lowers Voic
You Have To Tell Her, Okay?
Or I Don'T.

Or You Don'T...

In Which Case, I Will.

You See,
You'Re Glowering Again.

* Doo-Doo-Doo-Doo-Doo,
Whoa, Oh, Oh *

* Da-Da-Da

You'Re Home Tonight,
Right, Eddie?
Oh, Yeah.

(Deep Voice)
'Cause I'M Making

My Supreme Combat Showdown
Supreme Pasta. Oh, Yeah!

Come Again?

Supreme Combat Showdown.
It'S A "Sport."

It'S Part Boxing,
Part Wrestling,

Part Disgusting.
It'S On Tv.

Phil Makes A Pasta For It
With A Carbonara Sauce,

Which Puts Me
In A Difficult Spot.

He Caters An Event
That Makes My Stomach Turn.

It'S Just
Another Saturday Night.

Well, I Have An Idea. Come Out
With Me And Hannah Tonight.

We'Re Doing Girls' Night Out.
(Mouth Full)
Oh, Girls' Night Out?

But--But Phil'S Making
Supreme Combat Pasta.
Yeah, I Don'T Want

Are You Kidding?
The More The Merrier.

We'Re Going To Sully'S.
Wait. You Work At Sully'S.

Why Would You Go There
For A Girls' Night Out?

Girls' Night Out Is More Fun
When The Drinks Are Free.

Okay. I'M In. Yay!

I Don'T Usually Say "Yay."

Just Clearly, The Prospect
Of No Supreme Combat Showdown

Is Beginning To Assert Itself.



Kelly Bernard'S Boyfriend
Is Coming Home

From College For The Weekend.
Is That Code For Something?

Well, It'S Code For
Kelly Bernard Is The Babysitter.

No Babysitter Equals
No Girls' Night Out.

Not Necessarily.

I Just Called Paul Revere Beer,
And They Won'T Give Out

Any Information
About Their Employees.

Rooster Said
She Only Comes To Sully'S

Once Every Six Weeks
To Make A Delivery.

She Works Out Of The Paul Revere
Beer Headquarters

Located In Cradle Bay,
Which Is Three Hours From Here.

So... (Sighs)

I Guess I'Ll Have To Wait.



You Wait For The Mail. You Wait
For The New James Bond Picture.

You Do Not Wait For Love,
And You Do Not Wait For--

What'S Her Name?
Um... I-I Don'T Know.

Well, She Needs A Name.
I Want To Name Her.

Take It Away, My Dear.

Um... Sienna.

(Gabriel) Sienna?
Yep. Definitely Sienna.

You Do Not Wait For Sienna.

I Do Not!

(Chuckles) But, Um,
What--What Do I Do?

Uh, You Go To Cradle Bay.
I Do?

Yeah, We Do.

Sure. Don'T You Want To Be Part
Of This Journey Of Love?


Nick? Journey Of Love?

(Man) * Doo-Doo-Doo-Doo-Doo,
Whoa, Come On, Sing It Now *

* Doo-Doo-Doo-Doo-Doo, Whoa
I'M In.

* And Let Me Say Oh

* Ow

I'M Fine, Leslie.

No, I Don'T Need You
To Go With Me.

It'S--It'S My Rst Appointment
With The Oncologist.

I'M Sure I'Ll Be Fine.

Oh, Uh, Leslie, Um, Uh,

Yeah, Talk To You Later?

Me, Too.

What'S Up, Dadster?


Get What You Need, Nicky,
And Let'S Roll.

We'Re Coming Back Tonight.

Going On A Road Trip
To Cradle Bay.

Cradle B?

Oh, I Love Cradle Bay.

You Do?


You Remember That Trip
We All Tk To Cradle Bay

The Summer Of '92?

That Little Motel
Your Mother Loved?

Octopus'S Garden.
Remember That?

Uh, Vaguely.
Oh, It'S Great. They Had
These Little Plastic Squids

Attached To The Room Keys.

There Was A Clam Shack Just
Nearby And Best Batter Ever.

Oh, Oh,
And They Let You Night-Swim.
Nick, We Gotta Go Now.

(Mouth Full)
Whoa. Okay. Let'S Go.
Hey. What--What If ???

Dad, I Can'T.
I Got Stuff To Do.

What Stuff? You Don'T Have
Stuff. You Never Have Stuff.

I Have Stuff.
Look, Stuff That Doesn'T Involve

Sitting In The Car
With You Three.
Five Of Us.

What? Five Who?
Aubrey And Her Dad
Are Coming, Too.

(Bob) Let'S Go.
(Owen) You In?

Maybe I Could Shuffle
My Stuff Around. Y--
Come On, Ronnie.

* Whoa,
Come On, Let'S Feel All Right *

* Doo-Doo-Doo-Doo-Doo, Whoa

* Come On, People, Now

Gabriel Diaz,
Robert Garrett.

Nice To Meet You.

Ohand That'S Ronnie.

Ronnie, How Are Ya?

Let'S Go.

I Call Shotgun.


I'M Not Sure
What This Is All About,

But If You'Re Trying
To Avoid Telling Aubrey...
I'M Not Trying ???

I Want To Spend The Day With
My Daughter Here, Worry-Free...

Before I Have To
Say Good-Bye.

* Yeah

* Whoa
* Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah


ʮ??֮· ?ڶ?????9??

I Think The Fall
Would Be Great.
I Know. The Ridge Is ???

But It Can Get Cold,

And I'Ve Always Pictured
The Wedding Outside.

I Mean, We Could
Do The Spring Date,

But Then--Then We Might As Well
Wait Until The Summer.

But The Problem With Summer
Is That It'S The Farthest Away,

So I Don'T Want Ray
To Think I'M Reluctant

About Starting
Our Lives Together.


It'S Like He'S Questioning
My Commitment,

Which, I Mean,
I Can Understand.

What Do You Think?

Whoa! You Look Hot.

You Don'T Think
I Look Like A Soldier?

Like A Hot Soldier.


Ray Knows
How Much You Love Him.

If You Want A Summer Wedding,

He'Ll Know It Has Nothing To Do
With How You Feel About Him.

Go With What You Want.


I'M Not Sure.

You'Re Not Sure?

I Mean About The Fall
Or The Spring.

Right. Give Me A Heart Attack,
Why Don'T Ya?

ʱ????: Seed & ????

* Wave Good-Bye To Pollyanna

* As She Leaves
Your Seashore Town *

* On Her Back,
On Her Grand Piano *

She'S Gone. It'S Over.

* Songs That Thrill Me

This Was Dumb.

What Were The Chances
She Was Even Gonna Be Here?

* Songs That Rule Me

Did You Say Brown Hair,
Little Button Nose,

Twinkly Eyes?

Look, Look.


Her Name Is Jenny.

Let Me See.

Look At That.

She Is The Most Courteous
And Prompt Of All The Employees,

But She Still Found Time
To Save My Live.

Mission Accomplished.


You Have To Meet Her.
But How?

You Have T
How? She'S Not Here.

Well, She Will Be. Once She Is,
She'S Gonna Read Your Note.

My Note?

Yeah, Your Thank You Note--
"Dear, Jenny, I'M The Guy.

"I'M The Guy Whose Life
You Saved.

"I Wanted To Say Thanks.

"You Know,
Perhaps You'D Allow Me

"To Buy You
A Nice Gratitude Meal.

Nothing With Bones In It,
Of Course."
(Owen Laughs)

And Then, You Know,
"Sincerely, Owen."

You Don'T Forget
To Leave Your Number.

What--What Do You Think,

You Should Listen To Him.

It'S Like
Talking About Dental Floss

To The Guy
That Invented Teeth.

Let'S Fetch A Pen.

Make Sure That Lid'S On Tight.

Ma, The Bugs Are Dead.

And While Dead Bugs
In The Dining Room

Are Leagues Better
Than Live Ones,

I Prefer The Time-Honored

"No Bugs In The Dining Room"

Are You Sure You'Re Cool
Working On Your Project

At The Guys' House Tonight?

Definitely. Eddie'S Got
"Metroid Prime 3: Corruption."

It'S A Video Game.

Oh, And I'D Put Good Money On
Phil Having "Star Wars" Dvds.

Silence Isn'T Usually
The Response I Get

To "Star Wars."

Doodie Says That
When Neighborhood Cats

Wander Into Phil'S Yard,

He Steals Them
And Drink Their Blood

And That
He Never Leaves The House

Except At The Stroke Of Midnight
On Halloen,

And He Wears A Suit
Made Of Dead Men'S Flesh.

Okay, I Know
That You Don'T Believe That.
So None Of It'S True?

The True Part Is That Phil
Doesn'T Leave The House.

Why Not?
I Don'T Know,

But I'M Sure If You Asked Him,
He Would Tell You.

(Nick) Oka
Everybody Ready To Go?

It'S Gonna Be Dark Soon.

Perfect Time To Use The Handy
New Invention, Dad--Headlights.

Oh, No, I'M--I'M Just Saying,

Why Do We Wanna Drive
Back To The Ridge Now?

Let'S Spend The Night.

What For? Hey, Ronnie--He'S Got... Stuff To Do,

And I'M Sure Gabe Has Things
He Needs To Take Care Of,

Resolve, Et Cetera.

I Think It'S A Great Idea
To Stay.

We'Re All Together Here,

It'S Like A Party.

We Are Here,
And It Was A Long Drive.

I'M In.
Me, Too.

I Got An Idea. We--We'Ll Go
To The Octopus'S Garden,

With The Little
Squid Room Keys,

And--And--And--And We'Ll Have
The Fried Clams.

Best Batter Ever. Hey.
Maybe We'Ll Go Night-Swimmin'.

What Do You Say, Nicky?

I Just Don'T See...


A Night In Cradle Bay?

* Look For Anyone Who Cares

What Could Be Better?

All Right. Let'S Go!

Go Put Your Stuff Down, Bud.

So, Um,

It Turns Out That
He'S A Little Spooked By Phil.


By Physical Phil,
The World'S Most Harmless Human?

Well, To You And Me,
But When You'Re 10--

Certain Complexities,
Like Not Leaving The House--

It Can Be Hard To Grasp.

Do You Remember Weird
Mr. Boothby When We Were Kids?

The Guy Who Made Pies
Out Of Pigeons?


So Phil Is
. Boothby-Esque

In The Eyes
Of The Children.

Don'T Worry.
I'Ll Get This Squared Away.

Sam Daniels!

I Haven'T Seen You
Since You Were A Wee Lad.

And I Mean "Wee"

As In Wee In Your Diapers.
Ha Ha!

* I'M Not Drowning,
I'M Not Drowning *

(Sighs) Man, Has This Place
Gone Downhill.

Are You Sure
This Is It?

Yeah. I Remember
The Blue Doors And The Pool,

And You Can Plainly See
The Octopus'S Garden Sign.

Oh. Right.

This Place Is Great.

The Old Places, Right?

Nothing Compares
To The Old Places.

I Hope There Are Rooms.

That Shouldn'T Be A Problem.

There'S Not A Car
In The Lot.

Well, Probably
A Bonfire At The Beach.

Maybe A Dance.

Everything Just Falls Apart,
Don'T It?

Dad, It'S Fine,
All Right?

Goa Be Fine.

Well, It Kinda Reminds Me
Of A Motel In An Old Movie.

I Saw That Old Movie.
It Was Called "Psycho."

Got The Keys.

Where'S The Little Squid?

I Asked. No Squids.

The Squids Haven'T Been
Around For A While.

Maybe They All Got Made
Into Calamari.

I Feel Bad For That Ikey.

Imagine Waking Up One Morning
And No One'S Talking To You.

Which Happens, When You'Re
Waking Up That Morning

With Your Best Friend'S Wife
Snoring Beside You.

There'S Oster.

I Know.
Don'T Make It Weird.

* So Heavy You Collapse

Too Late.

Did You Know There Are Over
360,000 Species Of Beetles?

Well, I Was Thinking,
If We Made A Diagram

Of A Few Of The Different Kinds,
You Could Do An Overlap

Of The Common Features.

Well, That Sounds Like
A Great Idea, Doesn'T It, Sam?

In Fact, Why Don'T I Go
Pick Up The Burgers,

And You Guys
Can Finish Up Here?

You Don'T Want Burgers?
We Could Get Pizza.

I Got An In At Ridge Pizza.

I'M Not Hungry.

You Should Stay Here, Eddie.
I Mean...

Uh, You Know, "Supreme Combat
Showdown" Is On Upstairs.

So... You Guys Can
Take It From Here,

And I'Ll Just Catch Up
With You Later.

* Never Had To Knock On Wood

To Old Friends.

To New Friends.

To A Night With
No "Supreme Combat," Air Bands,

Or $2 Bets To See Who Can Get

From The Kitchen
To The Living Room

Using The Fewest Number
Of Steps.

(Laughs) For Real?

Mm. Sadly, Yes.

Who Wins?


It'S A Real Nail-Biter,

Wow, I Needed Girls' Night
More Than I Knew. (Chuckles)

Compliments Of... Brian.

For Me?
See, I Told You--
Very Hot Soldier.

* Or Has It Ever Come Down
To Do Or Die *

(Bob) This Pool
Used To Be Beautiful.

They Had These Big Umbrellas

That Were The Colors
Of Candy Canes.
(Gabriel) I'Ll Bet.

That Nick'S A Great Kid,
Though, You Know?


He'S Nothing Like Me.

Marfs Hi
Peectfor Aubrey.

E St'Vdone
A Couple Of Things Right.

Aubrey'S A Big Bowl
Of Sugar.

I Never Much Got
The Hang Of...

Sticking Around,
You Know?

You Always Had It Figured Out,
Though, Huh?

How To Be A Father?

I-I Think I Did. Um...

But I Want Them To Know
How To Live--

Really Live.

They Know.

Because They'Re Young.

When You'Re Young,
You Live Like A Giant.

As The Years Pass,
You Get Noticeably...

Smaller And...


I Think The Trick Is
To Get Out

Before You'Re The Size
Of A Pea.

Hannah Jane Daniels?

It'S Lucy! Lucy Fisher.

Lucy Fisher?
Oh, My God. Hi.

Hi! God, It Is So Great
To See You.

You Look Amazing.

How E You More Beautiful Now
Than You Were In School?

I Don'T Know.

You Guys, This Is Lucy Fisher.

We Went To High School Together.

(Lucy) I Remember You.

She Used To Write
For The Yearbook And--

The Unofficial "Historian"
For Knights Ridge High.

Class Of '98. Whoo!

I-I Write The Yearly "Newsletter."

God, I Haven'T Seen You In Ages.

Welli Got Married,
Moved To Carver.

I'M Just In For The Weekend,

But The Smell Of The Ridge In The Spring?

It So Takes Me Back To High School.

Speaking Of Which, I Heard The Big News.

Hello! "Newsletter" Time!

Yeah, I'M...

Nick Garrett Is Back?

Yes, He Is.

And Of Course Everyone Expects
The Traditional Senior Prank.

Taking The Knights Ridge Knight
From The Main Case In The Lobby

And Moving It
Somewhere Else On Campus,

Like The Girls' Locker Room,
The Library, The Cafeteria.

And This Is A Heavy Knight,
B-T-W, Okay?

It Has A Sword In One Hand

And This Little Knights Ridge
Flag In The Other.

It'S Really Heavy.

But Our Year,
Hannah And Her Friends--

Nick, Owen, Eddie Latekka,
Philly Farmer--

They Take It Another Step.

Yeah, We Moved--
We Moved The Knight

Into The Main Assembly Hall

Where The Entire High School Is Gathered.

Sounds Like Fun Times.

They Put The Knight Back,
And The Sword'S There, Too,

But The Flag Is Missing.

And No One Knows
Where It Is.

And Then, The Next Morning,

When Everyone'S All Gathered On The Hill

Where The Cool Seniors Hung Out,

There It Is.
Plantein The Grass

And It Said,
"N.G. Hearts H.D. Always."

I'M Dense.
What Does That Mean?

Nick Garrett Hearts
Hannah Daniels.

Nick Garrett Hearts
Hannah Daniels Always.

Hey, Whatever Happened
To That Flag, Anyway?

After All, That Was The Reason
That The Administration

Padlocked The Glass Case,
Never Allowed That Prank Again.

Yeah, I Don'T Know.

Nick And Hannah--It Does Not
Glimmer Any Brighter Than That.

So The, , The Section
On Tiger Beetles Goes Here?

Right Next To The Burying Beetles.

Hey, You Know What'S Weird?

In Real Life,
Beetles Freak Me Out.

But Tonight I Learned
That Ladybugs Are Beetles,

Which Is Cool,

Because I'M--I'M Definitely
Not Scared Of Ladybugs.

My Point Is, I'M Glad I Learned That,

'Cause It Turns Out That
Beetles Are Scarier In My Head

Than They Are In Real Life.
Maybe That'S 'Cause They'Re Dead.

Or Maybe It'S Because
I Gave 'Em A Second Chance.

Hey, You Know Who Was
Really Good At Science Projects

When We Were In School?
Oh, Don'T Ll Me--
Physical Phil?

You Know, I Know He Wanted
To Watch That "Supreme Combat,"

But If It'S Over, Maybe We
Could Ask Him To Join Us.

Do We Have To?

No, We Don'T,

But Then I Guess I Could
Just Stay Scared Of Beetles.

You See Where I'M Going With This?

Yeah, A 9-Ye-Old
Could Figure It Out.

Eddie, I'M 10.

(Chuckles) Come On.
What Do You Say?

Okay, But If He Has Kitty Whiskers In His Teeth,

I Am So Outta Here.

Gabe Diaz Is Cool.

The Man'S A Pimp.

He'S, Like, Out Of A Novel.

"Confessions Of A Slimeball."

I Don'T Think So.
I Think He'S Colorful.

What Do You Know
From Colorful?

Colorful'S Appealing.

It Beats Beige.

Hey, I Like Beige.
Beige Is Nice.

Beige Is Neutral.

Beige Doesn'T Pick Up
On The Coat Check Girl

And Have Sex With Her
In The Closet

During Their Daughter'S
Dance Recital.

But Beige Wishes It Could.

Eady To Have Your Lives Changed.

Where'S Aubrey?Oh, She Went For A Walk With Gabe.

Gather 'Roun Lads.
The Fried Clams Have Landed.


Look At This Place.

I Love Ferris Wheels.

Should We Take It For A Spin?

I Think It'S Died And Gone
To Amusement Park Heaven, Gabe.

Let'S Just Take
One Ride, Huh?

It'S Closed.

Never Stopped Me Before.

Maybe That'S The Problem.


Maybe The Problem Is

We Missed All The Open Amusement Parks,

And We'Ve Just Got
Some Catching Up To Do.

You Guys Called Me?
, Hey, Man.

Hey, Um, Yeah, We Were Just
Wondering If Maybe You Could

Help Us Out With Some
Of The Essay Part.

Eddie Said You Were Good Science.

I Get By.

Hey, I Thought I'D
At Least Get A Conversation

In Return For The Drink.

That'S Very Sweet.

But Actually,
I Have A Boyfriend.

Oh. (Imitates Gunshot,
Chuckles Nervously)

Uh, Do You Think Your Boyfriend
Would Object To You Joining Us

For A Game Of Darts?
I Mean, I'Ll Give You 15 Points.

My Boyfriend Might Object

To You Thinking I Need 15 Points.


After You.


Ese Are Good.

Yeah, Delicious.

Get Off It.
They'Re Terrible.

Oh, Thank God. I Thought Mine
Were The Only Ones That Sucked.


It'S Not Like We'Re Never
Gonna Eat Fried Clams Again.

You Are Good.

Looks, Talent And Skilled
With The Feathers.

You'Re Like Robin Ho.

That'S What They Call Me.
(Dart Ts Board)

Must'Ve Been Nice To Be Cool In High School.

I Wasn'T Cool In High School.
Oh, I Don'T Believe That.

Trust Me. I Was All
Indie Rock And Nose Rings,

Sylvia Plath Poems.

You Were College Cool?

Yep. College Cool
In High School--Not Cool.

I Was Cool Back Then...

And I Didn'T Even Know It.

Why Is It That When Memories Are Happening,

You Don'T Know That They'Re Gonna Be Memories?

So You Don'T Get To Appreciate Them Until It'S Too Late?

"Youth Is Wasted On The Young."

George Bernard Shaw Said That.

Maybe George Harrison.

The Two Are Often Confused.

Nick And Hannah.

Do You Think It'S True?

That It Doesn'T Glimmer Any Brighter Than That?

Sure, It Does.

It'S Just Different Kind Of Glimmer.

Okay, Now We Know In Some Beetles,

The Ability To Fly Has Been Lost.

And All The Ground Beetles, Like Tiger Beetles.

Hey, Is, Uh, "Supreme Combat" Still On?

I'M Not Sure.

I'M Just Going To, Uh...

I Can'T Believe You Got
The Lights To Work.

Ah, It'S All About The Sleight Of Hand.

I Know Sleight Of Hand Isn'T Exactly The Quality

Most Little Girls Are Looking For In A Father.

More Like Reliability...


Physical Presence,

An Ability To Keep Their Mitts Off

Their Daughter'S Seventh Grade Geometry Teacher.

Although I Did Get An "A" In Geometry.

So... You See?

I Was Contributing...



You Know What I Hate?

I Hate That I Wake Up Every Morning,

And I Look In The Mirror,

And I Try And See Mom In Me--

Sweet And Kind And Gentle.

But I Only See You--

Sly And Crafty And With One Eye On The Door.

I Hate That.

I Hate All The You In Me.

Because I Don'T Wanna Be Sly And Crafty

And With One Eye On The Door.

Because There'S Nothing There

That Can Afford Happiness To Anyone.

I Can Understand That, Yeah.

Want To Try...

To Change Your Memories.

(Voice Breaking)
I Don'T Know If You Can.

But I Guess You Could Try.

You Know What'S Cool About The Tiger Beetle,

Is That If You Scale Speed For Body Length,

They'Re About Ten Times Faster Than The Best Human Sprinter.
I Did Ow That.

Of Course You Did.

Can I Ask You A Question?


Do You Really Drink The Blood
Of The Neighborhood Cats?

I Enjoy A Nice Tomato Juice
Every Now And Again,

But That'S About It.

Do You Really Go Out At The Stroke Of Midnight

On Halloween Wearing A Suit Made Of Human Flesh?

I Haven'T In Years...

Ever Since The Dry Cleaner Lost My Human Flesh Suit.

Do You Really Stay At Home All The Time?


How Come?

Because I'M Afraid.

Of What?

I'M Not Exactly Sure.

Were You Ever Brave?

I Think So.

Eddie'S Brave.

He Is.

Nick'S Brave

Not As Brave As Eddie.

But He Is Brave.

I'M Not So Brave.

You Will Be.

Mind If I Join You?


What Do You Think About Parallel Universes?

I Don'T Think About 'Em All That Much. Why?

I Hope They Exist.

I Mean, I'M Sure They Do,
Beyond The Physics Of It All,

You Ow, Wormhole Theory, All That.

If You Weren'T Already Phil'S Girl,

My Next Line Would Be, "Boy,do I Have

I Mean, They Just Have To Exist.

Because There'S Gotta Be Another Me

That Was One Of The Cool Kids In High School.

You Know, Who All The Kids Whispered About

And Who Played A Prank In A Knight Costume

Duringeniors Week.

That Would Be Ideal.
Another Me? Ooh.

I Hope There'S A Whole Bunch Of Stuff

He'S Doing Out There Now.

And A Whole Bunch Of Stuff He'S Not Doing.

You Know?

Two Shots Of Tequila, My Good Man.

(Man) Got It.

We Need More Milk For The White Russians.

Well, What'S Next On The Agenda, Pop?

I'M Gonna Turn In.

Whoa! How Come?
The Whole Trip Is A Bust.

The Motel'S A Dump.
The Clams Are Chewy.

And There Ain'T No Damn Squids On The Room Keys.

What--What About The Night-Swimmin'?

It'S Too Cold.

The Pool'S Probably Teeming With Parasites,

And We Don'T Have Any Bathing Suits.

It'S Not That Co.

All The White Russians Will
Probably Kill The Parasites.

And We Got Our Boxers.

I Gotta Say, She Ain'T Exactly My Type,

But I Was This Close To Banging Eddie Latekka'S Girlfriend.

I Would'Ve Made Some Sacrifices To Check That Scene Out.

Hey, Hey, Y,

Ree Shots Of Vodka, Bro.

That It. I'M Gonna Have To Ask You To Leave The Premises.

What For?
I Will Not Be Called "Bro" In My Place Of Employment.

Not Here. Not Ever.

Are You Kidding Me? Bro?

You Know Why They Call Me "Rooster"?

A Lot Of People Think It'S Because Of The Hair.

Nope. You Ever Seen Two Roosters Fight?

It Ain'T That Pretty At All.

People Pay Money To See The Blood, Know What I Mean?

Now You'Re Out.
All Right, All Right.
Geoff Me.

I Found One.

Come On!

Owen, We'Re Wearing
Our Boxers. Boxers, Owen!


Owen, We'Re Wearing Boxers,

Why'D You Kick Out The Townies?

'Cause They Were Spending Time With Me?

They Were Groping The Staff.

Okay? Including Me.

I May Have Never Been A Cool Kid At School, Janet,

But Here, I Am The Prom King.

Let'S Go.

No Matter How Much Time Passes,

Hannah Diels Will Always Be The Coolest...

Frickin' Ever.

Where'S Aubrey And Gabe?

I'Ll Get Them.


Where'S Your Dad?

He'S Gone.

Gone Where?

Who Knows?

Barcelona? Tuscany?

The Washington Zoo?

Who Knows Where He Goes When Hgoes?

But He'S Gone.


??? Heanted Me To Thank You

For Helping Him
Get What He Came For.

Get What He Came For?

To Reconnect With His Daughter
And Then Get Out Of Dodge.

So He Had This Planned All Along, Huh?

Pretty Much.

To Come Here And Leave
The ???

So Tdn'T Kno
He Left.


You Okay?

I'M Okayand Not Just Because My Dad Is Gonna Be Safe.

He'S Not The Only One Who Wanted To Thank You.

So Thank You...
For Getting Involved.


The Fall.

You Picked A Wedding Date.

It Must'Ve Come To Me In A Dream.

(Chuckles) Either That,
Or A Night Out With The Girls

Really Made You Miss Your Man.

You Picked T Earliest Of The Three Dates.

Hey. How'D It Go?

We Had The Best Time Ever.


Me, Eddie And Physical Phil.

Pizza Girl Ain'T The Only One
Who Delivers Around Here.


Take It From Me,
Little Boy,

Stay Away From The Drink,

And You Will Know Joy.

You Have A Really Cool Boyfriend.

Let Me Gue. "Supreme Combat" Pasta?

No, Just Bugs And Tennis Rackets.

Bugs And Tennis Rackets?

I Do Have A Really Cool Boyfriend.

Well, Hello.


(Lowered Voice)
I Don'T Know What

This Road Trip Was Abo,

But If There'S Something Wrong With You,

You Need To Know What It Is,
Not Avoid It.

Now The Doctors--
They Want To--

I Know There'S Something
Wrong With Me.

I Don'T Need A Doctor
To Tell Me.

Because It'S Never Good News
When They Wanna Run More Tests.

And They Will... Tomorrow.

But Before That Happens,

I Just Wanted To Have One More Day.

(Voice Breaking)
One More Day With My Boys...

Where We Lived...

Like... Giants.

And Did You?

(Sighs) We Did.


This Is Owen.

(Whispers Indistinctly)

Jenny Who?

Oh, Jenny!