Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 39 - Episode #2.39 - full transcript

Empress Dowager comes to accept Yuan Qi's marriage to An Ru. Jin Ping finds out what has been happening while he has been gone.

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[Nirvana in Fire 2: The Wind Blows in Chang Lin]

[Episode 39]

Although I am not happy about Anru being married off the the Marquis Laiyang,

I am unable to give any reason to go against it.

He is still the child of Grand Madam Laiyang.

The past crimes of Grand Madam Laiyang

is quite unforgettable.

What I can't forget more

is what kind of person his father, the past Prince Laiyang, is.

Are there any crimes worse than what the past Prince Laiyang did?

But...since His Majesty has already agreed with their marriage,

there is also no point for us to keep worrying like this.

We will become one family soon after all.

It is better to think more of how to get along.

Your Lady Majesty, do you still remember

that when we were planning to limit the power of the Chnag Lin Army, it was Xiao Yuanqi

who leaked to me that Xiao Pingjing is planning to launch an attack,

hence, we were able to get the upper hand?


You should know that

Xiao Yuanqi respects Elder Prince of Chang Lin as his Teacher

and is even a good friend of Xiao Pinjing,

yet he was able to do such a thing.

It is really unimaginable.

I know that you are worried that Marquis Laiyang is too scheming.

But think about it.

He told us the plans of Xiao Pingjing to launch an attack

behind the back of his friend and his respected teacher.

This proves that

he has Great Liang in his heart and can consider the greater good.

This time, he earnestly asked His Majesty to be granted this marriage.

On one hand, it is because he likes Anru.

But more importantly, he wants to establish a good relationship with us.

Now that we are one family, we will be able to take care of each other more.

If those are the only reasons,

then I indeed have overthink.

Since Marquis Laiyang and Anru's wedding is set,

then I must show some stand too.

What Lady Majesty means is...

It should not be hard to confer some Prince Title, right?

I understand.

Brother Xiao Dao.

Brother Jiu.

This came from Jinling.


[Marquis Laiyang of Great Liang in Jinling is marrying a lady from the Xun clan.]

[Marquis Laiyang's Manor]

- Congratulations.
- Please enter.


- Congratulations.
- Thanks. Thanks.


What is it?

Madam Qi is suddenly here.

Hurry and accompany her. Don't let anyone see her.


- Oh, my, Congratulations, Marquis.
- Minister Jin!

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry and enter my manor to take a seat!

Your Lady Majesty Empress Dowager has always treated Lady Anru like your own daughter.

Some special dowry here cannot even be owned by a princess.

That is right. I also do not know why

but she was my favorite since she was little.

Too bad, her age is inappropriate and I cannot let her stay in the palace.

Lady Anru is blessed.

Marquis Laiyang is a promising youth and is quite handsome.

In his manor, there are also no in-laws that Lady will need to serve.

Do not know how satisfactory her future life will be.

It is not just because he has outstanding looks and character.

I never expected that this Marquis Laiyang

will be this successful.

Okay already. Hurry and send my gifts out of the palace.

Do not miss the auspicious hour.


Lady, we all have heard of it. Your future husband's battle with Donghai

was fought greatly. He had successive victories since starting the expedition and eventually reached the side of Huaishuei.

If not because of your future husband, the flames of war from the eastern border would have reached the capital.

You are making up things again. No matter how arrogant and violent Donghai is,

it is impossible for them to reach the capital.

I also just heard that from other people.

But after those successive defeats, people were frightened.

It was all thanks to Marquis Laiyang for stabilizing the situation.

His loyalty, bravery, and leadership talent

is really impressive.

It is just right for Lady to admire your husband.

You are making up things again.


May Lady forgive me. I should die.

What did you do wrong?

Earlier, when Lady and Min'er were talking about Donghai,

I cannot help but remember my family.

Today is Lady's happy day.

I should have not cried. May Lady forgive me.

In every war, there surely will be people caught in between the fire.

The methods of Donghai is more savage.

We also have heard about your family.

Unintentionally mentioning about this hurtful memory of yours is our negligence.

It is just natural for people to cry. You do not need to ask forgiveness for it.

Thank you Lady for your mercy.

I congratulate Lady for getting your wish of marrying a great hero.


Greetings, Marquis.

Why did you come?! Do you know what kind of event it is today?

Marquis and our king have been planning grand matters for more than 2 years.

Was it not I who has been sending the messages back and forth between you two?

In the past, Marquis would be quite happy when you see me.

How come after returning from your victories, you now have such an expression?

I and your Master have a previous agreement.

After the Donghai matter ends, if it is not some important and urgent matter,

we will not contact each other!

You coming here is already breaking our agreement.

Minister Xun, our Marquis was welcoming guests by the gates earlier because we was especially waiting for you.

It is just that he went back to change his clothes. Hope Minister can forgive it and wait for a little while.

Hurry and go.


May Marquis calm down. There is no need to be angry.

You are getting married today. That is an important and urgent matter.

How can it count as breaking the agreement?

Our king is both your maternal uncle and your martial arts teacher.

As your uncle, with a lady marrying into your family, how can he breach proper etiquette?

Doesn't Marquis want to see it?

I am sure the Marquis is familiar with this Black Crystal Sword.

This is king's favorite Black Crystal Sword.

It is a rare treasure, one and only.

What you trained in is after all, the Black Crystal Sword Technique.

Of course, you must use a Black Crystal Sword to go with it.

That's why, king told me to deliver that here

as a gift to congratulate your wedding.

In my wedding day,

you gifted me a Black Crystal Sword that made Marquis Mozi famous throughout the world.

Are you guys thinking that I hide too well?

Are you planning to help or harm me?

Using king's own words, you are his best disciple.

The you now has already become a person that is worthy to have this Black Crystal Sword.

Okay. I will accept the item.

Since you have delivered the gift, can you hurry and leave?

I have known Marquis for several years.

I traveled far to come here, but how come Marquis will not even serve me your wedding wine?

Are you joking with me?

Marquis, calm down.

Since you are not willing to make me stay, I will leave.

I just hope that when Marquis is enjoying flying with the dragon (emperor) in the future,

you will not forget the kindness of our Donghai.

Informing Marquis, Minister Xun has arrived in the front courtyard.

Got it. Marquis will be there soon.


I still have guests in my front courtyard.

- He Cheng.
- Here.

Take good care of Madam Qi.


Keep this well.

I understand.

Minister Xun, this way please.

I have told them to monitor the streets.

Who knew that they would fail to inform me

and I missed welcoming you early on. It is really so disrespectful.

Today is your happy day. With so many guests that you have to welcome and accompany,

I fear that you do not even have anytime to take a breather, right?

From now on, we are one family.

No need to be this formal.


From now on, privately speaking, Minister will be my elder.

While today is a an auspicious day, I still have one good news to tell you.

What good news?

You are an imperial relative to begin with.

Plus the fact that you gained merits for protecting the kingdom.

Recently, a lot of government officials are submitting reports

suggesting to reinstate your manor's prince title.

Prince title?

The cabinet has already decided on it.

It is just that Prince Ning has just died. The imperial clan has to delay it.

At most in just 9 months, there will be a decree coming out regarding it.

For me to have such success today,

it is all thanks to the trust of His Majesty and the support of Minister.

Also, that you have such good fortune

and have real skills.

Minister, please.

Being a wife and a lady are very different.


Have you understood and remembered all the words I told you?

Rumors outside

say that Lady Xun was spoiled and loved by Empress Dowager,

she must have been pampered like a princess.

But I know that you are the kindest.

Do not worry, I heard that your future husband is also an amiable person.

In the future, you two being united in mind and principles,

you two will surely have a satisfying and wonderful married life.

Thank you for auntie's auspicious wishes.

It is just that cousin was not here to send me off.

I feel quite sad about it.

When Feizhan left the capital,

he is like a horse that threw off its reins.

We do not know where he is now. He is not even writing us letters.

Good thing, our clan is thriving and we do not lack male descendants.

That is true indeed.

Madam! Madam!

Madam, Lady, people outside are rushing you. Your marriage carriage has arrived.


You should leave now.

- Please.
- Thanks.

Senior Brother has given Ce'er so many gifts.

You are being too courteous.

These past years, I have been wandering around the world.

It is rare to have a chance to visit you... visit Heir's Consort and your child.

I cannot just come empty-handed right?

Heir's Consort?

The House of Chang Lin has already been closed down. How can there still be a Heir's Consort?

Have you been living well?

Good thing, I have Ce'er.

Brother Xun!



Brother Xun.

I heard that you have been visiting the world martial arts masters these past years.

Have you finally come to look for me?

How come you're so shameless? Calling yourself as a martial arts master.

Brother Xun has been beating you since you were little. He is already annoyed from doing it, okay?

Brother Xun.

Long time no see.

That's right. Long time no see.

What is husband laughing about?

I remembered when I saw you for the first time.

Husband saw me before?

I only saw you came out from the Xun Manor and entered your horse carriage.

Behind you, there were Jin Guards as escorts.

That time, I was a bit surprised.

Husband, do not worry.

Although I was blessed to be the favorite of Her Lady Majesty Empress Dowager,

I have received family teachings since I was little and dare not be arrogant, unbridled, and impolite.

That is not what I meant. Since you have married me,

even if you are a bit arrogant and unbridled, it is fine.

I naturally will take good care of you.


In this world, people who must totally rely on my care

used to be just my mother. But I was unable to take good care of her.

Now, you are my person.

I surely will take good care of you.

I am willing to support husband from now on.

Holding hands and accompany you forever.

Leave now.


Madam, you have worked hard today.

It is my duty anyway to handle the marrying of a lady of the house.

There is no need to be grateful about it.

Husband, the eastern border has now been stabilized.

There are also not much trouble in the palace now.

It is exactly the time for you to relax.

Wife said it right.

The general situation is currently stable.

The government situation is going smoothly.

This new son-in-law of the Xun family looks like

a person who adapts to circumstances.

When His Majesty grows old for some more years,

I can already remove the burdens on my shoulders

and age in ease. Be able to accompany you better.

I so want that.

I just fear that Husband will continue to be worried about His Majesty

and will not be able to let go forever.

And I was baffled why you did not have any reaction at all. So, it was because Old Master never told you about it.

No. It was me who made the decision from the start.

Not looking. Not listening. Not asking.

When I heard of this news while I was still in Northern Yan, I was really worried.

But from the looks of it now, I worried excessively.

Look. Without us interfering, didn't the danger also pass?

It is just that I never thought that Xiao Yuanqi will improve this greatly

after training in Ganzhou.

I really have belittled him previously.

Pingjing, what is it?

Although I know Xiao Yuanqi well,

we still have not seen each other for so long. I cannot casually make guesses.

You said earlier that you have went to Northern Yan.

Surely, it was to challenge that Cangqi (blue nest) Sword, right?

Let me tell you, Pingjing.

The Cangqi Sword was graceful and nimble.

It is totally different with the Hanhai Sword Technique.

I really learned a lot from that duel.

What you said is right. We should not ask things that shouldn't be asked.

With such a good night and good wine, two old friends reuniting.

Why talk about Jinling? It is better to talk about jianghu.


Too bad...the world renowned precious Black Crystal Sword...

Who is it?

Min'er, Min'er, hurry and wake up.

What is it?

I saw someone secretly throwing an item into the pond earlier.

Throwing something into the water in the middle of the night?

Say, what could he be doing?

Old Madam previously said that rich and noble families surely are hiding a lot of secrets.

If we encounter any strange things,

as long as it has nothing to do with us, we should act as if we do not know anything.

Let us not care who that person is first. He quietly coming out

in the middle of the night to throw an item means that he does not want anyone to know about it.

Just treat it like you did not see it.

We just entered this manor today. Let us not make any trouble.

But what he threw was not an ordinary item.

It was a shiny precious sword.

Precious sword? Then it must be for the manor's security.

Used for the manor's security?

Then if it's for the manor's security, why must he do it in such covert manner?

This...I do not know too.

What you said is right too. We just entered this manor today.

There are a lot of things that we still do not know. It is better to not attract trouble.

Right. Right.

Okay. Go back to sleep then. We still have to serve Lady tomorrow.

Hey, you should learn to change your address. You should call her Madam now.

Hurry and go to sleep.

Too bad...the world renowned precious Black Crystal Sword...

You were able to personally receive the teachings of Master Meng. You surely will top the rankings in the future.

I am really embarrassed. In dueling with you, I was never able to attain the upper hand. Are you praising yourself?

I already hid my praises well. You were still able to get it?

Honestly, Pingjing, I was quite worried about you before.

Seeing how you are doing quite well now, I am really happy.

If I keep being depressed and worried, how can I take care of my family?

You did great. Let's go.

Let's go.

[Langya Ranking: top - Cangqi Sword by Xiong Feirui; second - Hanhai Sword by Tuoba Yu; third - Great Liang's Xun Feizhan]

Just looking at this ranking and you will know that the things in this world

are really changing unpredictably.

The matter that is changing most unpredictably is still not on this ranking.

Pingjing already has not government post.

Do you still not plan to include him in the ranking?

This child has always want peace and quiet. Just let him have it.

Can you be counted as being biased and losing fairness?

Yes, your words are final.

Has Pingjing never asked access to the Donghai files from you?


After getting hurt that year, this child

seems to have really let it go.

I instead feel that the more he deliberately not ask about it,

the more it means that he has not yet truly let go.

The Langya Court has always just observe the starting of the wind and the movement of the clouds. We never ask its origin or reason.

Pingjing is a person that is involved within. He is unable to do what we do.

There are news that if he knew about it,

he surely will waver and try to investigate fully.

I understand what you mean.

Once it is started, it is hard to really stay not involved.

Even so, if he asks about it,

I would not hide anything from him at all.

Didn't you also treat your friends in this manner in your youth?

Brother Nine.

Let us see it.

What do you wish to see?

You clearly know what I'm referring to.

This year's Lanya Court roster.

The roster will be published to the world in five days.

Only five days left so Old Tower Master must already finished it. Let us see it.

Pingjing. Still give days left so we should wait a bit more.

Let's not ruin Lanya Court's rules. Right?

Outsiders always have this misunderstanding that Lanya Court is a strict and old-fashioned place.

But actually this place is the most free going place. There aren't so many rules.

Right, Brother Nine?

Stop there.

Give it to me.

Marquis of Mozi who is the perennial top on the list isn't on this this year.

His status has changed and thus unsuitable to remain on the martial artist list.

His status changed? Changed to what?

Donghai monarch passed away from illness half a year ago.

Marquis of Mozi is the de facto leader of Donghai Nation.


Brother Nine.

Come with me then.

Bye now.

- Marquis.
- What's the update?

I've dispatched someone to keep an eye nonstop and I just received the report.

Madam Qi kept going eastbound and did not show any intention of lingering in our Great Liang territory.


Marquis of Mozi. He used to be a mere idling royal.

Now he's able to grasp the entire Donghai.

He Cheng.

Do you think I could rise up to his status too?

Donghai is only a small nation.

Marquis, surely you will rise higher than him in the future.

Until now, all news linked to the Donghai war are here.

It seems you've been long prepared.

Old Tower Master once said this.

The way of a friendship is to allow your friend to choose for himself.

Whichever ends up being the decision, one can help regardless.

Pingjing, I only wish that before you take these items, you have thought it through.

Let us bypass that area.

I got it. Thank you, Uncle Qin.

Reporting to My Lady. We're told by the exterior tha the manor of Assistant Minister Qi from Ministry of Defense a street away,

due to collusion with the enemy of Donghai, it's been shut down, so we've been told to bypass around it later.

Collusion with enemy in Donghai?

I understand. We will bypass it then.


My Lady, I am aware of my offense.

I wasn't trying to cast blame on you.

I just find that you seem a bit distracted.

Your servant --

Weren't we supposed to be frank in everything?

Or maybe you don't regard me as the same miss from before now that I am married?

It's perhaps due to hearing of the collusion case with Donghai.

It reminded me of my old home and my mind wandered.

If that's the case, I can understand it.

Indeed since Huaidong was once your hometown.

Pei'er, don't be too upset though.

The Donghai enemy collusion has been cracked and the criminal has already been captured.

An assistant minister in the Ministry of Defense is a fourth-ranking high minister of the royal court.

To sell out military confidential, causing ten prefectures on the eastern border to fall to ashes.

To submit before the law is only fair.

My Lady, what do you suppose they are greedy for?

To commit these acts that have their whole clans slaughtered?

Probably all for money and gold and rare gems and jewels.

In reality, these are all just materials but it's only that some people cannot see through it clearly.

To make them think they can reach their hands out in the dark and no one will catch them.

Yes. I even heard that when the main culprit's family was getting shut down,

they fished out at least two boxes full of pearls from the garden pond, with the beads as big as eye balls!

You just love to hear about these idle talks.

Alright. It's about time. Hurry and get the carriage ready.


Once married, a woman is just different no matter what.

I fear it won't be so easy for me to see you when I want now.

As long as Your Highness the Empress Dowager is willing to summon me,

I shall naturally be on standby to come at any time to serve you.

Even if you are willing,

I can't rip you newlywed couple apart.

Come. This was newly fabricated by the inner court this year.

As soon as I saw it, I thought it would suit you perfectly.

Thank Your Highness for the thought.

But I am only a marchioness, by custom, I am not qualified to wear such a double phoenix pin.

How come? Your husband did not tell you then?

Tell me what?

His Majesty already approved and the imperial clansmen have no objections to it either.

Soon, you will be a duchess!

You better take it. The day you are granted the decree, you could wear it!

Thank Your Highness for the kind gift.



My servant is languishing, an embarrassment before Your Highness.

We are all family. There's no cause for concern.

Hurry and take this to magistrate's office.

Yes, Sir.

Greetings to Your Lordship the Chancellor.

Lord Shen.

These must be all summaries urgently waiting for Your Lordship's review.

Your Lordship, you are toiling too much daily over your work.

As a subject of the royal court, this is only natural.


Lord Shen, is there a matter at the Office of Ceremony that brings you here at this hour?

Yes. There is indeed a small matter.

I would like to hear Your Lordship's opinion over it.

- This way.
- After you.

In two months, Marquis of Laiyang shall be promoted in nobility title.

The Office of Ceremony can't seem to decide on the title.

Lord Shen, what do you mean by it?

Marquis of Laiyang is to be promoted to Duke of Laiyang, with special grant of double pearls.

Is there something unsuitable?

Though it's never been made public, I happen to know privately,

that the late Marquis of Laiyang died for a crime.

Marquis of Laiyang was previously only a secondary tier of marquis.

Actually the title isn't what's most important.

Since no one really cares too much either.

But this time around, Marquis of Laiyang is getting promoted in nobility due to his merits.

So if he's to inherit the two words of "Laiyang" again,

I fear it's not too auspicious.

I am thinking, since Marquis of Laiyang is now a close relation of Your Lordship's,

so naturally I wanted to seek Your Lordship's opinion on whether it's necessary to

erect a new title instead.

Not too auspicious.

Marquis of Laiyang is someone who stood in battle.

Would he care about that now?

Yes. I understand Chancellor's meaning.


News from the east. Madam Qi has already crossed the Huai waters. Since Huaidong's three prefectures were not recovered,

we can say that she has already left our country border.

That's good then.

Because that woman has made me worry for half a month.

Have a seat.

Thank you, Marquis.

You've received so many cards. I imagine it must because of your upcoming birthday.

Until I've gotten to this age already,

it's actually the very first time that my birthday is being thought of by so many.

You're about to be promoted in nobility, so naturally, it's completely different than any other year.

Promoted in nobility?

Just a little false nobility title.

Xun Baishui actually really thinks I care.

It's for the better though for now since we need to act like we're going along with him.

I'll just put on the act of a good and obedient son-in-law for now.

I'll just wait for him to raise me up.

♫ The long, slow song rises like wind flowing through the corridors reaching the imposing, opulent and bright Imperial Hall ♫

♫ Memories of that certain year, when far-away borders blazed with fires of war, in vast fields of ice and snow ♫

♫ From this world, the many slanders pass through the vermilion gates, over the palace walls ♫

♫ Beneath iron armor, together with silken skirts and silver spears, hair grows hoary as though with early frost ♫

♫ Luminous cherry trees, deep-rooted with long and slender frames, still sport magnificent flowers ♫

♫ Unexpected torrential rain and heavy wind, what does it matter? ♫

♫ Between the trees, the moon brightly guards peak after jagged peak ♫

♫ Banners tremble, drums roar, a ribbon of a thousand horsemen ride back up the ridge to settle the score ♫

♫ Fiery liquor consumed at the end of the world, at the limits of exhaustion, is a feast! ♫

♫ There is little intention to return the real men to the war in the north, though willing, they are not given free rein ♫

♫ Discussions about their heroism led them to be questioned, and suffer dismal complaints around them, unable to clear their names ♫

♫ Good bows hoarded; likewise, so as not to injure, sigh against the way of heaven when stored indefinitely ♫

♫ Clouds of fear calm shameful waves, the night air stops their bickering by starlight ♫

♫ There is little intention to return the real men to the war in the north, though willing, they are not given free rein ♫

♫ Discussions about their heroism led them to be questioned, and suffer dismal complaints around them, unable to clear their names ♫

♫ Hoping for the whole world to remain at peace, quench the fires of war ♫