No Escape (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Happy New Year - full transcript

Following their lucrative discovery, Lana and Kitty's plan to run off comes up against unexpected obstacles. In Australia, police pressure increases on Lana and a body found in the water is identified.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Emma, just wondering
if we could have a chat.

When you got
on board the boat,

you were traveling alone?

Lana, you ready?

I was by myself.

It's a problem with
your credit card.

It has been declined.

What are we supposed to do?

But we have no money.

Can you point us
in the direction

of a boat named "The Blue"?


these two found my wallet.

Stroke of luck.

We really need
to get to Mindanao.

Apparently, there
were signs of trouble.

Like what?

Maybe something
didn't feel right.

They were just a bunch of
travelers having a laugh.

There's something
I'd like you to hear.

"Blue." He's dead!

He's dead!

- Kitty.
- Where the fuck are we?


What are you doing?

I want to see
what's going on.


What did you find?

Can you hear me? Fuck.
Can you hear me?

Do you recognize the voice?






Sorry. Sorry.
It's just a dream.

Oh, God.

You OK?

So there's still no sign
of anyone following us.

So what?

Which means
the bag's all ours.

How much do you
think's in that thing?

Enough to go
around and then some.


Well, we'll need some drinks
to celebrate then.

It's 7:00 in the morning.

Weetabix and drinks.


Crew meeting on the beach.

About what?

Investment strategies.

♪ All the things
that I ran from ♪

♪ I now bring as close
to me as I can ♪

♪ Ripping hotel sheets
with gritted teeth ♪

♪ My montage of lost things ♪

♪ My shiny ♪

♪ Trinkets of grief ♪


Has Aaron got the bag?

Yeah, I don't
think he's gonna

let it out of his sight.

Race you to the beach?
I'll beat you. No problem.

How do we get to the beach?

You swim.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.


It's shallow. It's shallow.

That's why they
can't be honest.

It's still deep enough
for stuff to hide.

It'll be fine.
It'll be fine.

I promise.

You trust me, right?

Yes, you do.


I'll go first, OK?

Come on, Kit.

Come on, you can do it.

You're going to love it.

Come on, Kit.

Get in.

Get in, please.

- Ahh!
- Ahh!


Hurry up!

We're coming.

Settle down now.

All right, listen up.

1 million peso,
about 20 grand U.S.

There was also something else
in the bag

under the money.

What is that?

They're uncut diamonds.

Look, I'm no expert.

But given the size
of the stones,

I reckon they're worth
maybe 1, 1 1/2 mil.

You hear that?

You mean 1 and 1/2 million


We stumbled across
a bit of a dead drop.

Buyer leaves cash,
seller leaves drugs.

Aaron, this is
a serious business.

Yeah, it is,
which is why I thought

we should all have
a bit of a sit down

and discuss our next move.

If Aaron's right,
we've stolen this

from a drug
trafficking operation,

organized crime
that no doubt is--

Hold on.
You don't know that.

You're just making that up.

I'm speculating
based on the evidence.

Well, if you're right,
then what's your plan, Shell?

I say we put a
big rock in that bag

and we throw it in the ocean.

Are you fucking joking?

You want to throw away
1 and 1/2 million doll--

are you insane?
Kit, Kit.

- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Kit.

Crew meeting, keep it nice.

We don't know
anything about that bag.

Stealing it
was a stupid move.

OK, yeah.

Maybe it was stupid.

But I need that money,
otherwise I have to go home

soon, start my regular life.

Since I fucked up my knee,
what's it going to be,

a shitty job
in a shitty office?

Hey, it's not just Rick.

We're all going to run
out of cash eventually.

And no one wants
to go home yet, right?

So if it means we keep
sailing, I vote we keep it.

Whoa, wait.

This isn't a vote.

Aaron, you should call this.

This isn't about the boat.

We should all get a say.

She's right.

Yeah, you're right, OK?

This is a vote.

So all those
who would like to keep it.

5 to 1.

Sorry, Shell.

I guess it's decided, then.

I'll put this away
for safekeeping.

We'll use the
cash for expenses.

Why don't we just
divide it up right now?

Because that's not how
we do things, Lana.

Well, why?

We're all taking a risk.

We should get the payoff.

"The Blue" is a collective,

So the money will be
held collectively.

I mean, that's our philosophy.

I thought you both
understood that.






Last night when we were
gunning the engine,

she started blowing smoke.

So first things first,
we use some of the cash

to do repairs
on the boat,

bring the old girl
back up to speed.

And maybe we should
double back to Balakid,

get some new engine
parts, supplies.

Yeah, and then we're going
to put distance between us

and that other boat to be safe.


Meeting's over, then.


Get rid of the bag, OK?


We should just grab
the money, because we--

we need it more than them.
Wait. What?

And we could get away

before they even knew
to Laos or Myanmar.


You were the one who wanted
to stay in the yacht, so--

We've only known those
two for a few days.

You think we can trust them?

It's not them
I'm worried about.

before all this happened,

I, uh, I turned my phone on.


Why the fuck did you do that?
I'm sorry.

We said--

But I needed to know
what was happening at home.

The police are looking for me.

They know what I did back home.

With that money, with those
diamonds, we could disappear.

We'd be safe.

Hey, you two.

Before we sail,
Aaron wants someone

to take a hike up there,
over to the other side

of the island,
look around,

make double sure
we weren't followed.

I'm taking Joseph and Rick.

Yeah, I'll come,
check out the view.

Five minutes.

The fucking view.

Well, even if we
could get the bag,

we can't get off
this fucking island.

So we're going to have to wait.

Look, I need to hear
what they say

when Aaron's not around.

You should go back
to the yacht and see

where he stashes the bag.


So we're doing it.

Yeah, we have to now.

I'm not going
to be able to come back

from my afternoon shift.
I'm really sorry.

I just-- yeah, I get that.

But I'm--

Do you know what?
Fuck it. I quit.

Go and wait in there.

Thank you.

You're still here?

Has something happened?

Search and rescue
have found a body.

The voice on that
recording that you played me,

is it the same person?

Well, they're flying
the body in now.

Once that's been ID'd, the
next of kin will be told and--

hey, just take a seat here.

All right?

I'll make sure you're
the next to know.



They asked me to wait in here.

Oh that's fine.

We're waiting too.

Are you also
connected to "The Blue"?

I sailed with them
back in the Philippines.

I'm Emma.

Rachel Winbourne,
and this is Peter.

We're Denny
and Aaron's parents.

So good to meet someone
who knows our boys.

I heard
the rescue people found

a crew member in the water.

I don't know if you
know if it was a man.

Oh, they haven't
told us anything.

I don't think they
know much themselves yet.

Darling, it's my brother.

So you're English.

And you met my boys
in the Philippines,

and now you're in Townsville,
the home port of "The Blue."

Yeah, they always said
that Queensland was amazing,

so I was traveling
around anyway.

And you knew they
were heading back here.

Is this your first taste
of Aaron's democracy?


Worked out fine for me, though.

I also voted to keep the bag.

But you didn't want to.

Do you believe in karma?


I think it's a load of shit.

The Filipinos,
they talk about gaba.

You do bad acts, wrong deeds,
you get bad consequences.

Like God getting
a bit of payback?


It's nature balancing itself.

So is us taking the bag,
is that bad gaba?

Karma, gaba,
it's a pile of shit, right?

So who cares?

Yoo-hoo, up here.

Michelle, teach Kitty how
to secure the tender for me.


I'm hopeless
at that kind of thing.

I'd rather--

I taught Joseph.

If he can learn, anyone can.

No, I don't--

If you're going to
be staying on "The Blue,"

you got to learn this.


Come on.

Hey, can you see anything?

Any boats?


There's no one following us.

Not bad, eh?

It's hard to believe
that it's New Year's Eve.

We are going to
a party tonight.

Over, under,
through here, and tighten.

Now your turn.

The other night, you said
you've been on a yacht before.

Yeah, but I didn't
do any sailing,

just a lot of drinking.

I think you could be
a natural, so try again.

You said you'd been
sailing round the Med?

Which ports?


All the usuals.

It's a bit of a blur.

As I said, bit of a party boat.

Prefer this, though,

you know, the Philippines,
feels more real.

Being real is important.



Hey, guys.

Holy shit.

Holy moly.

That looks pretty high.

The rocks are slippery.

Should I do it?

- Do what?
- Jump

Are you crazy?

There's rocks down there.

You don't know how
deep it is, man.

Your head's empty,
man, so I reckon

you're going to float down.

Only one way to find out.

Don't do it, Denny.

Come on, it's too risky.
What are you doing?

You're crazy, man.
You could die. Let it go.





Oh, fuck.

- Come down!
- No.

No way.

I like my spine too much.

It's deeper than it looks.

Come on, Lana.

It's amazing.

I'm sorry.

I don't think she wants to.

She's not as crazy as
you, so don't force her.

You'll never get
this chance again.

- Hey, Hey, Lana.
- Hey, Lana, no.

No, Lana, don't do it, no, no.


You all right?


Pretty cool, huh?

Don't worry.

I don't think they
can hear us in here,

at least I don't
think they can.


I wanted to--

What are you after?

I don't know.


Maybe we should go.

Yeah. Yeah.

♪ I am crazy for feeling ♪

♪ So lonely ♪

♪ I'm crazy ♪



It's my watch.

Like a drink?

No, I'm good.

Celebrate anniversaries?

Like what?

Weddings, engagements, death.


Yeah, my old man
was always saying,

anniversaries are only ever
about looking backward.

And he only ever
wanted to look forward.

Easy to say.

He's retired now,
but he used to be a judge.

I mean, literally,
judged people for a living.

Imagine having that
as your father.

Yeah, I mean, I kind of can.

Sure you don't want one?

It's good.

It's a wedding present,
single malt,

whatever the fuck that means.

Yeah, OK.

Go on, then.


What do you reckon?

Not enough malt.

It's actually my wife's
anniversary tomorrow...

The night she died.

Oh, God.

I'm really sorry.

You know when you went
over on that trawler,

you weren't gone for very long.

Well, by the time I
had got on the deck,

the boys were ready to go,

Heinrich got the
bag pretty much

when he got over there...

Like he knew
exactly where to look.

You and I got off to a bit
of a rocky start there,

but I am glad
that you're on board.

Man, there's too many
stingrays around here.

They give me the creeps.

Forget about them.
You're safe on deck.

But people have
been killed by them.

Are you scared, man?


Yesterday it felt like
she was interrogating me.


Lana, are you listening?

Shell, she thinks I'm dodgy.


I just got carried
away and started

telling these stories
about yachting.

About us yachting?

Hey, you two.

We're going to the market
to pick up party supplies.


Yeah, I might come.

Except we haven't got
any money.


Well, the yacht's not that big.

We could wait for
them to all get ashore,

then we can have a proper
look for the bag.

Aaron's always down there
working on the fucking motor.

We'll get a chance,

I'm getting some money
while we still can.

Aaron, you want a beer?

I'd love one.

Hey, do you want one, Joseph?


Can you ask Heinrich
if he wants one too?

- Oh.
- Thanks.

Is Denny going
to come with us?


I-- I-- I knocked.

I thought-- I thought
you were in there.

You want something?

I-- we're all
going to the market.

I thought you'd want to come.

Got a bit of work to do.


Look, since it's
New Year's tonight,

I dug out a bit of cash.

You can probably divvy it up
amongst the crew if you like.

I would've got more,
but it's a small town.

And you don't need to
draw attention.

Yeah, I'll tell them not
to spend it all at once.

See their tails?

They're evil.

You still staring
at the rays, mate?


Rick's got a bit of a phobia.

They're harmless, Ricky.

That's what you say.

Hey, I'll see you
over there, Lana?


Just waiting for Kitty.

Hey, come on.

Let's go.

Found it, his hiding spot.

- You sure?
- Mm-hmm.

That's not all.

20,000 pesos spending money
from our glorious leader.

Shit, that's, like--

that's, like, 300 quid.



We could go now.

There's always taxis
at the end of the pier.

We could be out in a minute.

No, no, that dickhead acts
like he's doing us a favor

handing us money that
belongs to all of us.

How long would that
last us, a month?

If that.

Tonight then,
we'll grab the rest?

Yeah, tonight.

While they're at the party.

Got a lot of work to do.

Ready to get started?

Do we want to go--
let's go to this way.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

How's the depth?

Depth looked fine,
even for springs.


Feels pretty low to me.

Why don't you take
another look?


What the fuck?

There's stingrays in here.

Aaron, no, no.

Help me.

Come on.

Hey, hey.

Let me out of the water.

let me back on the boat.

In a sec.

Want to have a bit of a
conversation first

about what happened
on that trawler.

I already told you what
happened on the trawler.

OK, fine.

Swim yourself back
to the pier then.

No, no, no,
there's stingrays over there.

I can't.
Let me back on the boat now!

Yeah, OK.

Calm down, all right?

Once you've told me
the real story

starting at the beginning.

Fuck you!

Can I get this, please?

Thank you.

See these?

Aaron loves these things.

Agimat. They're, like,
Filipino protection charms.

Protection from what?

I don't know,
sickness, lightning.

I think you need protection
against pretentious Frenchmen.

Why don't you like him?

No, I do. I do.

It's just the whole tortured
artist routine, you know.

It's like, there's
bad shit in the world.

I get it.

But he's not the only
one with problems, right?

How much for this?


- That's a lot.
- It's not expensive.

I only have 100.

It's OK.

Thank you.


Protection against
evil influences.

No, I don't believe in magic.

I do.

then you should wear it.

You think?

There you go.

Yeah, I can already feel
the evil just fading away.

It's amazing.


It is good.

Like I said, I really
didn't mean to intrude.


I apologize.

I've been making you
feel uncomfortable.

Prying is what
my wife would call it.

I suppose I thought,
if you'd had

any contact
at all with the boys,

then you might have some--

I've just spoken
to one of the officers.

The helicopter's nearly
here with the body.


It's a man,
a young man,

apparently wearing
a distinctive medallion,

some sort of Catholic icon.

Does a medallion like that
mean anything to you, Emma?



Mr. and Mrs. Winbourne,
we need to talk.

Emma, can we have
a moment, please?

Thank you.

Aaron isn't going to come
to the party straightaway.

But he is going, right?


I think he's going to get
there for, like, midnight.

I heard him tell Shell.

Why don't I get it?
I know where it is.

It's fine.

You've told me where it is.

Anyway, I think
it's better if you

stay there,
make sure that Aaron

doesn't come back to the boat.

And then meet me at
the bus stop at midnight

when everyone's celebrating,
and then we run.


How do I look?

You're worried
about your look.


It's New Year's Eve.

I'm allowed.

Come here.

My arms are kind of shaking.

That's fine.

It's going to be OK.

OK, if we get caught,
then we're-- then

we're off the boat for sure,
and then we're fucked.

Yeah, but I never get caught.

Have you got everything?

OK, give me your phone.


Because when we get the bag,
I'll chuck them in the sea.

Fresh start.

This is crazy.

Hey, check this out.

- Shit, look.
- Oh, wow, karaoke.

♪ I've been a puppet,
a pauper, a pirate, a poet ♪

that's what I'm talking about.

♪ And over and out
and I know one thing ♪

♪ Each time I find myself
layin' flat on my face ♪

I just pick myself up
and get back in the race

- ♪ That's life ♪
- ♪ That's life ♪

"Don't Go Breaking My Heart."

But I get to be Kiki Dee.

All right?

Come on, Ricky.

OK, final offer.

"Under Pressure,"
I'm Bowie, you do backups.

I don't want to do karaoke.

What's up, man?

emergency supplies.

What do you think?

Oh, yeah.


Got you something.

Yeah, Heiny's not drinking.


I said I'm fine, OK?



Once more for you?
You want--yeah?

Nice, nice, nice, nice.

For you?
You good?

You're OK? All right?



Some for me.

What's up, man?

That is so good.

That's so good.
I think maybe, um...

You ready?

OK, we'll go now.

That's it for the team?

And you're gonna get on
that stage right?

And you're going to come
with me,

because we're
good friends too.


Come on.

You got to sing something.

♪ And we're going to make
the words up as we go ♪

Come on, man, sing.

No, come on. Excuse me.

Heinrich told me.

He told me, man.

Heinrich told me.


Fucking hell.

Where's my fucking money?

Every time!
Every fucking time!

Get off of him.

Leave him.

Me push you?

You sound like Dad.

It's not about Dad.

It's not about me.

It's you, you gutless prick.

Fuck off.

Fucking mongrel!

Where are you going?
Where are you going?

Going back.

Aaron, calm down.

It's OK.

Hey, we don't-- you don't
want to talk about it.

We don't have to talk about it.


Oh, fuck.


It's just me.

I was--


--looking-- oh my God.

Yeah, it's fine.

It's nothing.

Is it still bleeding?

Yeah, I kind of
can't make it stop.

Well, you need some ice.



Come on.

It's five minutes to midnight.

So what happened?

Bit of a dustup with Aaron.

You mean he punched you
in the face?


He's got this idea that
there was something dodgy

about that money we found.

It was a setup.

Was it?

I don't know.

I didn't think so,
but he's blaming Heinrich.

And I try to stick up
for the guy, and--

Come on.

I see you're
still wearing that.


Oh, shit.

You've got blood on your hand.

Happy New Year!



Augh! Hey!

What the fuck?



- What's up?
- Asshole, he took...

- What?
- He robbed me--

- What?
- He pushed me down and--

Where-- did you see him?

I don't know.
I don't know.

It's all right.
It's all right.

No, it's not.

He took our passports.


Listen, listen.

Kitty, we can fix this.

We're going to fix this.

We're going to fix this.

Do you think any of
the crew had a grudge

against Aaron Winbourne?


Yeah, the boy who died.

Aaron's dead?

His throat was slashed.

He was murdered.

And given there are only
three others on board,

four counting our mystery
guest, I figured one of them

might have wanted him dead.

Well, they're towing
"The Blue" in now.

Forensics will give
her the once over.

And if there's anything
to find, we'll find it.


You know, you asked me
to identify the voice

on the distress signal.

Yeah, and you told
me you couldn't help.

That's because I
didn't recognize it.

But when I was on "The Blue,"
I met a lot of their friends.

And if-- if her stuff
is still on the boat,

then maybe it'd ring a
bell about who she is.

You said that they're
still in the water.

And if that's the case,
then they don't have long.

So maybe it's worth trying.

Her passport was in it.

So she fills out
this form, and you

give her a copy of the report.

She can take it
to her consulate

in Timpi maybe.

A British Embassy official
will contact her.

They will need to
take all of her details.

What did he say?

You need to fill this form.

OK, well,
we can do that later.

No, no, you--

you want to get
things moving ASAP,

otherwise there's no
chance of it being found.

No, we can just take this
and come back in the morning.

Look, Kitty, we just have
to give them your details.

Don't worry.
It'll be fine.

I have to go.

No, Kitty.

For God's sakes.

Hey, Kitty.

You might not realize this,
but I'm trying to help you.

Well, I don't want your help.


Where were you?

Where was I?

Where were you?

What about the money?

Oh, it doesn't matter.

Nothing matters.

We're finished.


Kit, I'm--

You ready for this?