Occupied (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Episode #2.4 - full transcript

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There's a guest at the hotel
named Konstantin Minnikov.

He's probably the one
who killed your husband.

- Down!
- Who else knew about the kidnapping?

I regret not killing Andrea.

One should be consistent with children.

What are you going to do
to get out of your self-imposed asylum?

Can we dress up a group
like Defense special commandos?

We've analyzed the voice.
It's similar to Jesper Berg.

We need to arrest Jesper now.



I just want her to stay home with me.

The school is the safest place now.

- We can't promise it won't happen again.
- Yes, we can.

- Then we need to quit our jobs.
- Are we going to start this again?

If the soldiers hadn't been sentenced,
it wouldn't have happened.

Kidnapping a child is unforgivable.

Stefan Christensen was a psychopath,
and it's his fault.

We're the ones provoking
the psychopaths.

No, we're the ones fighting them.

Have a good one, sweetie.

- What's that?
- Nothing.

I sure see something.

It's a drawing of you, Mom and me.

How nice.

It's my lucky drawing.
I had it when they found me.

- What's that?
- I don't know.


It won't happen again.
I'll make sure of it.


Have a good day.

The police concluded that
Stefan Christensen committed suicide.

They found him with gun in hand.

Do you know who Stefan was
in contact with before the kidnapping?


- What about his girlfriend?
- She hasn't said anything about it.

Thanks, Ingrid.

- We'll inform you like a relative.
- I know that I'm not legally allowed to.

- But I haven't lost my judgment.
- That doesn't matter.

If you don't let Ingrid work in peace,
you risk destroying the case.

Oligarch in Corruption Scandal.

Where did he learn about that?

- What do you think?
- It didn't come from my office.

I didn't think
you were so greedy.

We're here to control the oil.
The EU sent us.

- You should have been more subtle.
- I'm subtle enough.

Yes, some politicians have made
a lot of money on this deal.

it's important to have a good relationship
with the Norwegian government.

I think you're a bit too concerned with
the Norwegian government's welfare.

They're beginning to get nervous
in Moscow.

I will sort it out with Moscow.

But you need to think about it.

You can go wherever you want,
but I have to clean up your shit.

Find the leak.
Then you can clean up my shit.

Sergej, find it for me!

Why did you turn off the phone?
It's important to keep up with Minnikov.

I'm not comfortable
being a part of this.

After the Stern interview,
I feel like it's too risky.

You must have enough to take him down.
No thanks.

Yeah, we do.
But why should we take Minnikov now?

Turn on the phone, so we can
get access to what he's working on.

I'm finished.
I've done my part.

If you don't work with me,
I won't protect you.

Minnikov is a dangerous man.

Imagine if he finds out
what you've done.

There was definitely a chance that NovGas
took the majority of the concessions.

Yes, but not to resell them
under the table.

Sidorova just confirmed
your meeting.

It looks like a phone number
and a password.

I tried to call it,
but of course it wasn't in use.

I'll check it.
Did you give this to Kripos?

No, I didn't know about it before now.

We'll check it first and give it
to them if we find anything out.

17 years ago, my boyfriend
Faysal Abdi came to Norway.

He was six years old
and had never experienced freedom.

His family got a place to live,
and he began to go to school.

Finally he could sleep safely.

The day he was granted citizenship -

- he was so proud.

He wanted to go into the military
because he wanted to defend the things -

- that make him love Norway.

Now he's in prison
for defending his country.

100,000 people have seen the video.

- Are you kidding?
- No. It keeps going up.

That's crazy.
Imagine if only half started protesting.

We need to take advantage of it.
Look at those numbers.

- PST threatened to put me in jail.
- Please, Leon.

- You're a genius.
- I'm the only one at home making money.

Those fucking Russians
are monitoring traffic.

Yeah, sorry.
I'll find someone else.

- Sorry.
- No, don't be sorry.

I understand, and
I'm really glad you're honest.

Talk to you later.

Radek, leave us.

- He's here. Everything...
- That's not important anymore.

We'll check what he's working on.

It is much too big a risk to take.

If it gets out that we paid
to get Jesper out -

- that will pave the way
for other terrorists or kidnappers.

I totally agree.
We don't give terrorists ransom money.

- The danger of it leaking is big.
- Djupvik, what do you think?

We think this is the safest way
to get him out.

We've already established
contact with Polish police.

Our team is ready to go
when we get the green light.

Everyone involved is interested
in this going well.

The separatists, too, because
they need to protect their reputation.

Anyway, it's less dangerous than usual.

A special forces operation
would be...the alternative.

- What will the official version be?
- He was arrested or turned himself in.

Jesper Berg won't have anything to do
with the terrorist attacks.

It's impossible to predict
what Jesper will say.

Anyway, we'll bring him home.
Keep it as discreet as possible.

Are you hiding here?

I checked the numbers.

- What were they?
- One was a number for a prepaid phone.

The other was a PIN
for an app called Telegram.

- The app that's self-destructive?
- Yeah.

- All the messages were deleted.
- Can they be recovered?

No. I found some numbers,
but they're encrypted, of course.

I'm pretty sure
they operated alone, HM.


We're here again because of you.
Did you check?

- We checked.
- Why are you standing there like a jerk?

They're ready. We'll take one car
and split up with the Poles later.

Get the car and meet us out here.


Yes, he's here.
What should we do?

Change of plans? Understood.

Drive to the other side.
Faster, faster, faster!

- This is a trap.
- What are you talking about?

- The Russians are behind this.
- No, it's the Norwegian police.

Yes, so long as he isn't handed over.

When he's handed over,
the Russians take over.

That's fine.
We'll deliver him and go.

Wait. A bullet in the forehead.
Do you know how much they're paying?

We have to think about
the family's future.

We need to think about our futures.
If we give them this chance...

It's fine.

It's not okay for me.

He didn't show.

He probably got cold feet.

Do you know where he is now?

The Polish police raided the house
where he was earlier. He wasn't there.

- We'll start an investigation.
- No. No investigation.

They got no money.
The operation never took place.

- Just find Jesper.
- Understood.

Tom cracked the encryption.

This was one of the numbers
on the Telegram app. Look.

At first, it didn't lead to anything.
But today it showed up in another case.

That's the number recorded by
the cell tower closest to the operation.

Someone probably called
the guys who had Jesper Berg.

So you think someone with that number
ruined the operation?

Yeah. And...

That number was stored
on Christensen's phone.

- Shouldn't you stay off of the case?
- Not anymore.

Not if there's a connection between
Stefan and Jesper in our backyard.

Most of the people who knew about
the Jesper operation work here at PST.

That concerns me as
Director of the agency.

Now we have a clear indication
that Stefan worked with someone.

We need to question Stefan's girlfriend
in different way than the police did.

The Russian owners threw us out.

- Where do you live now, then?
- It will be alright.

- Have you seen our site recently?
- No.

- You shouldn't do anything more.
- Here's a link.

If I click the link,
I download an app I've made.

When the app is installed,
location services activate on the phone.

Then we know where everyone who
downloaded the app is located.

Okay. So we're here. There.
This is Oslo.

All the green dots you see
are people who downloaded the app.

- Is it that many?
- Yeah.

It gets better if I click here.
Then the phone broadcasts this.

The app tells them to get together,
form a symbol, and lie down.

Now everyone lies on the ground
and makes a heart.

My god.

Are you ready?

A new form of protest
is spreading at record speed.

A phone app makes it possible -

- to stage a demonstration from many
places in the country at the same time.

Yes, across borders, too.
The participants get a signal -

- and they're asked to post a video
of their action.

After each posts a video,
they're assembled to make a symbol.

[The Intelligence Director asked to meet
right away. It's about Jesper.]

[Did they find him?]

Imagine being able to lie down
and create words -

- with people from Oslo,
Bergen, and Stockholm.

Can't you download the app?
Then you can do it, too.


His daughter has a horse
that I might be able to ride.

Maja, go to your room.

- Why?
- Go to your room.

This is about Jesper Berg.
We got a video from Polish police.

The Prime Minister needs
to prepare herself for graphic images.

Bring him here. To the tree!

Don't do it!


- Where did you get that from?
- Polish security forces.

We received a copy from
Polish intelligence services.

They seem to have known the separatists
who were holding Berg.

- Has anyone taken credit for this?
- No.

This can't get out now.

Not before we have a strategy
for how it will be announced.

We need to avoid
a martyr effect.


- Will you be long?
- I don't know.

If you're going to stay over,
we need to clear it.

- Oscar 3-0 is down.
- Are you okay?

Can you hear me?

- What happened?
- She fell.

- Hello? Can you hear me?
- Check her pulse.

- Can you hear me?
- Just leave her be.

- She just needs a little time.
- We called a doctor.

It'll be fine. Anita?
Anita, look at me.

Anita, my girl.

Why did you do this?

Who do you work for?

It'll be fine.

Let's have a smoke, Nikolaj.

Your Nikolaj is involved, too.
Sidorova wants to get rid of me.

Tell me now, or
I'll kill you and your daughter!

Hello, I need Sidorova.
I have information. It's about Minnikov.

Do you want to sleep in here?

Did you consider changing the bed
after Dad died?

No. Why would I do that?

It doesn't make you sad?


It's only 8:00.
If I go to bed now, it's all over.

This clock says it's past midnight.


- Yeah.
- It's 8:00.

If I go to bed now,
I'll wake up at 4 AM.

No, I can't give France
more special treatment.

They need to solve their
economic problems at home, not here.

Yeah, that's the way I see it.
The member countries are a big family -

- but if you loan money
to one of the children...

Hold on. Hi, sweetie.

Yes, I do.
How is Whiski?

Oh, we'll take her to the vet tomorrow.

Me too.

Stop! Stay here, Teichmann.
I'll check.

Don't move. Who are you?

Wait. He's an old acquaintance.

- Stay in the car.
- Yes, sir.