Nova (1974–…): Season 38, Episode 18 - Quantum Leap - full transcript

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Lying jusf beneath
everyday reality

is c: breathtaking world,

where much of whcn' we perceive
about The universe is wrong.

Physicist and besf-selling
author Bricm Greene fakes you

on c: journey fhcn' bends The
rules of human experience.

BRIAN GREENE: Why don"r we ever see
events unfold in reverse order?

According To The laws
of physics, this can happen.

H's c: world
fhcn' comes To light

as we probe The most extreme
realms of The cosmos,

from black holes
To The Big Bang.

To The very hecm'
of maffer itself.

I'm going To have
what he's having.

Here, our universe may be one
of numerous parallel recllilies.

The Three-dimensional world
may be jusf cm illusion,

cmci There's no ciisfinciion

befween pasf, presem'
and fufure.

GREENE: Bu'r how could This be?

How could we be so wrong
about something so familiar?

Does it bother us?


There's no principle
built inio The laws of n