Ocean Girl (1994–1997): Season 2, Episode 1 - The Return - full transcript

Jason and Brett eagerly await the return of Neri and Charlie-as does UBRI's Dr. Hellegren who wants to study just one of the returning humpback whales, Charlie.

I guess Neri and Charley will be
about there at the moment.

- So, how long ’til we see them again?
- Patience, Jason.

They will return
in their own good time.

Let’s just hope we’re still here
when they arrive.

We obtained these recordings
before the whales left on migration.

Now, they are returning. Our task
is to locate this creature again.

But there are hundreds of humpback
whales in the area, doctor Hellegren.

- Surely one is as good as...
- No!

It must be this particular specimen.

This animal is unique.

His communication skills are far advanced
although he appears to travel alone.

So, just who he is talking to
we have yet to establish.

But, where did you get this information?

It was acquired from a marine biologist
called Dianne Bates at the ORCA institute.

You don’t think mum
could be right, do you, Jase?

I mean, they wouldn’t really
throw us off this place.

Well, a lot of our friends have gone
since the new board took over.

Yeah, but mum’s on a contract.

It runs out in another week, Brett.

And no one’s said anything
about renewing it.

The worst thing is we could be gone
before you know who gets back.

You mean Neri?

Cool it, Froggy.
New kids.

- G’day. Mind if we join you?
- Yeah. - Come on.

- I’m Rocky and this is my sister Joanne.
- Hi.

And I’m Kimberley McGuinness.
You all new on board, too?

- Give us a break. We’re old crew.
- Keep our fingers crossed...

we’re not ex-crew
before the week’s out.

- Hi, Kimberley.
- I’m Brett.

Let’s not start packing
our bags just yet. All right?

Let’s just wait until the new commander
gets on board to see what he thinks.

Yeah, well, we’re going to
Neri’s island tomorrow anyway.

Yeah, whatever happens,
at least we can check...

everything’s okay
for when she gets home.


You wouldn’t believe the amount
of junk that’s collected up here.

Well, come on. Make yourself useful.
Grab some kindling for the fire.

Okay, okay.

What did your last slave die of?

They’re no good.
Too green.

Don’t look it.

They’re never-bloom plants.

- Say what?
- That’s what Neri calls them.

She told me they only open for
a couple of hours every five, six years.

They’re still growing though.

So find something else.


Doctor, how will you recognize
which whale is the right one?

Quite simple.

Markings on their tails are
as individual as human finger prints.

If I see him down there,
I’ll know.

I thought you said these things
hardly ever opened.

That’s right.

Well – this one is.

Hey, there’s something in here.

What do you reckon it is?

Don’t know.

UBRI one.

It’s getting late. Nothing here.
Returning to base.

UBRI one!

I’m in trouble!

I have an engine on fire.

I’m losing altitude.

I can’t hold it.
I’m out of control.

Mayday! Mayday!

Mayday! May...

Base to UBRI one.

Are you receiving?

Come in UBRI one.

Come in!

Organize a search party immediately.

If we can’t find him before dark,

we’ll have to alert
the emergency services. Now!

Home, Charley. Home.

Who are you?

Where did you come from?

Where have you come from?

No you don’t!

Whatever you are,
now you’re here, you’re staying!

- Why do we have to go and meet him?
- A wise tadpole never questions the frog.

They wanted a family
on the welcoming committee...

- and you were chosen.
- Come on, Brett.

It’s just like being royalty.

And it’s our chance to convince
this new commander Byrne...

to let us continue
our whale research.

I heard a whisper
it’s not a navy man this time.

- Someone from the business world.
- Oh, terrific! A suit!

I’m sure they’ll have the ability
to understand...

that one day we may be able
to talk to the whales.

It’s still a long way off, mum.

Need I remind you, Jason,

that we already know
somebody who can.

Yeah, but that’s Neri and she...

...and she’s not human.

Brett, just because
we’ve established that...

we’ve never seen a blood group
with her dna structure before,

doesn’t mean that there’s not
some simple explanation. Okay?

Now, you all look
very handsome. Let’s go.

Welcome to ORCA, commander Byrne.
I’m Dr. Dianne Bates.

- Is there something wrong,
Dr. Bates? - No! No.

It’s just that we weren’t expecting
a woman. That’s all.

I don’t see why that should
make any difference. Do you?

This is my son Michael.

We thought we’d give you
a quick tour of the place.

Get you familiar
with your surroundings.

Wait a minute. Bates.
It’s marine biology, correct?

That’s right.

I made a specific note about discussing
the future of your work.

Oh, well, I’d be very keen to do that.

We’ll do it on the way.
Come along, Michael.

- G’day. I’m Jason.
- So?

No, you don’t, my strange, little friend.

From now on, you go nowhere without me.

The guys wouldn’t believe this.

- How long can you keep it up?
- Longer than any of them could.

Boys talk big but they’re
just a pack of flabby wimps.

- Hey! I’ve got news. We’re staying!
- How come?

The commander said,
if mum takes on extra duties,

- she’ll authorize six more months.
- You hear that, everyone!

- We’re staying on ORCA after all!
- Unreal! - Awesome!

When did this helicopter go missing?

It disappeared somewhere
in this general area late yesterday...

and there’s been no trace since.

HELEN, get me details on all available
ORCA boats and captains.

Yes, commander.

Michael, go and start making
some friends or something.

Right. Let’s snap to it.
This could be good publicity.

If that pilot’s out there,
I want us to be the first to find him.

No boat in sight.

No land.

So how’d you get here, eh?

I’m afraid that’s it, Rocky.

I bet I could get out of that
in one move.

You wish.

Watch and learn.

I take this piece.

And move it across like this.

I win, suckers.

Who is this bozo?

Mick Byrne’s the name.

And it’s all right, girls,
you can touch me. I am real.

Not without a 10-foot pole.

I think you guys have been down
in this underwater flea pit too long.

You call this having fun?

Well, you’re all in luck.

’Cause Mickey boy’s here in town...

and I’m here to brighten up
all your dull little lives.

You could start by dropping dead.

It seems we got a few
comedians around.

Let me give you all a bit of advice.

Don’t mess with the Mick Meister.

’Cause you’ll always come off second best.

Keep that in mind.

All new residents please proceed
to the berth allocation terminal.

Delta shift divers please report to…

- What are we gonna do with
that creep? - Ignore him.

- Just help us get a boat organized.
- Hey, you! Yeah you guys.

- Where would I find commander Byrne?
- Probably up on the bridge.

I’m not a mind reader.
Can you show me the way?

I asked for every spare boat onto this
search. Now I find there’s one sitting idle.

We can’t very well leave without the new
skipper, ma’am. He hasn’t turned up.

Well, where is he?

Hasn’t anyone got the slightest idea
of this captain Phillips’ whereabouts?

Someone looking for me?

I’m Sam Phillips.
What can I do for you?

- You were meant to report on board
yesterday, captain. - Oh, yeah.

I got a little sidetracked on the way.
You know how it is.

No, I don’t.

And let me inform you that
I expect punctuality from my people.

Wait a minute.

Let’s just get one thing straight.
I’m not one of your people.

I’m here on a short-term contract.
Strictly for the money.

Well then earn it by getting out
there and doing your job.

- First, you can brief him on the way.
- I’ll show you to your vessel.

We will be discussing this further when
you get back, captain Phillips.

Oh, I can’t wait.

You know, if you answered my questions,
we might review the situation.

You can talk, can’t you?

Never mind.

Soon, I will be rescued.

And when I’m on shore,
I will find out everything about you.

Looks like we’ve found
where he came down.

If he got out, there’ll be
a liferaft around here somewhere.

Byrne here, captain.

If you wait, we’ll check the
current flow charts for the area.

Lady, I’ve been on the sea all my life.

I don’t need charts to tell me
where to look. I’ll find him.



Here! Over here!

Over here!


They’ve airlifted the pilot
back to the mainland.

He’ll be all right.

The sun sure got to him though.

Says he saw a girl out there.
Must’ve been a mermaid.

Negative, Froggy.

I cannot respond to that request.

Come on, HELEN. Authorize
one little boat. What’s your problem?

The new commander’s instructions...

are that issuing of all craft
is suspended until further review.

These are the commander’s instructions.

However, I note that the new restrictions

mention nothing about
the issue of wave runners.

- HELEN, you’re beautiful. Wave
runner’s okay? - Excellent!

I had her, I tell you.

She was right in my grasp.

- And then something hit the raft.
- Doctor...

it is only natural that
under those circumstances,

- the mind starts to play tricks and...
- You think I imagined it.

I’m just saying that
your work is far too important...

to be distracted by such matters.

Don’t worry. Our work
will continue as usual.

But she’s still out there somewhere!

One day our paths will cross again.


Welcome home.

We knew’d you come back.

I must.

I had much time to think.

The truth of what I am
must be here on the island somewhere.

And I wish to find that truth.
You will help me?

Are you sure that is what you want?

Then we will keep searching,
until we find out who you are...

and where you came from.

That’s a promise.

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