Nyukhach (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Episode #2.5 - full transcript

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Let's go grab a bite.

I need a shower.

And I have a nail appointment at nine.

And your mommy will get worried.

-What about tomorrow?
-Tomorrow, I can't.

You know that.

Okay, bye.



I can't talk right now...

Okay, I've got a surprise
for my sweetheart...

Have you forgotten something?

How did you get in?

Produced by Pronto Film

Idea by Artyom Litvinenko

Kirill Kyaro

Ivan Oganesyan

Nina Gogayeva, Marina Anikanova

Agne Grudite, Nikolay Chindyaykin

Make-up by Ludmilla Semashko

Wardrobe by Elena Rukavishnikova

Sound by Sergei Stepansku

Music by Nikita Moiseev

Casting by Alla Samoylenko

Artwork by Petr Vyzhikovski

Cinematography by Vladimir Zapriagalov

Director of Photography
Graham R. Frake

Line Producer
Sergey Lysyaniy, Tatyana Ditkovskaya

Producer Viktor Mirski

Screenplay by Artem Litvinenko
Andrey Babik

Directed by Artem Litvinenko


Good morning.

-Good morning.
-Well, let's see who does more sit-ups.

I can do about fifty more,
but I'm already late for work.

I didn't know you were going to the gym.

Of course.

You're here for the first time.

And I'm also late.

For a ju-jitsu practice.

During the last 24 hours,
three people visited this place.

A young guy of about 20 years old,
and two middle-aged men.

One of them works with cement.

-Does he work in construction?

-What else?
-The second man is well off,

he uses expensive cosmetics.

Not in this sense.

Not long before he had arrived here,
he was in contact with a woman.

-Besides, he often goes fishing.
-What about the guy?

The guy...

He had sex with the deceased.



Ligachova Alyona,

second year student
in the Law and Economics University.

How would a student have the money
for such an apartment?

Find out who it belongs to
and find the victim's parents.

And find out
when we have ju-jitsu practices.

All right.

Alyona is a modest
and well-behaved girl.

She pays tuition fees herself.

-Is it expensive to study here?

We're a prestigious university
with the highest accreditation.

We're in top 100 universities
of the country.

I got it. But you better tell me
who Alyona was friends with.

Who were her friends?
Why are you interested?

Has anything happened to Alyona?

She was killed.


That can't be.


That's what we are trying to find out.
So who were Alyona's friends?

Who were Alyona's friends...

I can't remember right on the spot.

Well, maybe she had a boyfriend?

You'd better talk
to Natasha Gaponova about it,

she's the prefect.

How do we find her?

In the dorm.

Today's Saturday,
everybody from other cities went home.

She'll be in class on Monday, at 9 AM.

I see.

And I have a strong request for you.

Don't tell anyone about Alyona's death,

it's in the interests
of the investigation.

-Yes, of course.
-Thank you.


Was the dream disturbing?


Are you having nightmares?

During the day, do you feel anxiety,
dejection, and tearfulness?


You'll recover for sure.
The symptoms will pass.

The main thing is to continue treatment.

And stay calm. Calm.

What's up? What are you doing?

Are you taking your medicine?

Yes, I am.

Why are you asking?
What is so special about it?

Have a rest. I'll come back later.

I want my phone back.

I'll think about it.


Give me back my phone!

This can't be.

Alyona lived in the dorm.

She couldn't rent
an expensive apartment.

She never had the money,
and neither did we.

And who paid for her studies?

The state. She is on a scholarship.

She was.

-Do you work in construction?
-No, I work in the district archive.

I can feel the smell of cement from you.


I am laying bricks in my shed.


You're going to come with our employee
and fill out some forms.

-Maksim, fill out form eight.

-All right. Follow me.
-And you stay.

So what were you doing
in Alyona's apartment

on the day of the murder?

I came to get the money.

Which money?

You understand...

Alyona helped us with the money
every month.

Galya doesn't know anything about it...

But you must understand,
I have a very small salary...

Where does Alyona get this money from?

I really ask you
not to tell Galya about it.

Alyona worked in a strip club.

For how long?

In our town, we have three colleges
and one sewing factory.

Alyona wanted a different life.

She didn't get a scholarship
and didn't tell us anything.

I found out about the strip club
by accident.

Was she ever threatened
by the club's employees or clients?

She didn't tell me about it.

-What's the name of the club?

Where were you yesterday
between 7 PM and 12 AM?

I told you,
I was laying bricks in my shed.

Who can confirm that?


She was home in the evening.

Okay, you're free to go.

Thank you.

And I know where you're going to spend
this evening.

Really? Where?

In the kingdom of sin, love for sale,
and scarlet women.

That is, at your place.

No. There are other kingdoms to go to.

It's time for you to get married.



Cool dance.

Thanks. Will you buy me something?

Zhenya, a margarita for me, please.

I am Vika.


So formal. Is it your first time?

My friends advised me to come here,

they said there was a cool dancer
in this club.

Alyona, a brunette.
Do you know her?

First of all, not Alyona but Ilona.

And secondly, I dance much better.

Where can we talk

No problem. Order a private dance.

Are you sure that she's taking pills?

I always control it personally.


She should have passed out
long time ago.

Something's wrong here.


Sit down.

I have to warn you
that it's going to be dance only.

Has Ilona worked often in the club?

Are we going to have a good time
or talk about Ilona?

Is it her?


Yesterday, she was found dead
in a rented apartment.

You should have said at once
you were from the police.

I should have expected it.


Because stripping
and prostitution are different things.

These village girls arriving here,
with pretty eyes and huge boobs,

they think it's enough.

As for me, I was trained as a dancer.

And these idiots can only
throw themselves at every man they see.

Then they are found in apartments, dead.

Tell me everything you know about Ilona.

Why should I tell you anything?

Because you're already doing it.

A double shot in a coffee.

It was Liza
who brought Ilona to the club.

She's her friend.
They are from the same village.

Liza came to the club to earn money.
And Ilona...

I felt it was just for pleasure.

There was something...

sinful about her.
This attracts men.

Did Ilona sleep with everyone?

No, it was Liza who did that.

And Ilona was a bit smarter.

She'd find a new daddy
and be with him for a month or two

until she finds a new one.

Who was she dating lately?

There's one coming regularly...
I don't know his name.

But will you tell me if you see him?

What do I get?

I'll marry you.

You don't say so!
Are we going to live off your salary?

Okay. I'll tell you.

We're done.

Please put champagne on me.

You're to pay for an hour.

What do you mean, an hour?
We've been here for fifteen minutes.

Our minimum rate is for an hour.
Or are you refusing to pay?

Okay, get me a receipt...

And put champagne on me.

Colonel Lebedev?

What's new in the investigation
of Alyona Ligachova's murder?

Nothing yet.
We are in operational search now.


This is what I wanted
to talk to you about.

Our accountant received
a strange report.

Private dance, one hour.

One bottle of champagne
at the price of a laptop.

And an entry ticket
to the "Star" strip club.

Time of entry 10:50 PM.

How do you explain that?

Operational search measures.
I was working under cover.

Well, Lebedev.

The cost of these events
will be deducted from your salary.

And I hope

I won't receive such receipts
in your work reports any more.

-Is that clear?
-Clear. May I go?

You may.

Strip club "Star".

Crazy prices!

Colonel! The landlord of the apartment
rented by Ligachova came to visit.

Okay. Maksim, find out everything
about a certain Liza.

Liza Aksyonova, a stripper
and Alyona's friend.

-And please order a pizza.
-But you're...

-With corn, then.

Excellent idea! It's on me.



How long have you been renting
an apartment out to Ligachova?

For three months.

How often did you visit this apartment?

Well, once a month
when I picked up the payment.

Have you seen any strangers
in the house?

No. No.
Alyona was always alone.

Yes, on thin dough.

-Cured beef, salami...


And... a diet one, with corn.

Apart from you,
who else has keys from this apartment?

Only Alyona.

I change the locks
after each tenant.

Boris Andreyevich,
when did you last see Alyona?

On Friday morning,
when I picked up the money.

And where were you
in the evening of the same day?

I went fishing out of the city.

Who can confirm that?

Unfortunately, nobody.
I always fish alone.

You'll have to give up fishing
for a while.

I'll ask you not to leave the city
until the end of the investigation.


-I understand.


And why did you let him go?

He's got no alibi.

He's got no motive.

And 80% of the suspects
don't have alibis.

-What's happening?
-A daily round.

I have doubts that you follow
all of my prescriptions.

Starting from today,
I'll be giving you injections.

I refuse to take any medicine!

Give me back my phone.

Let me go. Let me go!

Give me back my phone!

Let me go, give me back my phone!

Give me back...

I didn't like this Serezha immediately.
He just looks like a good boy.

How long were they dating?

About six months.

She fell for him as soon as she saw him.
Naturally, he's so good-looking.

She would keep talking about him,
Serezha this and Serezha that.

-Did they have conflicts?
-There was one.

A week ago in the canteen.
I hadn't seen him so mad before.

He shouted at her
and called her a whore.

He was saying that he'd kill her.
And it had been all so well before.

Kissing and hugging,
walking hand in hand.

I warned her from the very beginning,
but she didn't believe me.

-Did she cheat on him?
-Absolutely not.

I would have found it out immediately.
We're best friends.

Here's his group.

Here he is.

When did you last see Alyona?

On Thursday, in class.

Didn't you visit her place on Friday,
on the day of the murder?


According to expert examination,

half an hour before death, she had sex.

We found sperm in her body,

and I'm sure that its samples
will coincide with yours.

I propose you to confess everything.

I didn't kill Alyona.

Yes, I was at her place in the evening,
but I didn't kill her.

Did you have sex?

-And what happened then?

Then, I offered to go somewhere
to grab a bite.

She didn't want to.
I left. That's all.

Do you understand you've got no alibi?

-Where did you leave the pistol?
-What are you talking about?

How could I have killed her?
I loved her!

According to the testimony
of group prefect, Natalia Gaponova,

a week ago,
you threatened to kill Alyona.

Do you want me to tell you
how it all happened?

You found out that Alyona was working
in a strip club and cheating on you.

And you killed her out of jealousy.

Yes, I found out.

We fought because of that.

But she didn't cheat on me. It's a lie.

She was working in a strip club
to pay for her studies, that's all!

She simply danced,

you understand it,
she didn't cheat on me, she didn't!

-He doesn't look like a murderer.
-He's got a motive.

Maxim, you have the information
about Liza?



She hasn't been home for two days.
Her phone is switched off.

She's pretty.

I'm not offering you any.

Oh, thanks.

It's even better cold.

And the corn is crunchy.

It's E509 that is crunching.
Calcium chloride.

It is added to pickles and canned corn.
To make them crunchier.

By the way, why did you decide
that a murderer is among those three?

You said yourself there were
three people in the apartment.

-We found all of them.
-Not in the apartment, in the bedroom.

The killer might not have visited
the bedroom.

And there was water
in the bathroom and in the hall.

So no smells.

Enjoy your pizza.


Thanks, got it.

-Where is he?
-He was at this table.

-Could he leave?
-No. He was here a moment ago.

Here he is.

How interesting.

You'll have to answer several questions.

Sweetie, I won't be long.

Yes, I rented out an apartment to her
in exchange for sex.

She was fine with it, and me too.

Why did you hide it from investigation?


I didn't know I was supposed
to tell you about my private life.

Why did you kill Alyona?

I didn't kill anyone.

And again, you have no proofs.

You had no right to start questioning
my defendant without me, I object.

Nikolay Dmitriyevich, it's alright.

My defendant is not guilty.
And I'll prove it now.

When was Ms. Ligachova killed?

Between 8 and 11 PM.


At this time,

my client committed an offence.

But in another place
and without victims, thank God.

During the murder of Ligachova,
my client was on a highway

120 kilometers from the city.

He was in a hurry
and exceeded the speed limit.

Which was captured by cameras
documenting traffic violations.

My client now has to pay a fee.

And he'll surely do so.

As soon as you let him go. That is, now.

Her condition is stable,

but positive dynamics
is very insignificant.

That is why her treatment might last
longer than expected.

Sorry, but I must ask you a question.

Are you ready to continue paying
for her stay at our center?

It is not about the money.

Why isn't she getting better?

You see, the last meeting with you
provoked an exacerbation

of post-traumatic syndrome.

It would be better for you
to refrain from visiting her for now.

It's the only way
we can get her out of this state.

Her corpse is disfigured.

But I found traces of torture

on the regions of skin
that remained intact.

-And what was the time of death?
-Hard to say.

Four or five days ago.

This means that Liza was killed

at the same time with Ilona.


Water all around. No smells.

Colonel, sir!

-Do you recognize it?
-It's my token.

Where did you find it?

Who is that?

She had been a pretty girl, right?

Until her body was eaten by crawfish.

Why are you showing me that?

-I don't know this girl.
-How can you not know her?

It's Liza.

Alyona's best friend.

I don't know any Lizas!

She was killed the same night as Alyona.

The killer dropped this token
at the crime scene.


I... I'll tell you everything.

Please, believe me.

I'm listening to you.

I forgot this token at Alyona's place.
That evening when she was killed.

I remembered it on the way home.

I came back.

The door was open,

I entered the apartment,
called for Alyona.

She... didn't answer.

I heard the sound of running water.

I peeked into the bathroom...

and saw Alyona.


I got scared and ran away.

You're not convincing.

You're to write
a sincere acknowledgement.

I didn't kill anyone!

You understand me? I didn't kill!

I didn't kill...

-You pervert!

He's not her biological father.

We got married
when Alyona was two years old.

I should have guessed.

I saw something was happening to her.

When she was about twelve,

she changed a lot.

Started behaving like an adult.

Became interested in men.

It was him who killed her. Bastard!

You were claiming
that your husband was at home

on the night of the killing.

He was laying bricks in the shed.

I saw only the light from the shed.

I don't know whether he was there.

It's all my fault.

I didn't look after her properly.

I didn't look after her properly...

When did you start an intimate
relationship with your stepdaughter?

Seven years ago.

How long did it last?


When she got accepted to the university
and went to live in the city,

everything ended.

Where were you
on the night of Alyona's murder?

Here, I was laying bricks.

Your spouse does not confirm that.


I loved Alyona.

I loved her.

It was passion.

You understand? Mutual passion.

I am not a rapist.


She wanted it herself.

But it's like... Lolita, you understand?

Where did you leave your pistol?

You don't believe me.

You don't believe me.

What is this?

How did you find it?

What's this?

I don't know, Alyona gave it to me
several days ago to hide.

Bring the laptop.

Several days ago?

You were holding it
in your hands yesterday.

What's on the memory stick?

A video.

Okay, I've got a surprise
for my sweetheart...

What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

It's my place! It's mine, it's mine!


What does this mean?

Alyona and Boris...

were at a party at his country house.

He went fishing to his private pond

and ran into a poacher
who was fishing with an electric rod.

Boris freaked out and killed the fisher.

And Alyona filmed it on her cell
by chance.

And then...

She decided to blackmail Boris.

-With the help of Liza?

So that Boris wouldn't find out
who made the video.

There were lots of guests at the party.

But Alyona's face is in the picture.

She edited the video
using herself and her voice.

And she gave me
the full recording to hide it.

Why didn't you give the video to us
after Alyona's death?

I got scared.

You can't bring her back

And Boris is well-connected.


Gena, have you found anything?

Nothing for now. I can't see the face.

Check other cameras from this highway.

Call immediately.

If it wasn't Boris
but some dishrag instead,

the girls might have managed it.

But instead of paying,

Boris probably tortured Liza
and she told him everything.

What about Sergey's token?

Boris probably took it
from Alyona's apartment

and planted it on Liza's body.

Being an experienced fisher,
he knew that water would be pumped out

from the pond
and the body would be discovered.


So the case is closed?

Not that simple.

Boris has an alibi
for the moment of Alyona's killing.

Either he hired someone to kill Alyona

or there's something wrong
with the alibi.

Number Unknown



Colonel, it's the lawyer.


It's the lawyer at the wheel.

How cool.

This is how you create an alibi.

Come in.

You're free to go.

You can't go in there!




Damn it!