Oban Star-Racers (2006): Season 1, Episode 11 - Silent Like Spirit - full transcript

It's 2082. Ten thousand years have passed since the last great race on the remote planet of Oban. Now the time has come for the pilots of the galaxy to compete in a new race, and Earth is more than ready with its spectacular Whizzing Arrow star-racer. Built and maintained by racing legend Don Wei's team of engineers and mechanics, the Whizzing Arrow has become the Earth's only hope against annihilation by the greatest foe the world has ever seen--the menacing Crog Imperium.

start of the Alwas Playoffs,

Molly and I totally bombed.

It took the coaching of
superstar Rick Thunderbolt

to put us back on track.

And we made it big time.

After four races, we're
now tied for second place

with both super-racer and
Aikka right behind the Crogs.

To win our ticket to Oban
for the grand finals,

all we have to do is stay in the
top three for two more races.

Uh, easier said than done.



-Good luck, guys.


So Molly, according
to Russia's rule,

is your ram's horn half
empty or half full today?


It's full.

Definitely full to the brim.

-All right then, let's get out
there and kick some alien butt.


-You would think I'd
be more relaxed by now,

but it's just the opposite.

The higher we climb, the
more I fear our fall.

-Don Wei, you got to admit,
you're a real piece of work.

-For the fifth round
of the Alwas Playoffs,

I call forth the Earth team.



Price Aikka, have you come to
support the Earth team too?


I don't make a habit of
befriending opponents.

It can lead to disappointment.


-Challenged by Spirit,
ambassador of the Phils.


I guess our reputation
is too much for them.

He didn't even
bother to show up.




Correction, I think
spirit forgot something,

like his star-racer.




-Hey, Don.

Is something bothering you?



Guess he's walking.

Fine by me.

At least this will be painless.



What is that thing?


It can't be.

Everyone please be seated.

The finals of the first
interplanetary championship

will start in just
a few minutes.


-I'm counting on
you, my darling.

But don't be careless out there.

Remember, it's only a race.

-Have you ever known me
to be careless, honey?

-Well, yes.

I-- [SIGH].



Please take me with you.

I want to ride in
your star-racer.


-I'd love to, Eva.

But you know I can't, honey.


-Next time, it will
be just you and me.

-Do you promise?



Would the two finalists

please take their positions?


Please give a warm welcome

to our first finalist, Maya.

She'll be defending
Earth's colors

against the champion
of our alien neighbor.

-Mommy's going to
win, isn't she, Daddy?

-Of course she is, Eva.

You know mommy's
never lost a race.

We have the pleasure

to have with us today,
representing the Earth

Coalition Authority,
Governor MacMillan.

At his side, the leader of
the clan Umbata and the Phils

first son, [INAUDIBLE].


It's him.

-That ship.


-It's impossible.

-What is it?

Have you seen it before?

-I know that wicked creature.





Spirit, you will not
escape me this time.

That's a promise.

-Do you remember when I told
you that I abandoned my wife

and daughter after the
crash of my first champion?


Well, sure, Don.

But I don't see the connection.

That champion was my wife.

Her name was Maya.


She was one of the
greatest star pilots ever.

That winged ship.

Of course.

It was the alien she was
racing the day of her crash.

How could I have
forgotten that ship?



protection down to 75%, sir.

-Molly, I want you to
race with extreme caution.

This alien is very dangerous.

-Molly, what's
going on up there?

Just drive, preferably
in a straight line.

I'll protect us.

-We don't have a choice, Jordan.

If we don't get
him, he'll get us.

are you talking about?

This creature is evil.

We have to get rid of him.

Trust me.



I don't have anything
on my screens.

Where is he?


He's on the reactor.

Jordan, do something.

-Forget it, Molly.

I can't touch him
from down here.



Then I'll have to
deal with you myself.

I couldn't care less what
happens to me, as long

as you disappear
once and for all.

-Molly, don't do it.

Snap out of it.

Pull up!





-Why is she taking
all of these risks?

I don't understand.

It's as if he's taken
possession of her.

Molly, stop this.

Jordan, I need your help.

Try to reach her.


-Koji, what data have you got
on Molly's physical condition?


She appears OK,

but her brain activity
is off the chart.

She's not just angry, she's gone
completely off the deep end.

doesn't make any sense.

What could she have
against Spirit?

Unless she feels somehow
connected to Maya's crash.

-Molly, I'm asking you for the
last time, come to your senses.

be Don Wei's daughter?

That would explain everything.

Molly, or whatever your
real name is, it's Rick.

I'm calling you on
the secure line.

Stop hurting yourself.

This is not what your mother
Maya would have wanted.

-My mother.

What do you mean?

-I know who you are.

You're not alone in life.

You have a father.

I don't know, maybe you two
can still find each other,

start again.


Just don't do this.



-Uh, Rick.

I, uh-- [GASP].



Can you hear me?

Answer me.


Don't come near
me, you murderer.


-I did what I had to do. [GASP].



Jordan, abandon ship.

Do you copy?

-The signal is dead, sir.

I called for the rescue team.

They're on their way.

-Oh, Spirit.

You can't have
ruined my life twice.

-You have won the race, Spirit.

You have no reason
to harm the girl.

Here they come, Daddy.

Oh, I can't see.

-OK, Eva.

Time for a piggyback.


Is that better?

Yes, I can see her.

She's winning.

She's winning.




Hey, Miss Wei.

You gave us quite a scare.

-What happened to me?





-May I come in.

-Yeah, sure.

-I guess I messed up.

-Pretty much.

-Where are we now?

-The fifth round
hasn't finished yet.

We'll drop at least one
place in the ranking.


I'm sorry.

-That's not all, Molly.


-The Whizzing Arrow, too.

Our only star-racer is
a complete wreck now.

Stan and Koji are out
looking for parts.

But who knows where
they'll find them.


It was nice of you to
trust me this time.


What happened out
there anyway, Molly?

You really freaked out.

Do you know something
about this weirdo?

-Yeah, I thought that I did.

But I was wrong.



Hey, why don't
you get some rest?

We still have one
more race to go.

right about fearing the fall.

-What goes up.

-You OK?

-A lot of memories
came back today.

Long forgotten memories that
I thought-- well, anyway.

Watching Molly risk her
life against Spirit today

made me think of
my own daughter.

-Don Wei, human after all.

Who knew?

Listen, there's nothing you
can do about your daughter

right now, but you
could be nicer to Molly.

We've been pushing her
way too fast and too hard.

She's just a kid.

-I'm afraid I don't
have a choice.

As soon as she's
back on her feet,

we'll need to push
her even harder.

-I'm sorry to hear that.

Do you really believe
in this ultimate prize?

What is it, anyway?

-I'm under orders from the
president not to discuss it.

-We're like a billion light
years from Earth, Don.

Can you give me a hint?

It could help the team.

And maybe even me.

-I'm afraid that they couldn't
bear the weight of it.

The ultimate prize is
unlike anything you

could ever imagine.

-Try me.


The powers of the Avatar
are absolutely limitless.

He can offer the
winner anything,

serving the galaxy
on a silver tray,

destroying worlds, even
bringing back a loved one.