Nyukhach (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Episode #2.4 - full transcript

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Thank you.


I'm nervous for some reason.

Brace yourself,
he's getting closer.


Let's go.

Where's he?

Produced by Pronto Film

Idea by Artyom Litvinenko

Kirill Kyaro

Ivan Oganesyan

Nina Gogayeva, Marina Anikanova

Agne Grudite, Nikolay Chindyaykin

Make-up by Ludmilla Semashko

Wardrobe by Elena Rukavishnikova

Sound by Sergei Stepansku

Music by Nikita Moiseev

Casting by Alla Samoylenko

Artwork by
Alexandra Drobot, Petr Vyzhikovski

Cinematography by Vladimir Zapriagalov

Director of Photography
Graham R. Frake

Line Producer
Sergey Lysyaniy, Tatyana Ditkovskaya

Producer Viktor Mirski

Screenplay by Artem Litvinenko
Andrey Babik

Directed by Artem Litvinenko


Please sign here.

Personal belongings.

Cell phone.




Please take and sign.

A keepsake for you.

I repeat once more:

electronic system
of passenger registration has shown

that Phil Crosby, a US citizen,
crossed our border.

-Yes, sir.

And this is confirmed by our employee.

Yes, sir.

But Phil didn't appear
in the arrivals hall.

How can that be?

-We'll deal with it.
-Do you understand

that an American citizen
has gone missing?

Yes, I understand.
We'll certainly deal with it.

What do you have?

-I haven't heard a thank you.
-Thank you.

-What's with the voice?
-What do you mean?

Exactly, this.

Thank you, mommy,
for this fucking marvelous breakfast.

Just listen to yourself!

If you're so independent,
maybe you'll clean up after yourself?

And now, wash it.

I won't.

Now, remember once and for all.

Until I maintain you,
feed and clothe you,

you are to do what I say.

Wash your plate.


Then, starting from this moment,
you'll have no pocket money.

Wow, you've got money now?

You don't even work anywhere.

It's not late yet to wash your plate.

You need it washed, you wash it.

As for the money, mommy,

I'll take it
from my dear and loved daddy.

Wash your plate!



What about the seizure protocol?

Our employee will come in a moment
and document everything.

Make a list for the time being.

Colonel Lebedev!

Here's the list, please sign it.

-What kind of list?
-For the seizure.

The seizure of what?

Video from CCTV for this morning.

Everything is noted here.

It's time.

We've shaken them off.

We've got technical problems.

Visual contact lost.

They are continuing their movement
according to the approved route.

Now we've shaken them off.


Let's go.

What kind of ID?

-Russian Security Service.
-And the records?

-Why did you erase them?
-He ordered me to.

Said it was state secret.

-My mistake.
-Your mistake?

Your mistake?
Who's your boss, me or him?

His mistake, for fuck's sake!

I need an official explanation
from you, now!

Starting tomorrow,
you're going to go and check luggage!

You got me? Manually!

Each bag and suitcase, I'll turn off
all the electronic devices!

-Here you go.

So it's only for money
that you came to me.

Why else should I?

To talk to your father, for example.

Okay, let's talk.

You may ask how I am doing at school
or how my mother is doing.

The answers are: okay and okay.

Have we talked?
Will it be enough for a week?

What's up with you? Are you offended?

Then you shouldn't have
given birth to me.

You didn't want it anyway.
I know.

Aleks! You don't know anything.
It wasn't like that at all.

Oh, really?

According to the guard,

the stranger asked
to copy the CCTV video to his hard drive

and to erase the original recording.

He also showed
a Russian Security Service ID.

Very interesting.

The whole airport was checked,
but Crosby wasn't found anywhere.

What does our expert say?

Nothing. There were lots
of people at the airport.

At the meeting
in the Ministry of Interior,

the Americans accused us

of kidnapping a US citizen.

Phil Crosby, an IT expert.

He visited us four times to attend
conferences on nanotechnologies.

Check his connections.

I think this Phil is not just
your regular IT guy.

And with those disappeared recordings,
others are also looking for him.

They passed the turn.

They changed their route
without instructions.

Hold on.

Yes. I got it.

No, no, no. Two beds .

I'll see you.

Is everything alright?

Everything is fine.

Quite a nice place.

The clothes and bathroom are upstairs.
That's your favorite Brut.


So, when's the day?


You look worried.

You shouldn't be.

Everything's going to be fine.


Why does he need an interpreter
if he understands Russian?

He does understand it,
but he doesn't speak it well enough.

Well, the last three times,

Crosby demanded only Andreyeva
to be his interpreter.

I'm happy for Andreyeva.
What's in it for me?

I don't know yet.
I've got a hunch.

So, now, you'll bother me
each time you get a hunch?

-What happened?
-Ask your hunch.

Is it Aleks?


Shall we go?


Good afternoon. How can I help you?

Colonel Lebedev, security service.
We're looking for Yelena Andreyeva.

What happened?

we just wanted to talk to her.

You're the department chair, right?


-Where is Yelena Andreyeva now?
-She's on vacation.

Since when?

Since yesterday.

Has she got her own office?

She was here this morning.

Okay. What else?

She had a cup of coffee
and took a birth control pill.

A birth control pill?

There's a smell of progesterone

which is a component
of contraceptive pills.

And there's a smell of silicone.

Can't say which one, probably medical.

Have you noticed any changes
in Yelena's appearance lately?

If you're talking about silicone,
she doesn't need that at all.

You said that Andreyeva has been
on vacation since yesterday.

Yes, but this morning
she came to say goodbye.

She hugged and kissed me,
I was even surprised.

-And where does she live?
-I don't know.

And how do we find out?

In the HR department,
they've got her file.

I'll take you there.

Would be great.

It's the first time

that I see such young and beautiful
department chair.

Well, I'm only an acting
department chair for now,

but I'm already finishing
my Ph.D. thesis.

What's the topic?

"Motives of social self-destruction
in Ken Kesey's literary heritage."

Interesting. Ken Kesey.
Almost like Phil Crosby.

Who's that? I've never read his works.


Freeze or I'll shoot!

What's happening?

The colonel is collecting materials
for his new thesis.



"The role of a hunch in fieldwork."

Who are you?

None of your business.

Don't mess in other people's affairs,

There was once a shy man

who got a pimple on his ass.

Well, he was too shy
to tell anyone about it,

it was a pimple, you know.

So, he started self-treatment.

In a week, the pimple became huge.

The poor guy couldn't even sit down,
let alone walk.

So, he finally decided
to go to the doctor.

He hardly managed

to pull up
his pants and get to the door.

And died.

Why did he die?

What do you think?

It's because
he didn't share information in time.

Either you tell me
who Yelena Andreyeva is,

or we've got nothing more
to talk about.

Yesterday, your employee
didn't introduce himself

and didn't show me his ID,

but still threatened me
with a service weapon.

Civilians could suffer as a result.

This is an outrageous violation
of all available instructions.

Due to his incompetent
and unprofessional actions,

your employee threatened
a most important special operation.

Who is Yelena Andreyeva?

This information is top secret.

And is not to be disclosed.

In this case,

we'll continue our investigation.

In spite of your active help
and cooperation.

Please be careful.

Don't worry. I will.

Are you alright?


Are you sure?
Maybe I should stay with you.

Go, I will wait for you.

I'll hurry back.

What do you have for this Andreyeva?

We're searching, General.

Looks like she's somehow connected
with your friends from the intelligence.

And it is no accident

that Andreyeva was
a permanent interpreter for Crosby.


Be careful
and start exercising, at last.

You've got a belly
of a traffic inspector.

The one with sausages is delicious.

And the coffee is hot.

The boss is coming.

Colonel, help yourself.

No, thanks.


That silicone

that I smelled in Andreyeva's office
is not medical.

It's got the additions
of stannum alkylated chloride

and ethyl silicate.

I'll certainly look that up
in chemistry textbook.

We are dealing
with face-painting silicone.

What's that?

It's used to make masks,
thin and durable.

Like in Hollywood movies?

You're absolutely right.

Do they make masks like that here?

I don't know.

This silicone is very expensive.
We have to find out

who supplies it to our country.

No, no, no.

You have to take it off
from the bottom up.

Little by little.


Yes, like this.

Good job.

Here, take a napkin.

Thanks a lot.

This is very good work.

Thank you.

Thank you.


-So much?
-This is for... hush.

Yes. Of course. Of course, yes.

-And the photos, please.
-Yes, I'll get them now.

Scars, injuries, artificial blood,
vampire fangs, you name it.

Fortunately for us,
the silicone isn't sold very well here.

Why is it so?

First of all, this technology is not
in very big demand.

Secondly, only three make-up artists
know how to make these masks.

For six months, nobody was buying it.

A week ago, she ordered two packs.

Two packs meaning two... masks?

That's right.

Mr. Crosby!


-Drop the guns!

Drop the guns!

-Drop the guns!
-Don't shoot, do everything he says.

The second gun.

-The second one!
-Do what he says.

Drop the second gun.


To the cage.

-To the cage!
-Do what he says!

"Do what he says, do what he says!"

It's a shame. A total shame.

Some American tourist

took a service weapon
away from an officer.

Like a toy from a child.

Due to your incompetent,
unprofessional actions,

you blew the operation.

The American was in our hands.

Now, we lost him.

Today, a decision was made
at the general meeting to create

a special investigation group
for Crosby's case.

This group will be lead...

by Colonel Lebedev.

Your operation is no longer top secret.

Please, familiarize the group
with the details of the case.

We are listening to you
with great attention.

According to our data,
Crosby is a CIA agent.

He was noticed during an attempt
to recruit a Russian IT expert

for scientific and industrial espionage.

Crosby was taken
into operational research

by our employee, Yelena Andreyeva.

After a set of operational measures,

Crosby expressed his wish
to cooperate with us.

During this arrival, he had to give us
the data about CIA agents

working in our country.

But CIA suspected something
and put Crosby under close observation.

That is why...

We developed a Casablanca operation.

What is this Casablanca operation about?

According to our plan,
Crosby, wearing a woman's clothing,

gets into Andreyeva's car

and gives her the information there.

Andreyeva then drives him
to the IT conference.

While the Americans

are kicking up a fuss
about the disappeared Crosby,

he is delivering his speech
about personal data protection.

An excellent plan.

And where is Crosby now,
with his speech?

Something went wrong.

We don't know anything
about Crosby and Andreyeva.

We suspect a conversion,
possibly by a third party.

I see.

What do you have, colonel?

We detained and questioned
the makeup artist,

Tischenko Galina Sergeyevna.

According to her,

she made silicone masks
for Crosby and Andreyeva

to fully change their appearance.

How's that?

First, the makeup artist

makes a plaster mold
of the head and neck.

Then, she applies liquid silicone
onto that mold.

And when the silicone congeals,

she forms any facial features
and hairdo on it.

That's how you get an individual
close-fitting mask.

Is it known which faces did
Crosby and Andreyeva order?

Crosby took back
all sketches and photos,

but the only thing we know

is that they were the masks
of Latin Americans.

What else can you add?

Andreyeva is in an intimate relationship
with Crosby.

And she's also pregnant.

You said she was taking
birth control pills.

How can she be pregnant?

a component of birth control pills,

is in some cases prescribed
to pregnant women.

How so?

If a woman is not pregnant,

blocks the functioning of ovaries.

If the conception happened,
progesterone helps the fetus to develop.

How do you know all these things?

I'd love to live
in such a house with you.

During the day, you'd go out
in the sea in a boat, to fish.

In the evening,
I would prepare us dinner.

And at night, we'd lie on the sand,

look at the stars
and listen to the sound of the waves.

They are looking for us.
Both your and my bosses.

We won't manage it.

If we had been dating as before,
we would have had at least something.

-But you don't understand this.
-I understand it.

But I don't want something,
and I don't want the way it used to be.

Lena, I love and I want to be with you.

But you know they won't let us.

You said yourself
that you are an agent of one country

and I am an agent of another.


It's the only way.

We're going to be fine.

Trust me.


Answer a question.


Look at me side-on.


Is my belly sticking out?

Sticking out doesn't quite describe it.

I am serious.

Scars and belies are a man's ornament.

The last time Lena came for
an appointment with me was a week ago.

I haven't seen her since.

When is she due to come the next time?

Not earlier
than the 20th week of pregnancy.

-That is?
-That is, in three months.

If Andreyeva visits you earlier,
please tell me about it.

-Yes, sure.


Zabrodina is lying.

Andreyeva had an appointment
with her yesterday.

You're a genius.

Maksim! There's a phone number
for you to tap into.

It's time for you to go.

What, aren't we going to have
a cup of tea?

You'll have tea at home. With your wife.

Wow, you're on time.
Doesn't look like you.

-What did you want to talk about?
-About your son.

He's gone completely out of hand.
He's rude and cheeky.

Well, I know perfectly well
it's because of his genes,

but I'd still like to straighten him up.

It comes with age.

How easily you find an explanation
to everything.

Instead of simply solving a problem.

But why am I surprised?

I need only one thing from you:

to stop giving Alex money
without my permission.

Do you even hear me?

I hear you.
And now you listen to me.

He is my son,

and it is up to me
to decide when I give money to him

and how much that would be.

if you want to nag somebody,

start from the one you're sleeping with.


Lena, what are you doing?

We have to take you to the doctor

Wait here, I'll bring your clothes.


my tummy hurts and I am bleeding.

Lena, is it you?



-Give me the details.
-Colonel! She's on the line!

About half an hour ago,
I got a strong spasm below.

It would pass all the previous times,
but now it keeps hurting.

And I started bleeding.

You have to urgently go
to any gynecology department of duty.

You can't come to me.


Think about it.

Have they visited you?

Yes, today. Good luck to you.

And move, Lena.
This might be a miscarriage.

I got it. Thank you.

-Have you found her?

Maksim, prepare a group,
we're leaving in five minutes.

Zabrodina is being watched.


Zabrodina is being watched.

-You've called her?

Give me the phone.

One minute, ten seconds.

Lena, they've got us.

Come on. Hurry up.
We haven't got much time.

Let's go.

And you stay.

Inform all gynecology departments
on duty,

they must report each patient
arriving with a miscarriage risk.

Send Andreyeva's and Crosby's pictures
to these departments.

And Gena is at your disposal.

Hold on, honey. Just hold on.

I love you.

I love you too.

Let's see.


Not great, but okay.

My eyes are itching from contact lenses.

That'll pass.

Have you let them go?



+53... what country code is that?

Kostya, give me a tablet.

Santa Esperanza clinic, Havana, Cuba.

Now I understand why they needed
Latin American masks.

Is this her first pregnancy?

Yes. Doctor, is that very dangerous?

We'll see. We can admit her
for pregnancy maintenance.

Do you have your passports with you?

No, we were in a hurry, sorry.

I'll pay for everything.




-Nothing new.

-I see.
-Can I go?

Two people. Latin Americans.
No documents.

In the eighth clinic.
Risk of miscarriage.

Got it.

They blew cover.

He said that they had forgotten
their passports at home.

We couldn't refuse to admit the patient.
She had severe bleeding.

You did everything right.
Where are they?

Here, ward number six.

I don't understand
what we are looking for.

We don't know their last names.


Patient Del Campo,

12:45, emergency vehicle
with physician team,

Terminal T-3, Jose Marti airport.

get me the schedule

of all flights
to Jose Marti for that time.

There's only one flight.

-Guess where it is from.
-Get the list of passengers.

Del Campo is not on the list.

When is the departure?


They will fly under a different name.

We have five hours.

We'll take them at the airport
during registration.

How will we recognize them?


Welcome to our flight.

Your passport, please.


Welcome to our flight.

Your passport, please.


Welcome to our flight.

Your passport, please.


Welcome to our flight.

Your passport, please.


Are you alright?

It's stuffy in here.

Are you together?

No, I'm just helping this lady.

Welcome to our flight.

Next, please.
Your passport, please.

Welcome to our flight.

Your passport, please.

Couldn't you make a mistake?

I repeat once again:
they weren't at the registration.

You know what?

You continue tracking down patients
from gynecology departments,

and we will check every passenger

to every fight to Cuba, every day.

Go on checking.

And let your...

operation hunch help you.