No Escape (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - No Escape - full transcript

Lana and Kitty escapes from the UK police and find refuge on a romantic yacht "The Blue", crewed by a group of enigmatic, beautiful people. When greed and lust drive the crew to make terrible compromises, that results even in death.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
♪ I'm crazy ♪

♪ Crazy for being so blue ♪

SAR to command,
we're closing on the vessel.

Confirming that
it is "The Blue."

Any sort of trouble
down there, SAR1?

All appears in order.

Still no radio response.

Search and Rescue!


ICO3, what's the status?

Not sure.

Engine's on,
but there's no one around.

I'm going below.

♪ I knew you'd love me
as long as you wanted ♪

Anybody there?

♪ And then someday ♪

ICO3 to SAR1.

No sign of anybody on board.

♪ Somebody new ♪

♪ Worry ♪

♪ Why do I let myself worry? ♪

♪ Wondering ♪

♪ What in the ♪

can we get a status update?

Have you made contact?

ICO3, are you reading me?

♪ All the things
that I ran from ♪

♪ I now bring as close
to me as I can ♪

♪ Ripping hotel sheets
with gritted teeth ♪

♪ My montage of lost things ♪

♪ My shiny ♪

♪ Trinkets of grief ♪

♪ That my love ♪

♪ Could hold you ♪

♪ I'm crazy for trying ♪

♪ And crazy for crying ♪

♪ And I'm crazy ♪

♪ For loving you ♪

Excuse me, miss.
Just looking for Emma.

She in?

Emma's just there.
Thank you.

Emma, I'm Detective
Sergeant Christie.

Just wondering if we
could have a chat.

This way, please, Emma.

- Thank.
- Follow me.

Hi, Emma.

I'm Chief Inspector
Sarah Craven.

I'm sorry to keep
you waiting today.

It's OK.

Sitting here is better
than wiping tables.

So you're out here on
holidays from the UK, yeah?

You're working at
Chrystal's Harbourside.

I hear they make
a mean margarita.

I know I'm not
supposed to be working.

I did apply for a visa online.

We're not interested in that.

I spoke to the harbormaster.

He suggested we track you down.

He said you might be familiar
with a yacht called "The Blue."

He reckons you've
been in three or four

times a week asking after it.

It was never
four times a week.

Well, still.

Seems you're anxious.

I'm not-- I'm not anxious.

I just knew that this was her
home port, and if, you know,

they happen to
come this way,

then it might be nice
to catch up.

Oh, so you have
friends on board?

No, I was backpacking in
the Philippines, and I--

I met the crew in a bar.

And we got on, so they asked
me to sail with them for a bit.

And I did.

But I got off the
boat like weeks ago.

Has something happened?

Look, 14 hours
ago a distress call

was picked up from a vessel
identified as "The Blue."

A search was undertaken.

"The Blue" was found.

It was perfectly
seaworthy but completely

empty, no one on board.

So what's happened to them?

That's what we're
trying to find out.

I have four people
who seem to have

disappeared into thin air.

We're gathering
information, anything that

might help the search effort.

So when you got
on board the boat,

you were traveling alone, yeah?

There's no one else you could
put us onto who might help?


I was by myself.

All right, Emma.

Well, maybe we should
move on to the boat

itself, safety standards.




Is that some sort of counter?

OK, Bangkok flight.

Over there.
Over there.

It looks like it's going
to leave in like 35 minutes.

Well, then--

No, we're not
going to get on.

- We have to hurry.
- We won't get on.

Even if we buy a ticket
now, we're going to miss it.

Keep sweeping.

Keep an eye on departures.

Just keep sweeping.

Keep checking in with us.

What do we do?


Just come with me.

The next departure after
that is 9:30 p.m. to Manila.

Yeah, well,
then--yeah, we'll take it.

Two, please.

Two to Manila, return.

No, no, no, one-way.

Thank you.

We'll be landing in a
couple of hours, I think.

And what then?

We keep moving,
get as far away as we can.

What if this was a mistake?

No. It won't be.

I'm scared.

That stuff back home--
you have to forget about.

Because we're going to be far
away, and we'll be together.

I'll keep us safe.


And you got to stop crying.

'Cause you look bad.


True you.

♪ Trouble's the same as,
same as ♪

♪ Trouble's the same
as mine, as mine ♪

♪ You're all that I need ♪

♪ But we break every time ♪

♪ Birds of feather
fly together ♪

♪ Your trouble's
the same as mine ♪

♪ You're all that I need ♪

♪ Need ♪

♪ But we break every time ♪

♪ Every time ♪

♪ Birds of feather
fly together ♪

♪ Your trouble's
the same as mine ♪

♪ You have my love
with difficulty ♪

♪ It's in the ringtone
when you call me ♪

♪ When we go,
it's like tsunami ♪

♪ Running your mouth
with that malarkey ♪

Sign here, please.

♪ Well, let me
take the lead and I'll show ♪

♪ I'm Villanelle to
your Sandra Oh ♪

♪ It's only for the
drama, I know ♪

♪ Bitter to sweet's
the way that we go ♪

♪ So I play
for your reaction ♪

♪ Then you throw your
cheap distraction ♪

♪ Ah-ah, ah-ah, ah ♪

♪ Ah-ah, ah-ah, ah ♪

♪ You're all that I need ♪

♪ But we break every time ♪

♪ Birds of feather
fly together ♪

♪ Your trouble's
the same as mine ♪

♪ You're all that I need ♪

♪ Need ♪

♪ But we break every time ♪

♪ Every time ♪

♪ Birds of feather
fly together ♪

♪ Your trouble's
the same as mine ♪

♪ Bass turn up,
can't hear what we say ♪

♪ Speakers are talking,
maybe we can tolerate ♪

No, you keep them.

♪ Cut deep when we play ♪

♪ You're at your best
when I'm in my worst way ♪

♪ Heat's rising, stay silent ♪

♪ Can we stop
trouble-mining? ♪

♪ We act like the wildest ♪

♪ Really we're the same, don't
know why we try to hide it ♪

♪ You're all that I need ♪

♪ But we break every time ♪

♪ Every time ♪

♪ Birds of feather
fly together ♪

♪ Your trouble's
the same as mine ♪

♪ You're all that I need ♪

♪ Need ♪

♪ But we break every time ♪

♪ Every time ♪

♪ Birds of feather
fly together ♪

♪ Your trouble's
the same as mine ♪

The American
dude on the pier,

the one that tried
to chat me up,

he said that snorkeling in
Palawan is like mind-blowing.

Kit, you fucking
hate the sea.

No, I don't.

Yes, you do.

Yeah, maybe a bit.

But if I drown,
you'll just fish me out.

Sorry, madam, but there is a
problem with your credit card.


Yes, your card--
it has been declined.


I-- I mean, that's a bit--

I used it this morning,
and it-- and it-- and it

worked fine, so.

Perhaps you
have another card.

How do we know it's not
your machine that's broken?

I will try running
it through once more.



We need to try
the other card.

What the fuck has happened?

- Maybe we maxed it out.
- No!

No, I didn't.

I kept track.

Come on.
Come on.

I said if we used
her card this was

going to happen eventually.

Well, what are
we supposed to do?

We need to move.

We need to get as far
away from here as--

But we have no money.

There's some cash hidden
in my shoe back at the hotel.

What if the police
are waiting for us?

That guy I shagged,
that Swedish guy,

he said he has a place in--

in-- in-- in Mindanao.

We'd never find it.

Here, here.


He said I could stay.

- You.
- No, no.

He would let us both stay.

If I-- if I asked
him, he would.

Mindanao's a
different island.

We'd need to get a ferry.


We chance the hotel, grab
your cash, flop at his place,

and-- and get bar work.


There's enough in here
to get ferry to Mindanao.

What's that?

Maybe we don't need a ferry.

Excuse me!

A guy over there said he
might be able to help us.

Could you point us
in the direction

of a boat named "The Blue"?

They all look the same to me.


Yeah, I-- I guess I know her.

The skipper doesn't
like the marina crowd,

so he usually moors
further out

away from the wankers.


You've got visitors.

Are you Michelle Wilson?

We found this on the
street in the old town.

We were gonna hand
it to the police,

but we found this
old ticket thing.

So we figured if we found the
boat on the ticket, then yeah.

Thank you.


The money's gone.

Jesus, who cares?

I mean, they brought it back.

That's all that matters.


It's all good.

Yeah, so this is Kitty.

This is Lana.


This is Denny.

Michelle you already met.

Hey, Aaron.

Come up here.


these two found my wallet,

my-- my license, credit cards.

It's all there.

Stroke of luck.


Well, we know what it's
like to get robbed.

Don't we, Lana?

Just after we arrived,
this guy offered us a lift,

and then we put our
bags in his car.

And then he just drove off.

We lost everything.

Well, that sucks, right?

Yeah, it was a bit of a
bummer on the dream holiday.

Maybe we can do
something to help.

Yeah, well, I don't know if
you're going this way but we

really need to get to
Mindanao, and-- and a lift

would be huge.

Well, it just so happens you
are in time for Happy Hour.



Start there, shall we?

See how we go.


This is the crew
list from the last port

of departure in the Solomons.

So if you could just give us
your impressions of the people

that you sailed with, Emma,
then that'd be a big help.

Michelle Wilson?

She's American.

She's smart, like
university smart--

everyone calls her Chelle--

and kind too.

Heinrich Krause?

He fixes things.

He's sort of like the mechanic.

He's a bit of a lad,
always telling stupid jokes.

Dennis Winbourne?

Isn't that Aaron's brother?

I don't know what
else you want me to say.

He-- he was just a guy.

Animal noises.

Ooh-ooh, ah-ah.




Who's that?

- That's not a Jellyfish!
- That's you!

Get it, get it, get it.

Don't you waste my good rum!

Oh my God!

It's overrated.

Don't worry.


It's me, right?

Listen, never have
I-- never have

I ever been in a three-way.

Show me.

Guilty as charged.


Are you serious?

I'm serious.

I-- I thought you done
three-way, four-way.

I don't know.



I'm-- I'm old-fashioned.

He's a gentleman.

I am a gentleman.

Unlike you.

Mr. Winbourne,
I believe you're up.

What about you?

You haven't drunk all night.

I am drinking.

Ah, but not in the game.

That's because
I'm not playing.

You set down to play.


Come on, Aaron.

If she doesn't want to
drink, don't make her drink.


Not everyone-- no drama.

You want in?
All in.


New game.


the new game is, who's
most likely to, so who's--

who's most likely
to be a virgin and--


Who's most likely to lose?


Show us, show us.


Take it off!

- Take it off!
- Come on.

Come on, Heinrich.

- Rock the boat!
- Rock the boat!

Oh, look at that body.

♪ Sometimes
you love too hard ♪

♪ Sometimes you go too far ♪

Oh my God.

♪ Real things
do not come easy ♪

♪ Never been
your average girl ♪

♪ So take time with me,
take time ♪

♪ Baby, talk to me
with some action ♪

♪ We can find a place
for your passion ♪

♪ Cool down, simmer ♪

♪ Cool down, simmer ♪

♪ Cool down, simmer ♪

♪ Cool down, please me ♪

♪ Cool down, simmer ♪

♪ Cool down ♪

♪ Boy, you make it too
hard for me to stay here ♪

♪ Boy, you're making it hard
for me to be your love ♪

Need something?


No, I was just
looking for the loo.

Well, do you think
it's in my cabin?

Well, come.
I'll show you something.

How come you get a free
pass on all the games?

Not free.

Believe me, I pay.

What's that?


Is it going to make me
trip out or something?


It's just a myth.

It's just alcohol.

That's a lot of fuss
if it's just booze?

Well, I like fuss.

Did you paint that?

Every boat needs an artist.

Are you Filipino?

Uh, my-- my dad is Filipino.

And my mom is French.

But back home in
France, I'm Asian,

and here in Asia, I'm French.

I don't know, so you tell me.

You're all from
different countries then?

She's Aaron's boat.

The rest of us-- we joined
from different places,

people he meets along the way.

How old are you?



You're bullshit.

Well, English girls
who travel this way,

most go straight to Phuket,

get fucked up
at the Full Moon Party.

Yet you're in the Philippines.


I don't know.

Why are you?

I'm running away.

Aren't we all?

Mm. Oh, fuck.

♪ All that I wanted, yeah ♪






We sailed off.


We're in the
middle of the sea.

I don't even remember
falling asleep.

God, where the fuck are we?

- Stop.
- Sorry, where are we?

On our way to
beautiful Mindanao.

Hope that's OK.

Yeah, that's great.

Yeah, we got a stop off
in Balakid first, pick up

some supplies for New Year's.

Then we're going to head
down the coast a bit,

do a bit of island-hopping.

I'm sure young
Joseph here would

be happy to drop in town.

Or you could just stay on.



Do you mean go on
island hopping with you?

Call it our way
of saying thank you for

returning the wallet.

So is that a yes?


- Great.
- Great.

- Yeah?
- Yeah. Sounds good.


There are a few
rules on this boat, OK?

On "The Blue," everything
is held collectively.

All work is shared,
and we all contribute equally.


That means $50 a week
each for expenses.

Yeah, that sounds fair.

All right.

This will be you.

Mm, it's nice.

Yeah, she's a great old
boat, a little bit creaky.

She leaves a small wake.

You sail on her, I expect
you to do the same.

We don't waste.

We don't pollute.

And we do not exploit.

That was totally
our philosophy.


Secondly, all decisions
are made by via a vote.

Except when safety's concerned.

Then I'm in charge,
no questions asked.


I mean,
it's your boat, so sure.


Lastly, and the most important.

No sex on board.

All right?

You want to screw,
you find someone on shore.

Because my crew do not
screw, at least not each other.


That's fine.


OK, well, settle yourselves in.

Dinner's at six.

Thank you.

Treat my boat right, OK?

Don't waste freshwater.

I'll stay happy.


- Did you see--
- Get off.

Did you see
he's got a ring on his finger?

Yeah, because he's married.

He's a married man.

Where's is his wife then?

Kit, put it away.

Apparently there were
signs of trouble on board,

a fight maybe.

Can you think of anything
that may have caused that?

- Like what?
- I don't know.

I wasn't there.

Maybe something
didn't feel right,

something someone said or did.

Listen, Emma.

If the crew are
in the water, they

have a maximum of 48
hours before they succumb

to hypothermia,
so if there's anything

that you can think of--

I don't know what you
want me to tell you.

They were just a bunch of
travelers having a laugh.

I've put some money away
to cover a week on the boat.

That should get us clothes,
swimsuits, seasick meds.

Won't that leave
us skint again?

I can't keep wearing this.

We're on Mindanao, OK?

We can save the money, get away
tonight before they get back.

No, no.

Lan, on that boat we're
completely off the grid.

For like a week.

Yeah, in a week we'll
be way down south,

like hundreds of
miles from here.

Don't we need a proper plan,

like for what
happens after that?

Ugh, why?

Sooner or later we're
going to get caught.

With no money,
it's probably sooner.


I won't let that happen.

I know, but island-hopping
through Southeast Asia

on a private bloody
yacht-- that's like

someone else's like life,
someone much luckier than us.

I want to enjoy it
while we can.


both: Woo!


It's over there.

OK, so you can grab the meds.

Maybe I'll get us
some new clothes,

and then we can meet back
here in 30 minutes?


Are you listening to me?

Yes, I am listening.


See you in a bit.


Be safe.




Hey, what's up?

The police were shooting
back there.

I don't know what's going on.

Yeah, I heard.

We better get out of here.

- I need to find Kitty.
- Hey, hey.

She would have gone
back to the boat.

What if she hasn't?
What if she's gotten lost?

Then I'll go out
myself and find her.

I promise.

But those cops aren't
good people, so we've

really got to move now.

So were you just meeting up
with an old mate back there?

Yeah, kind of.

All right.

I was picking up a bit of weed.

Sometimes when my shift
ends it's hard to wind down,

and a smoke helps.


Aaron wouldn't like that.

This way.

Particularly not from me.

From me, he expects more.

It's just a big
brother thing, I guess,

a bit like you and Kitty.

She's not my big sister.

Yeah, but she acts it, right?

Like she's always in charge?

It's not like that.

Hey, look, I get it.

You two are close,
just like me and Aaron.

But sometimes you got
to do your own thing,

you know, at bit of
time on your own.


Don't worry, I'm not
going to grass you up.

Never thought you would.

By the way, those earrings--

I feel like I've seen
them somewhere before.

Yeah, I-- I was going
to give them back.

I was just borrowing them.
Don't worry.

I don't grass either.

I thought you'd been shot.

And if you weren't shot,
you know, you'd be lost.

I was.

Denny found me.

Well, hooray for the Denny.

All right.

I'm on dinner
shift, so unless you

want to see Aaron
blow a circuit,

we've got to get back.

I just blown away by how
you guys get around.

I always look like a
dumb, dumbass tourist.

You are
a dumbass tourist.

That was rude.

So what did you guys get up to?

- Today?
- Yeah.



Are you all right?

Thank you.

Sometimes I-- I wonder
why I stay on this boat.

Then I see a view
like this, and I know.

Lana, hey, Aaron
wants me to give you

a lesson in helming the boat.

Like steering it?

It'll be painless.

Come on.

All right.

You ready?

First you flick that.

- Should I do it?
- Yeah.

Engine on.

Let it warm up.

Very good.

You want to honk the horn?

Go on.


A bit longer.

All right, now put into gear.

- OK.
- You see where we are?

♪ Why is it so ♪

OK, ocean navigation
for dummies.

So right now,
it's on autopilot,

so there's not much to do.

But I'm going to turn that off
and give you a feel for it.

Yeah, but what if I crash?

Into what?

You ready?

- Yeah.
- It's off.

You got it?

Quick. Quick.

- OK.
- All right.

So first thing-- she steers a
lot slower than a car.

I don't know how to
drive a car either.

Oh, great.

You don't have any
bad habits to unlearn.

Keep your eye on the island.

♪ Why is it so rotten? ♪


Yeah, you've got it.

Go ahead.
Go ahead.

it's pulling to the left.

♪ Straight to
the heart with a toy ♪

Spin, spin, spin.

That's it.

It's not a car.

It's nothing like a car,

especially this boat.

All right.
Now we're good.

You're just going to go left.

All right, we're straight.

Do you get signal out here?

A couple of bars.

There's a town over there.

Do you want another drink?

I'm good.


- No.
- OK.

So, Joseph, your
family's religious then?

My father is Catholic, very
Catholic, like many Filipinos.

Before the church came here,

used to worship spirits.


Like, what, ghosts?

More like nature gods,
but there is

one island on that coast
that was meant to be

a bridge to the afterlife.


I went out there once
with this local guy.

He wouldn't even
get off the boat.

I did.

But he warned me not
to bring anything back

or I might take
the curse with me.

Did you bring anything back?

A beautiful conch too
irresistible to leave behind.

Where's the conch now?

I gave it to
Heinrich for Christmas,

but I don't think it's
really affected him at all.

- Oh!
- Ah!



So evil and unnecessary.

All right, so you
now give it a spin.


Den, where are we, mate?

Oh, shit, sorry.

I was giving Lana a lesson.

We might have strayed a bit.

A bit?

We've gone out, out, out, out.


Look, we're 45 degrees
off the course I set.

Come on.

How do I know?


Guys, there's a
weird light over there.

Funny flash pattern.

What does that mean?

A light flashing in
a particular sequence

can be a message.

Emergency signal, for instance.

Better check it out.

Trawler, trawler,
this is yacht "The Blue."

Do you copy?


Trawler, trawler, trawler,
this is yacht "The Blue."

Do you copy?



Do you copy?



No response, Chelle?

Do you see anyone?

Why would it just
be sitting out here

in the middle of nowhere?


Maybe it was towed
there or something.

- Why would they do that?
- No idea.

Your guess is as good as mine.

Let's take a look.

Denny, is it-- what--

oh my God.
You're insane.


- Hey!
- What are you doing?

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Den-Den, what the
fuck are you doing?

Taking a look.

They're insane.

What if there's sharks
or-- or jellyfish?

Wait, wait.
What are you doing?



Lana, what are you doing?

I wanna see what's going on.





What did you find?


Help them up, Michelle.

What's going on?

What the fuck is this?

Is that even real?

Rick found it one
of the deck lockers.

Yeah, so what?

So you just took it?

Well, couldn't leave it.

Yeah, you could.

Skipper, that boat
is completely empty.

I mean, there's like not
even the engine inside.

He's right.

It looks like it's been
that way for years.

- Really?
- Yes.


So what's with the
flashing lights?

You guys.

Aaron, this--
this isn't right.

Guys, shut up.

I think there's a
boat coming this way.

We got to put that
bag back right now.

Chelle, by the
time we swim across

that boat will be on us.

We should just leave.

I mean, they probably
can't even see us.

We've got to leave now.

No, this is crazy.

We don't know
who's on that boat.

So what?

You just want to hang
around and find out?

Aaron, make a call.

All right. Turn all
the fucking lights off.

Let's get out of here.


Turn the fucking lights out.

Figure it out later.

Well, we needed money.

Maybe everything's
going to be all right.

It will be.

All right.

We're going to have
to wind this up.

Before we do, there's
something I'd like you to hear.


Can you hear me?

"The Blue." "The Blue."
We need you!


"MOL Triumph" to "The Blue,"
reading you.

We're in trouble.
Help me.

Can you hear me?

Fuck, can you hear me?

Blue, we are
attempting to respond

to your distress signal.

Are you able to
give your position?

I-- I don't know.

I don't know where.

Oh God.

I-- I-- I don't
know where we are.

Oh God.

He's dead.
He's dead!

It's just static after that.

That's the recording of the
distress signal I mentioned.

You recognize the voice?

This crew list--

the only woman on it is
Michelle Wilson, American.

It's not Chelle.

Any idea who
it might be then?


I've never heard
that voice before.

All right.

Well, thanks, Emma.

You've been a big help.

Thanks for your time, Emma.

You have rung Kitty.

Did you really
expect me to pick up?

Leave me a message,
and I will call you back.

Kit, I know you
probably won't get this,

but I'm scared.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for what I did.

I'm really sorry.

SAR to command,
we spotted something.

We have a body.