Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 35 - Episode #2.35 - full transcript

Master Xun confronts Ping Jing. Lin Xi seeks advice from Old Hall Master Lin.

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[Nirvana in Fire 2: The Wind Blows in Chang Lin]

[Episode 35]

[Chang Lin Camp]


Prince, central camp has been besieged. We lost contact with both left wing and right wing camp.

The west side might be our chance to break through and escape.

How many soldiers and horses left?

Less than thirty thousand.

Prince, if you can bring back our soldiers, even if you lose,

I will not add insult to injury or even say a single negative word.

Reorganize the troops. Do a break through.

- Yes.

Retreat to the west!

General! Qin Lingshuo had dashed out of the city and is headed to the west.

It was almost two hours ago.

It's alright. He cannot get past Feishan Camp on the west. He could only turn back and come this way.

Why didn't you take the initiative and meet him head on?

Isn't it better for us to give Qin Lingshuo some time to gather his scattered troops?

Prince, we cannot stop. The army is close on our heels.

Ambush! Leave quickly!

Are you really letting them off?

The main troops of the royal army have been annihilated. Whether to take down Qin Lingshuo's head or not,

it makes no difference to our Great Liang.

Though Qin Lingshuo has had a crushing defeat, he's still the first-ranked Prince of Great Yu.

His foundation in the imperial court is still strong.

I don't wish to take him out totally and make life easy for Ruan Ying.

Let's go.

Internal conflict. Power balance.

So you do know about these.

I've lived half a century, I have seen many things.

But I have never seen

this phenomenon that though it is day, it was as dark as night. I have never seen

a person like you, audacious and having contempt for authority.

Looks like Minister Xun is not planning to announce the decree.

Now that the northern border is full of bloodshed,

the carnage has even covered the sun.

You do not regard the late emperor and His Majesty in your eyes.

Is there any difference whether I announce the decree or not?

Minister Xun, just be honest.

What do you want?

- They haven't finished yet?
- Yes.

I don't understand the matters of the imperial court. But we have a valid reason for the battle at Ning Pass.

I think the General shouldn't be in any trouble, right?

Young Marquis. Young Marguis?

It's alright.

So long as the Old Prince of Chang Lin is still around, no one can do anything to Pingjing.

Great Liang have its own rules and laws.

Every single one of them is clear for everyone to see.

General of Huaihua, as for your crimes,

the imperial court will handle them accordingly.

It's not according to what I want.

I understand.

You want me to return to the capital for investigation.

Second Young Master of Chang Lin, you are highly distinguished.

I have no authority to arrest you. Do you want to return to the capital yourself

or wait for the imperial decree after I am back in the capital?

For the sake of His Majesty, this matter needs a conclusion.

I won't trouble you, Minister Xun to go back and forth.

Until I have finished the matters in the military, I will go back myself.

It's not that I don't believe in your promise.

Even if we have to wait, you have to give us an estimated time.

A month.

Alright. I will wait a month.

General of Huaihua, according to the military system of Great Liang,

when you return to capital, you are not allowed to bring more than 400 soldiers,

you can bring with you 100 men into the capital, 300 of them has to stationed outside the capital.

You can bring more than that.

I know this rule.

I know that you are aware of it.

Just that with today's happening as example, it's

not a bad thing for me to say this.


Physician Du, are there more injured people entering the city? Let's go.

No. The military physicians can handle them.

There isn't any seriously injured patients for you to cure. You don't have to go.

Then you are looking for me to...

I just heard that Second Young Master might be in big trouble.

I know that you are worried about Second Young Master. But Minister Xun is still here and it's the frontline army camp,

I'm afraid it's inappropriate for you to be there now.

I'm not going over to him.

- Then...
- Physician Du, may I trouble you to pack my belongings? I'm going to Langya Mountain.

Old Prince, it's time for medicine.

Old Prince, why are you out?

Is there any military report for today?

The last day of the month is just over. No matter what's the result,

it will take some days for the news to reach us.

Old Prince, wait until you are recovered, the military report would have reached the capital.

Let's go in and have the medicine while it's still hot.

Eat medicine.


Greetings to you, Your Majesty.

It's the Wei hour. I'm here to escort you to court. (T/N: from 1pm to 3pm)

Court? I'm not going.

Is there any meaning for me to attend court? Isn't what they're going to discuss the same matter every time?

Mother Queen.

I know you are having a hard time.

But since you have been tasked with the responsibility of the country, how can you not go to court?


I know very well the character of General of Huaihua.

Since he acted in such a manner, he would've his reasons. He's not back in the capital to defend himself,

yet the Cabinet has sent so many impeachment memorials.

Tell them I don't wish to read them at all.

Xiao Pingjing defied and refused to accept the decree. It was an insult to you.

He went to war during the mourning period. He offended the spirit of the late emperor.

Such crimes are hated greatly by men and gods.

What else is there to explain?

What crimes? Isn't it a great victory won at the northern borders?

I don't understand. So many memorials here,

why are there none which plead leniency for Brother Pingjing?

What Your Majesty said is right. The border is far away from the capital.

It's just a one-sided saying that he defied the decree.

It's hard to say there isn't any misunderstanding.

Before General of Huaihua returns to capital and defends himself, Old Prince,

as important subject in assisting you, he didn't say a single word.

Yet there's numerous discussion in the imperial court, as though he is guilty of the crimes.

I've always feel that something is not right.

What do you mean by this?

He defied the decree and went against the king. That isn't considered a crime?

Do we have to wait for him to stage a rebellion?

What I meant is no matter who's right or wrong,

I planned to plead leniency for General of Huaihua.

I don't why Your Majesty did not receive my memorial.

You have submitted a memorial?

Xun Feizhan, don't forget what's your clan surname.

Are you His Majesty's subject or a house slave of Chang Lin Manor?

Mother Queen!


Empress Dowager is trapped in her own obsessive thoughts.

I believe one day, she will regret.

Empress Dowager was a bit too anxious.

But looking at the facts, though His Majesty is young,

an imperial decree is still an imperial decree.

If this matter is not resolved, I'm afraid the ministers will follow suit in the future.

The power and authority of the emperor will be left without a shred.

From what I know from Empress Dowager,

ever since the report came in from the northern border,

it's true that many ministers were shocked and angry.

But who caused this to happen?

How would they know that this imperial decree

should never have been taken out of the capital.

Sister, tell me. After the report came in,

who were the ones that Empress Dowager have summoned?

I already knew about this matter at the northern border.

You came here in a rush. What would you like to ask?

Old Master, you can solve all difficulties in the world.

May I ask if there's any solution for Pingjing's predicament?

The way of the world move along naturally.

The way for a person to conduct himself, it is to live with a clear conscience.

Langya Court observes from the side on the happenings of the world.

We don't answer questions about the imperial court.

I know that Langya Court doesn't answer questions about the imperial court.

But for you, Old Master,

Pingjing is different from others.

I beseech for you to help Pingjing resolve this.

Yes, this child is different from others.

So I say, no matter what happens, as long as Langya Court is around,

it will his safe haven in the end.

Old Master, are you determined

not to help out in this matter?

Do you really know I have to help out in the matters of Chang Lin Manor?

Xiao Tingsheng is not an ordinary person.

He was born in turbulent times. He learnt and studied under a great teacher.

He has been smart and love to study since he was young.

How to go about establishing power and authority in the imperial court,

how to manipulate the ministers, with his capability,

you think he can't learn how to or he can't do that?

His ambition is not in these. It's not that he can't.

Thank you, Old Master.

Old Prince, during this time that you were recuperating,

many hearts in the capital are in chaos.

The empress dowager frequently meets with ministers.

The Cabinet incited and went along with it.

I don't want to mention those stubborn and inflexible.

Even if there are some who really wanted to defend Pingjing,

when faced with crimes of defying the decree and rebelling against the king,

they don't dare to say anything without you helping out.

Old Prince, this fire has broke out,

shouldn't you be doing something now?

Feizhan, what do you wish for me to do?

Pardon me for my impudence. I feel that

at the very least, you should...

The empress dowager has drawn some ministers to her side,

I then gathered some more ministers. Two different political factions will then be formed,

and they will argue and fight.

Once I do that,

it's equivalent to drawing some ministers under the wing of Chang Lin.

Do you know that as a minister in the imperial court,

it's not scary to have different thoughts and opinions on political matters.

The scary thing is you have two different political factions in front of you.

You have no choice but to choose one.

When Emperor Wujing was still alive,

he hated political faction struggles the most.

Once one is involved in them, whether you covet wealth and power,

or whether you have aspirations, in the end,

you will be restricted by these two words,

that is, political stand.

I don't have much time left.

I'll be seeing my elders and royal father soon.

Before I die, because of my son,

do I have to form a Chang Lin political faction?

Old Prince, but with the current situation,

you didn't cause it to happen.

To garner support for Pinging,

it's not as though you want to start a political faction.

Come, Feizhan, sit.

Once the two political factions are locked in a face off,

no matter what were your original intention,

in the end, when the two factions fight, your political stand

will eventually take precedence over what's right and wrong.

In this world, who can really live their lives with a pure heart,

and not drift with the flow?

Thank you all for sending me off.

We have fought together side by side in battle, that makes us brothers.

[Chang Lin Army]

No matter what the name of the banner change into in the future,

all of you as soldiers guarding the border,

will always be the great wall of the northern border of our Great Liang.

General, take care.

General, take care!

It will be alright. So many days have passed.

Old Prince would have contacted some ministers in the imperial court.

Power still has some influence in this imperial court.

Royal father will not do that.

Old Prince won't help you?

Those that I should be responsible for and face,

royal father will support me fully.

But as for those matters that you say, he won't do it.

Please rise.

Heir consort, since you are here to bid farewell, you must know everything.


Your thinking is pure and naive, as how your Grand Uncle was like,

you are the most trustworthy and dependable.

Thank you, Old Master.

When you are back in Jinling, tell Pingjing this on my behalf.

Whether it is towards himself or towards others,

so long as he still has ties of friendship and loyalty, it's alright for him to do his best.

He should let go when it is time to do so.

Never nitpick, fault-find and blame himself, and in the process have obsessive thoughts.

I will remember that.

Ce'er, you must be good and listen to Mister Jiu.

Kiss me.

You are so good.

Mister Jiu, please bear with him.


Heir Consort, don't need to stand on ceremony.

The mountains is quiet, with a child around, things are more livelier.

Then I'm leaving.

Don't cry.

Let's go.

Don't cry.

Come, rise.

Is Ce'er doing well?

Don't worry, I have handled him to Lin Jiu.

It must be hard on you.

Second Young Master is back.

Second Young Master.

Uncle Yuan.

Your child, Pingjing, greetings to you, royal father.

Please rise, my child.


You have achieved great victory at Ning Pass,

and annihilated the main force of two hundred thousand of the royal army.

This is what your brother and I wanted to accomplish all along

yet we couldn't.

Your brother and I are proud of you. If the late emperor is still around,

he would be proud of you too.

Royal father.

Your father knows it's not just your body that's fatigue.

Your heart's even more fatigue.

Get on up. Get up, my good child.

My good child.

Don't rush to attend court.

Stay home and restore yourself a few more days.


How is it?

You're too eager, Sir. I only just returned.

What future did Xiao Pingjing pave for himself from the northern border?

What movements are the Chang Lin camps moving?



Xiao Pingjing has only been busy working on the post-war military allocations from the battle at Ning Pass this last month.

He's not done any preparations regarding the capital.

You're sure?

Maybe they've garnered suspicion of you and have been hiding it from you on purpose?

Whether you believe it or not, Sir, on this matter at the very least,

this Chang Lin second master of ours is truly a man who dares to act and dares to step up.

What do you mean dares to act and dares to step up?

He's clearly just arrogant beyond measure.

Even if the Chang Lin Heir were alive, he wouldn't dare to

act like nothing's to be feared like this before such a crime!

Does he really truly think that with the royal manor as his shield, we wouldn't be able to do anything to him?

You say something at least!

Xiao Pingjing only brought with him a hundred soldiers coming into the capital this time.

The royal manor has at most just two thousand troops too.

What's there to hesitate?

Can't be that you're actually waiting for him to rest up at home for a few days until he's feeling up to it.

He'll choose a nice auspicious date and attend court to face his offense?

Do we care about His Majesty's honor at all?

Your Highness, you are well aware though.

Chang Lin's second master and his elder brother are quite different.

We can't brush them as the same.

At this time, to go strong against Chang Lin Royal Manor.

It's not as easy as counting human heads here.

But there's one thing you did say that was correct.

It's how to pin Xiao Pingjing's crime.

The entire court and beyond are watching.

At least in manner, we cannot go at it at the Grand Prince.

By that you mean --

Xiao Pingjing is with crime.

So we can't have him reside peacefully at the prince manor.

Go. Summon Deputy Commander Tang and Deputy Commander Wu from Forbidden Army Guard.

For what?

I know. Summon for what?

Chief Commander.

What are you discussing?

Commander Tang and Wu have been summoned into the palace.

They are not scheduled today.

It was Empress Dowager's attendants who summoned them by name.

What a rare guest.

Please don't be too courteous, Commander Sun. I am here by official task.

Command from inner court.

Inner Court Command

By the honorable command of Empress Dowager,
Commander Sun of patrol guard garrison is summoned to assist Deputy Commanders Tang and Wu in arresting Xiao Pingjing.

By Her Highness the Empress Dowager's honorable command and the inner court's military command,

General Huaihua, Xiao Pingjing, who's returned to the capital under a charge of crime,

must be arrested to be placed on standby for questioning. Go and make the announcement inside.

Wait here.

Don't you know the Grand Prince is ill? What is this ruckus here?

I ask for forgiveness from the Heir Madam. We are here by command --

Is the decree for me?

Of course it's not for you, Heir Consort.

If it's not for me, then I don't wish to hear a single word of it.

You don't have to announce it.

Heir Consort, you don't have to receive it. You just need to report it to

Old Prince or General of Huaihua.

Old Prince is sick and can't get out of bed. General of Huaihua is serving him by the bedside.

This is an act of filial piety as children should do. They are not to be disturbed.

Everyone in Chang Lin Manor, hear my order.


No one is allowed to go in and report anything.


Since Heir Consort, you don't wish to hear the decree, and not allow anyone to report,

aren't you a bit unreasonable?


When has Jinling city become a place of reason?

The decree is not for me, I won't hear a single word of it.

Ever since I marry into Chang Lin Manor, I have the right to manage it.

Why? You as an outsider have objections?

Heir Consort, you've gone too far. If you continue to be so unreasonable,

don't blame me for being rude

If you want to be rude,

just be rude to me. I have something to say today.

If anyone from Chang Lin Manor helps me today, just count it as me bullying you.

You are just going to stand by?

I'm a disciple of Meng clan. I'm really embarrassed to do this.

Moreover, you are half a rank higher than me.

Commander Sun.

I'm here.

We have agreed that the Capital Patrol is here to assist. Only to assist.

♫ The long, slow song rises like wind flowing through the corridors reaching the imposing, opulent and bright Imperial Hall ♫

♫ Memories of that certain year, when far-away borders blazed with fires of war, in vast fields of ice and snow ♫

♫ From this world, the many slanders pass through the vermilion gates, over the palace walls ♫

♫ Beneath iron armor, together with silken skirts and silver spears, hair grows hoary as though with early frost ♫

♫ Luminous cherry trees, deep-rooted with long and slender frames, still sport magnificent flowers ♫

♫ Unexpected torrential rain and heavy wind, what does it matter? ♫

♫ Between the trees, the moon brightly guards peak after jagged peak ♫

♫ Banners tremble, drums roar, a ribbon of a thousand horsemen ride back up the ridge to settle the score ♫

♫ Fiery liquor consumed at the end of the world, at the limits of exhaustion, is a feast! ♫

♫ There is little intention to return the real men to the war in the north, though willing, they are not given free rein ♫

♫ Discussions about their heroism led them to be questioned, and suffer dismal complaints around them, unable to clear their names ♫

♫ Good bows hoarded; likewise, so as not to injure, sigh against the way of heaven when stored indefinitely ♫

♫ Clouds of fear calm shameful waves, the night air stops their bickering by starlight ♫

♫ There is little intention to return the real men to the war in the north, though willing, they are not given free rein ♫

>♫ Discussions about their heroism led them to be questioned, and suffer dismal complaints around them, unable to clear their names ♫

♫ Hoping for the whole world to remain at peace, quench the fires of war ♫