Nyukhach (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

An unknown man kills four soldiers. The investigation of this crime sheds light on the life in the military base. Turns out officer abuse is not just a thing of the past. Soon enough another soldier gets murdered indicating that these heinous crimes have been committed by the same person. The killer is painted as being smart and careful, always remaining one step ahead of the investigation. How do these murders fit into a bigger picture and who is the man behind the carnage is yet to be established.

Yes? Okay.

Alexei Dmitrievich,
you are needed in ER!

What is it with today?

Idea by Artem Litvinenko

Kirill Kjaro

Ivan Oganesian

Maria Anikanova

Nina Gogaeva

Nikolay Chindyaykin

Make-up by Ludmilla Semashko

Wardrobe by Elena Rukavishnikova

Sound by Sergei Stepanski

Music by Nikita Moiseev

Casting by Elena Prilipko

Artwork by Evgeniya Lisetskaya

Cinematography by Andrej Lisetsky

Editing by Vladimir Zapriagalov

Executive Producer Andrei Rizvanyuk

Producer Viktor Mirsky

Screenplay by Artem Litvinenko
Andrey Babik

Directed by Artem Litvinenko


You're leaving already?

I need to get to work.

I can drive you.

That's okay, I've called a cab.

-Is something wrong?
-No, nothing. I'll call.


Excuse me, you're new I take it?


Which department are you working in?

The secret one.

The secret or confidential?

Why do you ask?

-What's your name?

Nice to meet you, I'm Viktor.

I'm a colonel and head
of the first department.

So Marina, apart from field work
I also have certain office duties.

Of what kind, I wonder?

I'm responsible for the quick
adaptation of new employees.

Really now?

And what would that entail?

Care, kindness, protection.


There is an introduction lesson.


And the President safely
proceeded down the road...


There was another case...

You will have to forgive me, Marina.

That's another one of my subordinates
but his adaptation is a hard one.

So we will continue
this but a little later.

Late again?

Flirting again?
The same beat scheme?

A cheap cup of coffee and a tale
of how you saved the President?

You're in a good mood. Let me guess why.

A woman. 32-33,
doesn't smoke, wears a lab coat.

Who could it be?

Did you get your weapon yet?

What weapon?

You are in the service,
you get a gun!

I can't and won't use a gun.

And I think you played
one too many video games.


We are on our way!

Well then Mr. Pacifist!

We have four stiffs
in a military hospital and no leads.

Just the way you like it, partner.

The nurse discovered the bodies at 6 AM.

Has anyone else been in the room?

The on call doctor Zinchenko. At 6:07.
He proclaimed them dead.

-Anyone else?
-No one.

Doctor Captain Zinchenko.
Nurse Batisheva.

We are going to examine you.

I'm going to have
to ask you to stand still.

Go ahead, colleague.

-Did you operate on a gangrene patient?
-I did.

And you slept on the desk all night.

I don't recommend it,
you might catch cold.

I need information
on all the killed men.

Come. Batisheva,

I want to see you
in my office later.

They all had the same diagnosis:

concussions, bruises and scratches.

And all four are from the same unit.

Do you know what happened?

There was a brawl on the base
because of a quarrel. Caucasians.

What Caucasians?

The Caucasians were also hospitalized.
There were only two of them.

One of them, Mamedov,
is still in critical condition.

The other, Gadzhibekov was discharged
yesterday. Back to the base.

I'm done in there. Go on in.

Guess we have a new chief now.

A real expert.

You got that right.

Goddamn poodle.

The nurse may be sleep on the job
but she doesn't kill her patients.

She never made
it further than the door.

Neither did the doctor.

-Were they the only ones in the room?

Good, who else was in there apart
from the nurse and the doctor on call?

A guy. Aged twenty, twenty five.

He drank some rowanberry vodka,
a little Dutch courage I guess.

Also: he uses lotion
with a poly silocsan base.

What lotion?

For healing scar tissue.

Was it used on... Gadzhibekov?

Let me see.

It was.

Another interesting detail:

there were six people
in that room yesterday, not four.

What do you mean?
There are only four beds in there.

There is a distinct smell of two more
people on the sheets on two of the beds.

Let's get this straightened out.

Zinchenko and Batisheva, get in here!

He runs a tight ship.

Who else, apart from the deceased,
occupied room seven?

Bashkeev and Semirjad.

They were transferred
to neurology that night.

Why were the sheets not changed?


They were in there for just two hours.
Didn't mess anything up.

-You told us...

A tight ship, indeed.

They are all from the same base,

Time to pay them a visit.

How many times do I have to tell you
to not put the tomatoes in the bottom?

Lady, would you mind hurrying it up?

It's not going through, can't you see?


-It's not going through...

I'm sorry, the product is not in
the database. We can't sell it to you.

Then why the shit was it in the isles?

We probably just got them and didn't
have time to put them in the database.

You can exchange it for something else.

I'm not going to exchange
them for anything else.

Mom, what do you care?

Get the other ones.

Shut your mouth.

You're still a nobody
and you will do what I tell you.

What are we looking at, ladies?

Keep working.

What is this?

Private Terentev, sir!

Disgraceful, Terentev!

Simply disgraceful!

You let the entire squad down!

Do you understand?

-Have I made myself clear, maggot?
-Yes, sir!

Are you hearing me?


At ease.

Who are you?

Colonel of the SBI,
Lebedev. We need to talk.

Officer, I want to see the entire squad
outside in one minute starting now.

Get down to it.

What am I doing here?

Carrying out an investigation.
You are my partner, right?


Before rounds, we say thank you to whom?

That's right! Private Terentyev!

Start with pushups!

I want you to do 50.

Ready, set!

One, two, three, four...

Officer abuse is a thing of the past.

Apart from small incidents
we have no conflicts.

Twelve soldiers with head injuries
and knife wounds

qualifies as a "small incident"
these days?

The fight broke out
because the contractors

and the draftees
live in the same barracks.

And is it a coincidence that all the
draftees involved were Caucasians?

I have four barracks, a hundred
and eighty people in each.

There are only forty-six contractors.

Are we supposed to give
them a separate barracks?

Squabbles happen. This is the army,
not a women's retreat!

Where are the Caucasians that
were involved in the fight?

To prevent escalation they have been
transferred to another base.

All of them?

Except Gadzhibekov.

He is still in the infirmary.

Out the barracks, first right.
Do you have any more questions?


What happened?

They have new shoes at the store.
I need some money.

Can't it wait till evening?

The girls will buy everything by then.

Poly silocsan. But it's not him.

I'm done with detective work for today.

I'll wait in the car... partner.

49, 50. Get up!

To the left!

On my command. Run!

They were kicking Mamedov.
Eight of them.

So I got the rest of the boys.

I mean,
they were killing our countryman.

Was I supposed to turn a blind eye?

Has this sort of thing happened before?

All the time.

The contractors have an iron grip
over the draftees.

I don't know who killed them,

but I have respect for him.


Stop! To the right!

Push ups now!

"Officer abuse is a thing of the past".
Yeah, right.

They were shipped
to other bases in a heartbeat.

The Caucasians.

Yep. So far "revenge"
seems to be the motive.

Are we going to visit
all of these bases?

Jeez. Your adaptation
is causing some growing pains.

What adaptation?

Forget it.

Maxim! These soldiers need to be
transported to the SBI by nine tomorrow.

I'll send you a list.

No, we are not going to visit
all of these bases today.

I have plans.

So what drew you to the force, Marina?

Actually I'm just an intern.

An intern?

I received my law degree this year.

-Then went to post grad studies.

Well they require an internship
in a law enforcement agency.

I chose SBI.

And you made the right call, Marina.

I'll be a minute.

I'm timing you.

Excuse me, please.

Watch where you're going, bitch.

Are you okay?

Have you any idea who
I am, you shitkicker?

Chill out now.

Take it easy.

Hello, police?

"... screaming out insults proceeded to
kick me in the hand, breaking my pinky.

Lebedev then continued kicking me
in the presence of witnesses,

whose testimonies are included."

What am I supposed to make of this?

He's lying! That's not what happened!

This! This is what happened!

The rest is hair salon gossip!

Do you know whose pinky you broke?


Duma Deputy P.I. Ezhikov.

And he has eight witnesses!

They demand disciplinary measures!


But that's all well and good.

But tell me this.
Why would you call the cops?

Couldn't handle him yourself?

Listen here Lebedev!
I'm not covering for you!

And keep this in mind:

the next time you call the cops
it's going to be for a job interview!


By the way,

what is all this employee adaptation
I keep hearing about?

Listen here,

I'm closing the internship.
This isn't a...


Broke his pinky...


I'm very sorry
the internship program was closed.

It's complete chaos!

Cops snooping around the base,
the court marshal.

The draftees are going crazy,
the commander is pissed, it's crazy.

How are you guys?

Crazy. Can you imagine
if we were in that ward?

Luck. Pure luck.

If we only knew which
son of a bitch did it...

Alright, let's go.

It's not them.

You can all go now.

So the Caucasians are clean.

They are. I'm going to go.

If something happens,
call me.

Maxim, get me all the cases

concerning disorderly conduct
on the base from the past year.

Anatoliy Borisovich,
what have we got on ballistics?

Well, four bullets were taken out.
They were fired from a suppressed TT.

This particular pistol
is not in our database.


Did something happen?

I've decided to live with you.

No Alex, you have to live
with your mother.

I can't do it anymore. Can
I stay with you for a while?

How do you imagine this working?

I don't have a room for you. Also
I'm at a loss at what to do with you.

Meaning, you're throwing
your only son out.

Please understand
that you must live with your mother.

You didn't want to.
Now you're making me do it.


Open the door now. Alex is missing.

Alex is gone. Some of his things
and a bag are missing.

We need to call the police.

That's how it is, huh?

I'm calling every hospital and morgue
in town, about to lose my mind...

While they are relaxing here,
having tea.

Can't he come visit?

With his things?

Get your things and go home.

I'm talking to you.

I'll deal with you


You have a real stupid house,
you know that?

Can't even slam the door on you.

To luck, eh?

To luck.

You think they'll find that scum sucker?

Who? The cops?
Don't make me laugh.

The last one is mine.

Why yours?

Because it is.

I'll get more.

Recognize me?

Don't shoot me, bro!

Where's Semiryad?


Open the door.

Are you drunk in there?

Holy shit!

Two people were drinking vodka.
The deceased and another one.

Both were recently hospitalized.
It that same room.

Remember the smell of the sheets?

Baksheev, Baksheev...

Yes! Bashkeev and Semiryad!

So the killer was
hunting for six people?

Or two of the men killed
in the hospital were a mistake.

At any rate,
Semiryad is the next victim.

That's awful...


What do you mean "gone"?

When we found Baksheev's body,
I raised the alarm.

But Semiryad was nowhere to be found,

he wasn't in the formation.

It's like he'd vanished.

Four contractors
were murdered in the hospital.

I have enough reasons
to believe that these murders

were somehow connected
to Baksheev and Semiryad.

Contractors tend to stick together.

Were they threatened?
Could anyone be looking for revenge?

I have no idea.

Was the Sentry switched?

Not that I know of.

No one leaves the base
until the area is secured.

Nope. He didn't leave HQ.

How can you leave the base
without going through HQ?

I don't know, colonel!

Stop shitting me, jackass!

I'm going to have a
stroll along the fence

and I will find the gap
you all go rogue through.

And then you'll be charged
with concealing evidence.

Clear? Show me.

Semiryad is the worst.

He would beat you so bad you couldn't
walk. Never leaves any marks either.

Who's " they"?

Baksheev, Semiryad, Slipko
and... what's his name... Gumenyk.

They were all from the same town.

-Why were there no complaints?
-Who's there to complain to?

Contractors push us around
and the officers are fine with it.

"Order" is maintained.

There it is.

And here's "Cracker Jack".

-Cracker Jack?

Why "Cracker Jack"?

Well, "Cracker" is "crack"!

And Jack, hell if I know.
That's the name.

I found something.

That is how the murderer got in.

If he knew about the crack,
he must've served here.

And also, that's how Semiryad
deserted the base.

30 minutes after the murderer ran off.

-Was he following the murderer?
-Don't know.

Smells follow the same
trajectory up to the freeway.

Then I lose track of them.

What else?

A man, 20-25 years old.
Uses polysiloxane.

That's the ointment against scars.

And he was wearing a scarf.
A black scarf.

Is that all?


I also smelled polyester fiber with NC

and polyurethane supplement.

What does that mean?

Those are the components
of leather they cover bus seats with.

And since the smell is sharp,
the bus in question must be brand new.

So I believe the bus station
is our next stop.

This is terrible.

Five soldiers on my base.
The commission is going to show up.

Like I didn't pay enough attention
or failed to discipline them.

Wish we could catch the bastard.

So, who's writing?


Lyuba from the canteen.
She wants to go to the movies tonight.

You women are strange.

A hundred meters away yet
write each other on the phone.

Want some tea?

I'll have some at work.

Lyuba, I need a favor...

That's ours. Number 47. Moscow, Troicky
Posad, Kamency, Teplye Prudy and back.

Has been on the go for a month or so.

It is new, no questions about that
but the motor dies quite often.

Had to take care of it twice already.

Buses like these
seem to be the only option.

Is that a daily route?

It used to go three times a day,
now, twice a day.

In the morning and in the evening.
And every other day in winter.

And where's the bus now?

On route. If nothing happens
it should be here in an hour.

And who's the driver?

-Petka Shylyaev. He sports a mustache.
-And who worked yesterday?

Him. This isn't
an international bus station.

I see. Thanks.

We'll catch him on the way.

What's he done this time?

Everything is fine, don't worry.

-Katya, hand me the meat!
-It's not defrosted yet.

Why the hell not?

I just took it out of the freezer.
They wouldn't let anyone in.

Fine, give it to me.

Lyuba, tell me
that dinner's going to be on time!

I'll do my best, Colonel.
But you know perfectly well...

I know. But then you're going
to the movies. You'll be fine.

Relax a little... Which movie?

A comedy.

And all by yourself? Without suitors?

How is that even possible?
They are nowhere to be found.

Your wife invited me,
so I guess I'll join.

My wife invited you, eh?

Enjoy the night.

Is anything wrong, officer?


That is right. What is the matter?

SBI Colonel, Lebedev.

Did anyone get off at the crossroads

next to the military base
yesterday night?

Yesterday? Yes, this one guy.

-Was he wearing a uniform?
-No, a civilian.

Describe him.

An average guy. Tall.

I think he had a cold.
He we wearing a scarf.

Where did he get on?

At the turn to Zuevka.
What the hell is going on here?

How far from here?

About 70 kilometers. What happened?

Nothing. Thanks for your help.

-What do you mean? Is that it?
-That is it.

-And don't dilute gas, I beg you.

Otherwise, you'll just
kill the engine again.

I want an extra sentry
by every barracks.

With machine guns.
Change guard every hour.

Will do, sir.

Report to me every two hours.

Yes, sir.

I don't want a single soldier
out of the barracks.

Understood, commander.

All the Zuevka news
are right here, my friend.

That's our help desk right there.

I'll wait here.

Suit yourself.

-Good day, pretty ladies!

Are you looking for a bride, sonny?

A buddy of mine, actually.

Young, tall, wears a scarf.

Serezha, you mean?

-He's not here.
-Where is he?

Don't know. He left yesterday,
hasn't been back since.

And you are...?

SBI Colonel, Lebedev.

You're going to show me
where your Serezha lives.

-How long has he been living here?
-About two weeks.

I don't take rent.
He's been helping around the house,

fixed the fence, there, see?

He's so quiet. What a good lad!

Why does he wear a scarf all the time?

He's face is covered
with gruesome scars.

I think he's ashamed of them.

Did he mention anything
about those scars?

I did ask him once
and he just got angry all of a sudden.

I never came back to it.

This is where I set him up.

It used to be a sauna before.

Pretty isn't it?

Did he make any calls? Maybe a letter?

Who's he gonna call?
He was raised in an orphanage.

It's him...
The gun and bullets were in this bag.

When will Serezha be back?

I don't know. He comes and goes.

Sometimes for days at a time...

Dolganin, Sergey. Military Base 1348.

Good God, what a handsome boy!

Why would anyone do that to him?

-Are you getting dressed already?

I've been summoned to town.
Don't wait up.

-Should I make you some sandwiches?

Maxim, get two operatives
and head to Zuevka.

Lenin Street, 42. Hustle.

Son, what seems to be the trouble?

If Sergey comes back
before my colleagues arrive,

don't tell him anything.

And don't worry.
Everything will be fine.

What did you do, Serezhenka?


Don't burn the bard down.

-Did anyone see you?

-Where is the car?
-Parked by the curb.

I'll take you this girl I know.
You can wait it out there for a week.

Let's go.


Serezhenka! Where were you, baby boy?

No calls, no letters.

I thought
you'd forgotten about me.

What's wrong with your throat?

It's not my throat.

She doesn't report to me.
Look for her on base grounds.


Pashutin's wife climbed through
"Cracker Jack" thirty minutes ago.

Thank you.

Lyuba, we know Pashutin's wife
has left the base.

Where did she go?

Sergey Dolganin committed
five brutal murders.

Last night's being the latest.

Your friend is in grave danger.

I told her this would lead to no good...

What did you do, Serezha?

What about the police?

The police?

I was outside the base.

And they had an alibi that checks out.

That's what the detective said.

What do we do now?

Those animals can't hurt anyone anymore.

They did this to me for fun...

Just to pass the time.

Hurry up!

I... I don't know.

I'm so lost.

I killed two innocent men...

Why did you come?

To say goodbye.

Look at you two lovebirds.

Sit down!

Tell me Lena, what have I not given you?

Is this what gets you off?

Look at him!

He is pathetic,
a maggot, a disgusting monster!

Do you love him?

Do you, bitch?!


Should have sliced
your pecker off too, Dolganin.

What did you expect?

You don't just bang
my wife without consequence.

I told Semiryad and his pals
to punish you that night.

I showed mercy
where I should have been firm.

Should have buried you from the get-go.

But that's okay. I'll fix my mistake.

You are a piece of shit, Pashutin.

An hour ago, Dolganin here,
used this gun

to murder private Semiryad.

And now,

in a jealous rage,
he will murder my wife.



Son of a bitch!

Are you ok?

He's a good shot, the bastard.

Take this.

Bastard! Bastard!



-Colonel, you ordered this.
-Finally! Did you leave a tip?

With corn. You want?

Very funny.

Well, that's your call.

More for me.

Now about Doganin.

There are no witnesses to his beating
so he couldn't prove a thing.

Plus he was on leave.

He was discharged
right out of the hospital.

Pashutin's wife knew nothing.

Is she going to jail?

No. Self-defense.

I'm a witness.

You too.


I came by to say goodbye.

What do you mean goodbye?

My internship has been cancelled.

Cancelled? I'll sort it out.

Thank you.

I see you've adapted.

Yes, I have.

The Colonel and I
saved the President again

just the other day.

Marina, I'll see you off.

To be honest, I really
don't want to say goodbye.

The number you have called
is not available.

I've been missing you so much, baby.