No Limit (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Episode #3.1 - full transcript


What are you doing here?

- Nice to see you too.
- Let's not kid ourselves.

You're here for a reason.
So let's hear it.

- Spit it out.
- I'm here to spring you.

Spring me?

Are you mad?
I've got six months left.

I've only got six months too.
I can't wait.

It took you 10 years
to get around to seeing me.

I'm waiting for a liver transplant.
In six months I'll be dead.

Oh, I get it.

The return of the prodigal son.

You're my compatible donor.

No. What did you expect?

To come in here
and waltz off with my liver?

Is that it?


I've no desire
to return to France.


- See you, then.
- Bye.

You fucking shit!

You want to kill
your father? Go ahead.

I love the fact you're so predictable.

Come on, get a move on!

That's a dead end. It's a dead end!

See? You're going to get us killed!

Shut up.

- What's this?
- Shut up.

You're sick in the head.

All this is a set-up.

- Fuck...
- Shut up!

Falcon 1 to Falcon 2,
what are you doing?

You think we can just circle
the skies of Colombia?

Come on! Run!

- I thought you worked in IT.
- I thought you ran a hotel in Phuket.

You know what?

- This is a terrible idea.
- Hurry!

All you're going to do
is get us killed.

Move it!

You know what?

You'll give me a bit of your liver,
and we'll meet again in 30 years.

- So, how's it going?
- Typical Monday.

Barbecue Sunday,
tidy up Monday?

He was shot in the head first.

- Can he be identified?
- I have a partial fingerprint.

But there's more.

Lots of notes stuck in his throat.

The gastric juices made the ink run.


Looks like it. We're waiting
for the lab report.

Not bad for a Monday!

See you later.

Take him down.
He's got the message.

What about Taieb?
Do we keep delivering?

It's all sorted.

He grilled the bloke
who double-crossed him.

Taieb's gambling clients
won't spot a thing.

This paper makes it almost perfect.

Change the oxygen cylinder.


Don't worry.

He's tired, but I'd rather
keep him sedated.

He's asleep now.
It gets tricky when he wakes up.

The tests produced
good news and bad news.

He's dying, but he has cirrhosis?

- Where's the good news there?
- Spend time with him, you'll see.

Your dad doesn't have cirrhosis.

But his transaminase
and gamma GT are high.

His liver is healthy enough.

He'll need to avoid alcohol
for a few weeks.

Him, stop drinking?

He has to, before a transplant.

He'll never give me any of his liver.

Give him time.
It's a tough decision.

I get the feeling you two
need to sort out a few things.

By the way...

Your post-mission analysis.
It's not exactly glowing.

I didn't know you took ephedrine.

I don't know where you get it
but you're taking too much.

Your heart can't take it.

My liver will give out first.

I understand why you would need
to get doped up for this operation.

But ephedrine is dangerous stuff.

It's addictive, you understand?

Next time, I'll have
to report it to your superiors.


Lola, wait!

Back from your construction
site in Dubai?

You should have called.
Did you see the results?

- Not yet. So?
- I passed. With honours!


- Are you surprised?
- Yes... no!

Hi, Mr Libérati.


- Did you pass?
- Yes. With dishonours.

Very funny!

I called your mum.

She hasn't called back.
What's going on?

She put in for a transfer to Paris.


What are you going to do?
Photography school?

- Are you going with her?
- I don't know.

Leaving me all alone.

I'm sick of your dramas.

Lola, wait!

Lola... have fun!

Leaving so soon?

Where do you think you are?

That's just it.

I wish someone would tell me.

You can't tell me to my face
that you won't be a donor.

Yes, I can.
You're not getting my liver.

Don't worry, your dad
will have time to think it over.

Mr Libérati,
do you know this man?


- I can't see without my glasses.
- Your friend Jacques Brunetti.

You did several burglaries
for him in the '70s.

Ah, Jacques!

Jacques... he's aged a bit.

Well, give him my best.

- You can do it yourself.
- What's this all about?

You want to use my dad?
He's unreliable.

- He'll let us all down!
- I never let anyone down in 30 years.

Aside from your wife, kids, family...

Do me a favour. Settle your disputes
elsewhere and let me do my job.

Sorry, Vincent. I didn't know.

Do you have anything
on Jacques Brunetti?

Do you know him?

After running the Marina gang,
specialising in spectacular break-ins,

often involving you...

No need to exaggerate.

Brunetti had a lot of success,

then made his fortune in Asia,
returning in 2002.

Now he owns bars, clubs,

an art collection...
and he's an aspiring politician.

So, I take it my son
doesn't work in IT.

I'd figured that much.

But where are we?
What is Hydra?

An unofficial special operations unit.

- Kind of a parallel MI6.
- Yes, very parallel!

Unlike the official secret services,
our methods are rather... distinctive.

So what about Jacques?
Is he above board now?

We hear that your friend is
forging money on a huge scale.

We'll never get him
if he's elected. It's now or never.

So you're asking me
to get close to my friend,

and elicit incriminating information?

- Is that it?
- I want to know who...

- or where these notes come from.
- Why would I help out?

In exchange,
you'll get a new identity,

and be allowed to settle
in the country of your choice.

Otherwise it's back to Colombia,
and a high-security jail.

It won't be the first time
you've run away abroad.

I'll help my dad
get close to Brunetti.

- Then he's free to go.
- Or give up his liver, even!

Lieutenant Kozinsky
will head this assignment.

Replacing Marie,
who's on a job in Russia.

I'm Zoé. Hi.

- Agreed?
- OK, but don't take any chances.

Bertrand will be your analyst.

Him, my analyst?

Let's hope he fucks up less
once he's behind a desk.

Yes, I heard that you've
had your differences.

Just a few, yes.

I'm sure you'll be fine.
Safe return to Hydra.

Nice to meet you anyway.

Shit! What are you playing at?

Hey, it's OK.

I'll handle this, Lieutenant.
Thank you.

I know your reputation.

From now on,
you don't handle anything.

That blonde's a tough cookie.

Hey, I haven't seen Marseille
for 10 years. This is overkill.

Just in case you try to make off...

Lighten up, will you?
We're partners now.

Just see this through,
then you can run away.

You're good at that, aren't you?

If you think I would turn up
at your place with my bags...

There's no chance
of that, don't worry.

Shut it! Not my place,
or Juliette's, or anyone else's!

You've done enough damage.

Now go!

Is this a good idea?

He's a crook, with a history
of double-crossing.

I'm relying on you to monitor them.

Father and son.

It's a chance for you to prove
you're better than they say.

Vincent is a mad dog. You chose
to keep him? Fair enough.

But he'll get no special treatment.

If I need to sacrifice him
and his dad, I won't hesitate.

Just keep an eye on him.

Tear it up!

Fuck, I love a good party!

Hey, come on out, fatso!

Get your arse out here!

Mamadou! What the...

- Turn it down!
- It's party time!

You're blocking my boats!

Get out of here!

Mate, you need to loosen up.

Hey, get some
phone numbers for me!

Good to see you, Vincent.

- You hid it?
- Of course.

Do I get to meet your girlfriend?

- Forget it, you're not her type.
- Shit.

- Have you seen my stall?
- Impressive.

A gift from Hydra,
on condition I go straight.

- You, straight?
- Always!

Look, I need some accommodation.

- For her?
- No, the guy in the car.

Is he a Mafia godfather?

An old relative. My dad.

- As if you've got a dad!
- Haven't you?


- Well, then? Thanks.
- No problem.

- Get him out.
- Hey, Daddy!

- Hello?
- Hello, you.

- Hi.
- I'm calling on a scrambled line.

Back at Hydra with Dad
and a new liver?

I'm waiting for my test results.

I need him. I've no idea
what he's thinking.

I don't understand him.

It's like he doesn't give a shit.

Reminds me of someone.

I'm serious, Marie.

I'm serious too. I went through
the same thing with you.

You and your dad are alike.

- Get used to it.
- What are you on about?

He's a dickhead. He doesn't
care about anyone but himself.

At least he's giving up his liver.

You're right.

Now you have a future,
you can think differently.

- Your wife will be pleased.
- I don't know. Better ask her.

While I was gone,
she ran away.

Like you.

I had no choice.
I was sent here for work.

Anyway, I'd better go.

Give Gandel a kiss from me.
But don't get too close.

Sleeping with colleagues
is a recipe for trouble!

Yeah, but sometimes it's nice.

Right. Hasta la vista, baby.


- What now?
- You take care.

Don't worry.

I hear you're putting in
to be a superintendent.

That's good.

Sorry, do I know you?

It's a pity about your past.

It would be a shame to be
accepted, then disqualified.

And transferred.

- But there's a solution.
- Which is?

We're nice guys in Internal Affairs.
But we like straight cops.

Our feeling is that
your boss is taking the piss.

The Superintendent?
No, you're wrong.

- She's straight as a die.
- Listen here, Captain.

We know a secret agency has been
created to clean up the territory.

They think they're above
the law, wiping out crooks.

We think Vincent Libérati is involved.

So help me prove his sister is too,


- You like the North?
- Northern Marseille? Yes.

You can relax now.

- You OK?
- Of course.

Where is he?

Not here. He refused
the transplant.

- What will you do?
- Same as everyone else.

Wait for a donor.


Will you still leave Hydra,
as planned?

It's complicated.


You can't help it.

Do as you please,
it's your life, but...

don't expect
any more help from me.

You don't mind when
I give you suspects on a plate.

- I never asked you for anything.
- It's OK.

From now on,
we each do what we must.

- I won't be around to rescue you.
- Don't take it like that.

Even if I steal some old lady's liver,
I'll always be your brother.

No, Vincent. It's over.

Anyway, where was he?

In prison, in Colombia.
Serving three years for fraud.

He's nothing but trouble.
The only solution is to stay away.

He's good at staying away.

For the last...

30 years, he's stayed away.

Maybe it's time for
a change of strategy.

No, stop it.

You and I have always coped.
We never needed him.


He refused to be a fucking donor!



Anyway, keep your nose clean
because you'll get no favours from me.

By the way...

Find yourself a liver. Please.


You idiot!

This is a great town.

It's good to be back.

Even in the rain.

Been here long?

Two years.

Yes, so I heard. You came
for your wife and daughter.

Well, not for your wife, but...

What was it again?
I don't know, maybe for your wife.

You got married.
Or remarried, that's it.

It's a complicated business!

Shut up now.

Can't we even chat?

- It's happening over there.
- Where?


Brunetti's coming out.

- Go on, then. Go!
- Where?

Move, for fuck's sake!

Go on, act natural.

Where is he?

Fuck, I knew it. Shit!

Are you free? Can I get in?

Go ahead.

Go! Go!

- Quickly!
- Stop!

Are you nuts?

- Sorry, my dad has Alzheimer's.
- Who has?

He'll tie me up!
This bastard is abusing me!

- Come on.
- What are you doing?

- Coming, Grandpa?
- Call the police!

- You bastard!
- Come on, Grandpa.

Don't worry, you'll be fine.

- I'll call the cops...
- What got into you?

We almost missed him.

I can't go and see Brunetti.

He'll kill me.

- Let's go back.
- I swear.

The first report?

Victim's name is Rachid Ramdane.
Aged 20, but already a long rap sheet.

The bullet was a .7.65.

The lab confirms that
the forged notes are top quality.

Must be a revenge killing
linked to counterfeit money.

Heavy stuff.

Maybe the NCA should handle it.

Since when do we chicken out?

Since Internal Affairs paid me a visit.

Internal Affairs?

- What have you done now?
- They're after you.

They resent
your brother going AWOL,

and suspect you
of helping the Secret Service.

That's absolute rubbish.

I told him, but he didn't believe me.
They're onto you and they want my help.

So best pass the case
on to the Anti-gang Squad.

Don't let Internal Affairs catch you
with a guy from the Secret Service.

Or worse still, your brother.


Rachid Ramdane worked
at a gambling club, Le Cercle,

run by a guy named Taieb.


Gambling clubs handle cash.
Perfect for spending forged notes.

Forged notes, genuine shitstorm.

Do we interview him?

For now we observe.
We've nothing on him.

- You stole what?
- A Senufo mask, from Burkina Faso.

Jacques had a beautiful
collection of African art.

Which he stole too, of course!

- It was worth two million francs.
- Yes.

- Wasn't Brunetti your best mate?
- Yes, he was.

But I didn't expect to get caught.

Anyway, it wasn't for me,
it was for a client.

His definition of friendship.



Forget the infiltration.
It's too risky.

- No way.
- Bertrand, don't muck about.

What do we do now, Mr Analyst?

Precisely that: analyse.

I get the feeling that...

this slight tension is nothing new.

- I gathered that!
- You can say that again.

Bertrand shagged Vincent's bird,
but she used to be with Bertrand...

- Tony, for fuck's sake!
- OK!

Where is the mask now?

The cops found it five years ago.
It's in the Lambrecht Museum.


Why didn't you say so?

In position.

Alarm deactivated.
Over to you, champ.

I'm in the duct, above the hall.

Be careful: the cameras
and lasers are deactivated,

but not the floor detectors.

Really? How come?

It's a cutting-edge system.
It seals doors and windows.

There will be no way out.

Standards are slipping.
Did Bertrand hire you?

- I can't keep up.
- You wanted to go it alone.

It's a shame. Libérati
and son on a burglary job.

It was so touching!

Forget my family.
They'll always dislike you.

Nothing must touch the floor.

Don't drop any screws.

My liver may be shot,
but I don't have Parkinson's.

- What is this shit?
- What's wrong?

Hear that?

Nothing to see.

What are you doing here?

- How did you get in?
- Through the entrance.

Stop arseing about.
You'll get us caught!

- You think I'm a beginner?
- After all that time in prison? Yes.

I'm not taking shit
from a ninja. Just look at you!

Don't move, whatever you do.

I'm not moving!

The system is disconnected,
but the relay system

is triggered by body heat.

- What was that?
- He said that...

Retirement age is 60!

- You're too old.
- In the meantime, you need your dad.

- Fuck off.
- Don't take that tone with me!

Calm down, guys.
Keep the temperature down.

Seriously, how long
are you going to keep this up?

How long are you going
to keep blaming me?

You were never there
when you were needed.

I spent 15 years in prison!

15 years out of the lives
of me and Juliette!

- It's not all about you!
- Not now, Vincent.

If the temperature doesn't drop
soon, you'll lose Lola for 15 years.

Right, OK.

- What was that?
- The temperature needs to fall.

Do what you like.
I'm heading back up.

Hey, that mask is mine!
Where are you going?

- You can't leave me here.
- Stop wriggling!

- What a thrill! I feel young again.
- Shut up.

- Hello?
- I hope I didn't wake you up.

Actually, you did. What's up?

I'm at the Lambrecht Museum.

It just got burgled.

A very pro, high-tech job.
Know what I mean?

Dad's too old for that, so I assumed
Hydra was feeling bored...

Much too busy for that.

I hope so, because Internal Affairs
thinks I'm working with you.

Yes. So because of you,
I could lose my job.

Stay out of my investigations, or...

- I'll never forgive you.
- Don't worry.

Is that my Juju?

You're not alone?

Yes, I am.

Are you free tomorrow night?

I want you and Dad
to come over for a drink.

Not a good idea.

I can see him if I want to!

Tell him when you see him.

And don't fall asleep
at the wheel, it's dangerous.



No, she's a good girl,
your sister. Really.

But she always wanted
to be a cop. What can you do?

Oh yes, give Lola
my congratulations

for passing her exams.

With honours. That's really...

- Good.
- Really good.

She must be grown up now.

Last time I saw her,
she was tiny.

I suppose she was barely...

- She was 7.
- She was very pretty.

Juliette looked a lot
like her at that age.

It's true.

- It's funny.
- Right...

I'll drop you at Tony's.

Hey, it wasn't me
who spiked your drink!

- You were fast asleep, so...
- Don't ever try that again!

- A sleeping pill? Very lax.
- Don't you start!

You Libératis
are starting to piss me off.

Don't hold back, will you?

She snored like a drain.
It was so cute!

Don't lose sight of him.
He has to stay put.

- Sleeping pill?
- Yes, if you like.

It's Lola's dad.

Well done, everyone!

Come here, you.

- What would your mum say?
- But I passed!

You're right. Well done.

- Well done!
- Thanks.

We should do this every month.

Throw a party.
Your mum loves to dance.

- You're going a bit far!
- Not at all. I love to dance.

I love it!

- Is this a new thing?
- No!

- Is it since Mum left?
- You don't know your own dad.

You'd do anything
to keep me by your side.


You know the apartments
in Paris are tiny, don't you?

- I'm proud of you.
- Thanks.

Proud of you!

Turn the music down.

I'll handle it. Bloody party poopers.

- Good evening.
- Hi. This is my place.

- You know why we're here?
- To celebrate?

- Excuse me?
- Sorry.

My daughter passed her exams.

- Wow, cool!
- We'll turn it down.

People get up early.

You said it.

Not that passing exams
gets you very far.

It's true.
I fucked mine up completely!

Fuck exams!

We'll stop now.
Sorry for the disturbance.

Have a nice evening.

The party's over. It stops now.

- Sorry, we're done.
- We'll just make less noise.

No, it's over. Over!

So parties are cool,
but not for long!


I'd love it if you lived here
rather than Paris.

Choose who to piss off, you or Mum?

Great. A poisoned chalice.

Lola! Fuck...

I would miss her too.

Shouldn't we stick closer to him?

Aren't you sick
of the Libérati family?

Don't worry. When it comes
to tricking people, he's the best.

Come on, Jacques.
It was a misunderstanding.

Two million, a misunderstanding?

At that price...
I understand all too well.

Wait, Jacques...

I've got a gift for you.


You nick it 20 years ago,
then treat me like a fence?


Plus your daughter is a cop.

Who do you think you are?

I don't want you to fence it.
I just came to give it back.

You haven't changed.

Look at your face!


I heard about the museum.

At your age!

You ought to be ashamed.
Old Claude!


- To the past.
- To the future.

So what do you plan on doing now?

You came bearing gifts.
You must have something in mind.

I'm too old for welfare.
I need work.

- I'm getting into politics.
- I know.

I saw the posters.

"Marseille for Marseille folk."
It's good. You're socially involved.

I'm done with business.

Come on, you've still got contacts.

Oh, you know...

I'm back from Colombia, and I have
nothing except a few friends...

and some "real" friends back there.

I'll see what I can do.

That's it, have a drink.
Carry on destroying your liver.

By the way, I've seen
the file on your dad.

A real legend, the Magician.
Worked with the greats.

Guérini, Zampa, Francis the Belgian...

- They never impressed me.
- Having a dad like that...

I didn't.
He left when I was 10.

Do I ask about your dad?

He was an anti-gang officer.
He died when I was 10.

Busting a bungled hold-up.

Don't worry, your dad wasn't involved.


I don't like his face.

Get his photo.

Who is that guy?

- Excuse me a moment.
- Sure.


Take the rest to Taieb.

The man with the bag
has the forged notes.

He's leaving.

Not bad, Mr Magician.

He's a real hound
at sniffing out funny money.

Here's our friend Taieb.

Where is he off to
with that nice case?

Start her up.

Don't lose him.

I'm on it, boss.


You're lucky, the boss likes you.

No slip-ups, get it?

I've cleaned up my team.

Rachid won't be
double-crossing me any more.

I'm ready to offload
more at the club.

Good. The printworks
is running flat out.

OK, boss?

Look, Bago.
I'm sick of lying to you.

My brother works
for the Secret Service.

I guessed as much.

Well, from now on,
we're going to use him.

We'll solve this Ramdane murder
and sort out this forged notes racket.

We'll show Internal Affairs
that we're the best cops in France.

- Let's go.
- For me...

being the best cops
in Marseille is enough.

It's OK.

Didier Taieb.

Yes, the owner
of the gambling club on the coast.

He recycles forged banknotes.

Through him, we know
that Brunetti prints them himself.

Our mission is to find out
where he prints them.

And stop this counterfeiting.

Then we'll get rid of Brunetti.

- Will you see him again?
- Me?

Well, Jacques said he would
see about finding me a job.

Whatever he offers, accept it.

Staying close to him
will lead us to the printworks.

Are you free tonight?

I'm pretty busy, but I can cancel.

- You mean you're free.
- No, but I can cancel.

Come on.

No, not the hood again!

It's the rules, Dad.

- No cuffs then.
- For fuck's sake!

Stop haggling! I'm not
allowed to take them off you.

Are we agreed?

Yes, after a few days in Marseille,
I head off, far away from here.

- Very far.
- Yes, very far.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- This is Lola.
- Lola...

It looks good, but I'll skip it.

I'm on a diet.

You OK?

Where is Christophe?

- Giving diving lessons in Greece.
- There's a lot of lessons going on.

He's hardly ever here.

Are you two OK?

Don't worry.

We're Libératis.
We've seen worse.

- It's good to see him.
- He isn't staying.

Six months, he said.

Better than nothing.

Isn't life good?

You never told me Grandpa
had such an amazing life.

All the hotels he's run
around the world.

I bet he's seen some wild stuff.

Although he could have chosen
to stay in Marseille with his kids,

don't you think?

Yeah, like you.

I'm here.



- Still looking for work?
- Yes, of course.

I've got something for you.

Oh, it's nothing.

I want you to spy
on your daughter for me.

- She's on a case I'm interested in.
- All right.

You know, I don't really
want to go to Paris.

If it's OK with you, I'll stay here.

Then we can have lots of parties!

And I can get
to know the Libératis.

Don't get your hopes up.
We're like any other family.