Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 50 - Episode #2.50 - full transcript

In the series finale, Jing Ping confronts Yuan Qi. Who will prevail?

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[Nirvana in Fire 2: The Wind Blows in Chang Lin]

[Final Episode - 50]

Long live Your Majesty!

My favored subjects!


Prince of Chang Lin has personally come.

I am sure you still have some questions you want to ask me.

Of course, I want to hear your thoughts,

because I really cannot understand.

Xiao Yuanqi, in just a few years,

you colluded with the foreign kingdom, leaked military information,

assassinated government officials, and raised an army to revolt.

Why did you become like this?

You really thought that

I became like this only after you left the capital?

You cannot understand...

maybe because you never cared about me.

No matter if it is in our Imperial clan or in the government,

no matter if it is Great Liang or Donghai,

either they disdain me, or treat me as a pawn.

In this vast world,

if I am unable to reach the top,

how can there be anyone that will really look at me?

So, this is your thought.

It is not because of your desire for power,

greed, and wild ambitions.

Looks like, in your eyes, you ended up like this today all because of the faults of others.

Xiao Yuanqi, you keep complaining that the world is cold, and that people are indifferent.

But in the alternative, how sincere are you in treating this world?


You won!

You naturally can stand here and lecture me!

But if you had not interfered, if I was the one who got to rule the kingdom,

if I was the one who founded the glorious era and progressive times of Great Liang,

who would dare to conclude that I was wrong several hundreds of years from now!

So, in your eyes,

you thought that you would be a better emperor?

Your Majesty.

- How are Yuanjia and Yuanyou?
- The two young princes are doing fine.

- They just suffered shock and some superficial wounds.
- Okay.

Your Majesty, Xiao Yuanqi is inside.

Xiao Yuanshi!

He only inherited the Imperial throne!

In terms of quality, how is he better than I am?

He was pampered since he was little. His natural temperament is being hesitant and gentle.

He does not know how to read people, totally cannot make his own decisions!

After listening in court for so many years,

what improvements did he have in terms of governance and military matters?

In facing such a mediocre person,

did your House of Chang Lin never feel disappointed!

His Majesty still has a long road ahead.

His future is not something that you can understand now.

I indeed am unable to see Xiao Yuanshi's future.

But Prince of Chang Lin, can you dare say that you can see it?

At this moment, you have tried your best to protect him.

It is not because you firmly believe that he can be a wise ruler.

It was only because he inherited the Imperial throne.

You just did it for a virtuous cause!

Your Majesty.

Virtuous cause...

Xiao Pingjing, let me tell you!

Since time immemorial, the world belongs to the able one.

If I get to have the chance to rule the world,

who dares to resolutely say that I will be inferior to that little child!

If these are your thoughts,

then Xiao Yuanqi, you completely do not understand why you lost today!

That is right. His Majesty's future is still an unknown,

but you, Xiao Yuanqi!

We already know your true colors very well.

The fertile lands and cities of the ten prefectures of our eastern border got turned by you into flames of war and scorched earth.

The lives of several thousand soldiers and citizens,

in your eyes,

were just steps to reach the top.

You even dare to ask why you are not qualified to rule the world?

You do not love your own nation. Then this world for you...

is nothing.

Your Majesty.

Your Majesty always comes in at the right time.

I was just about to congratulate the Prince of Chang Lin.

Congratulate him for what?

I killed the Empress Dowager,

and eliminated Xun Baishui for him.

I also ended in utter defeat.

Between the Prince of Chang Lin and this most-respected Imperial throne,

I fear there are not many hindrances anymore.

Prince Laiyang, do you know

that if Big Brother Pingjing really desired it,

if the House of Chang Lin really desired it long ago,

the Jinling political stage would not be like this now.

You said it right. I am indeed young and ignorant.

I am not as brilliant as the late Emperor.

But at least I know what is sincerity, and what is just instigation by villains!

I know that what I committed is a grave crime punishable by death.

I have no way to escape.

For the sake of our previous friendship,

can I ask the Prince of Chang Lin to have a duel with me?




Where is Pingjing?

The Prince of Chang Lin and my General Yue went to chase after Xiao Yuanqi.

My general especially asked me to inform you

that the uprising of Prince Laiyang has been pacified.

That Xiao Yuanqi surely will not be able to escape.

Commander! Commander!

Quickly tell Pingjing that Xiao Yuanqi's martial arts skills

must not be underestimated. Hurry and go!


Your Highness.

Your Majesty, since the Prince of Chang Lin has already agreed,

may Your Majesty just quietly observe.

- General Tan.
- Commander Xun asks the Prince of Chang Lin to be careful.

Xiao Yuanqi must not be underestimated. Where are they!

- Inside.
- Let us go!

Your Majesty.

- Second Young Master!
- Your Highness!

Second Young Master, are you alright?

Big Brother Pingjing.

That was close.

I still was not able to achieve the peak state.

But nevertheless, it was worthy to give it a try.

What if I ended up victorious?

Although I know that you have colluded with Donghai,

I never thought that you had such intimate communications with him.

Xiao Yuanqi, have you forgotten that he killed your mother?

Of course, I did not!

It is just that the heavens abandoned me.

He did not let me continue on my journey.

He did not give me any chance to seek revenge.

But it is fine.

You all...

will seek vengeance for me.

Donghai is now the mortal enemy of Great Liang.

Your Majesty, am I right?


In my secret chamber,

there is a book.

For so many years, I have written down my knowledge about Donghai and Marquis Mozi in there.

I am gifting it to the Prince of Chang Lin.

Just treat it as...payment to my debt of gratitude

toward my Uncle, for teaching me military knowledge.

Arrest the head of the rebellion, Xiao Yuanqi.

Put heavy chains on him, and lock him up alone to await his trial.

- Yes.
- Kill.

Your Majesty.


Kill him.


Why did Imperial Mother...

Since Your Majesty did not know the truth,

you cannot be blamed for it.

Did not know the truth?

Can one really say in a guiltless manner that he did no wrong,

just because he did not know about it?

Imperial Mother...

Uncle Xun...

Every decision that they made...

every decree that they gave, every words that they said, which of them were not for my sake?

There are some things...

especially on things like this,

that are not that easy to erase.

But what is the benefit of being full of remorse?

What Your Majesty should do now...

is do your best, to make up for their mistakes.

I am afraid that what that General Di Ming said was right.

Since half of me was inherited from my mother,

- with she being like that--
- Your Majesty.

Do you know who my elder brother Pingzhang's real father was?

Looks like you do not know.

Let me tell you about someone you know then.

The previous Prince Laiyang had the same father and mother as the late Emperor. (T/N Yuanqi's father.)

Both were personally taught by Emperor Wujing.

Were they the same?

What kind of person Your Majesty will become in the future

will depend on what kind of person you want to be from now on.

Hand me my clothes.


What are you doing?

Commander, I know that you are worrying about those forty-thousand Imperial Guards.

Isn't there still General Yue, who is reorganizing them on your behalf?

Even the Prince praises him as being a talent.

Do not worry anymore.

Doctor Du, I am not worried about the reorganization.

I just feel that my health is better.

I want to enter the palace.

Why are you rushing to enter the palace?

Because of Xun Anru.

I want to enter the palace and beg for His Majesty's grace,

so I can take Anru's corpse back,

and bury it in our Xun clan's tomb.

Thank you, Physician Du, for taking care of me these past days.

- Imperial Brother!
- Imperial Brother!

Yuanjia, Yuanyou, are you two alright?

We are fine.

It is good that you two are fine.

Everything has's all over.

Your Highness, I will send someone now to clean up the place.

No need to reopen the manor. It is also convenient to enter and exit through the eastern gates.

Clean up my older brother's room.

I will temporarily stay there.


General! You are so busy now that you cannot even have a good meal.

You are so talkative. Although Di Ming's moment of mercy saved a lot of officials,

this disaster dealt a huge loss to the government. How can I not be busy?

General Yue is planning to stay in the capital,

and not return to Qianzhou anymore?

General, take care.

That Pei'er girl was previously a slave of the Xun Manor.

I already mentioned this to Commander Xun.

He already asked someone to burn her slave contract.

As for what you plan on doing next, just tell me personally.

I will not interfere.

I am almost done handling the major matters in the capital.

I still have decided to leave at the right time.

Now that my older brother is in heaven, he is able to see everything clearly.

Hence, I do not need to be like before,

always telling him matters nonstop.

When my older brother left that year,

I only had one thought in my mind.

That is to do the things...

that he has not finished.

Only so many years afterward did I understand...

that a person...

can never fully live like someone else.

And you also will not want to see me like that.
[Xiao Pingzhang's Tomb]

Old Master Lin always says...

that when a dead person rests in peace, stop thinking about them.

All thoughts in this world

are just worries.

If the living cannot let go,

the souls of the dead can never achieve peace.

If you are unable to sever your ties with this world,

how then can you ascend to heaven?

I know that what Old Master Lin said is right.

But there are things...

that are very hard to do.

Informing Your Majesty, the Inner Palace Office followed your orders

and sent people to help out in the internal manor matters of Chang Lin.

The Prince did not reopen his manor. He only temporarily stayed in the courtyard of the past heir of Chang Lin.

I really do not know what to do next.

Hence, I came to inform Your Majesty.

I know already.


Greetings to Your Highness.

General Yue.


General Yue.

[Xiao Yuanqi's Donghai Chronicles]

These are the chronicles of Xiao Yuanqi about Donghai.

Why are you giving them to me?

Of course, I should give it to you.

Regarding the reestablishment of the Yulin Army, Commander Xun will temporarily take over.

The Ministry of War will assist him.

Things will surely become smooth and steady eventually.

As for the Donghai matter, I want to suggest General Yue Yinchuan.

With him as the leader, I told them to come up with a strategy to reclaim the territories first,

and then report it to Your Majesty for approval.

I also believe that General Yue is suitable for the task.

I still have one thing that I hope Your Majesty will allow.

I am not allowing it.

Looks like Your Majesty has already guessed what matter

I am asking permission about.

I am not stupid.

When I learned that you did not reopen your manor

and just temporarily stayed in your older brother's former courtyard,

I understood that you are not willing to return to the government.

Your Majesty is so smart.

The Imperial court of Jinling in the future will surely be full of talented individuals.

I feel that with my limited strength, I am unable to help you out anymore.

Is the Prince of Chang Lin...

doubting me?

Your Majesty.

I surely will be able to equal the achievements

of the late Emperor.

If Your Highness really needs me in the future,

I surely will be here like before,

and sacrifice my life to loyally serve you.

Big Brother Pingjing,

no matter where you will be from now on,

do not forget your old friend here in Jinling.

You must frequently write back.

I...will abide by your decree.

Your Highness, please wait.

You are an old member of our Imperial manor.

After getting deployed back to the capital, you surely will become very busy.

Your Highness, do not worry. I, Dong Qing, surely will do my best to fulfill my duty.

I will not bring disgrace to our Imperial House of Chang Lin.

Your Highness, take care.

Take care.

I take my leave.

Your Highness.

Did we not agree to say our goodbyes by the city gates? Why are you here?

Although I have only been with Your Highness for a short time,

I do not know why,

but I want to go together some additional distance in walking you out.

Since they know that I have taken my leave of His Majesty,

there have been a lot of people who came to urge me to change my mind.

General Yue can be said to be one of the few who did not talk.

That might be, because only I agreed with Your Highness' decision.

- Really?
- Your Highness raised an army starting from Langzhou

and traversed just a few regions,

but was able to use a previously-abolished Chang Lin military seal

to call forth an army of several hundred thousand men.

In this world, what people fear the most are those with intentions.

If you stay in the government, you surely will get a high rank and great power.

For matters like that, it might look to be innocent for now.

But I do not know how the next generations will describe it.

General Yue thinks that I'm doing this

just to avoid suspicion?

Since Your Highness left the capital to fulfill your filial duty, one can already see

that it is not that you cannot handle these scheming acts,

you just really feel fed up with them.

Since your ambition is not here to begin with,

then how is withdrawing now

not a good tactic too?

It is really rare that General Yue can see through it so clearly

and be this honest.

To tell you the truth,

I am not this honest to everyone.


Let me ask you a question too.

Your Highness, please ask.

With a smart person like you,

you surely can see the pros and cons of things better than anyone else.

How come you dared to expose Xiao Yuanqi,

at the time when no one would believe you?

Why then did you dare to endanger yourself by standing in front

a rebel army of thousands with just you alone, when His Majesty was in danger?

Why did you do things like those that looked to be a sure defeat?

That might be because...

I am not smart enough.

The thing that makes you most special

might exactly be this 'not being smart enough'.


Senior Sect Brother Xun and General Yue, just send me off from here.

Pingjing, His Majesty made a decree yesterday.

Do you know about it?

His Majesty has orders that regardless of who will be the commander,

the northern border army will always be named "Chang Lin".

Actually, the strength of character called "Chang Lin"

has always been about resisting the wars in the borders and protecting the citizens.

It is never dependent on who the main commander is.

But for His Majesty to make such a decree after I bade him goodbye,

is still quite comforting.

Take care on your journey. Hope we can see each other again.

No matter how vast the world is and how far the roads are, we will surely meet again.


Take care.

I already made plans to find you, no matter what.

After coming down the mountain, I initially planned to go the the southern kingdom of Chu.

But I don't know why I stopped when I came here.

Since you came,

why didn't you go to the capital?

Because you said no matter where I go,

you will always be able to find me.

The world of mortals will naturally have great waves.

The future might never be peaceful all throughout.

Lin Xi...

are you really willing to be with me in this lifetime...

and not separate?

I'm willing.

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♫ There is little intention to return the real men to the war in the north, though willing, they are not given free rein ♫

♫ Discussions about their heroism led them to be questioned, and suffer dismal complaints around them, unable to clear their names ♫

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