Nyukhach (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Episode #2.3 - full transcript

Why did you get out again?
You should have stayed in your room.

Where is this bitch anyway?

Oh, finally.


Why so early?

I've got only a couple of hours.
I need to wash myself and sleep a bit.

Actually, I've just run a bath.



A nutbox factory all around.


Put that back.

Put that back!

Give it to me!

Produced by Pronto Film

Idea by Artyom Litvinenko

Kirill Kyaro

Ivan Oganesyan

Nina Gogayeva, Marina Anikanova

Agne Grudite, Nikolay Chindyaykin

Make-up by Ludmilla Semashko

Wardrobe by Elena Rukavishnikova

Sound by Sergei Stepansku

Music by Nikita Moiseev

Casting by Alla Samoylenko

Artwork by
Alexandra Drobot, Petr Vyzhikovski

Cinematography by Vladimir Zapriagalov

Director of Photography
Graham R. Frake

Line Producer
Sergey Lysyaniy, Tatyana Ditkovskaya

Producer Viktor Mirski

Screenplay by Artem Litvinenko
Andrey Babik

Directed by Artem Litvinenko


Damn it!

Is it you?

Fruit delivery.

Environmentally friendly.

I have to delete
your car's number from the list.

Purge regime turned on.

-Which hospital division?
-Acute psychoses.

How did they even hire him
with such diagnosis?

There's a false medical certificate
in his file

that no one bothered to check.

Five years ago,

a person is discharged
from mental clinic,

gets a job as a convoy
in another mental clinic,

and then, suddenly,

for some reason,

he shoots the prisoner
and shoots himself.

Doesn't look like psychosis relapse.

There's one more thing.

Several minutes before that,
he had a call from a hidden number.

Who called?

Gena is dealing with it now.


Why aren't you drinking?

I don't drink juice with diphenyl.

What's this diphenyl?

Diphenyl is a preservative

used for oranges
to keep them in marketable condition.

It is carcinogenic, toxic for kidneys,
causes allergic reactions

in the eyes and airways.

Here's your water.

I have to be sure
that you've taken your medicine.

Have a good day.

Two years ago,

Yegor acquired a strange habit:
to flick a switch.

We were going crazy.

The light would blink all over the place
as if it were a lighthouse.

We tried to forbid that,
and he got hysterical.

So Sasha came up with an idea:
to put false switches lower

and transfer the real ones higher,
so that Yegor couldn't reach those.

Then Sasha went to the bathroom,
and I went upstairs.

He'll start flicking again now.

Does Yegor flick only this switch?

Not only this one.

Now he'll go to the kitchen
and flick the blender, then a switch

in the corridor, then he'll flick
a hairdryer and come back here.

To finish building this.

Is he building this
without an instruction?


You let the child turn on
the household appliances.

First of all, they are always
turned off. Always.

And second,
try changing this zombie program.

But still,
who switched on the hairdryer?

Yegor couldn't.
Ninel Nikolayevna either.

She's got paralyzed hands
after the stroke, she can't even talk.

Tina arrived only after Sasha's death.

Does this mean it's me?

But I didn't do it.

It looks like an accident.

Someone forgot to unplug the hairdryer.

-Someone living in the house.
-Or someone else.

There was one more person in the house.

A dark-haired man, 30 to 35 years old,

he spent a whole night
in Novikova's bedroom.

What do you think they were doing there?

Solving crossword puzzles.

That's it.
In a general biological sense.

We'll have to start monitoring Novikova.


Not now.

And find out who could benefit
from Novikov's death.

Good luck.
I'll get going.

-I want to talk to you.

-I'm listening.
-Why are you treating me like that?

Do I perform my duties badly?

-Maybe I make mistakes in the documents

or my clothes do not correspond
to the dress code?


Maybe I didn't do something right
or didn't do something in general?

What do you want from me?

A respectful attitude.

Just like for everyone else.

It seems to me I'm worth it.

No doubt.

I'll really count on that, coronel.

Mr. Novikov has...

Had a post
of supervision board president

and owned 8 % of shares,
the so-called golden share.

This way.

This is Novikov's office.

Each computer has its own password.

I see.

Tell me, what's this golden share?

Our company
has two biggest shareholders,

Mr. Putman and Mr. Gubsky.

Each of them has approximately
45 % of shares.

For any decision to be made,

you need 50 % plus one share.

-So, Novikov?
-Absolutely right.

Did Novikov have any conflicts
with the shareholders?

No, he didn't.

Children with autism are different.

They have weak social ties.

They live in their own world

and don't like it
when someone intervenes.

Can autists be aggressive?

Only if someone tries disrupting
their rituals

or repeating actions.

For example,
flicking a switch like your boy.

Where do these rituals come from?

An autistic child
chooses actions himself.

He fixes them, repeats them
and turns into rituals.

There are autistic children
who need to spin something.

Such child would use any object,
e.g. a toy, as a spinner.

Can you... introduce a new ritual?

You can only further develop
the existing one.

And only if the child likes
the new action.

Then he'll make it a part of his ritual.

Is this also a ritual?

Formally yes, but I don't think so.

Some autists show unique skills
in reproducing the smallest detail.

These children then become
extraordinary artists, physicists,

and mathematicians.

They say that in Bill Gates' company,

up to 20 % of the employees are autists.

Maybe someone threatened him?

I don't know anything about it.

That's all. I am done.

If you remember something
by any chance,

do call me.

-Yes, of course.


Maxim, go to the office,
and I'll stay here a bit longer.


Where is the general manager's office?

Go to the end of the corridor
and turn right.

And when does he receive visitors?

You want to sleep with me, right?


I got it.


I sleep only
with rich and successful men.

And judging from your watch,
you're not from this cohort.

Have a good day.

Our society treats autistic children
in an absolutely wrong way.

They are almost leveled with those
who have Down syndrome.

But they have perfect mental health.

They just live in their own world
and do not let anyone in.

Their souls are well protected
from the aggression

and insanity of modern civilization.

Maybe it's for the best?



Well, what was it about?

They searched through the whole office
and messed about in the computer.

The shareholders meeting
will take place anyway.

I received a letter.

Novikova must sign everything
before the meeting.

She'll sign.

Are you sure?

One hundred percent.

I didn't order oranges.

I've got apples. I blew half
of my salary looking for the right ones.

I'm listening to you.

What will you say?

A high-quality Chinese counterfeit.
I hope it's not for me?

No, not for you. Let's talk business.

Gena found something interesting
in Novikov's PC.

Officially, it was Novikov's wife,
not him, who owned 8 % of shares.

What does this mean?

To avoid paying taxes,

Novikov transferred the ownership
to his wife,

but so that she could
not dispose of the shares.

Could not?

Up until this morning.

Yegor had dinner,
and Ninel Nikolayevna as well.

Okay, you're free to go.

Today's the 15th.

Ah, yes.

What about the overtime?

No overtime starting today.
If you don't like it, resign.

I am not going to resign.

And you'll pay me
for overtime.

And also raise my salary by 30 %.


You heard everything.

You know what?

Get your things
and get out from my house.

I won't go anywhere.


I'm calling the police.

Please do.

It is with great pleasure
that I'll tell them about your lover.

You bitch!

Now, it is only up to Novikova

whether the current general manager
keeps his seat.


Anything else?

That's all.

Couldn't we talk about it tomorrow?

It seems to me

you started visiting me more often
than you go to work.

I even moved

to another bank of the river.

Don't you have anywhere to go
in the evening?

Tell me, what's wrong with me?

-What do you mean?
-Yes, I'm no Brad Pitt.

No oligarch or anyone else,
but I'm a fine man anyway.

What happened?

Nothing. I have to go.

-Do you want juice?
-No, thanks,

it's with your defectyl anyway.


But it's mostly used for oranges.

Thanks. But I don't really want it.


And they use fungicide for apples.



Please sign this.



-I'm scared.

Please, wait a bit.
Everything will be arranged soon.

Will you come to my place, tonight?

We better not see each other now.

Not to raise additional suspicions.

Kiss me.

-Good morning.
-Good morning.

Tell me,
what's the name of these pills?

Please, direct all questions
to your doctor.


Have a good day.


What happened?

I see you've already made yourself
at home in the new office, Mr. Guskov.

We wanted to ask you several questions.

I am listening.

Great watch.

Probably expensive.

-Have you come to talk about watches?

I'll ask the outsiders to leave.

Konstantin Sergeyevich,
I'll come back later.


Mr. Guskov,

where were you on the night
between the 14th and the 15th?

At home, at my place.
I was sleeping. So what?

So, you already consider
Novikova's house yours?

I don't understand you.

But you did spend that night
in Novikova's bedroom?

Let's say so. So what?

You probably took a shower
and switched on the hairdryer.

Well, you have to prove it first,

and then...

Let's say it was me
who turned on the hairdryer.

But it wasn't me
who threw it in the water.

I wasn't in the house
at the moment of Novikov's death.

Why do I have to be responsible
for the actions of an underage dumbass?

Is that all you've come to tell me?

Dasha, please come to my office.

Sorry, I've got things to do.

Apart from everything else, Novikov
was insured for the sum of 200,000 USD.

Guess who's getting the money.

Looks like an ideal crime.
We'll probably have to close the case.

The kid never threw a hairdryer
in the water, but that morning he did.


Was that an accident
or an addition to the ritual?

What kind of ritual?

Autistic children have their rituals,
and any attempt to change them

provokes aggression from the child.

But you can complement the ritual
and develop it further.

What do you mean, develop?

Someone might have taught Yegor
to throw the dryer.

And how do we find it out?

We need to observe Yegor.

If he keeps throwing the dryer
in the bathtub,

that must be a complemented ritual.

Give it to me.

Kostya, you're crazy.

I fed Yegor and Ninel Nikolayevna
as well.

They are sleeping.

You, get out of here.

I beg your pardon?

I said: get out of here.



Tomorrow morning, I'll go to the police.

It's him you are going to tell about?
Everyone already knows.


it's me who's going to go
to the police tomorrow

and file a blackmail claim.

What about Yegor?

I'll send him to an institution,
and his aunt as well. Keys!

I never thought you were such a monster.

He's your son!

This does not concern you.
Keys, faster.

I need to take my things.

You'll pick them up tomorrow
at the door.


I've worked three years for you,

no weekends, and you...


I gave her the keys.

I came to pick up my things
in the morning,

and the door was open.

I entered the house, and...

Were they fighting?

No, I would say
it was exactly the opposite.

-Where were you, this night?
-At my place.

Who can confirm that?

A concierge.

Okay, thanks.

To my dear sister, from Sasha

She was choked with a leather belt.

If we find it,
I'll be able to describe the murderer.

What else?

There were smells of four people
around the body.

Guskov, the nurse, the boy,
and Novikov's sister.

The killer is among them.

The boy and Novikov's sister are out.

It's either Guskov or the nurse.

Can I start the expert examination,

Yes, highest category medical examiner.

We all need
your highly qualified examination.

You were right, the boy was
really taught to throw the dryer.

And most probably, it was Novikova.

Guskov was her accomplice.

They didn't agree on something
and he killed her.

What about the nurse?

She's got no motive
and she has an alibi.


Mr. Guskov, where were you this night,
between 3 and 5 AM?

-At the place of someone I know.
-What's the name of that someone?

Svetlova. Our secretary.

Dasha, come to my office.

Mr. Guskov,

didn't you arrive at 11:15 PM

to Novikova's house?

Yes, I did.

I dropped Ira off
and left immediately.

-What is it about?

Ms. Svetlova, where were you last night?

At my place.


With Konstantin Sergeyevich.

What, is it illegal?

Konstantin Sergeyevich is suspected

of Novikova's murder,
committed last night.

Are you sure you don't want
to change your testimony

until I started writing it down?

Sorry, Kostya.

No, I was alone.

You are free to go.

Mr. Guskov,

you are accused of committing a murder.
Please, stand up.


Where is your belt, Mr. Guskov?

It's not me. It's not me.

I didn't kill her, honestly,
it's not me!


I woke up...

and saw she was dead.

I got frightened,
got into my car and left.

What about the belt?

There was no belt in my trousers.

Tell me, was it Novikova who planned
her husband's murder or was it you?

I won't say anything more
without my lawyer.

And then you were covering up the tracks
and killed your accomplice, right?

Why kill her if I could marry her?
What's the motive?

An affective state, for example.

I demand a lawyer.

Take him out.

Good afternoon.

Sorry for being late,
I couldn't arrive earlier.

Come in.

Is this Yegor?


Poor boy.

And where's...
Novikova Nina Nikolayevna?

She is resting in her room.
Should I bring her in?

No need, just bring her passport.

Thank you.

-What's going to happen to them now?

We'll send Novikova

to social rehabilitation center
for senior citizens.

And Yegor will go to the institution
for mentally challenged.

-That's terrible.
-There's nothing to do.

No relatives,
so the state will take care of them.

So, nothing can be done?

Unfortunately, nothing.


Ninel Nikolayevna is not capable,
but still mentally adequate.

How do you know?

I've worked in this family
for three years.

If you say so. And what?

She is an heir to her brother, right?


She could hire me to take care of her
and Yegor for the same salary,

and you won't need to send anyone

Of course,
the child will be better off at home.

You know what, let's do the following.

Stay here for a while, can you do that?

Yes, of course.

And I'll find everything out

and we might come up with something.

Thank you.

This is a Grecian stock.

An annual frost-resistant plant.

That's instructive.

Couldn't you tell me about it
in the morning

or you don't have anyone
to talk to in the evening?

The stock's smell was near
Novikova's body,

and the same smell was coming
from Novikov's sister.

Okay, okay.

I thought that somebody walked
Novikov's sister outside,

and it's from there
that she brought that smell.

But the stock in the house's terrace
smelled differently.

I couldn't understand what it was about.

So what is it about?

A Grecian stock is also called
an evening-scented stock.

Its flowers are closed during the day
and open up at night.

Novikov's sister

had the smell
of opened flowers on her.

But how could she open the door
and go outside at night? She's disabled.

This means
she's not that disabled, after all.

Here's a form for your claim
and a questionnaire,

please fill those out.

Do you have a health record?

Yes, of course.

Okay. Then we'll first register you
as Yegor's nanny

hired upon recommendation
from our facility,

and in six months,

you can apply for custody over Yegor.

Thank you.

Yegor, you're lucky.

Good afternoon.

Here's a search warrant,

That's an interesting vase you've got.

China from the times of revolution.


A genuine work by Petrov-Vodkin.

In the 1920s,

the most talented artists

tried to compensate
for some major violations

of kilning technology
with their revolutionary enthusiasm.

The glassware turned out original,
but fragile.


You'll have to come with us.

What are they looking for?
What's happening?

I don't know.

She's having another attack.
Call the ambulance.



Ninel Nikolayevna feels worse,
she's at her death's door.

I thought that you might want
to say goodbye.

Yes, of course.

I'll be right there.

Yegor, let's go.

The doctors say
she's got several hours left.

Do you want to be alone?


She's here.

I know everything.

I saw everything.

I saw you come back at night.

It was you who taught Yegor
to throw the dryer.


You killed my brother.

You're some actress, aren't you?

Passing for a paralyzed woman?

Bravo, bravo!

Why did you kill my brother...

if you slept with him?

If you feel better if I tell you,
I didn't want to kill Sasha

but his hysterical wife instead.

Sasha wanted to divorce her anyway.

And marry me.

I simply wanted to help.

If that idiot of a woman had gotten
into the bathtub...

I worked for three years at your place.

I have the right to the house
and everything else.

Feeling better now?

You're such a sleaze ball.

Yes. But nobody will find it out.

Some fresh air will do you good.

You're such a sleaze ball.

Ms. Zimina,

you're accused
of killing Irina Novikova.

You've played your role well.

You'll have to come with us.

It was Tina who killed Ira.

But I have no proof.

Then... do what I say.

We're sorry we had to put you at risk.

You're free to go, Mr. Guskov.

And next time,
don't throw your trousers about.




When you're disabled,

you're treated like an empty spot.

Something like furniture.

This humiliates and weighs you down.

The only thing they want
is for you to die.

But being a disabled person,

you can find out
many interesting things

about the people around you.

This is how I found out...

that Ira cheated on my brother.

I wanted to tell him about it.


I understood who killed Sasha.

And I decided
to collect the proofs by myself.

Still staying an empty spot

for everyone.


I've got a present for you.

Is this some kind of a joke?

Open it and you'll find out.

This one is real.

I think it's just the time
to grab a bite.

Colonel, the cell phone is live.

Which cell?

The one that was used to call
the convoy from the mental clinic.

Gena, haven't you made a mistake?
There's no one here.

You're getting closer to him.

Gena, there is no one here.

You're standing next to him.

Gena, there is no one here.

That's strange. Let me call him.

What's wrong with you? Are you okay?


I'm okay.

They found the phone.