Nyukhach (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

The sudden murder of underboss Misha Kievsky shatters the criminal world. One of the mobsters, Trefa, is suspected to have committed the murder. However, the Don makes a bold play when he calls upon The Sniffer to find the instigator of a gang war and put an end to the bloodshed.

Rotate it to the right and down.

Who's that?

That's a thief in law,
the Greek.

Controls chop shops, auto salons

and about a third
of the market of stolen cars.

That explains the car.

Thief in law Axe.

Export of gas,
owns a chain of gas stations.


Deals in firearms, real estate,
corrupt notary's services.

Who's that with him?

And that's his associate
and second in command, Jagged.

-Hey, Taras.
-Hi. How are you?

I'm still breathing. One at a time.

Inhale, exhale.

That's Trefa.

Trefa as in Trifonov.

He controls local prostitution, owns
sex-shops and second-hand warehouses.

Quite a mix up he's got.

This is like the Oscars.
All they need is a red carpet.

Mustafa himself.

The Don of the bosses.

Runs the mob's funds and serves
as the "spiritual" leader of the group.

So all the big shots of
the Thieves World are all here.

This is chaos.
What is he, looking for war?

That's enough, Trefa.

Who the hell does this
Misha Kievsky thinks he is?

Ripping me off like this?

This cheeky bastard,
he's got no respect for us.

Sends his cronies instead
of being here himself.

Watch your mouth.
While you still have one.


Hush everyone!

Where is Misha?
Why hadn't he come to me?

This is not good.

Our laws are to be respected.

Idea by Artem Litvinenko

Kirill Kjaro

Ivan Oganesian

Maria Anikanova

Nina Gogaeva

Nikolay Chindyaykin

Make-up by Ludmilla Semashko

Wardrobe by Elena Rukavishnikova

Sound by Sergei Stepanski

Music by Nikita Moiseev

Casting by Elena Prilipko

Artwork by Evgeniya Lisetskaya

Cinematography by Andrej Lisetsky

Editing by Vladimir Zapriagalov

Executive Producer Andrei Rizvanyuk

Producer Viktor Mirsky

Screenplay by Artem Litvinenko
Andrey Babik

Directed by Artem Litvinenko


Question time, Trefa.

I didn't do it...

I'm telling you it's not me.

This is not good.
You don't just kill a thief in law.

I swear it wasn't me!

I'll take care of this personally.

Meeting over.

Trefa, you stay.


What are you doing?

Mustafa says "Hello".

Who is Mustafa?
I don't know any Mustafa.

Listen here, asshole and listen good.

You're coming with us. You'll do
whatever we ask of you. Get me?

I swear on my life that it wasn't me.

Don't swear on something so meaningless.

What am I, stupid, to whack him here?

Have him laid out
here like some exhibit?

Often times in order to hide something,

one needs to put it in
the place most visible.

You know what I think?

His death benefits you, Trefa.

The boys are back.

Zoom in...

Holy shit.

Hello, colonel.

Well, hello there, dear boy.

Hello, Mustafa.

Forgotten an old man, have you?
How you living, dear boy?

How is your son?

I've heard
he had some problems lately.

Why didn't you talk to Mustafa?

I handled it myself.

Pride is good.
I'm a prideful man myself.

But I ask you now,
help me out with this.

A dear friend of mine was murdered.

Only a trusted few
knew about the meeting.

Tell me, who did this? Can you?

Mustafa, you know
I don't work with criminals.

I remember.
And I also remember your debt.

One has to pay his debts.

Let's work something out.

You report this to the police

and I only take a look at the body.

That's it.

You have a deal.

What's taking them so long?

I don't like this one bit.

He was killed about
6-7 hours ago. Not here.


In a second-hand warehouse.

I wonder if he was murdered
in one of your warehouses.

Mustafa, I've been framed.

He was strangled by a scarf.
A second-hand scarf.

The killer is a male of about
40 years old, smokes LM.

Is that it?

What are you doing here?

Intelligence work, bro.

You better tell me now

what the hell were you doing
at the kingpins' little tea party?

Were you being made?
If so, what's your nickname?

Fine, I won't test the
patience of a hardened gangster.

Methyl bromide...

Mmm, exactly. Methyl bromide.

So what does that mean?

It means that it's...

Methyl made of bromide?

Methyl made of bromide.
That's original.

Looks like you've graduated school
with at least two A's - PE and PE.

Fine, you got me. What does it mean?

That's what they use for
fumigation of second hand shit.

It is used as a pesticide and
a fumigant to kill insects and bacteria.

This is the where the murder took place.
Misha was strangled with this scarf.



I think I know this smell
from somewhere.

Maybe now.

The killer has diabetes.
He's on insulin.

Well that's something.



He killed another one.

Kopatko, Vladimir Ivanovich, born 1983.

One of Misha Kievky's

Fair enough.

I wonder why Misha came here. You
think he had a meeting with Trefa.

By the way, you were just about
to tell me how you know Mustafa.

That has nothing to do with our case.

I'll find out sooner or later.

How did the killer move the body?

He used the fire escape
but I couldn't open it.

So, let's go have a look.

-Look at what?
-The fire escape.

Why, the scent is lost beyond the door.

I want to remind you
that a confession...

Listen, I've had a rough day
and I'm tired.

I almost got killed, mind you.

Is it true that you were accused
of having murdered Misha Kievsky?

I have a statement to make.

My clients Mr. Mustafaev

and Mr. Trifonov have nothing to do

with the death of a famed
criminal Misha Kievsky.

Mr. Mustafaev and Mr. Trifonov
are law-abiding citizens

and successful businessmen.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Did you get it? Good.

Insulin... insulin... insulin...

Dad, how do I work the TV?

I told you never to come into the lab,
especially when I'm working.

Is that so hard to understand?

Fine, I'm sorry.

Lebedev, I don't remember
asking you to stop by.

Sir, what is the meaning of this?

Do you want tea?

Why did you let Mustafaev
and Trofinov walk?

Sit down.

You found Mr. Zozulya's body

also known as Misha Kievsky
at 23:17 pm, correct?

And according to the autopsy report,
death occurred

between 16 and 17 pm.

Mustafaev and Trofinov
have alibis for that time.

I've been trying to nail
Mustafa for 20 years.

I can't quite get a hold on him.

Understand that to put away a guy like
Mustafa we need concrete hard evidence.


Do you have it?

I don't.



Now go out there
and make it concrete.

Take a walk for an hour or so.

Come in.

Good day.

Hello. May I? Please have a seat.

Well how are we doing?

It still hurts.

Let me have a look.

A little more.

Nothing too serious. No swelling.
Ear drum is intact.

Does this hurt?

Yes, slightly.

You know, I think this ear
doesn't hear the way it did.

Doesn't hear?

Is it something serious?

Well, no.

Listen, why don't we run a few tests
but in the meantime

I'll write you a prescription.


Could it be stress related?

It can. Why, what kind of stress?

We women only have two sources
of stress, children and men.

What kind did you have?

Number 2.

I understand.

Do you? I have my doubts.

You are so young and pretty.

Probably swamped with suitors.


One of them?

No, a patient.

So take these three times a day,

that should relieve the pain.

-We'll see then.
-Do I apply before or after the stress?

Preferably instead.

Colonel. 8 Remington shells
and 10 Walthers.

I have no idea how he survived.

Well, survived is a strong word.

If Trefa talks
it won't be any time soon.

-Run the weapons through the database.


-Have you identified the victims?

First up is Pushkin, Sergei Viktorovich.
Trefa's bodyguard.

Had he a different name, perhaps
he would have stuck to poetry.

The second one is Sypko Taras
Nikolaevich aka The Broom.

One of Misha Kievsky's enforcers.

This is just the beginning
of a war between the factions.

Looks like it.


Who are these people
and what are they doing here?

I thought I asked for there to be
no civilians. Is that so hard?

Look at that, now he wants to not
only control us but the entire street.

Big boss man.

Relax, they are clearing the area.
Have you found anything?

What am I going to find here? There had
been hundreds of people on this street.

Do I describe all of them for you?

Why doesn't anyone
else work a little, huh?

What about those guys?

It's the same crap every time,

standing around
drinking tea and chatting.

Colonel, who the hell
does he think he is?

Have you had your shot
with coffee already?

-Colonel, this is a little too much.
-Chill out.

I am chilled out.

Listen, next time I'm not going
anywhere with him.

It's your choice.

Him or me, Colonel.



Voskresenskaya Tatyana Aleksandrovna.
I'm here to see my husband.

Follow me.

-Hello, darling.

Wait a second, Igor.

We need to talk.

-Has something happened to you?
-Everything is fine with me.

Your appeal has been denied.

What do you mean denied?

The lawyer couldn't do anything.

What do you mean?

You promised...

I'm sorry.

You're sorry?

Just sorry?

Do you know how long
I still have to be here?

I get it.

I know. I understand now.

You didn't even try to do anything.

How dare you?

How dare I, Tanya?

Because you forgot something.

You've changed.

Damn right I have because it is I
who's rotting in jail,

not you.

Damn it.

You've met someone.

You have...

Just tell me,

I'll understand.

I have no one.

And I didn't forget.

Tanya, Tanya!

Have you forgotten the laws,
you little shit?

You disrespect made guys.

Who do you think you are?

You think you are Mustafa, son?


I call the shots around here.
And I respect our ways.

By law you get the last word.

I'm sorry Mustafa.

Don't kill me.

Boys, don't kill me.

I'll fix this.
I'll work it off, I promise.

Just don't kill me.
Please Mustafa, don't do it.

-Don't kill me, please.


Don't kill me, please.

Don't kill me.

Please don't kill me.

Don't kill me Mustafa.


That Trefa lives.

Listen here,

until I find out who took out
Misha Kievsky no one makes a move.

Nothing is to be done
without my direct order.

If someone disobeys me,

I'll personally have him
rolled up in a rug.

This one's not a diabetic either.

-Is that it?


You should've stayed in the ward.

It's your fault that our key suspect
was murdered.

-Colonel, sir...
-I don't want to hear it!

I want a full report of why this shit
happened, you have 30 minutes!

I'm done.


Nothing new. Same killer.


It's a man, around 40, smokes LM's,
has diabetes, injects insulin...

Is that it?

Apart from the fact that he had
scrambled eggs with soy sauce,

washing it down with cheap instant
coffee half an hour ago, nothing.

We have more bodies

and still no clues.

Speaking of clues, have you noticed
anything strange about the scarf

used to kill Misha Kievsky?

No, why?

-Someone cut off a small piece off it.
-A really tiny one.

What could that mean?

I have no clue.

I'm going to go.
Call me if you have more bodies.

So what about Kisliy?

We need to see who benefits.

Trefa doesn't.

Who gets Trefa's
and Misha Kievsky's businesses?

I don't know.

A sit down will sort it out.

But most of it will go to the Greek.

Why is that?

You'll see.

So you also know that Mustafa's
business is signed to the Greek?

You said that not me.

I think they want to kill us one by one.


We need to stick together
in case things go bad.

You said that not me.

Nice billiards place.

It's okay. I need to get a few
more tables and it will really take off.

-Anyways, thanks.
-Be safe.

The Greek wants to see me.


I don't have enough people.
Will you help?

No doubt.

There's your meeting with the Greek.

Tell Greek I send my regards.

Light it up.

And here are my regards, Axe.

Do you have anything?

I don't understand it.

Axe's gas station and
the Greek's chop shop.

Their businesses don't intertwine.

The whole thing started after
Sour's car went up in flames.

The higher ups are panicking and
we have a gang war on our hands.

Shit if I care. I'd rather have them
kill one another. Less work for us.

These get killed,
others will replace them.

At least we know these bosses by now.

And it looks like
we're not the only ones.


Insulin... insulin.


I need the medical history
of one Seva Kazansky.


He died two years ago.
I think it was a heart attack.

It wasn't.

- What?
-I'll explain later.

We need to find out if he had diabetes.
I'll be at yours in 30 minutes.

Greetings, dear boy!

I need to talk to you. Come sit down.

I'm listening.

Help me find the rat. Mustafa
always remembers a favor.

How do I do that?

The rat is one of ours.

I get all of them together,

you show up,
sniff them and point him out.

Please understand, dear boy.
A war will start, everyone suffers.

Many innocent people will
become victims of bloodshed.

I think you're forgetting something.

How Seva Kazansky had to go.

And who was going to take
the fall for his death?

Who saved you then?

I'll think about it.

You do that, dear boy.
Think it over very well.

Come, don't worry.
I guarantee your safety.

Let's go.

Hey. Did you get it?

I did.

How do you know Mustafa
and Seva Kazansky?

Why did you cut the scarf?

That's tampering with evidence.

Two years ago I was hired by Seva
Kazansky for a private investigation.

We met at the Sauna. One on one.

After a minute Seva died before my eyes.

I called for help,
the bodyguards bust in.

I was accused with murdering him.

Then Mustafa came.

Why did they let you go?

I told him that Seva was killed
with a slow working poison.

Several hours before our meeting.

Who did it?

Seva had a lot of smells on him.
I couldn't find the killer.

My only unresolved case.

That's all well and good but why
do you need Seva's medical card?

Did he have diabetes?


Right, I thought so.

And what is it that you thought?

Remember I told you that
the smell was familiar?


It's one of the people who had
contact with Seva before his death.

-When did you realize?
-An hour ago, in my lab.

That's when I remembered Seva Kazansky.

He had injection marks on his stomach.

Traces of insulin
and berlition were found.

This is administered to people
with diabetes. To the stomach.

That's when I thought
that he is a diabetic

and the smell is his.

But Seva only used berlition.

Exactly, it is also given
for other illnesses.

So it's the same killer?
40-year-old man, diabetic, smokes LM's.

How do we find him?

I'm going to go to a
Thieves in Law sit down.

Out of the question.

We don't have another
way of finding the killer.

Do you even have an idea
who these people are?

Animals, killers.
They have no morals or mercy.

I need to crack this case.

Mastafa's gang is out of his control.

The minute you point out the killer,

your safety cannot be guaranteed.

Mustafa's promise means nothing,

I hope you know that.

I will go regardless.

Maybe we should lock
him up for twenty days.

Especially because we have a reason to.

Alright, so this is what we do...

It's plastic so it won't
rattle around under there.

This is how you turn it on,
this is how you turn it off.

Turn it on only after being frisked.

Let's go over it again.

After being frisked I quietly
turn on the transmitter.

I then spot the killer but say nothing.

What do you say?

"Mustafa, there is no killer here."

Then I calmly leave.

Okay then, let's do it.

Go on in.

Go on, you can turn it on now.

Where is everybody?

Gena, what's wrong?

Nothing, our receiver is working.
It's his transmitter.

Why doesn't he turn it on?

We need to start the assault.


What does this mean?

I don't know.
Start the assault.

Where are the others?

-Where is everybody?
-I don't know, buddy boy.

We got screwed.

He wants to whack us

one by one

and then reap the spoils
to him and his people.

Not nice, not nice at all.
That's against the rules.

Who the hell are you, squirt?

You think you can talk to me like that?

I'll have your balls for this.

That's a great spiel you're doing
but we're not buying it.

Why don't you tell us how you were
about to hand the boys over to the cops?

Another clown opened his yapper.

That's a serious accusation, Sour.

But are you willing to put life on that?

Did you bring a civilian to a sit down?

I did, so?

What's with the van?

We can't find it, colonel.

Son of a bitch.

-Mustafa's phone?

Last registered near the golf club.


If they are having that sit down

they all have to be in one place.

And their phones too, right?

Run the rest.

Got it.


Playing this one by the rules, Mustafa.

The rules?

Where's the Greek?

We still form a majority
even without him.

A majority?

You're nothing but
a bunch of rats, the lot of you.

That's why you moved the sit down
and didn't call the Greek.

This is chaos, Axe.

Can you speak for him?

Quit you're yapping, Mustafa.

We have spoken, you have to go.

Don't I get a last word?

You've said enough, Mustafa.

What about the civilian?
Got something to say?

You are making a mistake.
I know who the killer is.

Untie me.

Just tell us.

Untie me, where am I going to go?

Two years ago Seva
Kazansky was poisoned.

That was the only
murder I couldn't solve.

What does Seva have to do
with all of this, you may ask?

The person who killed him

is also responsible for the murder
of Misha Kievsky and Trefa.

And he is here right now. Among us.

It's very simple to find him.

He has diabetes so he has to constantly
inject insulin into his stomach.

That way the drug lasts
longer and is more effective.

The killer is you.

Raise your shirt!
Raise the shirt,

you bastard.

So you're a bitch then, Jagged?

Don't shoot, I'll kill you.

So you're the rat, Jagged?

It's not me. He's the rat.

He wanted to take your place
by having the gangs fight it out.

Then take over their businesses.

I was only following orders.

You're a real piece of shit, Sour.

You're a dead man, Sour. Remember that.

Mustafa, I'm so sorry.

You're a fool Axe
and you will die a fool.


Just like the movies.

"Come out with your hands up."

Well Mustafa, looks like you're
going away for good this time.

Dear boy, you will let me out
tomorrow. I don't even have a gun on me.

I'd be glad to do the time
if you have evidence.

Concrete proof.

Without them this is all
just hair salon gossip.

You really made my heart
skip a beat back there, bro.

Your heart? You eat a lot of fat.

I have a patient due.

That's me. I came in
under a different name.

We need to talk.

What's going on?

What do you mean?

You know exactly what I mean.

I think we made a mistake.

A mistake? Was that a mistake for you?

I just think
that a relationship should move steady.

One can't just change
everything at once.

I can't.

Why not? You love me, I know that.

Your dopamine is spiking right now.

You are wrong. I do not love you.

And I would appreciate it if you
didn't stage your experiments on me.

I'm never wrong.

That being so.

Let's go back to what we were supposed
to be doing in the first place.

What seems to be your medical problem?

I think that from this day forth

we should keep our relationship
strictly doctor-patient.

I don't understand
why you are lying to me.

I won't be your patient.