Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

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Episode 8.

Jingrui, what is that?

It's just a basket thrown by someone.

Yujin, are you scared by the incident today?

Are you alright?

I was just thinking about the time that you spent inside the well while looking for the jade pendant for me.

Those female corpses are just next to you!

I get the shivers when I recall that.

I'm considered to be 50% pugilist and I'm still alright.


You walk him back.
Your house is just ahead for me.

You are really Marquis Yan's son, always so dippy.

Don't walk me back if you don't want, why talk about my father?

Hey, I didn't mean that.
I will walk you back.

- Brother Su, what about you?
- Just go ahead, Fei Liu is behind me.

Fei Liu?

Relax, I'm sure he's nearby.

Alright, I will go ahead.
Yujin, wait for me.

Stop, who's fighting there?

It's sheer coincidence to meet General Meng here.

What coincidence?
You knew that I will visit you at this hour.

Are you sure you only have this kid by your side?

Of course not.

I just want to see who will strike me.

Who's that?

How is it?
He only had that kid around him.

If not for General Meng's interference, I could have succeeded.

General Meng?

- Did he see you?
- Nope, I escaped immediately.

He only had one guard?

That Mei Changsu is

really so careless?

But he aren't really careless.
That Fei Liu is really good.

Even when me and my son joined hands, we cannot beat him.

With him alone, it beats having a bunch of normal guards.

Brother Zhuo, you must

find a way to lure that guard away.

Can you do it?

Mei Changsu went around viewing houses?

I'm sure he won't stay in your house for long.

Is it possible for you to remove him before he moved out?

I will do my best.

Your Highness, Minister Luo wants to see you.

Why did he come?

- Let him in.
- Yes.

Your Highness, please protect me.

What happened?

Your Highness, have you heard about

the recent case regarding the Mansion Lan's dry well

that hides dozens of female corpses?

Yes, this matter is widespread in the capital.
Of course I'm aware.

I knew the

story behind this case.

Your Excellency.

Have you investigated the Mansion Lan?

Your Excellency, I went to the trade store

and checked the records.

That house changed hands twice this year.

They aren't related to the case.

Those corpses are about 7-8 years.

Who own the house at that time?

His name is Zhang Jing.

We don't know his background yet but he is
a known business man.

He used to own many entertainment
house in the capital but is a low-key person.

His wealth and connections are pretty good.

He passed away 4 years ago due to sickness.
His sons are not filial and waste his wealth quickly.

They sold the house at that time.

What happened after that?

I have already sent our guards

to summon all the grown-up men in the family for questioning.

We haven't got any leads yet.

Manison Lan originally belongs to Zhang Jing.

He operates a secrete brothel there.

Your Highness, I'm sure you knew

that the rule stated that
government officers cannot visit those entertainment places.

That's why many people

dare not visit those places openly.

We depend on Zhang Jing to make the necessary arrangement.

It's just a secret brothel, no big deal.
Many people must have visited that place too.

But i don't understand why

they found so many female corpses there?

Those girls are trained by Zhang Jing

and they are more 'entertaining' that those normal prostitutes.

Actually, all went there for fun.

But after some time

we do handle those girls too harshly.

We would kill a few by accident.

Those female corpses were...

Minister Luo.

Do you have a hand in the crime?

Yes, 2-3 cases.

It's fine if you desire female company but

how could you be so careless?

4 years ago, after Zhang Jing passed away

Mansion Lan become desolate too.

I didn't give my attention to this matter.

But I didn't expect him to be so casual in handling those corpses.

How could he just throw them into the well?

- I...
- Nevermind.

Don't worry, they are just old cases.

They are also without any evidence.
You are a rank 2 Minister.

Who dare to implicate you?

Minister Luo, what clue did you leave behind?

Your Highness, I've checked the case.

His name is Shi Jun, a housekeeper for
Mansion Lan's owner, Zhang Jing.

After the case is exposed, somebody wanted to kill him.

He came to us for protection.

If he wants to save himself,

he should have something in exchange.

He claim that Zhang Jing recorded all happenings
in a record book.

and gave him that before he passed away.

Is that useful to me?

He won't give me the book but he disclose a name.


Luo Zhijing!
There's a record book?

How could there be a record book?
How can you be so careless!

I didn't expect Zhang Jing to do that.

After the case is exposed,

I was petrified and

remembered that Shi Jun is also a witness.

I sent someone to kill him but

he manage to escape.

That's when I knew about the record book.

Where did Shi Jun went?

Prince Yu's mansion.


Luo Zhijing.

Minister of Trade?

Crown Prince's 'money bag', Luo Zhijing?

Good for Mei Changsu.

He just bought a mansion at random and gave me such a big gift.

You are right.

By spreading the connection of
Mei Changsu in the Princess case, we have yielded.

Noble Consort Yue was reduced to concubine
due to that incident

and Eastern Palace must have given up on
recruiting and will eventually kill him.

Who knew that he will fight back and

gave the Crown Prince such a big slap on his face.

Mei Changsu!
It's him again.

Why must he pick that house out of so many in the capital?

He even had to drop into that dry well.

Is he trying to pit himself against me?

Your Highness, don't be angry.
We may be a step behind him

but we aren't hopeless.

Prince Yu may have Shi Jun in his hand

but he may have a problem 'using' this man.

What do you mean?

If Prince Yu was anxious and bring the evidence to His Majesty

the matter will be more simple.

Yes, I understand.
Father is a suspicious person.

If Prince Yu is anxious and wants to nail him

I'm sure father will not think that it's so simple.

How can a Prince of the Second Rank handle this case?

How can he held the witness and evidence?

If His Majesty view this incident as a
fight between you and Prince Yu,

I'm sure he won't be bothered by the crime itself.

That means that

Minister Luo may escape punishment.

If Prince Yu consider the matter carefully and

submit everything to the Capital Magistrate?

If that's the case, Your Highness,

we must fight with him head-on.

At that time, we shall see which side will Magistrate Gao

choose to stand.

After 2 days, there's no advance in the investigation.

I have asked every member of the Zhang family

but they don't seems to know anything.

Think about it.
A mansion in the capital

actually hides dozens of female corpses.

And they were unearthed by 2 Young Masters.

Tell me, all these are good gossip for everyone.

Now the capital is buzzing about this case.

The higher management just summoned me

and force me to crack the case as soon as possible.

But you just found these simple details,

how can I answer to the higher ups?

Your Excellency,

investigation requires lead.
We cannot rush things.

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Who hit the drum?

Do you know that the drum cannot be beaten at random?

What grievance do you have?
Tell me.

I have no grievance.

How dare you? Are you making fun of me? Guards!


No, I'm here to surrender myself.

For what case?

Mansion Lan's dry well case.

This mansion has 3 set of courtyards.

It is well ventilated and bright. How is it?

Are you satisfied with my recommendation?

After you discover that dry well case,

the whole capital knew that you are looking for a house.

I heard that Prince Yu even wanted to gave
you a mansion for free.

But you actually paid for
my recommendation with your own money, I am flattered.

General Meng is an important person,
I have to give you some face.

My little fame in capital arise from your fight with Fei Liu too.

Fei Liu?

Fei Liu!

What happened to him?

- He don't want to see you.
- Why?

Fei Liu, do you like Uncle Meng?

No, I don't.


Fei Liu cannot beat him.

You are already great to have such skills at your age.

I heard that he even beat Xia Dong.

- You have improved greatly!
- How do you know about that fight?

Xia Dong said so herself.

She was well known for her strict training at her bureau.

Once, someone cannot take her training and she

mentioned to the trainees that if they can beat her like Fei Liu did, they can forgo the training.

It only took 1/2 day for this news to spread in the capital,
didn't you hear about it?

Fei Liu, be careful that people will challenge you to a fight.

Come on.

Message from Crown Prince.

Why did His Highness want?

Don't guess, just listen to his message.

I heard about the dry well case.

It is a hot issue in capital and I am concern.

I order capital Magistrate Gao Sheng

to enter the Eastern Palace to explain the case to me.

I shall obey His Highness's order.

Your Excellency, why did he become concern about this case?

This case is not so simple.

It may implicate...

Bring Shi Jun into the inner hall, just both of us will ask him.


How's this mansion?
Tell me.

I can tell it's your choice from 1st look.

Don't think I don't understand you.
You are being sarcastic.

That's right, the landscape is not so good.

But I do understand what you want.

It took me a lot to find this place

but aren't you a bit grateful?

I thanked you again and again, isn't that being grateful?

But this mansion need some renovation.

If not, others will find it strange that

I picked this place out of so many choices.


the only pro of this place

has overridden other cons.

Brother Meng, you really know what I want.

I also discover that pro accidentally.

The back wall is so near to the back wall of Prince Jing.

In between, there's a drainage ditch without any street.
The sides are surrounded by forest.

Most importantly, the front doors are facing different streets.

If you didn't jump into the air,

you won't even notice that these 2 mansion are in the same area.

Brother Meng, how did you know?

I jumped up.

- You have being troubled.
- This is nothing, I do this often.

Listen to me, get someone who knows about geology

and create a secret tunnel to Prince Jing.

Even if Prince Jing don't meet you in the day,

he can use the secret tunnel to meet you for
a secret rendezvous.

Can you use a better terminology?

Shi Jun is already in the capital Magistrate.

Eastern Palace is also quick in their action.

Now, we shall see how long it takes for Gao Sheng to react.

Banruo, my heart

isn't too relax.

Do you

think Mei Changsu is on my side?

Is he working for me?

But he didn't take your offer of a house.

Are you saying that he is not completely on my side?

Mei Changsu don't act like others.


even if he don't choose anyone, he won't offend either side too.

But looking at his actions,

he seems to be acting on his own without
sparing a thought for anyone.

For the Prime Minister case, he cares for the plaintiff.

For the Princess case, he didn't spare Concubine Yue too.

Now, this Manison Lan case

has caught Luo Zhijing

but people from our side will also be implicated.

Is he testing me and the Crown Prince?

Did you accidentally discover the Manison Lan case

or did you uncover that on purpose?

- What do you think?
- I don't know why but

the more clever you are with your plans,
I feel more unsettled.

Is this for me?

- Here.
- You go ahead.

- You don't want any?
- This is for you from Fei Liu.

- Why is this so sour?
- That's why he gave it to you.

He wanted to test us and

also show his ability too.

All talents behave oddly.

They don't want to work for narrow-minded master.

It's not strange that he wanted to test us.

That's right.

If the Crown Prince didn't change his attitude at this stage and

with Luo's case,

he showed that he's selfless.

At that time,

Mei Changsu may also be moved by him.

If Mei Changsu choose Eastern Palace,

he will also score some credits first

to compensate his previous harm.

At that time, we will be the 1st target.

This man is a scheming man.

I cannot let the Crown Prince get him on his side.

If you can beat the Crown Prince

and get Mei Changsu's support,

in that case

can you trust him completely?

If I cannot even control Mei Changsu,

how can I handle the country?

Your Highness is a magnanimous man.

If Mei Changsu wants to play hard to get,

I shall play along and give him due respect.

You wanted me to recommend
Prince Jing to His Majesty for the Prime Minister case.

I did that but

I still don't feel right.

With me around, what's wrong?

I don't worry about you

but I'm worried about

that Prince Jing will offend many people along the way.

Once he's in the game, it will be impossible to avoid that.

We only need to evaluate if this case is worth the effort.

If he did well in this case,

he can gain some people on his side,

show his authority and his capability.

If he only view from afar,

nobody will notice his presence.

I'm sure you have your reason for what you are planning.


I only tell His Majesty what you taught me.

He really link his thoughts to Prince Jing.


Because he doesn't have a better candidate.


he don't love Jingyan enough.

Because of his lack of love,

he won't care how many people Jingyan will offend

and the obstacles he will face.

His Majesty didn't care about him

that's why he choose him.

Since it's so tricky,

why did you want him to do it?

He must take the 1st step no matter what.

But after he took this step,

he cannot turn back anymore.

Be careful, mother.

You have being with me for the whole day,
don't need to follow me inside.

You may return to rest.

Yes, mother.

Has Mr Su returned from his meeting with General Meng?

Yes, he returned a long time ago.

- You may go.
- Yes.


Let's go.

Who are you all?

How dare you sneak into Mansion Xie!

Stop him!

Let's go.

Brother Su!

- Brother Su!
- Who's there?

Young Master Xiao.

Section head Li?

Where's Brother Su?


Brother Su, are you alright?

I'm fine.


Let it go.

You shouldn't see.

What's the difference

whether I see or not?

Do you know him?

He's a guard of my father.

I didn't expect that

you will come over at this hour.

I was feeling uneasy

and wanted to check on you.

It's all quiet outside.

In the whole Marquise household,

there's such a big commotion

but nobody can hear anything.

It's snowing.

A snowy night is most suitable for murder.

The snow will cover all tracks.

No blood scent will be left.

I saw a mansion today.

General Meng recommended the place to me.

It's near the Changzhi street.

The place is quite big but the landscape need more works.

But I can also do my own renovation.

I should move out now.

Move out?

Yes, you should move out.

This place is not for you anymore.


You pretend that you didn't come here tonight.

Behave normally and

don't think too much when you return.
Don't worry your mother.

Can everything return to normal?

I don't want to know why father wants to kill you

but I want to know why

you must be involved in this political chaos?

You are a pugilist that I admired.

You should be carefree and happy.

In this world, there's no carefree person.

If you have desire and feelings,

you won't be carefree.

But, you could avoid all these.

I know you have the ability, I'm sure.

You aren't me. Don't make decisions for me.

I will leave tomorrow morning.

Thanks for your care these days.

After my new house is ready,

I welcome you.

We can still be like what we did in Lang Province.

Like Lang Province?

As a son with 2 surnames,

I always travel outside and was carefree.

But now, my father was involved in the political fight and

even commit murder in his own residence in the night.

As a member of Xie family,

- I don't know what will happen to our future.
- Jingrui.

Things have not developed to that stage yet.

Don't be too bothered by it.
Just stay true to your own self

and differentiate right/wrong and real/fake.

What can't you endure?

Just like the snow outside

which will only grew bigger

and stronger

but we know that

it will stop somehow.

Chief, Young Master Xiao has left.

For Jingrui,

this is just the starting.

Hope that he can hang on till the end.

Mr Thirteen is here. Did you summon him?

I have not meet him for many years.

It's rare that this place is so quiet today,

ask him to come in quickly.


Mr Thirteen, please.

Uncle thirteen.

Heaven has mercy.

It allows me to meet Young Master.


after seeing that you don't look like before,

I felt

so sad.

Uncle thirteen.

I came here

for a big fight.

You don't have to be too sad.
I may not look the same anymore

but inside I'm still the same.

Uncle thirteen should know my heart.

- Please.
- After you.

Uncle thirteen.

All these years, you and Gongyu operates Miao Yin Court for me

and watch Qin Banruo's movement too.

That's a great help to me.

If my mother knew, she will also be grateful.

Young Master.

Qin Banruo's real identity has been confirmed.

I think she isn't just Prince Yu's strategist.

- Your Excellency.
- Come in.

Your Excellency, it's late. Madame ask you to rest early.



Your Excellency.

Hong Court was created 30 years ago

by Princess Xuanji of the previous dynasty.

Before she pass away, Qin Banruo inherit everything.

This woman has good EQ

and is similar to her teacher, Princess Xuanji.

Princess has always been well-known
for her skills in controlling the court.

Qin Banruo is also doing the same.

Did you manage to confirm the list under her control?

15 of the Minister's wife or concubines are her underlings.

Her network is quite well built too

but Gongyu also manage to insert our
own people in her information web.

If you have the need,

we can destroy her network easily.

No need.

Qin Banruo is a very useful pawn.

I need to keep her

to pass messages to Prince Yu

on my behalf.

She is the one who told Prince Yu about Tianquan Manor.

She is clever and meticulous

but as she is in the open and I'm hidden,

that's how I can win over her.

In future, when you send her news,

you must be extra careful.

Don't be too careless.


So, you are from Prince Yu's side.

I may have offended you.

I knew Prince Yu's order

- but...
- Your Excellency,

You have misunderstood us.

I came here not for Prince Yu.

I came for you.


You must have been troubled by the Mansion Lan case,

but you must know that you cannot please all parties.

Why don't you step back and

maybe you will resolve it?

Eastern Palace is also concern about this case

and I cannot step back as I wished.

Your Excellency is still confused.

Since you have Shi Jun in your hand

and has obtained a name from him.

The rest of the case is easy.

Just a name?
How can I report to the higher ups?

For your reporting,

you may reconsider carefully

and the answer will be clear.

As long as you forward this case to the Ministry of Justice.

I'm sure even the Crown Prince

cannot do anything about it.

Since this case is beyond my authority, I should

forward the case to Ministry of Justice.

This hot case must be thrown out quickly

or you want to keep it with you?

The night is cold and the snow is heavy.

Uncle thirteen, you should return earlier.

Since I'm here in the capital,
we will have another chance to meet again.

Young Master, being in this dangerous capital now

I'm sure you can't sleep well.

Gongyu spent months to

create this smoothing scent.

She knew that I will be here today
and requested me to bring this along.

Hope that you can take her gift.

Burn some scent before you sleep

and have a nice dream.