No Escape (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - The Vote - full transcript

As tensions mount between the crew, a vote is held and a crew member is kicked off. After losing the boat on its tail, The Blue sails straight into a violent storm. Filipino detective Reyes tracks down Lana in Australia.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
The cops are searching boats,

You need to dump the money
and the diamonds right now.

I don't even fucking
know where she hid it.

I have a warrant. We got
to search all boats in Balaki.

What I wanna know is
where the fuck is my brother?

Jesus Christ.

Go, go, go.

All right, just--

I took it from Aaron's cabin.

I don't know
what he's gonna do.

Maybe he doesn't need
to find out.

Where are they, then?

Thought if
I could sell 'em fast,

get a really good price--

- Where are they now?
- They're gone!

- What?
- I lost Denny's bag.


Miss, hold my hand!

This is not a place
for tourist.

- Kitty!
- Hey!


It wasn't fucking drug money,

it was a ransom paid
by a powerful Filipino family

to get back their kidnapped son
from the BLF.

There's a gentleman from
the Filipino police service.

Figure we need
to put this in, too.


I am so--fuck!

It's heavy.
How do people do this?

See you guys up there,
all right?

Oh, could you--


Okay, I think we're all set.


I think you should change.
You're a little bit saucy.

Who's ready?

- Raise the sail.
- Too low?

No, that's...

All right.
I'm starving.

Could you pass, uh--

I'm very impressed
by your cooking, Kitty.

Oh, splendid.
All right.

Where did you learn?

Uh, just taught myself.

I can't stop thinking
about that guy.


Me, too.

Palau's not a very big place,
is it?

No, not so big.

So what if we can't
sell the diamonds there?

Well, then,
we'll keep trying until we do.

And the others,
they'll be okay?

Yeah, they'll be fine.

Once we're gone, I'll just
get back to island-hopping.

Hey, what about Kitty?
You tell her?


I think it's best
it's just between us for now.

And then when we sell them,
I can--

We'll disappear.
Somewhere safe.

Kitty, too.

And you and me,
we can be together properly.

No more sneaking around.


But sneaking around's
half the fun.


Are we gonna
stop off somewhere?

Pick up some supplies?

There's a bit of weather
heading our way,

so we might have to
wait that out for a bit.

But as soon as it passes,
we should be safe to go.

Ooh, looks good.

Hey, hey.


Smells good, Kitty.

Look, I understand
you're pissed about yesterday.

That's fair enough.

The diamonds were all we had,

And now, it's been for nothing.

Sorry, you're still

talking about
the fucking diamonds?

When a innocent boy died?

Because of our greed?

Well, Joseph, you voted
to keep the bag as well.

We all did.
No, no, Joseph's right.

This situation is fucked up.

Everything that went down
in Balaki, it is my fault.


Taking the diamonds
out of Aaron's cabin,

that was wrong, it was dumb,
and I'm sorry.

Like, really sorry.

And I know it'll take a while
to earn back your trust,

so say the word and I'll do it.

Fuck, Denny is always sorry,
he makes a big fuss about it,

but then Denny keeps
doing whatever he likes.

So you name a rule,
he's broken it.

If anyone else
did half what he's done,

you'd punish them.

So where is Denny's
fucking punishment?

Well, wait. I forgot
he's Aaron's little bitch.

Hey, stop!

- Stop, stop!
- Hey, stop!

Hey, hey, hey!
No more, no more!

Look, he's just upset
about what happened yesterday.


And we were the ones that
saw that boy's fucking funeral.

This will bring
on us all!

- Cool down.
- Shut the fuck up.

Gabber's bullshit, Joseph.

fucking right under your nose?

Stop, Joe.
This is embarrassing, man.

I'm just saying the truth,
but no one wants to hear it.

So what do you want, Joseph?

You all know the penalty
for breaking the rules.


We're about to
make an ocean crossing.

We need Denny.
Why can't we vote?

A vote? Yeah.

It's a good idea.

- Right.
- You must be joking.

All those in favor
of Denny staying on board...

come on.

Denny can vote for himself?

He's a member of the crew,
at least for now.

All those in favor
of Denny leaving?

Fuck you.


No, stop fucking
calling me that.

So much fucking shit.

Aaron decides it.

It's the last chance, okay?
But it is your last one.

What the fuck?

You said you'd do
what's good for the boat.

Denny has apologized.

He's learned his lesson,
so that's enough.

You like to think
you're such a tough leader,

but you're weak.

A weak fucking hypocrite!

You're right, Joe,
you're right.

I am weak.

So I should toughen up.

So how about
you get off my boat?

Pack your shit up.

I'm not the one to try
out here.

No, someone like you, Joseph,
won't stop

until you've turned each one
of us against each other

and I'm not gonna
let that happen.

Go pack your shit.
Come on, wait.

Just wait.
Hey, Skipper?


There's a boat.
It's following us.

You sure it's following?

Maybe it's just fishermen.

So a fishing boat, then,
whatever it is,

is heading straight at us.

♪ All the things
that I ran from ♪

♪ I now bring as close
to me as I can ♪

♪ Ripping hotel sheets
with gritted teeth ♪

♪ My montage of lost things ♪

♪ My shiny ♪

♪ Trinkets of grief ♪

What if it's those guys
from Balaki?

All right, gloves on.
Get the jib down.

Shell, on the wheel.
Get the motor up.

Lana, over here.

I want you to keep eyes
on them, okay?

Anything changes,
you shout out.

Shell, Kitty,
help the boys get that down.

They're just making us
easier to spot.

Go, come on!
Joe, go help them out.

- What do I do?
- Denny, gloves.

And weight 'em up.

Hey, Aaron.

Even at full throttle,
we can't outrun them.

- Yeah, I know.
- All right, dump the sheet!

Dump the sheet!

Yeah, yeah, okay!

Rick, come on, come on!

That's holding.

Let's go, let's go!

Think I can see
where we might hide.

Hide a yacht?

Around the next island.

- Let's go.
- Good.


- Speed her up!
- On it!

Let's go!

Put those on.

All right, everyone!
Listen up!

Gonna sail in chose, okay?
Behind that island over there!

Shell, you're gonna
use it as a screen,

hope they lose sight of us.

I want everybody ready!

Rick, get the fenders out!

We'll be sailing very close
to those cliffs.

I think it's those guys
from Balaki!

Watch the depth here.
That tide is on its way out!

Is this wise, bro?

We run
aground, we're sitting ducks.

Yeah, well, maybe
you should've thought of that

before you led criminals right
to our front fucking door, bro.

Hey, be careful!
It's worse over here.

A touch to port.

Keep us straight, Shell.

A bit more out from the tide,
yeah? It's strong.

Got any more juice?
As fast as we can go. Come on.

Skipper, over there!
I see an opening over there!

See that, Cap?
That's the place!

Okay, hard port!
Let's go! Come on!

Watching our rear?

They see us go in there,
we'll be trapped!

Got it!

Heinrich, get ready, okay?
The tide is very low!

There's gonna be rocks
fucking everywhere!

Aaron, we won't
make it through there.

Easy, easy.

Okay, there's fuck-all depth
here, Shell.

Just take it easy, okay?
I know. Fuck.

A touch starboard.

That's it, that's it.
You got it.

I don't think we're gonna fit.

A little to starboard.
And again.

Watch the bow!

Oh, shit.

I'm coming in closer.
Okay, okay.

Good, good, good, good.

Okay, Shell, a little bit
careful with the mast.

- Whoa!
- Shell, it--

Careful, Shell.
Okay, starboard, starboard!

- Fuck.
- Careful!


We hit something up there?

Shit, shit! Hell,
we're scraping the bottom!

All right. We're gonna
go around starboard.

Into the mangroves, okay?

We're gonna tuck her in
over there out of sight.

All right. Cut the engine.

Everybody down, okay?
Stay quiet.

Stay still.
Let's go.


We need to get the fuck
off this boat.

You've rung Kitty.

Come on, did you really
expect me to pick up?

Leave a message
and I'll call you back.

Kit, I...

I just wanted
to hear your voice.

Chief Inspector.

Colonel Reyes.

Walking all over
my crime scene.


I wanted to see if you'd
looked at the De La Cruz file.


Rich kid murdered in Balakid

with possible
organized crime involvement.

And "The Blue" happened
to be in port at the same time.

It's not exactly
a solid connection.

Call it a hunch
that "The Blue" was involved.

I hear there's a witness here

that knows something
about their movements.

If I could--

Emma Anderson
is not a witness.

She's just a kid, all right?

She sailed with them a bit
six weeks ago.

Repeating rumors.

I'd like to speak with her.

you're in Australia now,

and this is my investigation.

And I will decide
who talks to who.

I don't think
you're telling me everything

about that went on in Balakid,
so until you do,

I'm going to ask you
to get off my crime scene.

I need help.

He disappeared.

If you want to talk
to someone who's been arrested,

come back in the morning, okay?

But it's very serious.

I-I'm worried.
I-I'm sorry my English--

can somebody speak French?



You're Filipino?

This here is by far

the quickest route
out of the Philippines.

Yeah, but we could be heading
right into a tropical storm.

Right now,
it's just a life run,

so a bit of luck,

we sit on its shoulder,
we avoid the worst.

And if we don't?

We're the only ones who've ever
done an ocean crossing before,

much less in a storm.

What choice do I have?

Wait here for them to come back
and slit our throats?

There's an alternative.

We could hand ourselves in.

To the police.

Okay, in case you forgot,

there are two dead bodies
connected to this boat

back in Balakid.

- We didn't kill them.
- No, we didn't.

But you think the Filipino cops
will see it that way?

that dead kid has family.

They're rich,
they're fucking powerful.

Yeah, well,
what if we explain

that we didn't know
what we were doing?

It's a coin toss.

We lose, we do 20 fucking years
in a Filipino hellhole.


So what?

We need to get off this boat.

We're in the middle of nowhere

with no money and no passports.

We just take our chances
like we always do, just us two.

Is this seriously where we are
right now?

You're just gonna hang
around on a boat

'cause of fucking Denny?

Is that what it is?

Crew meeting upstairs.

We need to stay here.

- Why?
- Just trust me.

So we lost 'em.

For now.

But they know we disappeared

somewhere in this general area
of islands.

- They'll be back.
- Yeah.

So we need to set sail

as soon as this tide comes up
a little more.

I wanna head direct to Palau.
No more stops.

But we hit rocks.
Shouldn't we be--

Heinrich has located
the damage.

He's fixing it.
Denny will help.

While they're on that,

I'm gonna re-plot us
a new course for Palau

which will take us around
the worst of this storm.

And me?

You do just what I told you.
Get off my boat.


Charts show a village
just around this island.

Shell, you take Joseph
from the tender.

He can ask for help there.

That's fucking bullshit.

Anyone doesn't like it,
you're welcome to join him.

Emma Anderson?

Colonel Reyes,
Philippine Police Service.

You're leaving, I see?


I just want to talk.

Is there somewhere quiet?

There's a theory that

your friends on "The Blue" were
attacked by Filipino pirates,

the Australian police saying

maybe you know something.

Only what I've heard.

Any idea why
they might've been a target

for something like that?

Stuff happens over there,

Wealthy Westerners
sailing in the badlands.

You don't seem wealthy.

You must have felt
out of place.

Mixing with
the yacht club crowd?

I mean, it's not easy
being far away from home.

Sorry, I just--

I don't really get
why you're here.

I've already
told the Australian police

everything I know.

In your conversations
with them,

you never mentioned
Joseph Molina.

He also sailed on "The Blue"
and he's also missing.

Do you know anything
about that?

♪ Wondering ♪

♪ What in the world
did I do? ♪

It's time to say goodbye.

You saw that boy's picture
at the church.

We might get away from the
boat, but,

you will never get away
from that.

I can't go without her.

Aaron will destroy you all.

Someone has to tell Lana

that there are certain things
that you can't outrun.

♪ I'm crazy for trying ♪

♪ And crazy for crying ♪

♪ And I'm crazy-- ♪

♪ Crazy for thinking that ♪

♪ My love could hold you ♪

♪ I'm crazy for trying ♪

♪ And crazy for crying ♪

♪ And I'm crazy for loving ♪

♪ You ♪

He planned to meet his sister
in Townsville,

but never arrived.

Maybe you sailed
on "The Blue" together?

Uh, I mean maybe
we both sailed on "The Blue,"

but not at the same time.

- So you never met him?
- No.

No chance
your paths might've crossed?

No, no, no.
I told you no.

I really wish I could help.

Sometimes, Joseph sent photos
to his sister.

You say you never met him?

But I did.

I met them both at a funeral

of a boy whose death
I'm investigating.

And now, you're here with them.

How do you explain that?

You always say
I should trust you.

And I--I always do.


We're almost
out of the Philippines.

We're almost free.

Are we?
'Cause I don't feel free.

We're fucking trapped.
How is that my fault?

Oh, my God. Why--

you're just pissed off 'cause
I voted against your fuckbuddy.

Do you know that
we would be fucked

if it weren't for him
on this boat?

I had to beg them
not to leave you in Balakid.

I shouldn't have bothered.

Do you know what?

You take up so much space
all the time.

You never even let me speak.

Because you never
have anything to say!

Maybe I would if I thought
that you would listen to me.

No! You always run away
from your problems.

You go quiet and weird and then
you bottle it all up.

I had to do that
to survive her!

Why can't you say her name?

She was the one that took you
in when your mum left you.

Why am I the only one

who keeps having these
nightmares about what wedid?

I feel fucking crazy.
No wonder.

She was a fucking nightmare.
She was abusive.

She treated me fine.

It was you who brought that out
in her, and now she's gone.

You can't even just
talk about it.

What is wrong with you?
What's wrong with me?

- Yes!
- Kitty, I'm not you!

If she was so great,
if she loved you so much,

then why are you so desperate?

You throw yourself at everyone.
It's embarrassing.

Oh, okay, go on,

go and listen
to your druggie mum's music.

Hey, you two.

Aaron wants us on deck.

All right, that tide is
as high as it's gonna get!

Let's make our move now!

Fucking hell.

Tide's up.
We're moving out.

I want everyone kitted up.

Make sure everything
is securely stowed.

It's gonna get very rough.

Um, Aaron.
Is it safe to sail?

Either way, Kitty,
we can't stay here.

Stand and fight.

Let's get moving!

We need to make the most
of this high tide!

Heinrich, take 'er up!

I'm sure
there's a good reason

why you're lying
to the search and rescue team.

I'm not.
I'm not lying.

And I mean--

I don't think it's because
you're a bad person.

I think you're scared.

You don't trust me?

Why would I?

It's hard to know
who you can trust,

so to prove to you
that I'm on your side,

I'm not going to show this
photo to the Australian police.

At least not yet.

Is that a threat?

Your friends in the photo,

do you think
they're still alive?

Because I do.

In fact, I think you're the key
to solving this mystery.

And maybe if we do, there's
still time to save them.

I leave this with you.

For when you're ready to talk.

I thought you were trying
to avoid the storm!

The starboard isn't cleared!

I've been looking for you.

- We're gonna die.
- Are you okay?

- We're gonna die.
- No, no, we're not.

- Oh, I shouldn't have come!
- Kitty!

- I should've gone with Joseph!
- No, no, listen to me.


We're gonna be okay.

But Kitty,
I want you to pull through.


Help, help!
Get up here now!


Secure that!

make way for the anchor!


Be careful!

Go ahead!
Put that on there!

Aaron, are we okay?
The boat isn't built for this!

Hang on!

- Kitty, are you there?
- Lana!

Oh, my God.
Are we sinking?

Just go get help!

Get help now!


- Aaron!
- What?

there's water in your cabin!

How come the bilge alarm
didn't go off?

Maybe water
got in the wiring!

Hey, Heinrich!
We're taking on water!

- What?
- You told me you fixed it!

put it in a storm like that,

how could I know
it wouldn't hold?

- I gave you one fucking job!
- Stop! Hey!

It was your call to sail
into the storm, not his!

Grab the wheel!


Grab some
of that wooden sheeting

from the seating up front!

I'm gonna lead a line through
to you and Denny from below!

Tie the port cord and
cut the line when you're ready!


Oh, my God!

All right, I know exactly
where it's coming from.

Get this mattress off.


Aw, shit!

Kitty, give me those pillows!

Gonna stem the flow!

I need both of you!

Put all your weight
down on here!

- Come on!
- All right!

Come on!

Take that!
Hold it!

Where are you going?

Where are you going?
I'll be right back!

Keep the pressure on!


- You all right?
- Yeah!

- Take my hand!
- Yeah!

Oh, shit!

Oh, fuck it.

All right
Get ready!



All right, listen up!

We're gonna work together now,

Kitty, keep pressure on there.
But see this pump, all right?

You're gonna
pump the water out, okay?

Wait, wait, what?

You need to roll
that pipe out,

take it up on deck!

Oh, shit.

We want any water
that we pump out to stay out!

We need to try and
feed the rope through the hole!

That's it, Kitty!
Good work, good work!

Come on, Aaron!

What the fuck are you doing?

It'll bind up with the rope.

Denny, left!

Come on!


Yes, got it!

Come on, come on!

Take it!

What are you waiting for?

Come on, come on,
come on, come on.

Give 'em the signal!

No, wait!

Come on!

He's got it!
Got it.

Man overboard!


I've got him!

Got him!
Get Aaron up here!

Heinrich's gone overboard!

- Shit.
- Quick! We need help!

Come on!


You okay?

Come on!

- Hey!
- That side!

Denny's got him!

Hold on!

Come on!

My leg!

You okay, mate?

This is on you,
sailing into a fucking storm!

You nearly killed him!
Didn't give you the signal.

I felt a pull on the rope!

You okay?
You'll live?

Just my old tennis injury.

I thought I was finished, yeah?

I wasn't gonna let you
go out like that, bro.

Not a chance!

Here, let me do it.
I can do it.


I shouldn't have said that.
About your mum.

It's no biggie.


Can we talk?

No. I've got to raise the
head, so...

could you pass me that rope?


We can talk later.

Black, no sugar?

I'm good.



can I...

can I sit here for a bit?

Yeah, sure.

Raise the sail.

We really appreciate
your cooperation and respect

in a very sensitive case

that is still
very much ongoing.

Once a statement
has been made...

Good timing.

What's going on?

Got a survivor.

They want to see you.

Case still ongoing, sir?

Is there anything else
you can tell us, please?

Through here.

Give you two a moment.


Is Kitty and the others,
are they...

I couldn't stop it.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

They're all dead.