Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 42 - Episode #2.42 - full transcript

An Ru has trouble believing what Pei has to say. Yuan Qi is offered another proposal.

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[Nirvana in Fire 2: The Wind Blows in Chang Lin]

[Episode 42]

Your Highness!

Your Highness, Pei'er saw Madam Qi!

How dare you! You dare make up such things?

The Lady indeed did not believe me.

Even if you are confused because your family suffered a great disaster,

you do not need to be evil and make accusations like that. Right?

Do you know what kind of situation it was when the eastern border's defense fell and the ten regions got massacred?

Do you know what kind of crime passing on military information is and conspiring with the enemy?

How dare you...

How dare you make up such a thing?

The Donghai Black Crystal Sword...

and the words that He Cheng and that woman personally spoke,

I also wish that they were fake. That all this was just a nightmare!

Then upon waking up,

we could still go back to that day when the Lady got married off.

That day...

I sincerely rejoiced for her Ladyship.

Rejoicing that the Lady could marry a...

a great war hero whom she could entrust with the rest of her life!

You are crazy. You totally do not know what you are saying.

Even more, you do not understand how absurd the words you're saying really are.

The Prince went on an expedition to the eastern border. In all those big and small battles,

he bled and risked his life to fight in them.

I cannot allow...

No, I will never allow anyone to slander him like that.

There must be someone who instructed you to slander the Prince, right?

Who is it? Who told you to do this!

Lady, I am a slave that was sold to serve you until death.

I have followed you since I was twelve years old.

Why would I let other people order me around to slander your husband unreasonably?

You also know that you must ask why in everything.

The Prince is a member of the Imperial Xiao family, a descendant of the Xiao clan.

Whether it's for family, for country, for affection, or for principle, he has no reason to do such a thing!

You said that you do not have a reason to slander him. Then why would he connive with Donghai? Why!

I do not know!

I only know what I heard and what I saw!

I really cannot understand why...

Greetings to Your Highness.

Greetings to Your Highness.

Why are you not accompanying the Princess Consort and just standing here alone?

Replying to Your Highness. The Princess Consort and Pei'er are talking upstairs.

I do not know why, but she said that I could not hear it. She told me to wait for her here.

She is talking with Pei'er?

Even you cannot hear it?


For you, it is actually a good thing.

Whether Lady thinks that I am crazy

or I have an ulterior motive, it is fine with me.

But in this world, there are a lot of things that one cannot treat as to have never happened...

just by closing one's eyes.

I beg Lady to look for a chance and order the servants to search the manor's pond.

If the Donghai Black Crystal Sword really is not in there,

then Lady... can at least be at ease.

Husband, why are you here?

Looks like I have arrived too late.

I do not know why, but this servant of mine

has been acting crazy, like she's being possessed lately.

The words she said are strange and odd, but there is no need to take them seriously.

If Your Highness is angry about it,

just exile her far away to a farming village.

Let her be unable to see anyone she knows.

What do you think?

It is really not important how we are going to send away a servant maid.

Who I am more concerned about now...

is only you.


you are a lady raised and taught by a noble family.

Let us not talk about other things first.

Tell me.

When a woman gets married,

what should she be doing?

She must be respectful, be cautious (in speech), be obedient,
(Three Obediences and Four Virtues - Zhou Book of Etiquette )

and treat her husband as her sky.

I do not want to explain to you what I have and have not done.

I also do not want to convince you in what to believe and what not to believe,

because you and I... we are already one body.

The rest of your life is to be forever tied to me.

In the future, whether it is glory or insult, to float or to sink,

we can never be separated anymore.

I believe that you know this point very clearly.

Or course, I know.

You can never understand how complicated things are outside and you do not really need to understand them either.

Just manage house matters and serve your husband well.

These are the duties that a wife should fulfill. Am I right?


Then tell me now.

How should we deal with this servant who has slandered her master?

My Lady...

There is no room for doubting the good reputation of the Prince.

You really were quite bold and reckless.

For the (sake of) Prince of Laiyang Manor's pristine name,

we cannot give her any chance to speak rubbish.

My Lady...

Did you hear Princess Consort's orders?



Your Highness... no matter what,

Pei'er has accompanied me for so many years.

I really do not want to see her blood shed.

The Chenxiang Lake outside is a purifying water after all.

Just let this foolish servant maid leave in a clean manner.

That is good, too. It will save us the need to clean away her corpse.

Go now.

Go now.

My respectful farewell to you My Lady.

It was just a serving maid.

I will pick some better ones for you.

You will get used to them after a few days.


do you remember what I told you during

the first night of our marriage?

I said that I would take good care of you.

I always remember those words.

I also will surely fulfill them in the future.

All my past thoughts and actions

are for our future.

You should only remember to trust me. No need to be frightened by other things.

Your Highness, will everything be fine now?

A woman that grew up well-pampered and protected,

can never get away from my control.

Where is Pei'er?

Do not ask.

You must never ask.

Do not ever mention her again.

Just treat it as if there had never been a Pei'er...

in this world.

Did you find anything?

With these three regions of Huaidong,

you could build a deep-water dock.

Donghai wants to build a deep-water dock?

Was that the purpose of Marquis Mozi?

Look here.

The western side of these 3 regions of Huaidong forms a bend and is surrounded by water.

Based on the topography, it is indeed a good place to build a deep water dock.

But because the eastern sides were also our eastern border,

Great Liang did not really pay much attention

to the western lands.

But now since Donghai has taken these three regions

and if they insist on building a dock here,

then it will be hard for Great Liang

to reclaim these three territories.

Xiao Yuanqi gave away the three regions

in exchange for gaining merits for seven regions.

He got used by Marquis Mozi.

But Xiao Yuanqi said that he would be able to reclaim those three regions.

I feel that he is not lying.

That's right.

Those words were sincere. I hope that he still cares for Great Liang.

That he was muddled for a moment because of his greed for military achievements,

and thus was unscrupulous in his methods.

Yuanqi is still a direct descendant of the brother of the late Emperor.

He did not get a chance to be heavily-favored because of the past actions of his parents.

I never considered his feelings and ambitions before.

I understand now how much someone who has grand ambitions but has no place to showcase his skills

would want to prove himself.

I did not handle this matter well.


Feizhan sent a letter.

A letter from him was delivered by the post message rider.

He said that he will be coming back to celebrate the New Year with us.

Hurry and let me see.

This child...

has wandered outside for two years. He is finally coming back.

No matter what happened in the past,

he is still the child that I personally raised.

Say, after not seeing him for two years,

I really do quite miss him.

Isn't that right?

I do not understand any of the government matters happening outside.

When Feizhan returns this time,

you two must not argue again.

Hurry and clean up his room.

Right now, he has no more official duties. It is already not appropriate for him

to stay in the Imperial Guard barracks.

Very well. I will go do it now.

The doctor said that you were traumatized.

You must drink several medicines and slowly recuperate.

People from the Xun manor came to fetch my wife?


Act as if you do not know that she is sick. Just turn them away.

I also told them the same thing.

But when the senior maidservant of the Xun manor heard that the Princess Consort was sick,

she got concerned and insisted on entering to visit her.

Thank Aunt Xun for me.

Once I am better, I will go visit her.



Whoa! What's the matter?

There is a person over here!

It is... it is a lady.

She is still alive.

General, she does not look like a person who does crude jobs.

How come this lady is lying here?

No matter what, it is a life. Let us save her first before questioning her.


Let me.

What? Pei'er drowned?

They were out touring around the lake. Pei'er was a foolish girl to begin with.

She carelessly fell into the lake.

That really scared the Princess Consort. She is still bedridden even now.

How come it was Pei'er?

We acquired her from the eastern border.

Her water skills were quite good.

It is still the cold winter season and the twelfth month of the year. When she fell into the water,

she must have become rigid from the cold.

Enough. Enough. Stop talking about it.

The main point is still An'er became traumatized.

Although the Prince of Laiyang Manor does not lack anything,

we still have to prepare some calming supplements.

Send someone to deliver them there.


[Senior Grand Secretary Xun, I have not visited you for a long time. Has Minister Xun been well?]

[I am respectfully greeting you now. I am currently idling around here in Jianghu.]

[I heard about Donghai attacking our eastern border and conquering ten of our regions.]

[Yuanqi led our army and resisted the enemies, successfully taking back seven regions.]

[When I first heard of this news, I really felt happy for Yuanqi for being able to bear such a heavy task.]

[Several days ago, from the books here in Langya Court,]

[I seem to have discovered the reasons why Donghai attacked Huaidong...]

[To Senior Grand Secretary Xun...]

Why did you write Minister Xun a letter?

He after all has served the government for more than ten years

and he is now a relative of Yuanqi.

He is the only person that I can think of who can save Great Liang

and Yuanqi.

You do not plan to personally go back anymore?

I do not want to go back.

There are also not many people in Jinling City who wish me to come back.

Even as I send this letter, I am sending it to Senior Sect Brother Feizhan

and asking him to give it to Senior Grand Secretary Xun.

It'll prevent Senior Grand Secretary from overthinking again.

Uncle and Aunt Xun really dote on you.

They immediately sent so many supplements.

You may all withdraw.

- Yes.
- Yes.


you do not want to disappoint them, right?

Since there is already a lady from the Xun clan who was able to reach the highest rank,

if you follow me, you also will not just be a Princess Consort. Understand?

I understand.

If you can understand this,

that is for the best then.

Rest well.

Greetings to Your Highness. I wish Your Highness great fortune in the coming new year.

If Madam Qi can stop casually entering my manor,

that already is my great fortune.

What kind of skill level is that? Give that to me.

You are shooting arrows again!

The neighbors have already scolded me numerous times!

If you continue to shoot them, I will make you two go back!

- Go back!
- We will not shoot them anymore!

Elder Brother Tan, this... this house is too small.

The Ministry of Rites is too petty.

Do you know where this place is?

The Imperial city of Jinling. A foot of land is equivalent to a foot of gold.

Being able to provide us a with a stand-alone house, with its own garden near the palace walls for us to live in

is already courteous treatment for General Yue.

Brother Tan, is the new year in the capital very lively?

How would I know? I have never been here for one.

Has that lady awakened?

She is still delirious.

She speaks incoherent words and does not respond to anyone.

How long has she been running a fever?

Could it be that she has become stupid because her brain was cooked from the fever?

No matter how stupid she is, could she be worse than you?

Shut up!

How about while Auntie is gone,

- let us shoot a few more arrows?
- Stop shooting them. We will get scolded again.

Your Highness looked illustrious and triumphant when you returned here in victory. The plaque above your door is striking.

But in reality, how much of the current power in the central government

can you really get hold of?

Xun Baishui has controlled the capital for so many years.

No matter how you insert your people, secretly create alliances, and take in subordinates,

it is impossible for you to hide it from him

or any strange movement in the periphery of Jinling, and still get the upper hand.

That is indeed the case right now.

But it does not mean it will still be the case in the future.

But can Your Highness wait for long?

Xun Baishui indeed will grow old and become weak.

But Xiao Yuanshi will also age.

Madam Qi can stop hinting.

Just tell me your suggestion directly.

Your Highness and His Majesty of Donghai used to have a pleasant joint venture.

Why don't we...

make another deal?

The General is back.


Who made you unhappy?

No one. I just feel so annoyed.

A few days ago, when we went to the palace banquet,

I thought I only needed to silently stay here and wait for the Ministry of Rites to schedule an audience with His Majesty,

but I never thought the social gatherings would increase, too.

Every day, if it is not this person treating, it is some other person treating.

If I do not go, I will offend people; but when I go, I get bored.

The capital is quite different from the border cities.

You are a person who is going to have an audience with His Majesty. Of course, you will have more social gatherings.

How about this, I will go with you next time.

You will go?

If you go, the more boring it will become.

- Come, let us shoot a few arrows.
- Sure!


The elderly neighbor lady already said that we must not shoot arrows around here.

Who cares? Set it up.

Make another deal?

What does your ruler want to ask of me this time?

I have a list here.

We just want you to look for a person

who can go to the palace archives and look for some very old documents.

That is easy enough.

But what can your ruler

give me in return?

Your Highness is now a person with status and fame.

In the current city of Jinling,

the only person who can make you suffer a big defeat

is Xun Baishui.

But this Senior Grand Secretary of yours is highly trusted by the Emperor.

Trying to topple him from the political field is close to impossible.

That is why my ruler is certain

that Your Highness only has one path you can take in the end.

Could it be that your ruler...

is willing to clear this path for me?

When did my ruler ever disappoint Your Highness?

No matter who goes against me in the government,

as long as it is not Xun Baishui, it will not endanger me.

Moreover, there are still some important people

that I am confident I can control.

After thinking about it,

it is better not to be too rash in moving forward.

Not moving forward is moving backward.

Not being happy is being worried. Not obtaining means one's end.

These are the normal events of life.

No matter which direction the Donghu Yulin Army will choose,

Xun Baishui is still a gate that you will not be able to detour away from.

His Majesty of Donghai has placed great hopes on Your Highness.

How come Your Highness...

is instead getting cold feet?

I know very well what to do.

Madam Qi needs not say so much.

Reporting to Your Highness.

Come in.

Your Highness, news from the Inner Courtyard. The Princess Consort suddenly fainted.

- Did you send for a doctor?
- I did.

This matter is very grave. Let us just discuss it some other time.

Such a blissful event. And you're certain?

Replying to Your Highness.

The Princess Consort's pulse is deemed to be obvious.

And I have asked the attending maids about all the recent happenings in detail.

Please be assured, Your Highness. It isn't wrong.

However, the Princess Consort is of a delicate disposition.

And her blood energy is weaker than ordinary people, so the child is slightly unstable.

What is needed is nurturing.

The utmost priority is to have her in a happy mood.

You heard everything the Imperial Physician said, right?

Since you are with child now, naturally that's what's most important.

Don't let your mind wander aimlessly anymore.

I'll be troubling you then.

I take my leave.

Since I was born, I've never met my father.

After my mother's passing,

I became that much more lonesome all by myself.

Since the day you were married into this manor,

this place has become a real home.

I sincerely want to take good care of you. I sincerely want to grow old with you.

Do you believe me?

Anru, don't be so scared.

Trust me in everything.

This child is from us both. I shall give him all the best.

I definitely can give him all the best.

But do you know what is best?

What it is that I fear in my heart?

Actually you are very well aware.

Those in the darkness.

The thoughts that cannot see light.

It's not that I am holding onto them or not wishing to forget them.

It's you.

Have you ever thought of stopping for my sake?

From now on,

there will be nothing

more important than you two.

Congratulations, Your Highness.

Did Madam Qi leave?

She did.

That list of hers. What is your plan, Your Highness?

Go to Ministry of Works. When the place is not crowded,

bring out what she asks for.

I thought... Your Highness didn't want to.

These are documents that His Majesty of Donghai wants after all. I can choose not to give them to him,

but I need to know what they are.


How... How is she?

Give her one more dose of medication and see if her fever dissipates.

All right.

Go carefully.

No need to see me out.


Can that girl be spoken to?

I fear not yet.

You're going to go see His Majesty already?

It's my first time going into the capital to meet His Majesty, so I had better go early.

There are just too many rules in this capital.

In various ways, it's hard to avoid the crowds and the greetings.

Though we've hired a woman to tend to her,

having a young lady here is inconvenient no matter what.

I think it's best that we report her to the capital precinct, and have them take over caring for her.

And they can also look for her kin.


The capital is a place all about power.

Though the capital precinct has the responsibility to rescue,

it's near the New Year; and as for a sickly maiden, who would care?

I mean...

We should rescue someone to the end if we do it. Let's keep her a few more days.

All right.

Your subject, Yue Yinchuan, is hereby in attendance as summoned by Your Majesty.

Please rise, General Yue.

Thank you, Your Majesty.

When the ten prefectures fell, all were incompetent.

Only you were able to yield victory, a testament to your talent.

So I specifically told the Ministry of War that I must meet you in person.

Thank you, Your Majesty, for the excessive compliment.

However, I believe

the defeat at eastern borders was due to the passing along of military confidential information.

Donghai had the detailed maps of all ten prefectures.

They knew our exact geography,

where we were camped, how many in our forces, and who the commanders were.

They knew the location of our treasury camp, our grains camp, our weapons camp, and all other vital units.

So, in my opinion, though we have the shame of a complete defeat on the frontier by Donghai,

it is not entirely all due to the incompetence of our armies.

How patronizing!

His Majesty praises you with benevolence. You only need to listen!

How dare you contradict His Majesty while in his attendance!

I wouldn't dare.

General Yue, what you said does make sense, too.

What I said earlier,

now that I think about it in more detail, it was rather brash.

This is General Yue's first time meeting His Majesty.

He is lacking in proper decorum, so once the Senior Grand Secretary can give him some pointers,

he will naturally come to understand.

Hurry and give your thanks for His Majesty's generosity.

Thank you, Your Majesty, for your grace despite my offense.

All right.

I summoned you specifically to reward you, not to cast any blame.

General Yue, you needn't be startled.

Thank you, Your Majesty.

There's another matter...

I wish to bring up to Your Majesty.

General Yue, all things have limits to them.

What are you trying to say this time?

Senior Grand Secretary Xun,

I find General Yue very knowledgeable.

Since he has words he'd like to say, why don't we listen?


Since it's by Your Majesty's instruction,

then we should listen.

Please speak, General Yue.

I believe the battles at the three Huaidong prefectures were different from the other seven prefectures.

How were the Huaidong prefectures different from the other seven?

Donghai had access to confidential war reports through their spies.

Suddenly, they came to slaughter and destroy entire prefectures, without leaving anyone there.

They came swiftly and they left without any reservations.

They never lost much of their military strength either.

They went east by Huaishui and closed off the river.

Hence, I dare to surmise

that what Donghai truly wanted were only the three prefectures of Huaidong.

♫ Memories of that certain year, when far-away borders blazed with fires of war, in vast fields of ice and snow ♫

♫ From this world, the many slanders pass through the vermilion gates, over the palace walls ♫

♫ Beneath iron armor, together with silken skirts and silver spears, hair grows hoary as though with early frost ♫

♫ Luminous cherry trees, deep-rooted with long and slender frames, still sport magnificent flowers ♫

♫ Unexpected torrential rain and heavy wind, what does it matter? ♫

♫ Between the trees, the moon brightly guards peak after jagged peak ♫

♫ Banners tremble, drums roar, a ribbon of a thousand horsemen ride back up the ridge to settle the score ♫

♫ Fiery liquor consumed at the end of the world, at the limits of exhaustion, is a feast! ♫

♫ There is little intention to return the real men to the war in the north, though willing, they are not given free rein ♫

♫ Discussions about their heroism led them to be questioned, and suffer dismal complaints around them, unable to clear their names ♫

♫ Good bows hoarded; likewise, so as not to injure, sigh against the way of heaven when stored indefinitely ♫

♫ Clouds of fear calm shameful waves, the night air stops their bickering by starlight ♫

♫ There is little intention to return the real men to the war in the north, though willing, they are not given free rein ♫

♫ Discussions about their heroism led them to be questioned, and suffer dismal complaints around them, unable to clear their names ♫

♫ Hoping for the whole world to remain at peace, quench the fires of war ♫