Ocean Girl (1994–1997): Season 2, Episode 7 - No Place Like Home - full transcript

Mera is having a difficult time adjusting to living on the island and Neri leaves her alone while she goes to help with the survey again. Mick gets Froggy to use HELEN to spy on Vanessa's counseling session.

We are lucky.

The yellow fruit is ready.



I wonder how they’re going.

Betcha Mera’s spun out.

I mean,

imagine waking up every morning
in that gross institute.

Now she’s in paradise!

It might not seem like paradise
to Mera, not yet.

There’s an awful lot for her
to get used to.

She’ll be all right.

Well, I hope so.

I hope we’re doing
the right thing.

Mum, don’t be such a downer!

What are you saying?

We should have left her
where she was?

Yeah, to be dragged off
by those UBRI gigs.

No, all right.
All right, the point’s taken.

I’m just saying that
they’ll both need time

to adjust.

Now, would you
get out of bed.

You there, doc?

Oh, great.

- It’s captain bligh of the bounty.
- SShh!

Yes, Captain, I know.
I’m running late.

You can relax.

Engine’s playing up.

1100 hours, okay?


Oh, and I’d like to bring
Jason with me.

You would?

Not too sure about
having kids on board.

We need an extra hand.

I’m an experienced diver,

in case you’re interested.

With a permit.

Well, don’t get
under my feet, then.

Keep off my back, then.


Jason, that was very rude.

Well, I don’t like
his attitude.

Come to think of it...

I don’t like him at all.

Oh, come on.
He is not that bad.


And how come I’m going
on the boat suddenly?

Because we need someone
to communicate with Neri.

I thought you said she needed
to spend more time with Mera.

Yes, but we can’t stop the survey
entirely or the dictionary

Please, it’ll just be for
a couple of hours a day.

I promise!

Maybe we can ask her.

Okay, after you’ve had
your breakfast.

And why aren’t you

Those on shore leave today

please note, departure times

are 1100 hours and 1400 hours.

Finally, ORCA wishes
many happy returns

of the day to Vanessa Lane.

HELEN’s got a new birthday
program. Good, eh?

You might like it,

But Vanessa...

she looks like she could fry
HELEN’s microchips.

You should’ve told us.

It’s no big deal.

Scared she’d get
no presents.

Oh, get lost!

Are you doing something

Yes, I’m busy.

She needs to lighten up.

Let’s put on a party.

A surprise.


We’re gonna have to think of
somewhere to set it up.

How about one of those storerooms

on Delta level?
No one ever goes there

Count me in.


You’re about the last person
Vanessa wants at her birthday.

No, this way...


It’s lovely.

But do you wish for corn flakes?

How did you know?

Know what sister thinks.

Time you meet Charley.


You will love him.

He lives here?

Where’s his house?

Charlie’s house.


Mera cannot swim?

I can.
Only not like you!

I know.

Mera cannot swim
to Charley.

Charley swim to Mera.



You believe now Charley
is friend?

If you say so.

He liked you, Mera.


All my life I’ve been Jane.

Plain old Jane.

Now I’m Mera suddenly.

You don’t like Mera?

Father called you that.

What was he like, Neri?

And why did he bring us

from so far away?

Because we must give message
to the Earth people.

We must...

warn them.

Warn them?

What about?

Not to be greedy.

Not to spoil the sea...

he loved.

He was so wise.

It’s so...

so weird.

Mum wondered
when you

might be able
to come to work?

Mother want me to go now?

Well... sort of.

Then I go now.

Charley, too?


Hey! What about Mera?

How’s it going?

Mera not so happy.

How come?

Maybe I’d better...

you know,
go and talk to her.


We’ll come back for you when
we’re finished on Sam’s boat.

Good luck.

Okay. Good luck.

I can’t.

Not the counseling rooms.

They’re restricted.

You can by-pass stuff
like that.

Why should I risk it?

’Cause if you don’t,
I’ll tell mom

how much you mess
around with HELEN.

Like you’re here all the time

when you’re not
supposed to be.

I think
she’d be real interested.


Who’s in there anyway?


seeing a counselor?

Where’s the audio?
Come on.

How’ve you been?

Have you met any new friends?

Sure, dozens.

What about the dance?
Did you go to it?

That’s my business.

Look, I wouldn’t be here
if my parents didn’t make me come.

Since you are here...

now, what about those
nasty spider dreams?

Have you had any more?


Any more bad dreams?

Yes. No.

What do spiders signify to you,
would you say?

They signify great, black,

hairy, creepy...

This is stupid.


Big, tough Vanessa
scared of spiders.

Oh, man. Pinch me
and tell me I’m dreaming.

What’s so good about that?


Hey, what happened
to the picture?

Oh, oh!


Come on, get it back, man.

- Forget it.
- I said, get it back.

"Warning: A random
scan commencing.

Unauthorized access
will be detected."

What’s the matter with you?
Can’t you read or something?

Yeah, of course I can.

Didn’t look like it.

I’m outta here, man.

Oh, more seaweed?


Hey, how’s it going?



seem to be penetrating
even deeper than yesterday.

We haven’t found
any priceless

mneral deposits for you
yet, though.


so you’re just gonna have to
endure life

with us on ORCA a little longer.

Oh, you can get used to anything.

What? Even women
on boats?

You’re not going let me
forget that, are you?

Well, I can get used to
most things, too

Even salt-hardened,
old sea dogs.

Not so much about the old.

Hey, get it together, Mr. Clumsy.

What are you gonna do?

String me up from the yardarm?

Only for a second offence.


You’re as bad as Neri.

She goes like the wind...

and expects me to keep up.

It’s just like Jason and me.

That’s the trouble with being
the youngest.

You’ve just gotta show them
you’re as good as they are.

I can’t do anything
like Neri.

I just don’t belong here.

I’ll never fit in.

You will!

Once you get used...
watch out!

I’ll never get used to it.

Bumps, mosquitos...

no proper bed.

Nowhere to go
when it rains.

No way of knowing
what’s true any more.

It’s not that bad.

I wish I’d never come here.

You don’t mean that.

Jane Seaforth, where are you?

A child disappears into
a field of sugar cane.

What do they say?

It’s like looking for a needle
in a haystack.

Needles, haystack... nonsense!

What we need are facts.

Why did she go
and who took her?

When we determine that,
we’ll will know where to find her.

It seems strange that

she should go the very day
she was to join us here at UBRI.

Significant, possibly.

But who are the youngsters?

Strangers at the institute
and yet she went willingly.

What is the connection?

Contact the Institute.

I want to see the security sweeps
from the gatehouse.

Perhaps a close look at our
intruders will give us a clue.

Yes, Doctor Hellegren.

She’s not happy.
That’s for sure.

Well, what’s her problem?

I don’t knowi.

I think Neri might be bossing her
around too much.

Can you take that?

Like you boss me.

Well, fine, if you don’t want
to take it, give it back.

No, fine.

Look, if you’re too lazy
to pick it up...

No, no, fine.

Somebody’s coming, quick!


Who invited you?

I did.

You guys got a problem
with that?

’Cause if you do,
we could always take it outside

After all...

this is a party.

Where are Jason and Brett?

They’ll get here.

Here she is.

- Surprise!
- Surprise!

You are such a dork
keeping it a secret.

We didn’t have time
to get you anything.

And we only just managed to rustle up
this cake from catering.

It looks…


Somebody’s got you a present.

Might as well open it.

You know, I was wondering why

anyone would want me
to go to a store room.


Get away from me!

Fire detected in store room.

Sealing fire doors.

All right, everybody out.

We’re trapped.

Attention, Commander.

Smoke detected
in store room.

Delta level, sector eight.

Mick, the fire extinguisher!
Use it!

Uh, yeah, let me just
get this right.

Just read it!
Do what is says!

All right!
Just... um...


Can’t you read?

He can’t!

Alpha and Omega firefighting
personnel to Delta Eight.

Release fire doors on
level Delta to allow access.

Negative, Commander.

Emergency override
still operative.

Toxicity detected in
sealed area.

She’s ignoring my command.

Commander, what’s in that
store room?

12 canisters of organic
peroxide. 15 of MTC.


Right, for use in the
cooling systems.

That stuff’s lethal.


There must be another way in.

There’s the air shaft on
Delta Three.

Can I get through?

No, but we could.

Come on, let’s go.

Hey, guys!

What’s this?


That stuff’s deadly.

We gotta get outta here.

Let’s go.

Do you got your oxygen?


Jason, you go first.


Just take it easy,
all right?

It’s okay, guys.

We’re gonna get out of here.
Just hang on.

Come on, come on. Let’s go.

Come on, hurry up!

Stay calm.


I’m okay, mom.

None of you should have been there
in the first place.

Now, I don’t intend to
penalize you any further

since you’ve had the fright
of your lives already.

But any future transgressions

will be severely punished.

I am aware that Michael
is particularly at fault playing

a stupid practical joke
like that.

And I know he is very
ashamed of himself.


He wasn’t very helpful with
the fire extinguisher either.



We might have put out
the fire much quicker

if he hadn’t wasted
so much time.

He couldn’t read
the instructions.

Shut up.

I see.

You haven’t told them.


It is nothing to be
ashamed of.

And it does explain
why you delayed.

Michael has a reading

similar to dyslexia.

What’s that?

None of your business.

It means he sees letters
all wrong.

Can’t understand words.


So, perhaps you could all try
to be a little understanding.

Yeah, well, don’t bother.

Don’t take that attitude, Michael.

This is not an excuse
for bad behaviour.

I’ve decided you need
some discipline.

I’ve already talked to
Captain Phillips.

He’s agreed to have you
on board

his boat for the remainder
of the survey.

You’re dismissed!

What can we do?


It’s been hard enough
hiding Neri from Sam

but with Mick snooping around…

Ta da! Heroes.

So, how’d it go?

The doctor said we have to
stay quiet for 24 hours

in case of any funny
symptoms developing.

Like what?

So... can we have the day off?

Well, sure you can.

But I was just about to
tell you that Commander Byrne’s

approved your upgrade

to crew status

and as from tomorrow,
you’re all on the survey boat.

- Oh-oh!!
- Yes!

All right!

So, why are you all
dressed up?

I’m not.

Oh, yes you are.
That’s your best dress.

No it’s not.
It’s no big deal.





You look nice.

Thank you..


What does she want to go out with him for?

Search me.

Oh, don’t worry,
my old friends.

He’s an old sea dog.

His bite is much worse
than his bark.

Or is it the other way around.

You like it?


I like that you made it
for me.

Now you look like my sister.

Look like.


But I don’t think I’ll ever
be able

to do the things that you do,
though, Neri.

Yes you will.


We are the same.
You and me.

All you must do
is believe...

and it will happen.



The Institute has scanned these
records thoroughly.

They failed to identify any...

They did not know what to look for.

The ORCA insignia.

Quite so.

And this is not the first time
we have locked horns with ORCA.

First when they ran
a study of

parallel to our own.

And attempted to frustrate
our efforts.

children from ORCA,

are involved in
the girl’s disappearance.

There’s more...

Much more to this than
meets the eye.

And I intend to find out what it is.

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