Nyukhach (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Episode #2.6 - full transcript

Produced by Pronto Film

Idea by Artyom Litvinenko

Kirill Kyaro

Ivan Oganesyan

Nina Gogayeva, Marina Anikanova

Agne Grudite, Nikolay Chindyaykin

Make-up by Ludmilla Semashko

Wardrobe by Elena Rukavishnikova

Sound by Sergei Stepansku

Music by Nikita Moiseev

Casting by Alla Samoylenko

Artwork by Petr Vyzhikovski

Cinematography by Vladimir Zapriagalov

Director of Photography
Graham R. Frake

Line Producer
Sergey Lysyaniy, Tatyana Ditkovskaya

Producer Viktor Mirski

Screenplay by Artem Litvinenko
Andrey Babik

Directed by Artem Litvinenko


Then the system went off here.
The door opened.

I went to look and...
I don't remember anything more.

Why is the camera tilted?

I don't know.

But you must remember something.

No. I don't remember anything.


What's happening?

I'm not done yet!

Who gave the permission
to start shooting?

When I'm working,
there should be no one around!

No one!

This concerns you as well.


Are you done?

Can we go in?

Nobody entered the cell.


Did anyone tamper
with the surveillance camera?

Nobody touched it.

-How is that so?
-Maybe it tilted by itself.

The doors open by themselves,
and the cameras tilt by themselves.

The guards faint by themselves.

Pure mysticism.

Have you established the cause of death?

No signs of death through violence.

It is highly probable
that it was myocardial infarction.

The prisoners die by themselves.

The view angle is good from this point.

Now we'll watch the recording
and find out what happened here.

You laid the wrong table.

I beg your pardon?

You laid the wrong table.

-How can it be the wrong one?
-I don't know.

Maybe you mixed something up
or didn't listen to me well enough.

We agreed that...

We agreed that it would be
a table by the window.

I am sorry.

There was a mistake,
we'll fix it now.

I don't get it.

What do you mean?

No access to recording files.

That's crazy.

-Has it happened before?


I can't do it.


Got it.

Play it.

What the fuck is that?

-I don't know.

There's something wrong with the codec.

Pure mysticism.

Was the electronic lock activated
in the prisoner's cell?

I can't say anything.

A system error
of the whole security profile occurred.


Your first and last name?

Your first and last name?

Human life is short.

But the name is eternal.

Do you know these people?

There are things we understand at once,

and there are those
we don't understand but still can.

Where did you get this tattoo
on your shoulder?

Nothing exists
but the thought of the passing moment.

Where did you get the same tattoo?

Playing games?

70 % of murder suspects

that they are mentally incapable.

But they cannot pull this trick.

And you won't do it either.

I'll find out who you are

and what this brand
on your shoulder means.

Take him away.

Trying to pretend he's a lunatic.

Victory and failure

are the issues
of time and circumstance.

To avoid shame,
you need to choose another way,

which is death.

He is not trying
to pretend he's a lunatic.

He's citing bushido.


Samurai code of honor.

We must enhance security measures.

Please, pass the salt,
the salad is not salty enough.

Here you go.
Thank you.


Well, now you can serve the main dish.

Dear grandson,


grandma and I don't see you
that much anymore,

you're all grown up now.

I would like you to become a real man.

Like your...

-Like your...
-Like your grandpa. Drink up.

Happy birthday.

-Happy birthday.

It's very pretty in here.

By the way,
the restaurant chef is French.

This is julienne marseillaise...


Well, let's try it.


Maybe you'll try something?
It's all organic, here.

Too much onion.

As for me,

before putting the onion into julienne,

I scald it first.

Then it loses its bitter flavor.

You don't say so.

It's the first time
I find out that you cook julienne.

Of course, I cook lots of things.
Julienne included.

Sure, what else to busy yourself with

if you have nothing to do?
Only cooking remains.

No, I do have things to do.

I've got a house,
a family, a husband...

Excuse me.


You have a unique ability

to spoil any festivity.

I just wanted to say
there was too much onion in julienne.

Or am I not allowed to talk

at the birthday celebration
for my only grandson?

Who I see once every two years,
by the way.

-So what?
-Don't shut me up.

You've been indulging her since
she was a kid. And here's the result:

she turns 40 soon and doesn't have
either a husband or a job.

-Where are you going?
-To the bathroom.


Why are always destroying my life?

Why do you hate me so?

Please, pass me the napkin.

God. So much fuss because of some onion.

I hate her! I hate her!


I don't understand anything.

Most probably it's a virus.


Scan these fingerprints,
look them up in the database

and send requests to all the others.

-Gena, this is urgent.
-I got it, I got it.

Colonel, please sign.

What's that?

-Who's Semyonov?
-The infectionist.

He's to vaccinate our employees
against the flu.

I totally forgot about that.

This is urgent.

My mascara got smudged.

Thank you.

Sometimes, you just need to cry
on a man's shoulder...

I am sorry.

You can always use mine.
Just call beforehand.

I stained you here.

That's nothing.

It seems to me, sometimes,
that I am going crazy.

I understand you.

Even more than you think.

May I report?


A request has arrived.

The third one.

Also dead?

No. He's alive.

Your breakfast.

-What happened?


Has he gone on hunger strike?

Take it away
and document it in the log.

Good. The warm-up is over.

-Now you're going to have a sparring.
-With whom?

With a strong and experienced partner.

Blocked caller ID

Blocked caller ID

-Are you giving up?
-Never in my life.

Well, it's even better for me.

You shouldn't have become distracted
during a fight.

I thought you could only deal
with flasks and jars.

I also thought you were never giving up.

Take it.

I've updated all system codes,

the profile is in a stable
working condition, no failures.

Next one.

What's with the damaged files?

it's impossible to restore them.

He was caught red-handed
at the crime scene.

Why should I turn him in to anybody?

Either you're telling me everything
you know about this person

or we have nothing to talk about.

Okay, but I also have a condition.

-We must interrogate him.

But only here, at our place.

The sniper you've detained

is major Gubarev Oleg Anatolyevich,
born in 1975.

Where does this major serve?

He served
in special operations unit 1354.

That's where these tattoos come from.

The tattoos were made
of their own initiative.

The unit was created

for especially
dangerous and sensitive tasks.

That's why they are not
on any official register.

It was a kind of an experiment.

Very interesting.

For some time, the unit successfully
completed its tasks,

but once a carefully developed operation
didn't go according to the plan.

The soldiers were to capture
two terrorists and deliver them alive.

Instead, they killed those
during the arrest,

allegedly during an attempted flight.

We didn't review this matter
seriously enough at the time.

But soon, the cases with murders
during arrest started repeating.

We understood that we were...

losing control over the unit.

We made a decision
to arrest the soldiers

and liquidate the unit.

But three hours before
the arrest operation,

the unit disappeared
without leaving a trace.

How many people were there
in the unit?

Ten, including the commanding officer.

That is, seven professional killers

not controlled by anyone

are walking out in the open?

We are never going
to admit it officially.

But we are ready to provide
all the available information.

Blocked caller ID

One more.

Two Jews decided to kill Hitler.

They found out that he goes out jogging
every day at 6 AM.

They arrived beforehand,
hid in the bushes and started waiting.

5 AM, Hitler is not there.

6 AM, Hitler is not there.

7 AM, Hitler is not there.

8 AM, Hitler is not there.

9 AM, Hitler is not there.

I hope nothing has happened to her?

One more joke.

Barkov stepped aside,
I didn't even pay attention.

Then I hear the shots.

I turn back, one more shot,
and he falls.

I couldn't understand
what was happening.

I can't tell you anything interesting
apart from the fact that

he had fried eggs with sausages
and green peas for breakfast.

This is a first for us.

-Which number called his phone?
-Blocked caller ID.

Got it.

And one more thing.

He felt sick after the vaccination.
A headache.

What kind of vaccination?

Seasonal vaccination against the flu.

He hugged me
and held close to his chest.

Did you cry?


What did you feel?

Well, I felt...


Did you feel like squeezing
up against him?

-Like touching him?

Did you feel like being weak,
being a woman?

I am always a woman.

I am done.

Let us thank Yulia
for the work she's done.

Greetings to Katya.

Katya, how did your emotional week go?

Much worse than the previous one.

Impossible to identify.

Can you at least find out
where the call was made from?

Sometimes, I even picture
how I dip him headfirst in the soup pot.

But you're restraining your temper.


-I'm trying.

Let us thank Katya
for the work she's done.

And that's all for today,
I'll see you at the next session.

Tell me please, how much longer
do I have to come here?

You have to take the whole course
of anger management.

And only when I see
that you fully mastered self-control

and became emotionally open,
I'll remove you from the list.

Plus regular tests

to confirm that
you refrain from taking psychotropic

and narcotic drugs.

But I don't take...



Your chair! Please put it in the back.


Are you studying Barkov's blood?

Anything interesting?

I am not totally sure.

Do you see anything strange here?

Hypoclamin. A medicine for hypertension.

Nothing unusual.

The vaccination is done here

for the fourth year in a row,
no accidents.

We probably won't find
anything interesting here.

Good afternoon.

We need doctor Semyonov.

I am listening to you.

Sorry, but we need another Semyonov.

We don't have another Semyonov
in our center.

What is the purpose of your visit?

Colonel Lebedev,
Special Investigation Bureau.

Then who performed vaccination
at our place?

You had vaccination?

That can't be.

I am to visit you...

the day after tomorrow.

For seasonal vaccination
against the flu.

Is this your signature and stamp?

The stamp is mine.

The signature is not.


If any information comes your way,
please call me.

Of course. Of course.

The medical center form
was most probably stolen.

We are checking our employees
for criminal complicity,

-That's clear.

I studied the blood samples
of guard Barkov

who had shot himself.

In these samples, I found a substance...


A medicine for hypertension.

Nothing special.


What do you have?

Three days ago, a system error
occurred in our security profile.

Its consequences
have been liquidated, but...

Some data could not be recovered.

We don't know if there was a stranger
in the detention facility.

Have you managed to identify
the phone number which called Barkov?


According to the information received,

we have a criminal group

working against us,
presumably consisting of former members

of special operation unit 1354.

You are familiar
with some of these persons.

Senior sergeant Gladkikh,
Ivan Nikolayevich.

A.k.a. police captain Shevtsov.

Senior sergeant Naydyonov,
Roman Petrovich.

A.k.a. Chernyshov.

Captain Gubarev, Oleg Anatolyevich.
The sniper detained by us.

All three are dead.

Now to those we don't know.

Sergeant Klimenko.

Senior sergeant Zakharchenko.

Captain Pshonnikov.

Commanding officer for unit 1354,

Salamatin Ilya Andreyevich.

Senior sergeant Guliyev.

Sergeant Kiselyov.

Senior lieutenant Filatov,
Sergey Borisovich.

This is the person who,
under the guise of infectionist,

penetrated the Special Investigation
Bureau and vaccinated its employees.

Using an unknown substance.

Is this a special service
or an open house?

A prisoner is shot
in the detention facility.

The employees are injected
with God knows what.

I would need a repeated

of Barkov's blood.

It is clear
that the injections had a purpose.

That is why all vaccinated employees
are to undergo a blood test.

We are to enhance our security measures.
The soldiers of unit 1354

are well-trained professional killers.

They had special psychological training.

They can handle all weapons perfectly

and are not afraid of death.

They are a very serious threat.

We are to dispose of them.

But as we know the last names,
it is possible to reach their relatives.

All of them were brought up
in orphanages.

They have no relatives or social ties.

He's the only one we know about.

That is why all our efforts
shall be directed

at his search and arrest.

-Any objections?
-I have to think about it.

I have an idea.

If we suppose
that Filatov had a cell phone on him,

and it was switched on,

it might have been registered in mobile
base stations closest to our office.

So what?

As we know the phone numbers
of our employees

and of the visitors we had at that time,

we can find out Filatov's phone number

using the elimination approach.

Well... if it's still in the records.

A good idea.

Lots of ifs to it, but you should try.



Just a second.

Excuse me.

Okay, here's for everyone to take note:

an action plan
to enhance our security regime.

Damn it!


What happened?

Tell me where the medicine is!
Where's the medicine?

What did you add to the vaccine,
you bastard?

Barkov's blood sample is gone.

Everything is astray, a flask is broken
and, most importantly...


Look at it.

Very interesting.

What should I do?

Take the fingerprint and pass it to me.

Can you take another blood sample
from Barkov's body?

No, the blood has coagulated.

But I don't need it.
I have a control sample.

That is,
you can go on with the examination?


Excellent. Go on.

Yes, and one more request...

Don't tell anyone
about the incident for now.

I just gave him the vaccine,
he bought it from me, that's all!

It is of good quality,
produced in Germany, not expired.

What about the form with your stamp?

You understand,

my son has got to pay off the mortgage.
I didn't do anything wrong.

Just consider the vaccination

to be performed by another person,
that's all.

I... won't be responsible
for that, right?

It's got no credit. Take this one.

Call this number.

Lebedev Viktor, SIB

Maybe I needn't? We can always
agree on something, right?

Okay. Okay!

He didn't have a cell phone on him.


This is doctor Semyonov, infectionist.

I'm listening.

I have information

about the person
performing the vaccination.

Where are you now?

At work.

Don't go anywhere. I'll be right there.

I am listening.

We have an information leak.

If you say at least a word about me...

Of course not.

No, no. Never. Never.


If you behave well,
we'll spare your life.

And what did you answer?


Good afternoon.

What about him?

-Your phone.

Give me your phone.

So what?

The subscriber cannot be reached
at the moment.

What are you doing here?

Colonel Lebedev, Special Investigation
Bureau. Where's Semyonov?

He left.

-I don't know.

He was with a man. A bald one.

This one?


Thanks, you're free to go.

-Open the trunk.
-What for?

You'll help me fetch something.

But it is empty...


Gena, check Semyonov's phone.

It's switched off.

The latest registration
was by the medical center.

Check one more number.


293 345

14 17.

It is live.

Moves westward along A8 highway.

Great. Call the reinforcement.

Now, I am going to intranasally inject

unknown substances

synthesized from the blood of the guard
who shot himself.

You find the truth in death.