Oban Star-Racers (2006): Season 1, Episode 13 - Dernière ligne droite - full transcript

It's 2082. Ten thousand years have passed since the last great race on the remote planet of Oban. Now the time has come for the pilots of the galaxy to compete in a new race, and Earth is more than ready with its spectacular Whizzing Arrow star-racer. Built and maintained by racing legend Don Wei's team of engineers and mechanics, the Whizzing Arrow has become the Earth's only hope against annihilation by the greatest foe the world has ever seen--the menacing Crog Imperium.

RICK NARRATING: I was happy to
give Don Wei a hand and coach

the Earth Team for a while.

There are things,
however, that even

the best coach can't foresee.

-Stop hurting yourself.

This is not what your
mother would have wanted.

It turns out Molly

is Don Wei's daughter, Eva.

Though she's
keeping it a secret.

I hope you find the
strength to face

your inner demons, little mouse.

The great grace may
prove a greater challenge

than any of us ever imagined.


-Come on, Rick.

The team's almost there.

Hey, what's this?


-Add two welding ports
to that flap over there.

-We're OK here.

Check the other side.


-You're not repairing
the "Whizzing Arrow."

You're building a new one!

-We designed these
upgrades when we

were still working on Miguel's.

And then we forgot about them.

-If we had known about
these Scrubs mechanics,

we would have done
it right away.

-You had better be right.

Our last chance to
qualify for Oban

starts in just a few hours.



-Hey, Stan, did you remember
to check the internal cooling



-Hello, there.

Quite the party you're having.

-You have something to tell me?

-What do you mean?

Ah, oh, yes, of course.

Silly me.

The judges have finished
drawing lots for the final race.

-Drawing lots?

-The six teams in the
playoffs have already

faced each other once.

For the sixth race, the
opponents are picked at random.

-I see.

-It's all in that document,
the names of the opponents,

the rules in case of a tie,
the departure tables for Oban,

or in case of a
defeat the return trip

to your home planet.


-Isn't she beautiful?

Stronger, faster, safer,
the "Whizzing Arrow 3."

-Brand new ship for
a brand new champion.

-Thanks a lot, guys.

It' wonderful work.

We couldn't have
done it without you.

-Well, sir, what's the verdict?

-Yeah, looks great.

I have the name of
our next adversary.

We're up against Colonel Toros.

-But he's never
lost a race, ever.

-And he nearly crushed us
to a pancake last time.

-This team has
improved tremendously

since we lost to Toros.

Fill the tanks and run the
final checks right now.

We'll be called
at any moment now.

-Yes, sir.

We're on it.

-Uh, after you, partner.


-Remember, to rank among
the top three teams

and qualify for Oban, we
must beat Toros at all costs.

-Toros or no Toros,
no one stands

between the ultimate prize
and me, not even a Crog.



-The final round?


-Mr. Rush, you must rest.

-[MOANING] I suppose
you're right.

But I just wanted to
cheer on the kids.

ANNOUNCER: We now call
forth the Earth Team.

-How does she feel?

-The steering feels a bit stiff.

But I'll get used to it.

ANNOUNCER: Challenged by Toros,
colonel of the Crog Imperium.

-[GASP] Mr. Rush!


This is much better than
being in the hospital.

Go Molly!

-Molly, what's wrong?

-It's a new star racer.

Just let me get the hang of it.

Come on, Eva, this is it.

I must do it.

I have no choice.

-That's my girl.

-Let's see what she's got.

-Out of my way, Crog.

-Give it to him, Jordan.

He deserves it.

-OK, I'm having a bit
of deja vu back here.

We need some sped, Molly!

-This has gone on long enough.


-I've learned my lesson, Toros.

You can't trick me twice.

Stan, the hyperdrive,
is it fixed?

STAN (OFFSCREEN): Roger that.

Same command as before.



-How can we achieve such speed?

-It was easy, really.

We mounted the
turbines in clusters.

That was my idea.

It nearly doubles
their capacity.

-Fuel level?

-You're still OK
for a bit longer.

We've also increased
the tank capacity.

-How in the world
did that happen?

Koji, can we make
this baby go faster?


Yes or no.

-Stan, what about the--

-Totally out of the question.

The "Arrow"'s hull could
break apart under the thrust.


-Hello, Toros is getting away.

-We haven't had a
chance to test it.

It's just not safe yet.

-Stan, please do it.

We have no other choice.

-But Don.

-I assume full responsibility.

-I do this under protest.

-Booster drives enabled.



-The hull is holding.


-Come on!

-Go Molly, go.

-Win big so our fans
will love us again!


-Here goes nothing.

-You're going to crash
against the temple walls.

You must stop now, Molly.

-I am not stopping.

I know Maya wouldn't have.

-Foolish human.

You'll destroy us both.

-Molly it's Rick.

Stop the booster drives.

It's too risky.

Molly, do it!

-I can't stop yet.

-No, Molly!

-Yeah, she did it!

-Not even I could have
pulled that stunt.

-The winner is the Earth Team!


-We made it!

I, I mean, they made it!


has five victories,

and is therefore
qualified for Oban.

-The Earth Team has
three victories,

and must therefore wait for
the results of the competition

between Prince Aikka and Spirit.

-But the humans just
beat the best racer.

Surely they must
qualify for Oban.


-If Prince Aikka
wins, the Earth Team

will qualify for the finals.

A victory for Spirit would
create a tie in his favor,

and disqualify the
Earth Team from Oban.

-You've got to be kidding me.

-Spirit has beaten us before.

In the event of a
tie, Spirit would

have the advantage over us.

He would be the winner.

It's all clearly spelled
out in these rules.

We have to accept it.

-You know that Aikka will
lose this race on purpose,

so the Crogs can win.

Anyway, everybody
knows the Nurasians

are in the Crog's pocket.

-Please don't start
with that again, Jordan.

-Believe whatever you want.

But I saw them together.

ANNOUNCER: We now call forth
Aikka, Prince of Nurasia.

MIND): Molly, please

don't look at me this way.

It only makes it harder.

ANNOUNCER: Challenged by
Spirit, Ambassador of the Phils.

-I hope you've made things
clear to your young master.

-Absolutely clear.

The prince will do as
you have requested.

-I am pleased to hear this.

Earth must be taught a lesson.

-Will you look at that?

The honest prince is not
even pretend to race.

-It's impossible.

Nurasian knights have honor.

He won't let me down.

-Hey [INAUDIBLE], calm down.

This is not our day for victory.

I feel the same way.

We are betraying our
friends and ourselves.

This can not continue.



-What is this treachery?

-I, I don't know.

-You fight well, Spirit,
but today I must win.


ANNOUNCER: Prince Aikka wins.

The three teams selected
for the grand finals on Oban

are the Crogs, with five
victories; the Nurasians,

with four victories,
and the Earth Team,

with three victories.

-Failing the Crogs was
the most deadly mistake.

This day will not be forgotten.

-Colonel, wait.

-You know, guy's OK.

And who knows, I may even
start to hate him less.


-Rick, I haven't felt
this good in years,

since you won your
first Earth Grand Prix.

You remember?


-You can be proud
of yourself, Rick.

You've certainly
changed that girl.

I couldn't have done it.

Rick, can I come in?





Have you guys seen Rick?

I can't find him anywhere.

-Yeah, I think he walked out
about a half an hour ago.

He had his backpack with him.


-Rick, Rick, where are you?

-Great race.

You've changed so much, Molly.

I can hardly recognize you.

-I'm looking for Rick.

Have you seen him?


Well, yes I have.

He's heading back to earth.

-To earth?

-He's right over there.

-Uh, Rick!

-These humans really are
fascinating creatures.

-Rick, wait!

Rick, what are you doing?

We're on our way to Oban.

You can't leave now.

-I've taught you everything
I know, little mouse.

Racing's over for me.

-But I--

Ship's ready for takeoff.

-It's time for me to
think about my new life.

You'll do just fine.


Goodbye Rick.

And thank you for everything.

-Goodbye, champion.