Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 16 - Episode #2.16 - full transcript

Guru tries to find out what happened. Yuan Qi asks Guru about his next step.

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[Nirvana in Fire 2: The Wind Blows in Chang Lin]

[Episode 16]

Don't blame Big Brother. It's all my fault.

Big Brother kept reminding me about the separation of duties. He told me not to intervene.

Of course it's your fault. What if some accident were to occur?

Do you know how worried your older brother and I were?

I know it was a little dangerous,

but Duan Tongzhou has been difficult to locate, and it was a rare opportunity, so I thought...

You think you are clever and everyone else is stupid?

You were just lucky this time, otherwise...

Your older brother would have only seen your...

Miss Lin, I have found all the herbs you wanted.

Thank you, Doctor.

These are all to quell fire poison.

Are you making this for Chang Lin's Second Young Master?


Today's disruptive incident

is because you are willful and disobedient.

I heard you got hurt. Where did you get hurt?

Royal Father. It's nothing, he should be better in two days.

When your injury is better, go and kneel in penance.


Okay, the thing has already passed.

This incident was a shock but no real harm, so do not keep dwelling on it.

The Northern Yan envoy has arrived.

A lot of things need you to take care of them.

Yes, Royal Father.

Royal Father yelled at you because he cares about you.

He's not really mad. Don't be scared.

I'm not scared about Royal Father being mad at me.

I'm scared about you being very angry at yourself.

I was really scared by you today.

Remember no matter what,

don't take the same risks again.

I'll remember.

Commander, your uncle, Minister Xun has arrived.

- Commander, Minister Xun--
- Yes, I know. I knew he would come. Please invite him in.


You only got information about that?

Our men were either killed

or are in jail, and we can't see them now.

At the time Master Duan was surrounded, and only those highly-skilled people were there.

No one could get close to see what was happening.

Even our people in the Patrol Guards were unable to investigate clearly.

My Master knows that only those very senior people could chase Master Duan.

I don't dare to say anymore.

Before Duan Tongzhou died, there was someone with him.

We can go ask them.

I heard Duan Tongzhou died?

Is that true?

Uncle, didn't you promise me

that you wouldn't do something like that?

Feizhan, do you think everything that happened yesterday

was planned by me?

Before the negotiations were underway,

the horse stables knew about the secret plan ahead of time.

Pingjing met an ambush the moment he left the city,

Surely, as my uncle is claiming, can this all be a coincidence?

I know.

You have always thought that out of everyone, I am the most suspicious.

Unfortunately, Feizhan, I really didn't do anything!

Then what about Duan Tongzhou?

Can you explain his appearance?

Didn't I tell you?

Duan Tongzhou is not one of my men.

Ever since he escaped, I have had nothing to do with him1

How can I tell him to do anything?

Conversely, even if he were my underling,

how can I tell him to kill Xiao Pingjing?

Though I have my differences with Chang Lin Manor,

these are all do with court matters, they are not personal grudges.

Why would I kill a child, Feizhan?

Uncle, Duan Tongzhou, so as not to be caught and interrogated,

found his opportunity and died by throwing himself into the ravine!

Uncle Tai, you do not have to look after me. Please take a rest,

and please instruct everyone not to enter.


Although it's a spring day, there is still wind and dew (damp air).

High Priest,

please come in and be seated.

Looks like the Young Prince has guessed that

I would come to visit.

Uncle, then who is the person behind Duan Tongzhou ?

Are you sure you don't have any clue?

Minister, don't worry. I surely will not involve you in this.

I really can't think of anyone.

High Priest, your arrangement today,

was it not to test my reaction and actions?

And with such a conclusion,

are you satisfied?

The Young Prince's reaction was quick and sharp,

he is someone capable of dealing with serious matters.

It was actually nothing difficult.

From the moment I saw Duan Tongzhou, I understood

that I was purposely brought there.

He...was also purposely supposed to be seen.

Do you know why I did that?

For Xiao Pingzhang.


Your mother previously had tried to harm the wife of the heir of Chang Lin.

This is a grudge that is difficult to forgive.

No matter what kind of chance I give you,

first we need to get rid of Xiao Pingzhang's grudge against you.

Yes. In the eyes of the Chang Lin heir,

I think there is no favor that can surpass

saving Xiao Pingjing, in his thinking.

Moreover, High Priest has already calculated the time well.

Even if I didn't get delayed in informing him about it,

to rush from the capital to rescue, it would not have been in time.

Duan Tongzhou.

It is a pity... Duan Tongzhou...

he was a Langya martial arts expert.

I had it calculated up to seventy to eighty percent,

but I didn't think...

But you couldn't predict that they would encounter Tuoba Yu of the Hanhai Sword.

Xiao Pingjing's lucky escape with his life,

and your most capable Duan Tongzhou

was sacrificed.

Secretly tell the capital's governor that

from tomorrow on, secretly keep an eye on Qian Tian Court.

Yes, Minister.

Duan Tongzhou's reaction was already very fast.

When we arrived there, he already didn't want to fight and was rushing to escape.

Too bad Tuoba Yu is also not a common martial arts master.

It would not be easy to escape from the Hanhai Sword,

and once Xun Feizhan arrived and he was on the cliff's edge,

how could he escape?

There is still something I do not understand.

Tuoba Yu is a foreigner and he does not know Duan Tongzhou,

why would he suddenly join the fight?

At that time, he should have been steadily protecting his prince by his side.

That was the biggest twist.

But I heard it was not accidental that he left to join the chase.


It was because Xiao Pingjing used the Langya Court status to lure him over.

People of the pugilist world care the most

about their reputation.

The martial arts ranking is alluring to them.

Tuoba Yu made sure his Prince Hui was safe first,

then left for the sake of his martial arts ranking

No matter what, I have gained some favor with Xiao Pingzhang.

So for the next step, what would be the best thing to do?

A journey...must be taken a step at a time.

There are many things in life one has to wait to occur before knowing how to deal with them.

What the Young Prince must do now,

he must stabilize his own heart,

do not lightly let others sway you.


This tea is good tea.

It just...

lacks a bit of heat.

It is not rare for people from the Jianghu world to get involved in government affairs

and serve a certain powerful party just for wealth, glory, and fame.

But Duan Tongzhou already had achieved a high status,

yet he still served this person loyally, even to the point of ending his life.

I don't think that is explainable by just fame and benefits.

Pingjing, what do you think he was hiding?

Who knows?

Let's go.

What's the matter?

This tattoo...

I have seen it somewhere.

How is he?

Please don't worry, Your Highness, it is just a common child's flu.

The Crown Prince was perfectly well, how did he just catch the flu?

How do you all look after him?

Your Highness, please forgive us!

Imperial Mother, it is due to my own greed for playing.

Please do not be angry, Imperial Mother.

Please give him medicine, Royal Physician.


Two days ago, the ambush incident on the Northern Yan envoy outside the capital,

the cabinet has already sent me the report from the Patrol Guards.

That they dare to do this outside the capital is an outrageous crime,

there will be no mercy!

These people have disregarded our laws like that. They indeed should be strictly punished.

But going back to it, the governance of the horse business has been stable for so many years.

The manner they supplied the front lines was also appropriate.

The achievements of the different stables beyond Xiguan (West Wall) cannot be refuted. We also cannot just close them all down.

Your Royal Father is always this forgiving.

Pingzhang, what do you think?

Your subject thinks that

though we have an opportunity to negotiate with Northern Yan,

since the government allowed the establishment of stables, the reform of governance of horse trade must proceed.

Of course, this is not a matter than can be done with one stroke.

My Royal Father is right in saying

that the corrupt practices in the existing structure of the different horse stables is not really irreparable.

After all, their achievements are way more than their mistakes. We cannot just directly elimnate them.

How to balance the connection of the old practice with the new reforms,

how to give considerations on the present situations of the different horse stables,

is actually a problem that we were supposed to discuss further.

What a pity that this information got leaked out when it is still hasn't been fully discussed.

The people from the horse stables only know a part of it, that's why this mess happened.

It became a joke in the eyes of the Northern Yan people.

No need to be offended.

They have their own civil unrest

and difficulty managing their internal divisions, how could they laugh at others?

It looks like Your Majesty has a more optimistic outlook than we do.

My sister-in-law wants to know why

you won't even visit at her invitation. Has she offended you?

Big Sister Meng is too courteous.

There are a lot of diseases during early spring. I am unable to leave the pharmacy at this time.

She just needs to apply the medicine, and does not need me to visit the manor.

You don't just have her as a patient. I am your patient too.

What about you?

You forgot I got injured?

My wounds have been hurting the last two days.

Although it is not extremely painful, it has been very itchy.

Tell me, do you think Duan Tongzhou's palm stroke is poisonous?

Let me see.

Well? Really, it is poisonous?

Anything wrong?

I never expected...

Never expected what?

That you have recovered so quickly!

Lin Xi, you have become naughty, who did you learn that from?

Your Majesty,

your subject heard upon entering the palace

that the Crown Prince has been ill with fever?

If Your Majesty will allow it, I want to go to the Eastern Palace to visit him.

The Royal Physician said it was nothing serious, nothing to fear.

You have to take care of many matters, no need to make a visit.

Later, I will visit him and have a look.

Diseases usually spread during the early spring. The health of Grand Prince Ning

has also not been well recently.

Talking about Imperial Uncle Ning, I remembered something.

If the negotiations go well, there will be a marriage alliance.

My Royal Brother knows, your Royal Uncle (the previous Emperor) objected

to your having Prince Laiyang marry the Northern Yan Princess,

but I did think his age and status are suitable, so it would be a natural choice.

But with the situation with his mother,

this is now, of course, impossible.

My Imperial Brother, in the capital, is there another child that might be suitable?

Your subject does not know.


And what does that mean?

The governance of horses is closely related to military affairs,

hence, Royal Father was willing to join in the discussion.

With regard to other matters of negotiation, Your Majesty should not ask about that.

Chang Lin is a military house. Technically, we shouldn't comment about it.

You certainly make a clear distinction.

What's the matter?

This is a marriage within the Imperial family. What's wrong if I ask my older brother about it?

I hear Pingjing has been injured recently?

You must not let him be this undisciplined.

Did I not instruct you to greet Prince Hui? When you go, bring him along.

I shall obey.

[Imperial Family Inn]

Your Imperial Highness Prince Hui had a long and tiring journey.

I am Xiao Pingzhang from Chang Lin Manor, here to pay my respects.

Thank you for visiting.

We knew that you must be tired from your travels, so we didn't dare to disturb you these past two days.

Might you now be recovered?

Your kingdom's arrangements were quite adequate. I was able to rest well.

The heir of Chang Lin has a reputation that has reached the Northern Yan kingdom

and meeting you today, your dignity lives up to that reputation.

Your Imperial Highness, you have praised me too much.

It is supposed to be our Crown Prince that should welcome you,

but His Imperial Highness is still young,

so he cannot personally accompany you. Hope you won't mind.

The heir (of Chang Lin) is very courteous.

This is my brother, Pingjing.

Imperial Prince Hui.

The other day outside the capital, your skills were outstanding.

This is my countryman, Tuoba Yu, the Hanhai Third Prince.

The Chang Lin heir, under His Majesty's instruction, has already

paid his greetings to the Prince Hui of Northern Yan.

I heard that they went to stroll around the Eastern Garden.

They seem to be getting along well.

Not only in our government,

now it is still up to the Chang Lin heir to deal with Northern Yan

There is no need for the Eastern Palace's Crown Prince.

Senior Grand Secretary has not come to visit me for several days already, right?

Your Highness is aware, that His Majesty trusts him.

The Northern Yan negotiations are handled entirely by him

according to protocol, not even Chang Lin Manor may join in personally.

Minister Xun is, of course, more occupied than anyone else.

According to protocol...

It is a wonder that Chang Lin Manor obeys protocol.

Big Brother, don't you believe me? I have been in Langya Court for so many years.

I might have not learned the other skills, but my discerning skills are not bad.

This Princess Chonghua has strong internal strength and stance,

is not just any weak female.

According to my observation, even if she is not up to Sister-in-Law's standard, she is almost as good.

Northern Yan is a kingdom that's skilled in horse-riding and archery.

They have always promoted for people to be trained in fighting.

That there is Princess that is good at martial arts, it is not as strange as you say.

She was dressed in that way like us, why doesn't she just wear women's clothing?

The customs of our two states are different.

Northern Yan women don't act in a very restrained manner.

It could be her style of dressing is according to their customs.

Bring the fruit of Northern Yan over for a taste.

You said you wanted to see the Jinling capital city and meet its citizens.

I have made allowances for your wishes.

Tomorrow, we begin the negotiations.

If nothing goes wrong, you will become a princess in waiting.

Follow the customs of Great Liang. You had better stop being willful in your actions.

I still remember when I was thirteen years old,

it was my first time to get a top prize in hunting.

Imperial Father praised me...

that if I were male, I would be able to ride my horse and conquer the world.

Now the royal family's power has weakened.

The rebel army is just left alone, and their strength has grown stronger and stronger.

The strong will and valiant characteristics of our forefathers have totally disappeared.

And today, I am also left with no choice but to be married off to a foreign state,

be a pawn for a marriage alliance.

Chonghua, what do you mean by saying these words?

The arranged marriage for peace was not decided by Imperial Prince Hui,

and were you not asked before we left, and you said you were willing?

Do not worry, I am still willing.

As soon as I think of the civil unrest in our kingdom,

I cannot be more willing.

If so, then please rest well.

Fifth Brother!

If the negotiations go well, Fifth Brother will be made Crown Prince upon return.

How will you intend to handle the civil war, please tell me?

Why do you suddenly ask such a serious question?

Although I am being married off to a foreign state, I still care about my mother state.

Of course, I hope for Fifth Brother to pacify the rebels as soon as possible,

and stabilize the Northern Yan kingdom.

Chonghua, the civil war of our country, Northern Yan,

is not as simple as you think.

If the lives of the citizens will not improve, the government will still be a rotten one.

But to just rely on the iron hand used by our forefathers, it is impossible to pacify the current chaotic situation.

Fifth Brother has always had good foresight that is superior than anyone else's.

I also hope that all your ambitions will be fulfilled.

Royal Father.

Come, sit.

Yes, Royal Father.

Looking at your expression,

the negotiations have been going well, am I right?

The discussions have been going well.

Northern Yan has agreed to a tribute of five hundred horses.

As the number is too high, it will be paid over five years.

That is also understandable. What else?

Also, after the alliance is made, both kingdoms must not creep into each other's territory.

To express our good intentions, Great Liang will send fifty artisans to Northern Yan

to teach them the methods of storing grains.

We will also be supplying them two hundred wagon-loads of anti-cold medicines.

The heir of Prince Tingshan will be marrying Princess Chonghua once the date has been chosen.

The two kingdoms will then become allies by marriage.

You seem to know a great deal about it.

However, I don't understand why you are telling me all this?

This is the biggest news in the capital,

I am just chatting with you.

Why do you look so listless?

What have you done to get scolded?

Nothing. The treaty is about to be signed.

His Majesty plans to hold a banquet in a couple of days to entertain the Northern Yan envoys.

I'm supposed to attend too.

It's an order from His Majesty.

I really don't like these boring functions.

I'm not the one who is marrying the Princess. It's nothing to do with me.

Every time I visit, you're boiling something.

What's the good stuff in that pot? Can I try some?

You want to drink it?

What is it? It tastes too acidic.

The Sect Leader has been waiting for you three.

Master Duan, upon Baishen's urging,

has gone before us to enjoy his reward.

Our Qian Tian Court has always attracted a lot of attention,

and is currently under surveillance.

I will leave the care of the people in the house outside the city to...

to the three of you then.

Hope you three will always be careful in your actions.

From now forward, there must be no more mishaps.

Yes. We will not disappoint the Sect Leader.

How is the person we have been nurturing?

Replying to you Master, it has been going well.

That person is showing signs of illness.


Drink this medicine.

Very good.

Looking at how I am dressed, even you do not dare to acknowledge me?

Second Young Master.

This is a messenger from Langya Court?

That's correct. Old Master must think I am bored in the capital,

so when he sees anything interesting or hears any curious news, he will send me a message.

Come, let's see what has been happening in the pugilist world.

Second Young Master, please do not bother first with someone else's amusing tales.

The Heir has asked me to inform you that the Grand Prince has already left, and you must hurry over.

It's still too early for the banquet. Royal Father is playing chess first.

Second Young Master, it's best you hurry in.

You have been called already.


The negotiations have gone well.

Yes, yes.

It is good news for Northern Yan and Liang, our two kingdoms.

Minister Xun, please excuse me.

Your Highness Imperial Prince Hui, Prince Tuoba.

We are waiting for the signing of the alliance treaty, and Northern Yan and Liang will now become allies by marriage.

Who knows, if there is fate, I, Pingzhang will get to visit Northern Yan?

There are indeed a lot of scenic places in our Northern Yan that are worthy to be toured.

I, too, wish that someday there will be peace,

so that I can welcome the Heir as our guest.

I want to just say some serious words, even if we are not that close.

For the rebels in your army be able to occupy almost half of your kingdom in just a year,

I fear that it can't be explained by just a mob of ungrateful people.

Although our Chang Lin is a military family, I do understand the hearts of the citizens.

It is not something that can be changed by just using force.

Your Highness is unwilling to keep using an iron hand and desires to correct the foundation and clean up the cause.

The breadth of your mind is indeed far superior than others.

I, Pingzhang, am full of admiration.


There are countless highly-skilled chess players in the palace,

but it is most enjoyable to play chess with Royal Brother.


Your Majesty's chess skills...are as weak as mine!

When playing chess with others,

watching them waste effort and energy, and not daring not to win too quickly,

your enjoyment is gone!

Yes! These honest words, only you dare to say them.

Your Majesty.

is it already time so quickly?

Your Majesty, it is almost time to leave.

There is no clear winner yet, we'll come back to resume the game.

Then let's go.

What else is the matter?

If you have something to say, please say it.

Replying to Your Majesty, there is not much else to say.

Does one have to ask about what's in the heart of young people?

Can Your Majesty not guess?

Then it looks like my Royal Brother has guessed it.

Look at how he is dressed.

Guarding the palace, you do not have much opportunity to spar with highly-skilled martial artists.

The Northern Yan envoy will leave in a few days.You wish His Majesty to permit

a competition with the Hanhai Sword technique?

Am I right?

Your Majesty, your subject thinks that the negotiations have gone well,

there will be a good atmosphere today, and it might be a celebration.

Tuoba Yu will not mind either?

I do not understand why you martial artists like to compete so much.

Alright, alright.

Thank you, Your Majesty.

The music and dances here in Great Liang are really outstanding. You are indeed the top kingdom among all the states.

Imperial Prince Hui is too courteous.

Northern Yan and Liang are adjacent states and have always had good diplomatic relations.

Seeing how our alliance will soon be final and we will even be connected by marriage, it is really the good fortune of the border citizens.

Imperial Highness Prince Hui has traveled far to come here. As the host,

I was a bit lax in entertaining you. Hope you won't mind.


For Your Majesty to organize a banquet like this for us is our honor.

We Yan people are usually slow in speech. We are not very good at conversations.

With such a good wine in front of me, I should drink this all first to show my respect.

Imperial Prince Hui is indeed a very straightforward person.

Please be seated.

Your Majesty...

Your Highness...

Your Majesty...

Reporting to Your HIghness, the proceedings at court have begun.

- Understood.
- Yes.

Has no one come to change the Crown Prince?

The Crown Prince has been ill. His Majesty does not wish to overtire him.


The Crown Prince's illness is not serious. After taking medicine, he is much better.

Last night, I spoke personally with His Majesty, that we would go to court.

It must be you servants lying.

Please do not be angry, Your Highness. This morning, a group of dignitaries wanted to meet the Crown Prince,

but the Crown Prince has a cough and His Majesty was concerned,

so His Majesty sent him some medicinal tea and asked him to rest.

Imperial Mother, please do not be angry.

Get up.

Thank you, Your Highness. Thank you, Crown Prince.

Practice your writing.

♫ The long, slow song rises like wind flowing through the corridors reaching the imposing, opulent and bright Imperial Hall ♫

♫ Memories of that certain year, when far-away borders blazed with fires of war, in vast fields of ice and snow ♫

♫ From this world, the many slanders pass through the vermilion gates, over the palace walls ♫

♫ Beneath iron armor, together with silken skirts and silver spears, hair grows hoary as though with early frost ♫

♫ Hoping for the day when we can sincerely join hands in a faraway place without a second thought ♫

♫ Fiery liquor consumed at the end of the world, at the limits of exhaustion, is a feast! ♫

♫ There is little intention to return the real men to the war in the north, though willing, they are not given free rein ♫

♫ Discussions about their heroism led them to be questioned, and suffer dismal complaints around them, unable to clear their names ♫

♫ Good bows hoarded; likewise, so as not to injure, sigh against the way of heaven when stored indefinitely ♫

♫ Clouds of fear calm shameful waves, the night air stops their bickering by starlight ♫

♫ There is little intention to return the real men to the war in the north, though willing, they are not given free rein ♫

♫ Discussions about their heroism led them to be questioned, and suffer dismal complaints around them, unable to clear their names ♫

♫ Good bows hoarded; likewise, so as not to injure, sigh against the way of heaven when stored indefinitely ♫

♫ Clouds of fear calm shameful waves, the night air stops their bickering by starlight ♫

♫ There is little intention to return the real men to the war in the north, though willing, they are not given free rein ♫

♫ Discussions about their heroism led them to be questioned, and suffer dismal complaints around them, unable to clear their names ♫

♫ Hoping for the whole world to remain at peace, quench the fires of war ♫