Occupied (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - August - full transcript

Six month after the first season concluded, the Russian occupation still holds Norway in a firm grip. In the first episode of the second season we follow the steps to form an exile ...

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My name is Wenche Arnesen.

Many of you know me as
the Director of PST -

- but I'm also the leader of
the resistance group Free Norway.

The time of fossil fuels is over.

The Russians saw my Social Democratic
education as cowardice.

How do you think they'll see you?

They have something our enemy
could never have:

the right to defend our Fatherland.

Are you ready to fight for your country?





Have you thought about
coming home to Norway, then?

You can't do anything politically
in Sweden anyway -

- so you might as well live in Norway and
use your skills for what you're good it.

I got shot.

Maybe that's a sign.

It's different now. We have
a whole new dialog with the Russians.

Yeah, sure, so they can get
what they want.

Anders did what was necessary
to avoid chaos. You know that.

Are there still people in
the Prime Minister's office -

- that don't call Anders boss?

How are you going to get out
of your self-imposed asylum?


- You can fly here to Stockholm.
- Fly here to see you?

I'll call you.

- Eknes?
- Yeah.

I signed up for the Coast Guard
to assert Norway's sovereignty.

- I'm doing this for my country.
- Okay.

I'm coming to you because the Russians
are bringing weapons into Norway.

They're bringing them to Melkøya.
They're asking us to look the other way.

The current government
signed an agreement with the Russians.

- They can arm security forces...
- ...for their installations.

That doesn't include
anti-aircraft batteries.

- What do you mean?
- I'm talking about AGAT JSC.

They're surface-to-air missiles,
cruise missiles.

The Russians are preparing
for a defensive war in Norway.

What are your superiors
saying about this?

I told my Captain,
the head of the Coast Guard -

- and even the leaders of the Navy.

- Did you see it, or just hear rumors?
- I saw it.

But why are you coming to me?

Because you're the only politician
that opposed the Russians.

When I was Prime Minister.
I'm not in power now.

What about your network of contacts?

It didn't disappear because you're here.
You must be able to do something.

I'm sorry, Eknes.
I'm not involved anymore.

[New terror attack in Oslo]

It's the third terrorist attack
in one month.

We can't comment on that.

- 325.
- 187.

- Are we behind the bombing?
- We didn't organize it.

So there's another group
we don't control?

We can't be in contact with every group.
It's too risky.

The enemy has deployed
surface-to-air missiles in Melkøya.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah. AGAT.

We need photos.

It requires an armed response.

Exactly. If we get this out to people,
we'll get huge support for our fight.


What about the leaders of Free Norway?
Do we know more?

PST has a good idea,
but they don't want to take action now.

We'll talk.
I can't promise I'll call you. Not today.

Okay. Bye.

- Did you give the press anything?
- No, we have nothing to give.

What about you?

What do we know about
PST's investigation?


You know it's best for the
Minister of Justice and yourself.

We have to show that
we have something soon.

So your boss needs a counter-offer.
I don't know how likely that is.

- Don't underestimate him.
- Or you.

Come on.

They know where Vold is,
but they're not taking him now.

He's going to lead them
to Wenche Arnesen.

You'll hear from us later.


- I'm there now.
- What's happening?

What's happening?
The police are here.

- Who gave the order to arrest him?
- Not us at PST, anyway.

How did the police know he's here?

Give me the Justice Department.

Earlier, Commander of the Guard
Harald Vold was charged for terrorism.

He organized several terror attacks
for Free Norway in the last 6 months.

He's one of the leaders, and is directly
responsible for killing many civilians.

We have reasonable suspicion.

Thanks to PST Director Hans Martin Djupvik.
Prime Minister Anders Knudsen.

I want to make it totally clear
that my first priority as PM -

- is the safety of the Norwegian people.

- The arrest is...
- Can I have a word with you?

...good investigating and teamwork.
At the same time...

The Justice Department says the decision
came from the Prime Minister's office.

Do you know what you've done?

Do you know how many months
of work have been thrown away?

We urged the police to do something
to stop the cycle of violence.

And this is the best way? We were
so close to getting Wenche Arnesen.

Vold would have led us to Wenche.

PST said that for months
while Vold ran around freely.

So you proposed it.

We can't have innocent civilians
being wounded and killed.

You have no idea what we're doing.
The ministers look incompetent.

- Vold was a danger to the nation.
- You're a danger to the nation!

The leader of Free Norway was caught.

I lead a similar organization:
"French Fry Norway".

A real Norwegian resistance fighter
was caught in a barn.

Was he dressed as Santa Claus?
I have to congratulate...

My little brother is
more dangerous than me.

I have to stop you.

To quote Einstein, he said -

- that everyone in the military
got a human brain by mistake.

In the military
you only need a backbone.

That's what Einstein said.

I know what you mean.
The military's so stupid.

- What's stupid?
- They're never home, for example.

- That's very stupid.
- I'm now home.

Sign up the National Guard.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- You were looking at me, right?
- Yeah.

- Want to get out of here?
- Okay.

Yeah, I'm in.
After you.

- What's this?
- Here. It's a message for you.

Thanks for last time, Eknes.
We need evidence of what you told me.

If the Coast Guard isn't interested,
you need to find other chains of command.

You have to ask yourself if you're willing
to fight for your country.

- 289.
- 686.

Tomorrow we release a new statement
from Wenche Arnesen.


Norwegian forces
are moving into Melkøya.

Free Norway is sacrificing everything
to liberate the country.

The more injustice is inflicted on us,
the more we grow.

It was planned a long time ago.
That's all I can say.

If there's a link between the soldiers
and Free Norway, we need to know now.

If Free Norway is involved,
it could be a reaction to Vold's arrest.

I want a concrete answer,
not your personal analysis, Djupvik.

The Prime Minister's first priority is
to find out if Free Norway is behind this.

We have a company of Navy Seals
being deployed from a submarine.

We also have two different teams
who have landed here and here.

Hold them back until we've spoken
with Russian authorities.

It's our responsibility to free
Norwegian soldiers on Norwegian land.

Not if Lieutenant Eknes
acts without orders!

Russian military helicopters
are closing in on Melkøya.

- We can't risk...
- Prime Minister, that's the situation.

We have to free the soldiers before
the Russian reinforcements arrive.

We'll take them with us.
Quickly, quickly!

- The priest spoke to Wench last.
- He's already been here three times.

But there's something with him.

He remembers way too many details.

There's no point bringing him in.
Didn't he have a son?

- Yeah.
- Try bringing him in.

- For what?
- For Googling something or other.

Bring the son in.

We didn't manage to free
the Coast Guard soldiers.

We took Melkøya and disarmed
the Russian security forces.

- How many soldiers do we have there?
- Around 300. We control the area.

The French EU Commissioner
is calling.

Yeah, put him on.

I'm not stopping my men
from helping their own.

Your professional pride isn't the topic.

That's a betrayal
of the Norwegian people.

You have to let
the Director of Defense go.

He's losing it over the recalling
of the troops.

I can't do that.
Do you understand?

I can't go against our own Defense.

It's not Defense behind this.
The soldiers are basically deserters.

No Prime Minister goes to war -

- for an action he didn't order.

I can't breathe...
Stop the car! Stop. I need to get out.

How long do you think
pleasing the Russians will save us?

- That was exactly what Jesper tried.
- He turned. You saw how that went.

You need to show the people behind it they
can't dictate what the government does.

- That's not how people see it.
- Yes, it is!

If you go to war now and stand up
to the Russians, you're lying down -

- for Norwegians
who take the law into their own hands.

If I fire the Director of Defense,
I have to replace him.

The alternative is war!

Hi. Wait, I can't hear you.


- Irotsjka, do you still like the country?
- The people here, yeah.

- But not the leaders.
- Why not?

- They have no courage.
- No courage?

It's the second time in 6 months
that we've had a situation like that.

Factions of the military
are vying for influence.

That's why I've come to help you.

The guys in Moscow are beginning
to lose patience.

They want us to extradite
the Coast Guard soldiers.

If they want that...

they won't get it.

- But we'll have dinner?
- We'll have dinner.

- Where the hell have you been?
- Anders had an important call.

There's no one more important
than the Parliamentary President now.

The EU Commissioner called.
The Russians gave us a day to solve this.

I'm going to withdraw.

You can't fucking withdraw now!

I can announce that you've found
an alternative.

But I've made up my mind.

You need to talk to him. I talked
to Defense, the EU, and the Russians.

- Who were you talking to?
- There's another solution.

Hi. I'm on the way.

I'm really looking forward to it.

This will be a smaller government
than we're used to.

But it meets all the requirements.
I cleared it with the Attorney General.


- He's 15 years old.
- Sorry.

No one gets a restraining order for that.
I've talked to my lawyer.

Jåvold. Why are you here?

His son was caught
for possession of narcotics.

- PST doesn't deal with narcotics cases.
- Stop. I know what you're doing.

We're preventing terroristic attacks.

We think you're protecting Wenche Arnesen,
one of the country's worst terrorists.

We talked about that before.
That's not why I'm here today.

No, but if I'm going to help you
with the case against your son -

- I'm going to need more info.
- I can't do that. He's just a child.

Good to see you.
Welcome. Doing well?

Thanks. Yeah.


Okay. We'll all together.
Norway's future exile government.

Now we'll fight for our country.

Welcome, Anders.

Anita, talk to the Parliamentary
President. He always liked you.

It's best if the whole Presidium
comes here during the afternoon.

One, maybe two of the Vice Presidents
is getting a ministerial post, so all -

- the elected officials are involved.
- What about the King?

I talked to the King.

How long have you been planning this?

I planned it a while back.

Why didn't you tell me about it before?

You had to go back to work
at the Prime Minister's office.

It would have been a conflict of loyalty
if I said anything.

You realize that?

- What kind of role will I play, then?
- I've thought a lot about that.

The cabinet isn't decided,
but you'll be important.

I placed this here
to remind me of her.

That's not enough.
Where is she?

Her ashes are here in an urn.

Will you let my son go now?

That's not for me to decide.

I'll talk to the Police Chief
if we find her DNA in the ashes.

No matter how many you arrest,
you're never going to win.

I'm trying to protect people
from terrorism.

Are you? By arresting innocent people?
That will only help the resistance.

They'll spread like pollen.

Many innocent people died from terrorism
after Wenche disappeared.

Did you place a stone
for them, too?

If the Russians come with
attack helicopters...

- Can they hold them for a few minutes?
- Yeah, if they don't have snipers.

- They always have snipers in place?
- Yeah, I think so.

Let's find out right away.

- I'm not on here.
- No. You could've had a ministerial post -

- but I noticed I work best
when I have you close by.

I need you as Deputy Minister.

- Are you taking Anita from me?
- No.

- No, I had her first.
- What did you talk to Hole about?


Did you ask the soldiers
to hold Melkøya?

They don't stand a chance.

Soldiers are going to die now, Anita.


You, the EU.

- Why?
- You're here to avoid a war in Norway.

Can we trust him?

Mr. President,
can I have a word with you?

I want you to see this.

It's a proposal
for a new government.

- Who is this coming from?
- From me.

From you?

But aren't you part of
the so-called exile government?

I'm not entirely sure that
Jesper has peaceful intentions.

Does Jesper know you're here?

This way, the Presidium takes over
without the parties being charged.

It's a technocracy
formed by civil servants.

[Wenche Arnesen is dead]

We've had a long discussion.

We agree with most of your suggestions.

But we need to discuss
your proposal for Prime Minister.

It's a smart move to suggest me
for the post -

- to get me on board with your plan.
- It's also a smart move...

...because I believe you have
a unifying effect that we need.

Parliament takes over
when the President becomes Prime Minister.

But I don't have the energy
to be Prime Minister.

I'm 66 now.
This is a nice place for me to finish.

- I realize that.
- But you are young...

...and have your whole career
in front of you.

If this is your idea -

- then you should see it through.
We suggest you as Prime Minister.

I don't have the authority
this government needs.

You don't need to answer right away.
You can take some time.

- Mamma, you have so much milk.
- Yeah.

- How are you, Anita?
- I haven't slept much.

Is it because of the warships?

- You shouldn't worry about those.
- Alright, then.

I've been asked to be Prime Minister.

You were?

- That's amazing!
- You think so?

- What are you going to do?
- I don't know.

I don't know if I'm ready.

Your male colleagues
wouldn't doubt they were ready.

Actually, no one else will take the job.

They doubt the political situation,
not their abilities.

I can't take the job because
you think women are too defensive.

Seriously, Anita.

I have to take this.

- Hello?
- What's going on, Anita?

I talked to the Parliamentary President.

He says he won't support us, and that
Anita Rygh will form a new government.

- I didn't say yes to it.
- Okay.

I'm really glad to hear that.
I don't know who said what.

Don't do this.
You'll be eaten up like a little mouse.

Anita, I...is this personal?

I don't understand what you're thinking.
Anita, are you there?

The seat's yours.

There's a visitor for the Prime Minister.

We're going over all the information
in case we missed something.

We need to find the people responsible,
or we're not getting the soldiers home.

- We'll find out.
- How can I trust you?

When you took over at PST,
you used all your resources to track -

- a Free Norway leader
who died over 6 months ago.


- Anita Rygh, do you have any comments?
- The Russian warships are turning back.

Recall your soldiers from Melkøya
or the soldiers won't come home.

Can you comment on the rumors that
you're forming a new government?

Satellite photos show
the Russian warships turning back.

At the same time, Norwegian troops
are withdrawing from Melkøya.

The immediate threat of hostilities
appears to be over.

It's been a difficult situation,
but now it's over -

- thanks to a good dialog
between officials.

What did you need to give
Russian authorities to reach a solution?

Both sides wished for a peaceful solution,
so both sides withdrew.

- Who is she?
- She was Deputy Minister.

I'd like to praise
the Norwegian Defense -

- who showed prudence and courage
in a trying situation.

- Do you think she'll do it?
- And those imprisoned in Russia?

Can you guarantee
they'll be extradited?

- Yes, they will be.
- You're 38 years old.

The country's youngest Prime Minister.

Many are surprised you're taking over
the seat of Prime Minister.

I realize that. I've been lucky
to have learned from the best.

I'm confident that Norway will now get
a government that will maintain...


It will be the shortest-lived government
in Norwegian history.