Nyukhach (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Episode #2.8 - full transcript

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He's come to his senses.

Damn it!

Produced by Pronto Film

Idea by Artyom Litvinenko

Kirill Kyaro

Ivan Oganesyan

Nina Gogayeva, Marina Anikanova

Agne Grudite, Nikolay Chindyaykin

Make-up by Ludmilla Semashko

Wardrobe by Elena Rukavishnikova

Sound by Sergei Stepansku

Music by Nikita Moiseev

Casting by Alla Samoylenko

Artwork by Petr Vyzhikovski

Cinematography by Vladimir Zapriagalov

Director of Photography
Graham R. Frake

Line Producer
Sergey Lysyaniy, Tatyana Ditkovskaya

Producer Viktor Mirski

Screenplay by Artem Litvinenko
Andrey Babik

Directed by Artem Litvinenko


-Good morning.
-Where am I?

It's the second time
you're trying to die in my presence.

I won't let you do that.

How do you feel?

Why did you kidnap me?

I didn't kidnap you.

You're my guest.

What's that?

You had an arrhythmia attack.

We had to save you.

We need you.

Who are "we"?

Colonel, the takedown team is ready
for departure.

What kind of team are you talking about?

Just take a couple more people with you,
that's all.

The contemporary justice system
is inefficient.

It works on the side of the criminal,

protecting him from recompense.

The gravity of punishment
is incomparably small

when matched
to the gravity of the crime.

If they cut hands for theft
and heads for rape,

in a couple of years,
we'd have no thieves and rapists left.

This ostentatious humanism
only increases the amount of evil.

Do you agree with me?

I see you don't.

You think there should be trial,
lawyers, search for evidence and proofs

so that an innocent person
does not suffer, God forbid?

And at the time, the system continues
to take care of criminals.

It builds new prisons,
feeds and clothes them.

This imitation of punishment
only encourages the criminals.

It convinces them of their impunity.

They get out and continue robberies,
rapes and murders.

And the society keeps being merciful
towards criminals

showing no mercy for victims.

You believe this is fair?

Do you know what the victims feel?

How do they live
after the horrors they've survived?

Follow me.

I want you to feel it.

Post him as wanted.

This girl is 18 years old.

Every day of her life is pain
and suffering.

She cannot brush her teeth,
put on her clothes

and go to the bathroom.

She breathes
with the help of special equipment

and needs round-the-clock care.

She won't be able
to play with her children

because she'll never have them.

But this is... Polina Mikheyeva.


My daughter.

There are many of us.
Much more than you think.

We need you and your talent.

Together, we'd be able to create
a perfect system of justice.


You'll be doing what you've always done,
look for criminals.

And we'll make them pay their price.

What if I refuse?

It is your right.

That is, I am free to go?


Aren't you afraid that I turn you in?

No, I'm not.

For now, you're not ready to accept
the new reality.

But deep down,
you understand that I am right.

I found the commanding officer
for unit 1354.

How can that be?

He underwent plastic surgery
to change his appearance.

He told me so himself.

Let's say so.

How do we prove
that the psychiatrist is Salamatin?

By fingerprints. You've got them, right?

But you claim that Salamatin
and his retaliation group

are in some kind
of an underground shelter, right?

-And... you don't know the way there?


So how are we going to find him?

I don't know.


Have you thought about my offer?

It's him.

Yes, I have. I agree.


Then come over.


To my clinic.

Okay. I'll be right there.

I'll be waiting.

See you.

He's in the clinic.

You're staying.

-You are to pass a blood test.

Am I arrested?

-What's happening?
-You'll have to come with us.


You are suspected of leading
a criminal group.

I also killed John Kennedy.

I didn't think that persecution complex
could be so contagious.

More coffee?

Alex will come soon.

-What's that?
-A surprise.

My friend has a house on the lake,
with the sauna and everything.

Let's go there for two days and nights,
just you and me.

Won't your wife object?

She's in the hospital.
With appendicitis.

Get out.


Get out, I think I was clear enough.

Get out!

She's mental.

Take a napkin over there.

The fingerprints do not match.

They are not there.

What's happening?

Why have I been kept here
for two hours now?

Maybe you'll explain yourself?

Now I am going to interrogate
the psychiatrist,

Kuleshov Stanislav Gennadiyevich,

who, according to your claim
is major Salamatin,

commanding officer of unit 1354.

Well, interrogate him!
Why are you keeping me here?

It's all obvious.

There are fingerprints
that should match.

They did not match.

Please, sit down.

Your last name, first name
and patronymic.

Kuleshov Stanislav Gennadiyevich.

What's with your hands?

What do you mean?

Your fingertips. Have they been injured?

They were burned.

Two years ago,

my wife and I got into a car accident.

The car went ablaze instantly.

I got out, but my wife didn't manage to.

Her door got stuck.

I tried to open the door,
to break it out.

I didn't feel the pain at the moment.

She burned alive right before my eyes.

And I couldn't do anything.

I still see nightmares with her,

and hitting herself
against the car window.

Did only your hands burn?

No, I had burns
on 20 per cent of the body,

including the face.

I had to undergo a plastic surgery.

-Do you have children?
-Unfortunately not.

Tanya was sterile.

He's making it all up, just making up!

You showed me your daughter Polina
yourself. She was in the wheelchair.

Sorry, where did I show you my daughter?

In the underground shelter,
under a glass dome.

-You need to calm down.
-I am calm.

Totally calm.

Sit down.

I know that I am breaking
the ethics code

and disclosing medical secrecy,

but believe me, it is for your own good.

The thing is, your colleague came to me.

He's got a serious mental disorder.

Paranoid syndrome.

Primary systematized delusions
of different content.

All classic symptoms are present:

a conviction that he is persecuted,
that somebody wants to poison him.

Self-isolation, aggression attacks.

If we don't start treatment now,

this condition will only deteriorate
with time.

I proposed you to go into therapy.

Do you even believe this nonsense?
He's just laughing at us.

As a rule, such patients
do not consider themselves sick.

They lose the ability
to critically evaluate their delusions.

Take him away.

Have you seen that?

Have you seen that?

I have.

Such blatant lies.

Have you believed him?

You believed him
but don't believe me?

I don't believe the emotions,
I believe facts.

And for now, they are not in your favor.

Then arrest me. Well?

Go on, friend. Go on.

There are no grounds for that
at the moment.

Fuck you!

This accident did take place
two years ago.

Then Kuleshova Anastasiya Olegovna
did die,

and her husband,
Kuleshov Stanislav Gennadiyevich

suffered serious burns of hands,
face and neck.

The passport data of Kuleshov
and our suspect fully match.

Kuleshov had several
skin transplantations

and plastic surgeries.

This is how he looked
before the accident.

The same face.

-What about children?
-No children.

Kuleshov's words are confirmed for now.
But not those of your friend.

Maybe he's really got
some mental problems?

Go interrogate the plastic surgeon
who operated on Kuleshov, just in case.

And if everything is confirmed...

I want to check the last lead.
The port.

A paralyzed girl under a glass dome
in some underground shelter?

Do you believe this?

Here, I was embarked on a motor boat
and then fainted.

I came to my senses there. Inside.

-In an underground shelter?

How are we going to look for it?

It's obvious.

Search through the surface and channels,
check the banks and find this shelter.

We'll need about 50 people
and a week of their time for that.

And what's the problem?

The problem is we don't have any proofs
that this shelter exists,

apart from your own words.

You should have said that at once.

You don't believe me.

And that's why you plant bugs,
that's why you spy over me,

is that all you're capable of?

How can I believe you?

How can I believe someone
who steals blood samples from the lab?

By the way, this is evidence.

And you can be arrested for that only.

Why did you steal the samples?

There are things

that your impoverished mind
is unable to grasp.

You know, they hit right in the face
for such words.

So what are you waiting for?
Go for it.

Right in the nose.

Solve your problems.
All of them at once.

You're behaving like a child.
Maybe you should get some treatment.

Get some treatment?
So I'm a psycho?!

I got it know!

While I was solving your crimes for you,
I wasn't one, and now I'm a psycho!

Do you know who are you?

Who are you without me?!
A nobody!

A stuffed shirt. An empty spot.

You are temporarily dismissed
until the end of the investigation.



I leave on my own.

I will finish this case on my own.
Without any minions.

I don't need you anymore.

If you hadn't got rid of the bug,
we'd have known you really were here.

What do you want?

I need to clean the ward.

I am examining her.
Please, clean it later.

I need to do it now.

I cannot break the cleaning schedule.


Start cleaning.

Zoom in on this sector.


-What happened?
-The system has hung.

-I need to reload it.
-Reload it then.


The damaged files have been restored.

Which files?

From the surveillance cameras
in the detention facility.

How did they restore themselves?

I don't know.

A stuffed shirt, you are saying?

You are arrested.

Take a napkin over there.

Yes, I never doubted
that this day would come.

Your phone, keys, and watch.

You know, I even feel sorry for you.

People like you
always come to a sticky end.

Take him away.

Come in.

Well, here you are.
Another victim of justice.

The treatment didn't do any good
to Klyuyev.

He should be discharged,
and the sooner, the better.

But his brother paid
for two more days, so...

Okay, in two days,

after Klyuyev's discharge,
transfer Voskresenskaya to his box.

I got it.

-And no visitors.

Good night.

And one more thing.

We need to cut our personnel costs,

so we'll have to dismiss one cleaner.

You know which one.

I got it.

What's going on there?

How many cubes of midazolam
did you inject to Portnov?

Two. I thought it would be enough.

This is the strangest thing.

I am the head
of an organized criminal group

kidnapping people and murdering them,

and I will get out
no later than tomorrow.

And you are a SIB consultant

who has performed his duty honestly
and in good will,

has uncovered tens of criminals...
and you'll stay here, in prison.

Are you still going to protect
this system of justice?

Your principles command respect.

But in this situation,
they look more like stupidity.

Go on, agree with me.

What about the innocent people
you've killed?

Are you talking about the maniac
who almost jabbed out your eye?

Or the burglar who killed Komarova
over a cheap lamp?

Are you protecting them?

I am talking
about the mental hospital convoy

and the guard
of this detention facility.

It was you
who made them kill themselves.

Am I right?

You poisoned them, as well as me,
with your preparation?

Then you called them
and made them kill themselves?

What? Am I wrong?

Yes, I programmed them.

they deserved their death.

The mental hospital convoy was a sadist.

He victimized helpless patients.

He even brought one of them to suicide.

As for guard Barkov, five years ago

he butchered his common-law wife.

And your system of justice was unable

to find enough proofs,

and he was deemed innocent.

What about the old lady?
With lots of cats?

What was her fault?

Tamara Stepanovna.

Seven years ago,
she killed her sister with rat poison.

The poor woman simply didn't like cats.

We don't kill anyone without a reason.

We are performing retaliation

where the impotent system is unable
to restore justice.

Yes, it's him.

Are you sure?

I remember him very well.

I performed five or six surgeries
on him.

Plastic surgery of the nose,
transplantation of eyelids...


Yes. There was cicatrical tissue
present after the burns,

with the shortening and eversion.

In such cases,
the burned eyelids are cut off,

then patches of skin are cut out
from the back surface of earflap.

-Over here, and...
-Thank you.

You really helped us.

If you need anything,
we'll do it the best we can.

I'll be waiting.

-Thank you.

I'll be waiting.



Let Kuleshov go.

I got it.

Your breakfast.

Too bad you don't eat.

You have to get used to such food.

Believe me,
it's a rather decent breakfast.

It'll be much worse in prison.

In spite of everything,

I do not bear a grudge against you.

I even want to save you.

But this attempt will be the last one.

Tomorrow at 3 PM in the port.

Mr. Kuleshov, you're free to go.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Come in.


Sit down.

How will you explain this?

I am trying to help you,
but if you don't help me...

You shouldn't be smiling here.

You have serious charges
brought against you

under five articles
of the criminal code.

Attack on the convoy,

attempt to liberate the prisoner,

attempted murder,
destruction of evidence,

hindrance to the investigation.

Do you understand what this means?

You'll go to prison.

And I won't be able
to help you in any way.

Like a total idiot!

Go on, ask me.

Why did you come
to the detention facility?

I don't know,
I was under the influence of medication.

The expert examination showed

that there were no traces of extraneous
substances in your blood.

Blood has nothing to do with it.
I inhaled it through the nose, get it?

I inhaled it.

Why did you steal
Barkov's blood samples?

To synthesize the preparation
and understand its influence on me.

Why did you slander
psychiatrist Kuleshov?

His real name is Salamatin,
he is the father of Polina,

who suffered
from the doings of Professor.

And he keeps her
in a glass dome in some shelter.

Yes, he does!

In a shelter
where his whole organization is.

They call themselves
the retaliation group.

Kuleshov's testimony
was fully confirmed,

both about the accident
and the plastic surgery.

He made it all up. It's a frame-up.
He's laughing at us, mocking us.

I want to dispose of unit 1354
as much as you.

I want to catch major Salamatin
as much as you.

But something must have gone wrong
inside your head

after the influence of this preparation.

You see major Salamatin in anyone.

And you start
confusing hallucinations and reality.

I offer you to take a rest
and get some treatment.

I don't need any treatment!
I don't need any treatment!

I need to get to the port one more time.

I really ask you. As a friend.



Freeze, hands up!

Hands up! Drop your guns!

Drop your guns!

One more gun! Drop it here!


Calm down.

-Calm down and lower the pistol.

Don't make the situation worse,
just put down the pistol.

Don't come closer or I'll shoot!

Let's talk calmly, okay?

-Freeze. Freeze!


Down, I said.

It's all his fault.

It's the filter.

Put on the boot covers,
it's wet in there.


And he fled on a motor boat
in an unknown direction.

Start the search operation.

Yes, sir.

And I knew.

I knew it from the very beginning,

We shouldn't have trusted him.
We shouldn't have.

Colonel allowed unqualified experts
to participate in the investigation,

he brought this Pavlovian dog of his.

And what came out of it?

They are going away.

What did I do?

Where are you going?

I must give myself up.

Don't be stupid.

I am not going to risk
the whole organization

just because your conscience
has suddenly sprung back to life.

Either you're working with us
or I'll liquidate you.

It's up to you to choose.

He pushed me...

I almost cried with shame
but managed to contain myself.

Excuse me.

Please go on.


Good afternoon, it is Vera
from the rehabilitation center.

Which Vera?

I passed you those pills, remember?


your friend is transferred to a box.

-Great, so what?
- You don't understand,

she's in danger,
he's a terrible person.

Who is he?

The head doctor.

He injects stuff to the patients
he likes until they pass out,

and then...you understand.


I have absolutely no time
for all this nonsense,

and... don't call me anymore.

I don't know...

I can't understand why.

What did I do to him?

That's what I asked him: why?

And he hit me on the face with his fist.

Hurt mingled with shame
were overwhelming me,

but I told myself: you can do it.

You can contain yourself.

Listen, what kind of nonsense
are you telling us?

He is beating her,
and she's containing herself.

And you are just sitting here.

Wide-eyed and open-mouthed.

Go on, good girl.
Keep containing yourself.

But you'd better take a frying pan
and hit him on the head at least once.

And your shame would all be gone,
this I can promise you.

I am asking you to...

What are you asking me?

You unsatisfied bitch!

-What kind of behavior is that?

I won't mark your today's session.

I could care less about
your sessions and your certificate.

These stupid cows.
Sitting here and containing themselves.

Keep containing yourselves!

Only without me.

We have our people
in all security agencies.

And more of them arrive there each day.

A short time will pass,
the old system of justice will collapse,

and we'll come in its place.

We are building this box for you.

Autonomous air-conditioning
and air purification.

You'll be able to stay there
without any filters.

And for now,
you'll live in the guest box.

It's small, but only temporary.

We'll create a full-fledged
laboratory for you.

-What about my collection of smells?
-We'll bring it here.

Make yourself at home.

The search operation
hasn't brought any results yet.

We continue searching the bank
and the water surface, but...

What do you have?

Somebody penetrated our security system

and changed the codec in the record
files from surveillance cameras.

This is why we weren't able to see
anything. And three days ago,

someone penetrated the system again
and changed the codec back.

So it wasn't a virus.
It was an external penetration.

Have you managed
to establish the IP address?


Naturally, we won't touch your nose,
but here, here...

and here, we can change that.

What if we make Hugh Laurie out of you?

Or maybe Tim Roth?

You'll look like them.

Well, the face is good,
we can shape anything out if it.

-Do you have any replicants?
-Not yet.

What is a replicant?

A person who died in an accident,
without relatives,

of similar age, height and build.

Like psychiatrist Kuleshov?

What are you doing?
You can't go in there!

Get your hands off me!

Get up!

Wake up!

Please... don't...

We're leaving.

-Disruption of perimeter.

I am working it out.

I can't see anything.

Turn off the alarm.

Launch the missiles.

-How many are there?
-At least twenty.

-And no less than thirty here.
-Start the evacuation.

Group four, to your positions!
Group three, cover the escape!

We are suffering losses!

Get back to group three.

Group three, keep the entry!

Group five, to the second defense line!

Damn it!

Get back.

Get back!

You too.


Damn it...

DGS5... DGS5!

You betrayed me.

I must kill you.

How did you do it? How?

Dummy cartridges

and artificial blood.

Otherwise, you would never have believed
I was on your side.

You've destroyed my whole career.

What for? We could have changed
the world for the better!

You can't change the world
for the better through blood and murder.

"Human life is the highest value;
no one has the right to take it away."

You'll go with me. Take her.

Hands up!

Drop the gun, now!

Drop the gun!

You won't escape anyway.
The upper exit is blocked.

Promise me

you'll find and kill that scum
who disabled my daughter.

How can I?

Promise me.

Not for me, for her.

She's dying.

Promise me, now!




My daughter!

Forgive me for everything.

I couldn't avenge for you.

Forgive me...

You'll find peace in death.