Oban Star-Racers (2006): Season 1, Episode 2 - Les hostilités commencent - full transcript

It's 2082. Ten thousand years have passed since the last great race on the remote planet of Oban. Now the time has come for the pilots of the galaxy to compete in a new race, and Earth is more than ready with its spectacular Whizzing Arrow star-racer. Built and maintained by racing legend Don Wei's team of engineers and mechanics, the Whizzing Arrow has become the Earth's only hope against annihilation by the greatest foe the world has ever seen--the menacing Crog Imperium.


My name's Eva, or
rather it was Eva.

For the last 10 years, I've been
in this crummy boarding school

without ever seeing my dad.

On my fifteenth birthday, I
decided to pay him a visit.

He's a race manager,
the best there is.

It didn't really go as planned.

He was so different and so cold.

I just couldn't tell
him who I really was.

-I'm Molly.

went downhill there.

One thing is certain, my father
won't get rid of me this time.



Everyone up.

We've landed--


-Who knows where.


-Uh, I'm sorry.

I, I guess I fell asleep.

-What on earth are
you doing here?

-Well, I, um-- I mean,
there's no problem.

It's really OK.

I'm, I'm your dau--

-A problem, sir?

Oh, her again, huh?


I thought you could use
an extra mechanic, sir.

-Molly, have you lost your mind?

I have the best
mechanics in the league.

As far as I'm concerned young
lady, you're just a surprise--

and I hate surprises.

Have I made myself clear?


-You should have known better.




-Watch your step, little mouse.

-What was that?

-I think the ship has failed.


Gentlemen, beyond this
door lies the unknown.


The qualifying trials of
the Great Race of Oban.

It will be certainly the
biggest challenge of your lives.

You will give nothing
less than your best.

And watch your step,
from now on you

are ambassadors of the earth.

And don't even think
I'm done with you, miss.




Look at these aliens.

I bet no one has seen
aliens like these before.

-Let 'em come.

We're ready for them.

-Remember, Jordan,
we're ambassadors.


-Well, I didn't expect
the Avatar in person,

but at least they could have
sent a welcoming committee.


-Sir, I think the welcoming
committee has arrived.


Oh, great-- another surprise.

Somehow I feel this won't
be the last one today.

-Welcome to Alwas, earthlings.

You are the 96th and
last team to arrive.

I dare say we no
longer expected you.

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Satis, faithful
servant of the Avatar.

I will be your temporary guide.

Follow me and I will
take you to your lodging.


-I've never seen a race ship
from earth before-- futile.

-Sorry to disappoint you, but
this a truck buddy, not a ship.

A ship is right behind me.



I see.

I see, giant flying cushions--
really, very impressive.






MOLLY NARRATING You may not see
me now, dad, but soon you will.

That's a promise.


-This is the pit
area, where the 96

teams live during
the competition.

And this is your home,
the earth team pit.



-You still have a few minutes.

Use them wisely for you
won't have much time

to prepare for your first race
after the opening ceremony.

-Let's get to it then.


-OK, Jordan.

I want you to test
the laser turick.

-Oh, yes, sir.


-Uh, can I help?

Uh, I guess not.





-All right, Jordan.

That's enough.

Now try the other side.

-All clear.


It's a beaut.

-OK, Rick.

You're on.

-Try the reactor, one at a time.


-Set her down.

We have a leak.

-So, what's the verdict?

-Looks like we lost a
liter of engine liquid.

It's not great, but there should
be enough left for one race.

-With the equipment
we brought, it

would take us hours to
make the extra liquid.


-I saw a part shop
on our way here.

They're sure to have some.

It's a pretty common
thing, isn't it?


-Hey, Don, you old
fox, you brought

along a secret replacement
pilot, didn't you?




-Wow, that was close.

-You know perfectly well how
I feel about female pilots.

-Figures he would see that.



-Hmm, still she has
a little something.


-I'm back!

I got it!

I found some.

Hey, what's the
big idea, you guys?

Anybody there?


-Open up!

If you think I'm just going to
hang out and wait for you guys,

you're dreaming.


-Wow, take a look at that.

Is this uber-cool or what?



I'm sorry.

I didn't, I hope you're not--



-Are you all right?

Aren't you a bit young
to be running around

without parental guidance?

-Do you really
think I was scared?

You should see the teachers
at my boarding school.

Now that's scary.

Anyway, where are your parents?

You're no older than I am.

-Well, in earth years perhaps.


Prince Aikka, come here.

-You're dad's calling you.

Uh, uh, Prince?

-Please, forgive me.

-Hey you, stowaway
girl, over here!

-Here's the stuff.

-Thanks a lot.

It looks good.


The name's Eve.

It's Molly, got it, gunner boy?


(ALL) We declare the Races
of Alwas officially open.


-The Avatar.

-Proud pilots, the truce
of the Great Race of Oban

has allowed you to prepare
for this day in peace.

Your wait is now over.

On Alwas, you shall
face one another,

one-on-one until
only three remain.

There is only one rule.

You may achieve
victory by any means,

as long as you do not attempt to
take the life of your opponent.

Race like the wind, champions,
towards the great finals

on Oban and towards
the ultimate prize.


-For the first race, it's
Norasia versus Portlum.

-We'll stay around for this one.

Keep your eyes and
ears open, everyone.

We need to learn all we can
about our future adversaries.


-Hey, there's the prince!

-What do you mean, the prince?

A Norasian?

I heard those low lifes
are friends with the Crogs.

I really hope he
flips his beetle.


-I think he's kind of cute.


Take a last look
at Prince Charming.

He won't know what squashed him.




That's gotta hurt.





-You trader.

-We'll have to watch
out for that one.

-He's a show boat.

Anyway, I'm out there alone.

You're not my chaperon anymore.

-Uh, Rick, wait.


-Fluid level, back
to 100 percent.


-Can I help you
with anything else?

-Thanks, Molly, but
we'll take it from here.


I understand.

-You fired me three
years ago, Don.

-I know we've had some
bad times together, Rick.

But I hope, well, I hope
we're past all of that.

-Don't try to con me, Don.

I know you too well.

-What I'm trying to say
is, I'm counting on you.

We're all counting on you, Rick.


just a surprise.

Don't worry.

I'll win you tin cup.

Don't I always?

-Well, well, well,
what have we got here,

a little eavesdropping mouse.

-No, I--


-Come on.

Don't make such a face.

When I started, Don Wei
didn't want me around either.

In time, you'll find your place.

-I, Rick, see you
at the finish line.

-I'll be there, little mouse.

-And now, it's
Groor versus Earth.

-All set, gunner boy?

-Uh, ready.

Just keep your sunglasses on.

He's got it coming.

He's going down in flames.

-Let's make it happen.

-It's a piece of junk, but it's
made of polarized titanium.

-Terrific, I guess.

-He means of you play
bumper cars with this guy,

you're going home by email.

-I'll try to keep that in mind.

-Line me up.

I don't have a clear shot.

-He's all yours.

-Take that you alien scum!



-What was that?

Something's now right.

-Koji, remind me
next time to raise

the laser power by 30 percent.


-Molly, what are you doing here?

-Something's very wrong.

I think something's
going to happen to Rick.

I just know it.

-How's the body?

-The damage control,
OK, at 71 percent.

-Coming through.


-I think we got this guy beat.

-Molly, everything's just fine.


-Why don't you find a nice
spot somewhere outside

and enjoy the show?


Well, I guess I was
just imagining things.

Go Rick!

Come on!

-Surge of heat in
the cooling system!


This is not good.



-Here they come, daddy.

Oh, I can't see.

-OK, Eva.

Time for a piggyback.

There, is that better?

-Yes, I can see her.

She's winning!

She's winning!



-I'm OK, Don.

-Where's Rick?




Hang on.

I know you'll make it.

-Very touching, but it's
only because you need me.

Don't worry.

I didn't come all this way
to blow it in the first race.


-Uh, Rick.