Ocean Girl (1994–1997): Season 2, Episode 12 - The Arrival - full transcript

Neri leaves ORCA intending to save Mera and Charlie by giving herself up to UBRI. Brett chases after her, gets into an accident with a UBRI boat and is saved by Neri.


Yes, Doctor?

I want you to help Mr. Forsyth
keep a permanent watch up

on the pontoon.

We have commandeered
every available craft.

The moment either of those
girls leave ORCA,

you must inform us

We shall be waiting for them.

Well, at least with the communication
system trashed

Liselle won’t be able to
contact UBRI.


But she knows now
you’re on board.

Well, they’re still going to be
watching for her inside and out.

So the best thing
we can all do is stay put

Now, I think you should
send Charley back

to the island.

Couldn’t we go with him?

No, sweetheart.

Because they know that Neri
can talk to him,

that puts him in danger
as well.

I can speak to Charley too.

Yeah, but those creeps
don’t know that.


Which means that Neri’s
still the one that

they really want.

Then it is I that bring danger
to Charley and my sister?

Hey, it’s not your fault, Neri.

There’s nothing you can do
about it now.

We have met
with unforseen problems.

ORCA’s central computer
has been destroyed

and they are left with only
emergency functions.

This makes thing very

but I assure you,

I will try to get Neri
and Mera to you

before the day is out.

You have to trust me.

Oh ho, ho, and where
were you this morning?

Oh, just taking a look around.

There are UBRI boats

They’re monitoring
everything that passes.|

Well at least they can’t do
anything while the girls

stay on ORCA.

Yeah, if we can just keep
them here

we won’t have any

Oh yes we will.

There’s still the matter
of the scan.

Diane, don’t bring that up
again, please.

But Commander Byrne’s
been asking for them.

And Winston’s come up with
a brilliant answer.

I just got the computer
to modify the readout so

the titanium deposits
aren’t shown.


Which means the only evidence left
are the records you have, but...

if you destroy them…

Dianne, ask anything
of me but that.

This find is going to buy me the boat

I’ve dreamed about for years.

And frankly, nothing on this earth
is going to make me change my mind.

I hate it.

Being cooped up in here.

I just want to be home.

But it’s hopeless, isn’t it?

I mean, now that
they’ve discovered us,

they’re never going to
leave us alone.

And we’ll never get back
what we had.

I’ve come all this way...

to find the one place
I belong.

And now
I’ve lost it forever.

No, my sister.

You will have it back again.

I give you my word.



What are you
doing here all alone?


you are friend, yes?



Then tell me:

Sometimes must it be that
the one fish feeds the shark

so the others may escape.

Not so?

You understand?

It is better that
the one goes than all go.


Yeah, I suppose so.

Yes, you are right.

Thank you.

It is time to go...

and find my father.


Having trouble?

I’m doing okay.

This one’s just got harder
words in it, that’s all.


do you need some help?

From you?

Forget it, then.

I only offered because I knew
you were too big-headed to ever ask.



I’m asking.

Hey, Brett,

did you just pass Neri
at reception?

No. Why?

She’s in kind of a funny

One minute, she’s talking
about feeding the sharks

or something.

And next thing, she’s headed
for the turbolift.



Wasn’t Neri supposed to...

Did you see her leave?

In the water.

You think somethings up?

Let’s go.

Only a few minutes ago,

She was heading east.

What direction?

Starboard one-eighty.

You can leave the rest to us.

That’s good, Liselle.
Well done.

Thank you, Doctor.



No, Neri!

Go back!

Please, don’t!

Dive deep!



The boy!

Hard to port!

We have to get of here.

Very well.

Full ahead.
Full ahead now.



come on, little guy.


No pulse.

Let me just get...

come back, Brett.

You will not pass on.




What happened?


You will be well.

You said it was me
they wanted most.

If I gave myself to them,

then they leave
Mera and Charley alone.

Mera and Charley can be
happy again.


these people won’t stop
at that.

I want you to give me
your word

you won’t do it again.

That’s right.

So whatever happens
from now on,

we all stick together.

I promise.

And you...

were very lucky.


A word up on the boat?


You, too, Jason.


I suppose there is little
chance of getting

you two back on the island.

Are you crazy, Winston?
No way!

There’s nothing I must do.

Tell your mother I will be back
in several hours.

These are the last remaining charts
showing the titanium.

Destroy it, Jason.


I don’t know exactly what
happened out there today.

But what I do know is...

the look Brett gave Neri
when he came to,

I know he’d never forgive
anyone that ever

let those girls down,

and I know you woudn’t,

And that’s not a price
I’m prepared to pay.

Oh, Sam.

Not even for a new boat.


Do it, kid.
Before I change my mind.



Froggy, you’re coming with us.

I’m busy.

We need your help.

We think Liselle’s got
some kind of communicator

in her cabin.

But can’t leave HELEN
like this.

Forget about dead computers
for the minute.

We’ve got important
work to do.

But I can’t leave HELEN.

Come on!

I would have had her
if it hadn’t been for the boy.

We think now she may
have returned to ORCA.

But we need to know
for sure.

Find out, report as soon
as possible.

Yes, Doctor.

I’ll continue the watch
up above.

You scour this place
for any sign of her.



Brett, you’re off your rocker!

I’m not!

He’s been acting strangely.

Disappearing at odd times.

Being evasive.

Brett, why would he want
to take the girls out to the island?

Maybe he’s meeting
with someone

he doesn’t want us
to know about.

Like who?


Oh for heaven’s sake, Brett,

Winston would never sell out.

You sure?

What you asked has proved

So now, if you want the girls,

you must come to ORCA

Do you understand?

My father says...

We’ll come here...


Go on,
you can do it.


Ha, ha, ha!

I can read!
Is this guy any good or what?


I’ve been looking
all over for you.

You’re supposed to be working
on your reading,

not larking about with girls.

I was reading.
Listen to this...

Don’t lie to me, Michael.

I’m sick of it.

That’s not fair.

You just keep out of this.
You don’t know my son.

I know him, all right.

He’s been a revolting,
two-faced little creep.

Gee, thanks.

But he’s not the only one
to blame for that, is he?

I beg your pardon?

For years, he’s been able
to get away with anything,

just as long as he didn’t interfere
with any of your work.

Now he’s trying to change,

why don’t you give him
a chance?

Come on, who asked you
to be my lawyer?

Fine. If that’s the way
you feel.


Forget about it, Michael.

The girl’s obviously unstable.

Get real, will you, mom?

She’s right.

You never cared what I did.

You don’t really believe
that do you?

Why wouldn’t I?

All my life you’ve shunted me off
to boarding schools

and summer camps.

So I wouldn’t get in the way of
your precious career.

Any way to get me
out of your hair.

Why have you never told me
this before?

You never would have listened.

You’re always too darn busy.

I see.

I’m sorry, mom…

No, Michael.

I’s what you feel,
so it’s better said.

And you may perhaps have a point.

I’ve never considered myself...

much good as a mother.

I thought perhaps I was
doing you a favour

by keeping my distance.

But that’s a cop-out, isn’t it?

I guess so.

I love you, Michael.

I hope you do believe that.

Mom, you don’t have to…

Michael, you’ve been
very honest with me.

Thank you.

Well, it seems we both got
things a bit wrong.

Do you think we could
start again?



I suppose it’s not difficult to see where
you get your stubbornness from.

This Vanessa seems to have
had quite an effect on you.

Yeah. Her and Neri.

Who’s Neri?

Mom, even if I could tell you,

you’d never believe it.

I must admit I have been

somewhat less than
frank, but

circumstances demanded

I have known for some days
that these people were on the island,

looking for the girls.

Is that why you were so keen
to get them out there?


I promised to try and arrange it
that they met

the girls alone.

They wanted it that way.


Who are they?

The place we come from
is called in your language

the "Planet of the Oceans.”

It is where Neri and Mera’s
father set out on his mission

amongst you opal people.

It was believed all had
perished on the journey.

Only when the beacon
was activated

did we know they had
reached their destination.

That sounds on the whale frequency.

Was the signal from the device
that Jason put back

on the ship.

It seemed to work,
after all.

We knew immediately...

that the holographic log
was missing.

It was only after
we located it in the sea

we realised that two had
possibly survived.

And when Dr. Seth
came to the island,

he confirmed all.

So what’s next?

I mean,
what are you guys here for?

Is that not obvious?

We have come to take
them back home.

They have got an outside

We found it in their cabin.

Well, what did you do?

Just left it there.

Couldn’t you at least
have smashed it or something?

Hire a brain, Vanessa.

They’d sus out straight away
it had to be us.

Better they think
we don’t know.

That way, we might just be able
to make use of it.

Understand we cannot
make you come with us.

But there are some things
you must consider.

Your mother was a leader
on our planet.

A most important person.


She moved on from the living
several earth days ago.

You mean she’s…

She has passed, yes.

Your mother had very
special abilities.

Which you, in turn,
will inherit.

You mean like the way
they can swim

and talk to Charley?

Such things are trivial,
in comparison to

the true nature of the gift.

"The gift"?

It is the only name we have for
an extraordinary power

very few creatures
in the universe possess.

It is a power of mending
and healing;

passed from mother to daughter.

Things have happened back at home,

things very difficult to explain.

But they have led to disharmony,

not only on our planet
but it is beginning

to spread through the universe.

Only a being with the Gift
can harness those

natural forces and restore

Many lives are at risk.

Your own people need you.

Must it be us?


We must have someone
with the Gift.

Is there no one else?

The only other being with
any trace of the gift on this planet

received it from you.

He is the one you
call "jali".

The craft we came in is concealed
on the island.

It is only a rescue vehicle.

But there is ample room
for both of you.

We must have time to think.

Time we do not have.

Our fuel is limited and already
running low.

At most, we can delay until
the sunrise

after next.

We will return to the island
to await your answer.

Two sunrises.

By then, you must come
to a decision.

We all have to work together
to help the girls,

whatever your personal
feelings are.

Hey, I just felt stupid standing there
while you defended me, okay?

How come you did it,

Well, I probably need my
head examined,

but I was beginning
to actually like you.

I like you, too.

Yeah, sure you do.


I’m serious.

I mean,
I really like you.

I don’t want you to go.

I don’t think I could bear
to lose you both, but…

This is one time
that I cannot interfere.

Now of course I would give...


to have you both stay here
with us forever.

But if you have to go home,

I won’t stand in your way.

And the choice is up to you both.

You have to make it.


I want to go home with them.

I want to go home.

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