No Escape (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Where is The Captain? - full transcript

Joseph learns the dangerous story behind the crew's discovery. Denny's offer to help replace Lana and Kitty's passport puts them in even more danger, while Lana is keeping secrets from the rest of the crew. In Australia, The Blue ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
this is yacht The Blue.

Hey, what did you find?

There's also
something else in the bag.

I reckon they're worth
maybe 1, 1 1/2 mil.

Aaron, this is
a serious business.

If Aaron's right,
we've stolen this

from a drug trafficking

With that money,
with those diamonds,

we could disappear.

We'd be safe.

I don't think
they can hear us in here.

- What are you after?
- I don't know.

He robbed me.

He pushed me down, and I--

Where? Where'd he go?

He took our passports.

You think we can trust them?

It's not them
I'm worried about.

Are you still wearing that?

Where were you?
What about the money?

It doesn't matter.

Nothing matters.
We're finished.

He's got this idea
that there was something dodgy

about that money we found.
It was a setup.

- Was it?
- I don't know.

You think any of the crew
had a grudge

against Aaron Winbourne?

Aaron's dead.

His throat was slashed.

He was murdered.

We're done here for now.
It's all yours.

Thanks, mate.

Those holes?


At least a dozen of them.

Seems like
someone shot the place up.

Traces of blood, too,
on the deck.

We'll start below,
if that's OK with you.

Oh, and we'll be recording
the whole walkaround.

I should have warned you.

It's gonna be OK.


Well, our plan still works.

We know where the money is,

so I'm sure we'll get
another chance to grab it soon.

Where are we gonna go
without passports?

I don't know.
I don't know.

I haven't thought of that yet,
but I will.

Where were you?

You said we'd meet at midnight,
and you weren't there.

- I know. I know.
- And I waited for you!

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

Denny showed up.

And I was gonna try and leave.

But then I thought
if I waited,

I would be able
to slip the bag past him.

And then, it didn't happen.

Fucking Aaron
is gonna kill us.

He's gonna kill us
when he realizes

we don't have any passports.

So that's great.

And we can't get off the boat
without them anyway.

Where are you going?
Oh, this is my fault.

So I'm gonna sort it.

♪ All the things
that I ran from ♪

♪ I now bring as close
to me as I can ♪

♪ Ripping hotel sheets
with gritted teeth ♪

♪ My montage of lost things ♪

♪ My shiny ♪

♪ Trinkets of grief ♪

Where's Denny?

Went down the beach
for a swim.

Kitty all right?

Yeah, just fine.

Sleeping. Hungover.

Can you talk?


Is there anything
you want to tell me?

About what?

Maybe the fact that
you've been bullshitting us

since the first day we met.

I didn't bullshit anyone.

No, wait.

Go on.

Here, your part.

How much, mecano?

Oh, let me.

This, 22,600.

OK. OK, kuya.

You know, it's bad luck to
spend money on New Year's Day.

What did he say?

He says there's...

plenty of bad luck
around already.

No, no, no.

He said something else
about police.

They've been
searching boats all around,

especially foreign boats.

Why are they searching boats?

Who knows, man?

But if they didn't get to you
yet, they'll be coming soon.

Like he said, bad luck.



Oi, your change!

No, it's OK! OK! OK!
Keep! Keep!

You know, before this,

me and Lana hadn't
really been anywhere.

We grew up in foster care.
That's how we met.

And we always had
this big dream

that we'd travel together.


And we used some...

stolen credit cards.

You mean
you stole credit cards?

What about my wallet?

Did you steal that too?



- Shell?
- In here.

You've got
to come and see this.

- Aaron?
- Hey.

Hey, the cops
are searching boats.

You need to dump the money
and the diamonds right now.

But I don't even fucking know
where you hid it.

Just go down in--

Aaron? Aaron?

Just do it, OK?

- The signal.
- Shell.


- Stop.
- Where are you going?


Fucking phones.
Hey, you.

You own this boat?

My boat, The Blue.

Macau. Macau.

Salamat. Salamat.

Thank you, Chief.
Thank you.

Salt water.

It's good for injuries.

Says who?

My dad.

But then,
most of what he said

turned out to be bullshit,

I've got a bit of a problem.

Mine and Kitty's passports
have been stolen.

It shouldn't be hard
to replace them.

Just go to the consular office.

Can't do that.

So what's your plan?

Well, I know that you said
you had friends in Balakot.

I thought that
they might be able to help.

Help, like you want me
to get you dodgy passports?

Do I look like Tony Soprano?

Look, it's fine.
You don't have to help.

I just thought I would ask.

There is someone I can ask.

This boat is
private property.

You don't have permission
to board.

Are you the captain?

No, I'm a...

Passenger, but--

So where's the captain?

That you, my friend?

Because I have a very serious
matter to discuss with him.


Hey, hey, hey.

What's going on?
This is my yacht.


Uh, Aaron Winbourne.

Captain Dizon,
Philippine Police Service.

Your passenger has
already made it clear

that we are not wanted here,

but I'm afraid
I have a warrant...

Empowering us to search
all boats in Balakot.

Fine. Search.

I also need to look
at your logbook,

crew rosters, and passports...

for all passengers.

Show passport.

You've been
to many places, huh?

Yeah. What's the point
of having your own boat

if you don't use it?

Three days ago,
all the way out to Sagisag

and then straight back?

Yeah, we just did
a bit of snorkeling.

I'm interested,
because three days ago,

something happened not so far
from Sagisag.


No passport.

No papers?

Well, my passport got stolen
at a party last night.

Did you file a police report?

I was meaning to,
but no, not yet.

Crew without documentation
is a very serious thing.

So we're assuming that this
is Aaron Winbourne's cabin.


quite a lot of blood in here.

Any idea
what he keeps in there?


So what do we think
might be inside?

I mean, come on.

We have tried to cooperate
here, and I think--

please continue to cooperate.

Well, I can explain the cash.

I'm glad

'cause this is a lot of money.

Yeah, I was planning
on purchasing another boat

while I was out here,

and the seller requested cash.

So where'd it come from?

You bring it from Australia?

Yeah, that's right.

In pesos?

That is
what the vendor requested.

I'm sorry, but this boat
is to be impounded.

Your passports will be held.
No, wait--

And all of you come back,

answer more questions
from my boss.

No, wait.

This is a mistake.

This is a misunderstanding.

I mean, we're leaving
the Philippines anyway, so...

what do you say
we make good on our mistakes?

"Make good"?

You can take the cash,

call it a fine for my friend
being undocumented,

and we'd go on our way.

Never say anything.

Can't to anyone.

Put the money in the bag.

We're thinking this is
Michelle Wilson's cabin.

And Dennis Winbourne's.

Stop me if do you see
anything suspicious here.

This was my cabin
when I was here.

You OK?
You want a minute?

Well, it looks like
someone else has moved in.

The place is a bit of a mess.

Seems like they were
looking for something.

Perhaps our mystery guest.

Then there's this.

What's he doing?

He wouldn't snitch,
would he?

I want you out
of Balakot today.

my boss will come visit you,

and I don't think
you'll like him as much as me.


Sir, yes, sir.

We all good?
We in the clear?

For now, I think maybe so.

But where are the diamonds?

What I want to know is,
where the fuck is my brother?

So last night
you found Kitty all right?


Sorry if I made you late.

No, it's fine.

I just knew she'd be waiting.

I didn't want her
to be on her own.

What about you?
You speak to Aaron?

No. No, he didn't come back
to the boat last night.

To tell you the truth,
I was pretty fucking relieved.

The guy that we're gonna see,
who is he?

Do you remember
my old weed dealer?

Same guy.

So at least if we strike out
on the passports,

we can smoke some pot.

Maybe it was just
a coincidence.

Who's to say the police were
even looking for the diamonds?

They were looking.

Mentioned an incident
near Sagisag three days ago.

I fudged the logs
to put us further away,

but it's the same general area
we found the fucking bag.

- And the same day we found it.
- OK.

If it was drugs,
or a dead drop, or whatever,

then how would the police
even know about that?

The police here,

they're probably the ones
selling the drugs.

We don't know
what that bag was.

That's been the problem
from the beginning.

Hey, Shell.
Please, come on.

We're not rehashing this.

We just need find
to Lana and Denny.

They're gone, man.

With the diamonds.


She wouldn't leave without me.

Oh, I don't care
either way, OK?

If they're not back soon,
we're out of here.

What? No.

Mate, can I have a word
with you, please?

Aaron? No, you got--

Aaron! Fuck's sake!

The last few days, I've been
in a pretty bad place,

and I wasn't fair on you.

I'm sorry, OK?

I'll do better next time.

Forgive me?

I believe you, yeah.


How long until we get
this engine fixed, hmm?

If I worked with you?

Three hours.

Maybe four.

Not sure.


Aaron, I know
the other two just joined us,

but Denny, man,
we can't just leave him here.

Shell, I saw
the search warrant, OK?

It was issued under
Filipino anti-terrorist law.

- Anti-terrorist?
- Yeah, anti-terrorist.

No right to trial, no defense.

We'd basically
just disappear, OK?

So when I say that
we need to get out of here,

it's because
I actually mean it.

I'm gonna go find Lana.


Kitty, you'll never find her.

You don't even know
your way around this town.

I will take her.

All right, fine.

Once that engine's fixed,
we are out of here,

whether you are back or not.

You good?

Uh, yeah.

You want to come up?

You don't want me
to wait down here by myself?

All right.

How far is it?

Come on. This way.

Is that some sort
of New Year's Day thing?

No. New Year's Day is usually
quiet in the Philippines.

Where are
all these people going then?

And why all the photos
and flowers?


Weren't we meant to be
heading towards the market?

Just follow me.

But that's
where you said they--

Come on.

No. No, no, no.

There's police here.

They're not interested in us.



There he is.


Oh, fuck!


No, Lana, don't. Don't.

Jesus Christ.

Denny, they're still here.

We need to leave
before they find us.


Oh fuck.

Hey, bedroom.



- Go!
- Hey!

Oh, shit.

Hey, stop!
Where are you going?

God, run!

Shit, mate!


Is this a funeral?

Come on. This way.

Who's that boy
in the picture?

Did that policeman
tell you anything?

Joseph, what's happening?

It's a funeral.
That's all I know.


Come on. In here.

Excuse me.

We need to get out of here.
We need to find Lana now.

Yeah, yeah.

Excuse me, my guy.

The boy, what happened to him?

- God.
- What did he say?

What did he say?
We need to go now.

It's not safe here.

Fucking hell.

He's still there.

Oh, fuck.

What the fuck's happening?

No witnesses.

They killed him.
We saw him.

But why would they do that
to anyone who sells weed?


Kitty? Kitty?

Fucking hell!

Kitty, stay with me!

Oh, fuck.
There's a train.

There's a train.
We should use it as cover.


- Go, go!
- Go, go, go!



- Where?
- There! There!

Go! Go! Catch up!

Hey, down here! Go!

You guys,
make enough room!


Joseph! Joseph!

- Kitty!
- Come on!

Please, take my hand!

This is not a place
for tourists.


How the fuck are we
gonna get to Kapalon now?

Forget it.
We're not.

No, you promised you'd take me.

We're going back to The Blue.

It's way too dangerous here.

What did that guy say to you?


Stop looking back.

We're almost at the pier.


Oh, shit.
Go, go, go!

Go, go!

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
The fuck?


All right, just keep going!
Go, go!

Hey, hey, hey!

I need to get back
to my boat.



Where are you going to?

I see your face!

- OK, go.
- OK.

Thanks. Thanks.

I find you!

Hey, Lana, I got
to show you something.

Jesus fucking Christ, Denny.

Yeah, I took them
from Aaron's cabin last night.


I was just
so fucking angry at him.

I was stupid.

I shouldn't have.

were you gonna leave?

And then this morning,
you said you needed passports,

and I thought maybe I could
trade one of those for them,

help you out.

Aaron is gonna
go fucking nuts.

I mean,
you just needed to go home.

I don't know. I don't know
what he's gonna do.


maybe he doesn't need
to find out.

Sounds good, yeah?

Sweet, man.


Shell, turn it off!

Nice work.

Denny's back.

Where are they, Den?

What the fuck are you up to?

Hey, no!

Hey! Hey, stop!

- You ran out on me again!
- No!

You don't fucking run out
on your brother!

You know, after last night,
I thought about it!

I really fucking did it!

I fucking should have,
but I didn't.

I stayed to help.

Help, huh?
Help what? Help yourself?

- To help you, you dick!
- You fuck!

You, you fuck.

To help Lana,
to help everyone.

The diamonds were hot,
you fucking idiot.

And you would have sat on them
until it was too late.

Look, I thought
if I could sell them fast,

get a really good price,
then we'd all be happy.

Where are they now?
The gems?

The police were just here
looking for them.

They're gone.


Denny's friend was fucking
murdered by a gang, I think.

- Wait, wait.
- Ah.

You're saying
someone's just been killed?

They tried to kill us too.

I lost Denny's bag
in the chase. I'm sorry.

So it's all gone, hmm?

Everything we got is gone,



This is bullshit, Den.
Where are they?

Check for yourself.


If Denny hadn't taken them,

the police
would have found them,

and we would all be fucked.

We're shipping out right now.

Heinrich, gets the bowline.

- Where's Kitty?
- She went looking for you.

Her and Joseph--
Get the fucking bowline!

We're not leaving
without her.

You can't do that.

I told them
not to go after you, OK?

So that's on them.

Let's go.


Aaron, hey could be back
any minute.

Those gangster mates
of yours, yeah?

They see your face?
See where you went? Which boat?

You know, in this part
of the world, darling,

you don't mess
with people like that.


Get off.

- Get off!
- Aaron!

Get your hands off her.

I don't want to fight again.

Then don't.


Yeah, it is.

Don't make eye contact.

- Is that The Blue?
- Shit.

Shit. Shit.




Guys! What the fuck?

Wait, they're there!

Aaron, stop the boat!

Fucking stop!

Stop! Aaron!

- Aaron, stop!
- Wait for us!



Come on, man.
Fucking stop the boat!




Kitty, come on!

Come on!
Come on! Come on!



- Stop!
- Kitty!

Stop the engine!

Release the fucking tender!

- Jump!
- Kitty, jump!


Come on, jump! Jump!


Keep going!
Keep going!

Aaron, slow down.

Aaron. Come on, man.

You're better than this.

Slow down.

Yeah, OK.

Swim towards the tender!

Come on!
Come on, Kitty!

- Swim towards the tender!
- You can do it!

Hurry, Kitty!

Keep swimming!

You're good.


I saw what you did
with the tender.

Thank you.

Hein, you go take the wheel.

All right, well,
maybe we should clear the air.

Yeah, I think we should.

As captain,

I will always put
the safety of this boat first.

I may not always
get it right,

but I will try.

So I've made a decision.

We're getting out
of the Philippines.

I'm setting a course for Palau,
and then down to the Solomons,

and then eventually back home
to Australia.

But don't we get a vote
on this?

No. The police
almost dragged us in.

We could have all ended up
in a Filipino jail.

I think we'd be lucky
if the police locked us up,

because the alternative
is much worse.

What alternative?

Well, what we took
wasn't stolen.

It wasn't fucking drug money.

It was a ransom paid
by a powerful Filipino family

to get back their kidnapped son
from a BLF.

What's the BLF?

Fucking terrorists.

Yeah, terrorists,
criminals, separatists.

You call them
what you fucking like.

We just took the money
before they picked it up.

So they did
what people like that do:

killed the boy.

14 years old.


A boy died because of us.

A fucking human being.

Those men that were
chasing Lana and Denny,

you're saying that they were--
Yeah, BLF. BLF.

They were BLF.
What do you think?

And you led them
straight to our boat, Denny?

It's late.

Do you need a lift home
or sort of ride for you?

Those bullet holes.

When I left The Blue, I went to
a bar that we used to drink at.

And the owner said
that the crew had

had some trouble
down in Mindanao,

in a town called Balakot.

What kind of trouble?

I think it was
with a local gang or something.

I don't know.

Why didn't you
mention this before?

I didn't think of it.

I think at the time,

I thought
it was maybe just a joke

or stupid tourist gossip.

But those bullet holes--
All right.

So can you remember any
specifics on who this gang was?

No, I don't,

but I think
that you need to start looking

for boats heading back
to the Philippines.

People get taken hostage.

It happens down there
all the time, and--

All right, calm down.

Look, it's probably like you
said, probably just gossip.

But I tell you what.

There's a gentleman in there
from the PPS, right?

He is based in Balakot,
so he's got--

- PPS?
- Yeah.

Philippine Police Service.

Flew in this evening.

So does he know something?

Well, I'm just about
to sit down with him

and find out what he knows.

But either way,
I'll run your rumor past him,

see what he says, OK?

And thanks again, Emma.

Chief Inspector Craven.

Ready with the tickets?

- Got everything now?
- Yeah, thank you.

Keep safe.
Best of luck.

with heavy baggage,

contact the driver for stowing
prior to the departure.

Final call for train 18
with one carry.