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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 09

Su Residence

Chief, the weather is cold. You should rest inside.


Chief, why are you standing in the corridor?

It's cold, please go inside.

Alright, Auntie Ji.

Physician Yan.

Young Master Licheng is brilliant to have sent Physician Yan here.

Your Excellency is more relaxed now?

- Have a seat.
- Thank you.

Previously, I was caught in between the
Crown Prince and Prince Yu.

I cannot even breath normally.

If this drags on,

I'd be long gone while the case is still around.

Actually, Lantai Province's Magistrate is outside.

Has something happened again?

What's up with me this year?
So unlucky.

Don't worry Your Excellency, I've asked him about it.

It's regarding a beast at Mt Xiaogu.

The beast has been disturbing the villagers and scaring them.

The Magistrate could not capture it hence is reporting it to us.

No need to tell me about such small case,

- just deal with it.
- Yes.

As long as there are no further cases that involve high ranking Ministers,

then I'll grateful to Heaven.

Your Excellency, don't say such words.

You'd never know what may came true.

Ah!. Touch wood, touch wood...

Greetings, Prince Yu.

- Minister Qi, have a seat.
- Thank you.

- Serve tea.
- Yes.

How was it?

Magistrate Gao is a smart man

in only 1 day,

he's prepared all the relevant documents of the Lan Mansion case,

- and submitted it to my Ministry of Justice.
- Good.

I feel better that this case is in your hands.

This is just my brief report.

Once I investigate this case,

I will

make sure that Minister Lou is punished.

At which time, should the Minister of State Revenue is removed,

it's up to you, my Lord

to play your hand.

You need to work harder during this period

and make sure you close this case.


You just moved here.

What are you meditating on?

The Crown Prince and Prince Yu has been jousting for many years.

Their division of power in the 6 Ministries is really quite even.

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The Ministry of Justice,

Ministry of Personnel and Ministry of Public Works

are Prince Yus' people.

The Ministry of State Revenue, Martial Affairs and Rites are the Crown Princes' people.

You want to break their minions to die one by one.

I want to remove more than the 6 Ministries.

It should be noted that it is the military.

Duke Qing is on Prince Yu's side.

Marquis of Ning is Crown Prince people.

Due to Mansion Lan's hidden corpses case,

Crown Prince lost his Minister Luo.

For Bing Province case,

Prince Yu will also lost Duke Qing.

But Prince Yu will not necessarily give up hope

Perhaps he will come to me. Again wondering,
How to save Duke Qing?

Chief, Prince Yu is here. He's at the door now.

Oh, you are accurate in your prediction.

That I should avoid it.

Greetings, Prince Yu.

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Your Highness Prince Yu, please.

Mr Su, have you heard about the Bing Province case?

I know some.

That old couple passed through Jiangzuo
and caused a bit of issue then.

Do you mind that issue?

That clash of interest happened because we
didn't know your rules, it's just a misunderstanding.

Since you are so magnanimous, I appreciated that.

This case has troubled me greatly, hope you may enlighten me.

Why? Has His Majesty started the trial?

Father has summoned Prince Jing today

and ordered him to be in-charge of this case with the help of 3 judicial departments.


Prince Jing, what a rare guest!

You have always being stationed in our army,
you have worked hard!

It's rare that you are allowed to stay in capital but

why are you here when you should be resting at home?

You and Crown Prince didn't object to this arrangement?

Father has stated that both of us should not interfere in this case.

With Prince Jing's temper, this trial will still benefit the Crown Prince.

Eastern Palace has no reason to object, as for me...

You wanted to avoid suspicion?

You should know the relationship between the Prime Minister and me.

It's already lucky that this case did not fall into the Crown Prince's hand.

I'm just worried that with Prince Jing's temper

it's hard to talk to him.

I thought he still owns you a favor?

You may not know the character of my 7th brother.

I have never seen such a stubborn and inflexible person in court.

Sometimes, even our father cannot deal with him.

That little favor may not be good enough to order him around.

So, do you mean that

I should devise a plan to control Prince Jing?

So that Prince Jing can let your man live?

If you can save Duke Qing,

I will be very grateful.

Today the King called me to the palace and order me to serve this case.

Punishment of Supreme Court and Associate Division teamwork.

Following protocol, I need 2 senior officer from your department to assist me.

The main trial hall will also be here.

Minister Qi must also arrange the necessary rooms and guards for the trial.

There is this sort of thing?

I think the order was delayed.

I did not received the royal order

Did you received any order or documents

I did not received any documents.


I am here to tell you the order.

Secretariat will be issued official correspondence.

Prince Jing, I'm not trying to embarrass you.

If I didn't receive any document, I can't follow your order.

Plus, there has been too many cases lately.

It been all put together.

You see, the King join government
just to transfer the case up.

This material is still not hand in to staff yet.

Since the Duke Qing's case has been
shelved for a while now.

I believe you're not in any hurry either.

How long is Minister Qi going to take to prepare?

What kind of solution do you have in mind? You can say it.

If you really have this mindset

Then I will just have to say

There are many roads in life

Why do you have to choose a dead end?

What do you mean by this?

You are a royal member.

You are loved by the King and respected by officials.

You are very popular and can compete with the Prince.

But you forgot

No matter how much power you hold

In Da Liang, you cannot compete with this person.

And that is your father, the King

What are you saying? I never saw my father as an enemy.

If you are here to serve the case, the document should be here soon.

All the people and item will not be a lot.

I will not let you wait long.

Here, I will rush them.

At most, 10 or 14 days.

I promised you will get everything, how about that?

Tomorrow, the document must be here. I will come back.

You can think about how to answer me then.

Oh, look at what you're saying.

Prince Jing, I am--

Who do you think is serving this case?

Is it the Crown Prince?

Or Prince Jing?

It is not any of them. It is the King.

Why must he sent the Investigation Bureau for this case?

Why ask Prince Jing to be in-charge of this case?

He wanted to use this case to
stop similar cases regarding land issues.

You been fighting with the Crown Prince for many years. The King can understand

But he will not understand you for blocking his right to serve the country.

His Majesty has already 'judged' the
Bing Province case in his mind.

If you tried to mess with the case and disturb the court protocol.

Then who will be the frustrated one?

You are right

To save Duke Qing, you may lost His Majesty in the process.

Who is weighted more, have you thought about it?

If there isn't any other solutions

Duke Qing is already retain his job.

I think you understand, right?

We are here on imperial order to capture court criminals.

Duke Qing aka Bai Ye and his brother Bai Xun,

their 2 sons and 3 nephews will be detained.

- Stop there.
- Female members will be confined to the inner house.

Further judgement will be passed later.

-What are you doing?


Do you know

how important the Duke Qing?

I know it,

According to our system, literary minister & military officers
have their own scope of duty.

The military rarely interfere in court affairs.

Duke Qing is the first and

the only (military officer) to openly display his support for you.

In regarding political merits

or my control over the 6 Ministries,

I'm not inferior to Crown Prince.

But on the military side,

I missed the chance to gather support of Marquis of Ning, Xie Yu

and lost my advantage in this game.

You shifted out of Marquis's mansion here in a hurry.

I'm sure there's more to this matter.

I'm just a pugilist

and live a carefree life without any proper etiquette.

In that serious Marquis mansion, I'm not used to the style.

If you want to live according to your style, nobody can stop you.

With your talent, you can see the situation clearly.

I'm sure you don't need other's advice. But I still want to say that

regardless of your choice in the future,

if you are willingly

I will also welcome you.

May I ask, the general...

I am Prince Jing's subordinate, Lei Zhanying.

His Majesty has placed Prince Jing in-charge
of Duke Qing's case.

Since the plaintiff is under your care,

Prince Jing order me to escort them to our place.
Hope that the timing is appropriate.

Of course. Since Prince Jing is in-charge of this case,

I should let him have the plaintiff. The documents are also ready for him.

You just need to check the documents and endorse on it to take the plaintiff.

You have made it so easy, thank you.

Come on, it's all for the emperor.

Crown Prince has sent a message that

Prince Jing is doing hard work,
we must not create more trouble.

This way!


Mister, do you have any other words to say?

In my opinion,

your Highness should drop Duke Qing

and support Prince Jing instead.

Support Prince Jing?

But he is a Prince and has imperial order to do his duty,
who will make things difficult for him?

Why it needs my support?

Prince Jing has imperial order to do his duty, Minister Qi won't make things too difficult for him.


he may delay some time.

It's important for him to gather support from the Ministry of Justice

but I am not referring to this Bing Province case only.

You meant?

This case is just a start. After this case is closed,

I'm sure there will be more similar cases.

These cases will also implicate more
important household names.

Just Prince Jing, how can he handle it?

If you can help him

to settle the conflicts and

help His Majesty to push his national policy.

At that time,

Prince Jing will be grateful to you.

You mean that

I should gather Prince Jing's support?

I had that intention since Princess Nihuang's incident.

You have already schemed and planned since long.

I am interested to hear your reason.

Duke Qing is nothing.

With regards to military power, two Duke Qing is not even half as good as Prince Jing.

I will be happy to gather Prince Jing's support

but with his character,

I'm afraid that when I need his help in future,

he may not listen to my deployment.

Why do you need to deploy military army?

Are you trying to stage a revolt?

Why do you say that?

Great, we shall see the end.

Prince Yu wanted to get rid of Luo Zhijing?

We shall not give Duke Qing a chance either.

Your Highness don't need to worry about Duke Qing's case.

Even if Prince Yu tried to do his tricks,

Xiao Jingyan will not give way.

But the Mansion Lan's case is with Ministry of Justice now

and Luo Zhijing's case cannot be covered anymore.

The position for Minister of Trade will be vacant soon.

Your Highness, you should quickly recommend someone to take over this vacancy.

You are right. Without Luo Zhijing,

it's as good as removing one of my arms.

No matter who goes up there,

don't let anyone get this spot!

Your Highness, the situation may not be rosy recently

but we still have control on the overall.

Your Highness should not be too anxious.

With Mei Changsu around,

hoe can I stay calm?

Regardless of where he is, you must remove him.

Since you aren't staging a revolt,
why do you need to deploy the army?

In this capital, His Majesty has direct control over
the Imperial Palace Army.

General Meng is also guarding the palace.

If there's any situation, an imperial edict

would kill all chances to stage a revolt.

You are right.

Xie Yu's guards are small

and cannot be compared to General Meng's army.

That's why you should work on His Majesty himself.

Those military supports are just a matter of obligation.

Why do you need full control over them?

Think about it again,

if the Crown Prince really placed His Majesty in danger

or opposed imperial order.

With Prince Jing's character,

do you think your order is required

to fight back?

That's right. Prince Jing is a just person.

It's good that he don't show his support.

Of course, everything should have its limit.

You just need to cooperate and be friendly. You don't need to overdo things either.

Tomorrow, I should visit Prince Jing on your behalf.

He is not close to court politics and do things without much considerations.

If I don't remind him about it,

he may not realize that your Highness is cooperating with him.

Please accept my bow.

What is this for?

For all your hard work and planning, you deserve this bow.

Relax. Since I got your answer today,

your safety will be interconnected with me.

If Crown Prince or Xie Yu tried to mess with you, I won't agree.

As for Jingyan, I will depend on you.

Mister, your health isn't good.
You don't have to drop me off.

If you catch a cold, I will feel bad too.

I appreciate it.

Be careful,

Here Mr. Su,

Why were you talking to Prince Yu for a long time?

This person is very secretive.

Cannot be easily target.

Must put in more time


Tomorrow I will have to go to Prince Jing's home

Give me Golden Armor

Ah! Will there be danger?

Princess Nihuang has sent Tingsheng to Prince Jing.

I want to prepare a gift for him.

But this gift, isn't it a bit too expensive?

Say it again.

As a Chief, you gave that kid a gift.

Isn't that too obvious?

That's also right.

Then, how do you say?

Fei Liu!

You have been eating melons for the whole day.

- Chief?
- You may have diarrhea.

You cannot eat so many in future.

- You can only eat one each day.
- Ah?

Ah what?

Come on down.

Do you still remember young brother Tingsheng?

Shall we visit him?

Did he gave you an little eagle?

I have to return a gift.

I already prepared it.

Tomorrow, you bring it to him.

Are you mad?

You can eat two tomorrow


It's more appropriate for Fei Liu to give him the gift.

Everyone knows about his character.

We normally see whether he is happy or not, willing or not.

I suppose nobody will notice the value of the gift.

Fei Liu is indeed most suitable...

Prince Yu, why did you come personally?

Do you have anything to order me?

I do have something in mind.

His Majesty has issued an imperial edict

to start the trial of Duke Qing's Bing Province case.

Prince Jing is in-charge of the trial and the 3 judicial department will assist him.

For that matter, I'm aware of what to do.

Just now, Prince Jing came by and

asked me for manpower and stuff.

But things aren't so easy.

These years, he must have been away for too long

and the flow of our court protocol

wasn't familiar to him.

It's easy to deal with him.

With a few simple words,

I manage to send him away.

You sent Prince Jing away?


Who asked you to do that?


Have you sent those people?

Yes, they have left.

Are you confident this time?

We will do our best.

Fei Liu, look at this.

This is the gift for younger brother Tingsheng.

Do you like it?

I do not want.

Fei Liu don't like it because you are highly skilled.

This is useless to you.

But Tingsheng is young and poorly skilled.

If he wears this protection vest and other people
bullies him, he won't be hurt.

I'm sure he will like this.



Mr. Su

All problem solved, none is alive.

This time they will probably know

That Su Residence is a lot difficult to enter compared to Ning Residence

Mr Su,

Our house and Prince Jing's mansion are just separated by a back alley

but it's quite far if we came by the main street.

It took us about 1 hr to come here.

I'm 17 years old now.

Father allows me to have my own residence outside the palace.

This place was chosen by my big brother.

How is it?


Brother Qi's choice is not bad.

I'm not like you.

Even if I'm 17 years old,

my father will not allow me to have my own residence.

We are good brothers, what's mine is also yours.


This place is still the same as old times.

Nothing has changed at all.

Mr Su.

Prince Jing.

Tingsheng pay respects to Mr Su.

Here, Tingsheng. Do get up.

Brother Fei Liu.

For you!


Golden Armor

This is a precious gift

This gift is too precious, I cannot accept this

What is the use of telling me that? This is from Fei Liu

Go tell Fei Liu yourself

Please come this way, sir

Your Highness

This is Su Zhe

He is my friend

Please look after him in the future.

Mr. Su


you will chair the rest of the meeting.

They are having a meeting here,

let's speak at the study.


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When Su Xianshengs' name card was delivered, we were just discussing some official matters.

They wanted to see,

what this Su Zhe, who've recently became quite famous in the Capitol,

really looks like. Hence...

Hence we took a few more steps...


Su Xiansheng what's the matter?
You don't look so well.

It's nothing. It's just today,
feels a little colder than yesterday.

Of course,
it's the Winter Solstice.

- Attendants!
- Here.

- Bring a brazier.
- Yes.

Much thanks.

- Please have a seat Su Xiansheng.
- Alright.

I do not usually keep a fire,
so slipped my mind that Xiansheng, you do not savor the cold.

I heard that Xiansheng is moving recently.

Please excuse that I could not personally congratulate you on that.

- How did my Lord know that?
-I heard from Mu Qing.

The reason for my visit today,
is to extend good will from Prince Yu.

For the land grab case,
my Lord can investigate without worry,

I had no worries to begin with.

My Lord has been to the Bureau of Justice?

Was Qi Min co-operating?

No matter if he co-operates or not, this case shall be dealt with in the manner that it should.


Fei Liu-gege,
this is the practice grounds of the Princes' Hall.

I need to train here for 6hrs each day.

Sometimes, even Prince Jing comes to guide me.


He is really weak.

Fei Liu, watch your tongue.

Uncle Meng is better.

How can you compare Commander Meng with Prince Jing.

I am the best.

General Bian, do you know who that is?


Regarding this case, what does My Lord think?

I have reviewed the list of evidences,
tis not a hard case to examine

Duke Qing not only connived,
he's the principle culprit.

Duke Qing is a Marquise General of the second rank.
With the right to receive a pardon from the Emperor.

Having committed 3 murders,
no pardon can be bestowed.

He was in the Capitol,
the murders were not committed by him personally.

The massacre at Zhu Village,
there are illicit letters as evidence.

They were not written by him,
but by a clerk in his employ.

I invited the clerk here last night.

Today he's given me a confession.
Not an unyielding man.

Oh, my Lord 'invited' him.

From the evidence chain presented by Xuanjing Bureau,

to be able to discover this missing link

and to counter so quickly and effectively,
I am impressed my Lord.

Our Lord has fought for years on the battle field,

who are you to question his abilities.

I am Fei Liu.

- Fei Liu?
- Oh,

Are you the Fei Liu, who attends to the Master of Jiangzuo Alliance, Mei Changsu,

the one who've challenged Commander Meng after arriving in the Capitol,

and also defeated Executive Officer Xia Dong

You are correct.
That is me.

What the Court is most worried about, at the moment,

is Lords from the various states should form an alliance.

Hence, my Lord, when dealing with different cases,
you must strike the right notes.

For some, be lenient, others harsh.

Do not let them know your intentions.
In this way,

the gains of the various Households will be disparate,
they will suspect each other.

And so, an alliance will have no chance to form.

Xiansheng, you have sound reasoning.

If I make no exceptions,

we'd not achieve the effect we're after.

Since Prince Yu is willing to assist,

do give him some Face.

Should my Lord find someone aligned to him,

pick some excusable ones,

and be lenient,
as a way to acknowledge his assistance.

He should be utilizing all his powers to protect Duke Qing.

Why would he use someone so useful to him
to extend good will to someone like me?

My Lord, you are quite important to him at the moment.

To make me seem important,

To convince Prince Yu to give up on Duke Qing

and to make Xie Yu slip up.

I am grateful to you.

Why my Lord, are you not willing to record my merits?

Go! Go! Go!

I understand what you mean,

but, I don't want people to think that
I'm aligned with Prince Yu.

Not the Crown Prince nor Prince Yu,
I don't want to align with any of them.

The grievances my Lord had suffered these years
are known to many.

People will understand,
should you lower your standards a little.

I care not for the views of others,

but the noble souls of the departed are watching.

I cannot allow them to think

that I, Xiao Jingyan,
has succumbed.

Being noble souls,
they'll know your heart.

What's the matter?
Xiansheng, are you still cold?

No, it's nothing.
Bit numb from sitting so long.

Just need to stretch my legs.

Don't touch!

My apologies.

Xiansheng, please don't take offense.

This is a personal effect of my friend.
Before he died,

he did not like others touching his things.

The fault was mine, I beg your pardon.

It's the Ministry of State Revenue!
How can a mediocre person like Zhao Shijie handle it.

Assistant Minister Zhao has great talent.
How is he mediocre?

- How can you talk to your elder brother like this?
- This choice is really inappropriate.

I cannot be bothered to argue with you on this.

- My Lord Father
- My Lord Father

Okay, okay, enough!
You've been arguing for over an hour.

Even if you are not tiered, I am.

Discus this another time.
You may take your leave.

- By your leave.
- By your leave.

Your Majesty,
With whom to replace the former Minister of State Revenue Lou Zhijing

is an important state affair.

It is only appropriate that the two Princes should have their own oppinions.

Look at these suggestions,
so many choices,

yet none can please all.

At this rate,

the Ministry shall be a mess.

Shen Zhui, the acting Minister has been taking care of things.

For a short while, there should be no matter.

Shen Zhui?

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