Oban Star-Racers (2006): Season 1, Episode 3 - Grave Like Groor - full transcript

It's 2082. Ten thousand years have passed since the last great race on the remote planet of Oban. Now the time has come for the pilots of the galaxy to compete in a new race, and Earth is more than ready with its spectacular Whizzing Arrow star-racer. Built and maintained by racing legend Don Wei's team of engineers and mechanics, the Whizzing Arrow has become the Earth's only hope against annihilation by the greatest foe the world has ever seen--the menacing Crog Imperium.

probably heard of me.

I'm Don Wei.

Just when I thought I had
reached the peak of my career,

I was handed the greatest
challenge ever faced by man--

to lead the Earth
team to victory

in the great race of Oban.

Since the start of the
pre-selections on the planet

Alwas, we've had
a few surprises.

But I remain confident
we'll pull through.

Winning, whatever the odds.

That's what my job is all about.







Way to go, Rick!




-Now, listen up, everyone.

I've got good news and bad news.

The good news is we've been
granted a rematch today.

And the bad news
is-- [SIGH]-- Rick

is out for at least a week.


-No way.

-We can't race without a pilot.

-Um, maybe I could
take his place?



-Until further
notice you will be

promoted to alternate
pilot for the Earth team.


But, sir, I--

-Come now, my boy, this is not
the time for false modesty.

I know you'll do just fine.

-Huh, this is not good.

-Here it is, Jordan.

The Arrow 2, right
out of the box.

What do you think about it?

-Be gentle with it.

It's her first time.

Hey, I guess that's
true for both of you.

-OK, Jordan, how about
a little practice?


Let's start by warming
up the side reactors.

You're doing fine.

Remember, it's the green
buttons to your right.

Your other right, Jordan.

Please concentrate.

- Yawp.



-What are you doing?

Disengage the
turbine accelerator.

-Help me!

Get me out of here!









--Look, guys, I'm a gunner.

I break things; it's my job.

-Don't worry.

It was a good attempt,
Jordan, really.

-No, I've taken lessons.

My first flying instructor
retired after teaching me.

-And now he works
with small animals.


-Stan, Koji.

-Don't even think about it.

Koji and I are just
simple mechanics.

We were never meant to fly.

I'm sorry, sir.

We're just mechanics.


-I guess that just leaves me.

I'm a great pilot, honest.

Of course, I've
never really been

behind the stick of
a real star racer.

But a machine is a
machine is a machine.

Right, guys?


-I appreciate your
sense of duty, Molly,

but I will never let an
outsider, let alone a girl,

sacrifice herself for our team.

-You could at least try me out.


I'll have to convince the
judges to give us a reprieve.

It's the only way.

-We're coming with you.

Rick's accident was sabotaged.

I'm sure we can
prove it to them.

-Come on.

-Molly, keep an eye on
the pit while we're gone.

And don't touch anything.


I'm coming with you.


-Darn it!




You know I saw what
happened yesterday.

piece of bad luck.

Guess you should have kept
those tarps on the ship.

You have something on your mind?


And now can you guess
my birth sign, Sherlock?

-You know, ignoring your
problems is no way solve them.

-Tell that to my dad.

He ignored me for ten years.

-Whose problem are we
talking about here, huh?

Your problem, or your father's?

-Mind your own business.


-Hey, pipsqueak.

Come out in the open like a man.




could be a problem.



But with a rocket seat,
it just might work.

-What a rotten
bunch of [MUTTERS].

I'll show those slimy
squids what I'm made of.

-With all due respect, Sir, you
should really think it over.

I mean at your age and
without any prior training?

-I've been given
a mission and I'll

see it through, like always.

-This really isn't happening.

It's suicide, trust me.

I've been there.

-Sir, I think this
is totally crazy.

But for what it's
worth, I admire you.

Even in death.

-Thanks, Stan.

-Hey, look.




Set that ship down immediately.

Well don't just stand there.

Hold it to the ground.

-Yes, sir.

-Come on, now, baby.

Show me what you can do.



-Stop this ship.


Jordan, we can
still win this race.

-What are you
waiting for, Jordan?

-Are you with me,
or are you with me?


Molly, this has gone far enough.

I order you to
land that ship now!

-Don't worry.

We'll be home early.






-The next race is a rematch.

I now call forth Groor.


-And now I call
forth the Earth team.

-The humans are so weak.

They won't dare show
their face again.


-Pilot Molly reporting
for the Earth team.


There's no Molly registered.

-She does appear
quite human, however.

-Then it's settled.

Take your places and
let the race begin.

-Jordan, I'm counting on you.

And you can count on me.

still win this race.

What were you thinking, Jordan?

-Let's go.

-That's right, nice and easy.

I think I'm getting
the hang of this.


-Please, don't let me be cloned.


-You poor fools.

You'll never make it.



-Why is the Arrow 2 so unstable?

-It appears that
a rocket seat has

been grafted onto the
steering column, sir.



-Fuselage is OK at 85 percent.

-Eat this.

-It's my turn.





-Molly, do something.

-Here goes nothing.

-Where's that creep?

-Molly, your quaint
control system

is too simple for the Arrow 2.

Do you copy?

-We wouldn't be in this mess if
you had given me a trial run.

-Molly, listen.

You are not the
Earth team pilot.


-Molly, increase the thrust
of your side reactors.

That should improve stability.

-Finally some good advice.


Koji, you're a genius.

-I'm only a humble mechanic.

-Come out, you alien scum.

He's right in front of us.


-Can't end like this.

-I could squash
you like an insect.

But that would dishonor all
the insects of the galaxy.

Yesterday you robbed
Groor of a victory

that was rightfully his.

Today your humiliation
must be complete.

-Groor generously
gives you a lead

of thirty seconds
before your Apocalypse.

-This is it.

This is our chance.

I need more power.

Power, power, power, power.

-Come on, baby.

Just a little more.


Now what's happening?

-Sir, the hyperdrive
has been engaged.





-Almost there.


-It's stopping.

-Plasma tanks are empty.

-The emergency batteries?

-Empty, sir.

The hyperdrive took everything.

They may reach the finish line,
but they'll have to crawl.




-Molly, Jordan.

Abandon the Arrow 2 immediately.

That's an order.

-No way.

It's not over yet.

-Molly, what are you doing?

Let's get out of here.

-Jordan, aim for the joints.

Now, full power.

-Got it.


-Your lasers are worthless.

You are mine.






-We're alive?

We're alive.

We're alive!



-Well, you both should be
very proud of yourselves.

Because I have never
seen a more terrible race

in my entire career.


-You, Molly, have disobeyed
orders, damaged our last star

racer, and needlessly
risked your life,

the life of your teammate,
and the life of your manager.

-But, but--

-But, but nothing.

Jordan, your disobedience
is even more intolerable.

Unlike your accomplice,
you are an official member

of this team, and a
trained professional.


Sorry I let you down, Sir.


But this is ridiculous.

We won the stupid race.

We won.

-You owe your victory to a
reckless stunt, young lady.

Ruhr was a better racer.

From beginning to end.

We came as
ambassadors and now we

are the laughing stock of
the entire competition.

Everyone, start packing.

The Earth team is
withdrawing from the race.

-But we won the race.

We won!



-I'm so out of here.

-Molly, wait.

-Aw, man.


Way too sensitive.